Eminem Tour 2015 | Will Eminem Tour in 2015?

Eminem Tour 2015

2015 Tour Rumors

In the three quarters of a year since Eminem and Rihanna took The Monster Tour around the United States, Eminem’s work has been all about nostalgia, leading many to question whether or not the rapper will tour in 2015 or if he has quit the tour bus for good. It all started with a simple t-shirt that he wore on the last day of the Monster Tour, which had #ShadyXV emblazoned across it. Just to make sure no one missed the message, he tweeted out a pic to his 19M+ Twitter followers:

Just as expected, the Internet went insane, with everyone speculating what the rapper was up to. Having dropped his eighth studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the previous September, no one expected Mathers to follow up his highly successful album so quickly. Luckily for his fans, Eminem is (in)famous for his surprises.

The Release of SHADYXV

While at the 2014 VMA’s, Eminem tweeted a teaser trailer for the new album, titled SHADYXV, with a release date of Black Friday:

The 20-second trailer showed a compilation of Slim Shady’s greatest moments, while the beat for ‘Patiently Waiting’ (for those who haven’t seen Complex Magazine’s Magnum Opus on the song, it’s the first song Shady Records released, and the song that really launched 50’s career into the stratosphere) plays in the background.

Soon after, as he has done many times in the past, Eminem teased a new song in a trailer for an upcoming movie. This time, the movie was The Equalizer, starring Denzel Washington and Chloe Grace Moretz (Kickass). The song, Guts over Fear, was later revealed to be a single off the upcoming album, which as fans had already guessed would be titled, SHADYXV, in celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of Shady Records.

In anticipation of the new album’s release, Shady Records released the Shady Cypher, a compilation video showing different artists signed to Shady Records free styling in their hometowns:

The new record is unlike anything Eminem has released so far. It consists of two discs, with the first disc consisting of all new material from Eminem and other Shady Records artists, including the above-mentioned ‘Guts over Fear’ featuring Sia, and ‘Detroit vs. Everybody’ featuring Royce Da “5’9”, Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, & Trick Trick.

Meanwhile, the second disc consists of the best of Shady Record’s previously released material, including an early demo version of ‘Lose Yourself’!

You can listen to the full album here:

Nostalgia Abounds – The SHADY XV Documentary

Continuing with the nostalgia theme, Shady Records released, in collaboration with Complex Magazine, Not Afraid, an introspective look into the founding of Shday Records, and it’s impact on hip hop over the last fifteen years. It’s really a great documentary and is worthy of the half-hour of your time it asks for:

With so much time spent looking back, the question has remained – when will Eminem start looking forward to a new, completely original album, and a 2015 or 2016 tour? Until now.

In late March, Eminem gave us a “sneak peek” of what’s next. And just like last time, it’s in the form of a song for a movie trailer, this time Southpaw, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams:

Looing Forward – A 2015 Tour?

So, what exactly does this mean for the future of Slim Shady and our chances of seeing him on tour in 2015?

The reality is that Eminem could announce a tour playing five nights in every major city in America, and it would sell out in five minutes. That’s how popular this guy is. Unfortunately, looking at his past ventures into the concert arena, there is a slim-to-none chance that Eminem would do a tour even half the size of 2014’s The Monster Tour without a new album. It’s just how he thinks.

So, will Eminem release a new album in 2015?

I want to say yes – after all, he’s the best-selling hip hop artist of all time, and with The Marshall Mathers LP 2, he solidified himself as still being the greatest rapper alive. There is also the fact that so soon after the release of Shady XV, he is already teasing new music in the form of a movie trailer, the exact way he has started building hype and publicity for a new album several times already.

On the other hand, a ‘greatest hits’ album is usually the beginning of the end for an artist, and that’s what SHADY XV essentially was. Even disc one, with the new material relied more on Shady Records’ rolodex of artists, and thereby Em’s proficiency as the CEO of a record label than it did on Eminem’s skill as a rapper.

Therefore, while I’m hopeful that we’ll get another shot to see Eminem live, I have to conclude that the odds are 50/50. It could go either way.

However, if Eminem did go on tour in 2015, where would you like to see him perform? 389 people have already responded. Let your voice be heard in the comments!

