Bank of America Theater Seating Chart and Seat Views | Chicago

Picture of Bank of America Theater

Although Bank of America Theater is beautiful, the seating chart (i.e. the seat views) are so bad, it makes the Bank of America one of the least desired theaters to view a show. However, the funniest musical of all time, The Book of Mormon, is now coming back to Chicago.

Before you buy tickets for the Bank of America Theatre (to see the Newsies, or The Book of Mormon or any of the upcoming events) here’s what you need to know:

Detailed Bank of America Theater Seating Chart

Note: The darker the red the worse the seats. Red circles indicate columns which create obstructed views.