2014 Monster Tour Dates & Speculation


The Monster Tour – Concert Dates

Aug 77:30 PM Rose Bowl – Pasadena, CA From $43
Aug 87:30 PM Rose Bowl – Pasadena, CA From $73
Aug 167:30 PM MetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ From $80
Aug 177:30 PM MetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ From $94
Aug 227:30 PM Comerica Park – Detroit, MI From $98
Aug 237:30 PM Comerica Park – Detroit, MI From $93

UPDATE: Eminem Tour Dates Announced

Eminem and Rihanna will be kicking off The 2014 Monster Tour in Pasedana, California on August 7th at the Rose Bowl before heading to East Rutherford, New Jersey for a show at Metlife Stadium on August 16th. Rounding out the three-city tour will be a final performance in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit at Comerica Park on August 22nd. TickPick already has Eminem tickets available, but you can also get in on the American Express pre-sale if you have all the right stuff (an American Express card to be exact). Pre-sale ends on March 27th. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

UPDATE: Eminem to tour with Rihanna Summer of 2014

Finally, after months of speculation and rumors, Eminem has announced that he will be touring with Rihanna this summer in at least three US cities – New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles. Exact tour dates and (hopefully more cities!) coming soon.


Eminem’s new album – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 – has met enormous success and praise from critics and fans alike. Will Eminem follow up his new album with a US Tour in 2014? Despite the occasional appearance with Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and other hip hop artists, Eminem hasn’t officially toured the United States since August 2011. The build up for his latest album could mean that he’s ready to get back on stage.

Eminem Tour 2014 – South Africa Tour Dates Announced

It’s official. Australia and New Zealand are not the only tour stops Eminem will be making to promote his new, outrageously successful album. Just announced – Eminem will also be playing two shows in South Africa. The performances, which will be in Cape Town on February 26th and Johannesburg on March 1st, will be Eminem’s fist visit to South Africa and the entire African continent. Will he finish up his world tour with something a little closer to home? Read through our suspicions, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Eminem Tour 2014 – Marshall Mathers LP 2 Leaked Online

We’re not saying that you should listen to Eminem’s leaked Marshall Mathers LP 2 album, but if you wanted to, you can download a torrent for it here, or listen to it on YouTube here. After the album was leaked (intentionally?), Eminem released this Public Service Announcement:

Eminem Tour 2014 – Eminem Tour Dates Announced with Action Bronson, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and 360

Rumors have been swirling for a while that Eminem was set to announce a string of tour dates in Australia and New Zealand that included the Docklands Amphitheater in Melbourne, Australia, which he almost got kicked out of two years ago. While fans in the USA eagerly hoped that this tour would swing its way north, they are in no such luck. While Eminem has confirmed that he will be touring the land down under in 2014, he has yet to let us know if he will touring the United States as well.

Eminem recently announced that his 2014 Tour of Australia and New Zealand will occur alongside such hard-hitting hip-hop artists as Action Bronson, the always dissing Kendrick Lamar, RocNation’s J. Cole, and Yelawolf look-alike 360. Eminem tickets went on sale this morning at a minimum $155 (Australian). Will Kendrick and J. Cole be with Slim Shady when he (hopefully) tours the US in 2014? Read more below, and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Eminem Tour 2014 – More than Rumor?

Let’s get back to straight hip hop and start it from scratch.” – Eminem, Berzerk

2014 Eminem Tour BerzerkThere’s a lot riding for Eminem on the success of The Marshall Mathers LP 2. It’s his first solo album since 2004 whose title does not reference his decade-long struggle with prescription drug abuse. Moreover, the album bills itself as a sequel to what has been called one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time – The Marshall Mathers LP – which has sold more 21 million copies worldwide. If The Marshall Mathers LP 2 falls short of that, it will prove to all those post-rehab skeptics that Eminem should have quit the game with Encore, when he originally meant to. After the release of The Marshall mathers LP, Eminem took to the world-famous Up in Smoke Tour, which featured Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and Ice Cube. Such a hard-hitting crew certainly powered his album’s record-breaking sales. Can he repeat the same numbers without another tour that hits his most loyal fan base – the United States? Probably not.

Ten years later, Eminem’s newest music video for Berzerk is a clear call-back to the days of Slim Shady.  But does this reincarnation signal that Eminem is ramping up to a new world tour? You be the judge:

UPDATE: The following quote was found in a USA Today article on Eminem’s to be released Rap God music video:

Rosenberg [Eminem’s manager] said the Rap God music video is scheduled to come out in about two weeks. And while he won’t reveal much about touring plans or what’s coming next, he said Eminem fans should be excited.

Eminem Tour 2014 – The Lead Up

Eminem 2014 US TourAugust 6, 2011 – Eminem finishes the final leg of his US Recovery Tour

May 24, 2012Eminem announces he is working on his next studio album, which without a name or even a release date, is immediately listed as one of the most anticipated albums of 2013.

March 22, 2013 – Dr. Dre hints that Eminem is close to finishing the album.

August 14, 2013 – Eminem premieres “Survival”, a single from the new album, in a trailer for Call of Duty.

August 25, 2013 – During the 2013 VMAs, Eminem announces his next album will be titled The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and will be released on November 5, 2013.

August 27, 2013 – Eminem releases Berzerk, the first single from his new album on Twitter.

Late August, 2013 – Rumors of an 2014 Australia tour are highlighted in the Australian press.

October 8, 2013 – Eminem releases the music video for his second single, Survival.

October 31, 2013 – Eminem’s new album – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 – leaks online six days before its expected release date. Eminem releases comical anti-piracy PSA. See above for more details.

November 2, 2013 – Eminem co-hosts Saturday Night Live with Scandal star Kerry Washington, and performs Berzerk live.

November 3, 2013 – Eminem performs Rap God at the inaugural YouTube Music Awards and wins Artist of the Year.

November 4, 2013 – Eminem’s new album – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 – was leaked online.

November 5, 2013 – Eminem’s new album – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 – was officially released. While some criticize Eminem’s use of offensive language (seriously, people? It’s Eminem!), the MMLP2 is a massive commercial success, with over 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

????????? – Eminem announces US Tour to promote The Marshall Mathers LP 2

So, to sum up, Eminem has performed on Saturday Night Live, the YouTube Music Awards, is releasing music video after music video, and will be touring Australia and New Zealand in early 2014. Seriously, Eminem? If you’re not gearing up for a 2014 US tour, what are you doing?


Eminem Tour 2014 – Who will be touring with him?

The list of artists who will potentially be touring with Eminem in 2014 reads like a who’s who of hip-hop. Of course, Dr. Dre will be present at some point, and long-time friend and collaborator 50 Cent has confirmed that he worked with Eminem on The Marshall Mathers LP 2. If Eminem is reaching back to his roots, we can certainly expect a presence from his old bandmates, D12. What about Jay-Z? Lil Wayne? Snoop Dogg? Royce Da 5’9″? Kendrick Lamar? All likely. If not through the entire tour, then at least for a show here and there. More so if Eminem is returning to a style reminiscent his Up in Smoke Tour. The more important question: Will the Tupac hologram be touring with Eminem? Not likely, but one can always dream about the two of history’s greatest hip-hop stars sharing the stage. While since his last tour, Eminem has collaborated with Pink and B.O.B., the style of Berzerk, Survival, and Rap God suggest that he will not be looking to work with anyone who does not fit the old school hip-hop persona.


Where would you like to see Eminem tour in 2015?

Let us know in the comments, and subscribe to our blog in the form below for exclusive deals and updates on where you can find cheap concert tickets.

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    Please do a concert in Miami,Florida I have always been a fan ever since i was 2 andI have never been able to see you in concert please come

  • Dawn Davidson

    I am 98 and don’t have much longer to live and I am a big fan of you. I live in Kansas city, Missouri and it has always been my dream to see you perform.

  • Marci

    Kansas City or Topeka!!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    Kansas City, MO! Please! I want to get my daughter tickets for her birthday present. It would mean a lot.

  • mephils

    anywhere near Miami, FL!!

  • Alicia

    Chicago!!!! I’m willing to spend as much money as I can to see him in concert in my life time!

  • Ashley

    Please come to St. Louis!!!!!!! I’ve always loved your music and am almost 30 and still haven’t gotten the opportunity to see you live! Please your so amazing!!

  • Lizeth Mathers

    Love Eminem

  • Lizeth Mathers


  • Jennifer Kulifay

    St. Louis Missoui!!!

  • chaunie

    Anywhere close to Utah I have been dying to see you for so long it would be my world to see you in concert

  • Eminemslady84

    Mansfield, ma…foxboro, ma….providence Ri
    so I can go to all 3…. I wanna meet n greet eminem…:) <3

  • michael

    newyork or new jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle

    Giant center Hershey pa

  • Renato Lagomarsino

    anywhere in the US, i would travel anywhere in the states to see him

  • Brendon Davis

    Indianapolis Indiana!!! I’ve been listening to him as long as I can remember and I look up to him in many ways. He and his background showed me that you can do anything you put your mind to. Him having a tough childhood and then becoming (well in my book) the greatest rapper ever to spit is huge and it shows me that anything is possible. He is my idol and I along with many others would be very disappointed if we didn’t get to see him preform live in consent before he finally does quit. Whenever that might be.

  • bre

    columbus, ohio!

  • Kara

    DC or Richmond, VA

  • Rob Johnson


    • Shane O

      Do they still have slots available to land Em? Our if they could get him would they bump someone off? Summerfest would be perfect! Have his act be the headliner of the largest music festival in the world!!!!! We can dream I suppose, lol.

  • Dayton

    Dallas Texas please!

  • adam

    Maryland please

  • Maddie


  • jessica

    Atlanta would be great!

  • Kara Lola

    CANADA PLEAAASE everyone is will go anywhere you are willing to play, please please please please its my dream to make it to one of your concerts, come visit Canada especially north of 60 mighty cold but we all love ya!

  • Aaron Miller

    Denver Colorado!! come to red rocks!!

  • Amber

    El Paso!!!! Aka in Texas somewhere!!!!

  • melissa talamantez


  • Angelica


  • RealTalk


  • Brett

    Philadelphia, New York, or Atlantic City area, please

  • rebeee555

    Slovenia please please please !!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • shadylover4life

    Florida!!! MIAMI!

  • ebiee

    please some to NEWYORK ! :[[ huge fan huge fan!

  • Victoria


  • stephanie


  • Shannon Juliano

    Milwaukee, WI

  • Mattea

    Birmingham Alabama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elli bravo


  • Piper


  • Frank


  • Kimberly


  • Connor

    louisville ky. YUM CENTER. Huge Eminem fans here

  • Kate

    Nashville, TN! WE LOVE EMINEM!!!

    • Frank

      Chattanooga area, can agree much loved.

  • Jordan

    for sure Pittsburgh please

  • ryan huyett

    Any where close to Nebraska. I’ll travel tho if I have to

  • Shaw stauffer

    Pennsylvania !!!! Hershey

  • Xavier

    Toronto, Canada!!! PLEASE EMINEM! PLEASE!!!

  • Jess

    Pittsburgh pa! But if not I will follow where ever he will go. Went to Ohio and would do it again!

  • Tammy Riley

    Cleveland Ohio

  • Trish


  • Amber


  • Rochelle

    Portland maine

  • Cary

    Columbus, Ohio!!!!

  • courtney

    New york!!

  • Kevib


  • xmomo

    EMMMM. Come to AUSTIN !

  • kevin

    philadelphia pa!!!

  • kaitlyndesiree

    Seattle Washington.

  • Bonnie


  • Melanie

    SACRAMENTO, CA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurie

    BALTIMORE, MD/WASHINGTON, DC please and thank you!!

  • Tj Coughran

    that psa that the author says he released after the album leaked was actually released a long time ago like at least 4 years ago around when he was making recovery

  • manny

    Columbia md (merriweather post pavilion)

  • Tanyarose

    I would LOVE for Eminem to tour somewhere in Missouri or anywhere near it!!!

  • Justin

    Buffalo NewYork! Please eminem is the best rapper and I need to see him live!

  • May

    Chicago or Milwaukee.

  • Kyrie


  • ajjjj

    indiana or kentuckey!!!!!

  • JC Soloman

    How about Detroit…Give back a little to where he came from.

    • Kanrocksas2011

      He actually came from st. Joseph Missouri till he was eight. I can’t wait till he comes back to kc.

  • ray


  • Rachel

    St Louis!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Little Rock, Arkansas… Omg that would be
    amazing.. Or anywhere near Arkansas Iv been dying to see you!!

  • sarah


  • Amber Gardner Williams

    North Carolina

  • stefan2711

    Amsterdam pleasseeee!!

  • Tex

    Texas please!!

  • Adela

    El Paso lol anywhere close would be awesome though!:c

  • adriana

    pleassseee come to the states, I’m from canada but ill do anything to come see you :(

  • Danaille


  • guest

    He could do sooooo well in the MW of the U.S. Then hit your big cities/coasts but the Midwest would pay the ultimate homage to Em for sure.

  • EmFan00



      Please come to florida!

  • VALE


  • VALE


  • VALE


  • VALE


  • VALE


  • VALE


  • VALE


  • VALE


  • VALE


  • VALE


  • jayv


  • Luis

    Miami Arena!! Florida!

  • Hungry


  • tammysmith11

    Houston tx please……

  • Dakota Dlow Short

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Please for the love of all humanity and your fans!!! please I’ve been following you for 10 years. I have been slim shady true. :P

  • Travis

    I think he should kick the tour off from his home. Detroit please!!

  • Wyatt Baldwin

    Cleveland, Ohio .

  • meghan


  • Mary

    Ford Field

  • annie auburn


  • annie auburn


  • Liana Zaboura

    Cleveland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m dying please lol

    • Wyatt


      • eminem fan


  • Tobi

    Somewhere in New York State’s Capital District (Albany and surrounding areas), PLEASE!!!!

  • Kailey

    Omaha Nebraska!! That would make my dreams come true

  • Chestbrah

    Come to Birmingham, Uk bruh

  • Tara Capri

    Minneapolis, please!

  • jason

    denver,colorado pleaseee!!

  • Linda

    brownwood, texas
    or somewhere close

  • claudia

    El paso!!! Please!!

  • Im a Stan

    ATL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Michael Branden

    Come to Miami!!! The city will go bananas if you come down to South Florida!

    • Gianflavio

      yes!! miami would go nuts


      Yes. FLORIDA

  • Tina

    San Francisco PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • Christine Oliveirs


  • Alayna Wade

    Washington DC pretty please(:

  • Tara

    Calgary, alberta Canada

  • Emma

    Detroit!! Gotta come to your hometown em

    • Travis

      Exactly that should be the opener for the whole thing

  • katelyn weaver

    Please come close do a tour in the US down south! Like Georgia or Alabama or Florida I’ve been wanting to go to an Eminem concert for years but never had the chance!! Pleassseee!

  • Katie Hornbeck

    NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    You have to come to Canada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kellz

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for sure!

    • Mark


  • Khyati Rana

    NYC!!!!!!! Its the WOrld’s Financial capital . i would love to see him here in NYC

    • Comedian Stoney

      I really don’t think you have to ask any famous performer to come to NYC it’s only the capital of the world pretty sure if you book a US tour NYC is a given haha

      • Dan

        I don’t know where you are getting your facts but keep thinking that if it helps you sleep at night :)

  • emily


  • Zach

    Boston ma for the love of god emein has inspired me

  • Amanda

    Miami, Fl!!!!

  • angelica


    • StockBrockker

      BROOKLYN !!!!!

  • DD

    Eminem needs to come to fort Wayne Indiana

  • D


  • Steve

    Anywhere in Indiana!!!

  • Ally

    Pennsylvania, ohio, west virgina, detroit, anywhere around those areas. I want to go to a concert so bad !

  • Cynthia

    Newark,New Jersey!!!!!

  • TaylorB


  • Brie

    Boston MA!!!!!!

  • Darrik

    Cleveland ohio at the football stadium or the Q around April I never been to a concert I want him or hopsin to come

  • ashley

    Omg !!!! Plz come to houston tx

  • Kat

    CLEVELAND, OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Priscilla

    Houston Texas!!!!!!
    Omg, please!!!

    • vale


    • JOHN

      YES TEXAS,Perferably near EL PASO

      • Amber


        • Chris

          Dallas, Texas also…

        • eminem fan


          • JOHN


    • Marissa

      Yes please come to HOUSTON!!!!!

      • Khedra B Graham

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  • Lisa

    Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs NY………….now THAT would be AWESOME!!!!!!

  • shannon

    Detroit, Michigan

    • dana drones

      yeah detroit!!!!! yo home town

      • eminem fan

        dont do dat memphis all day boooooooo

      • ELIJAH


  • TiffTheRip

    Indiana or Fort Myers Florida me and my brother love your shit Shady

  • ☆Amber

    Detroit/ lansing mi his hometown

  • Biggle

    Kansas with techn9ne

  • matisse

    You’ve got to come to Michigan, YOU WERE BORN HERE!!!!!

  • Chase

    anywhere in Connecticut or even close by like in New York or Massachusets

  • big nips


  • Real slim Cadie

    Portland, OR!!!!! Def. I would KIll to fucking see him in person!!!!!

  • Sarah H.


  • korie


  • machinegunkaila

    Seattle, Washington!

  • Magsloy


  • Kinnnas


  • Mary

    Somewhere near South Carolina!!!!!!! Or my original hometown, Detroit!

  • amanda

    pennsylvania please!!!!!

    • Jason

      Philadelphia PA please!!!

  • angiefly2

    Louisville KY at the YUM center

  • Schmac

    Come back to Milwaukee,WI

  • dharsearrm

    Seattle, WA

    • Ernest z

      Yessss deffinatly Washington !!!!!!

    • Clarissa

      YESSSSSS I want to get my boyfriend tickets!

  • Chelsea11

    Come to Denver, Colorado please !!!!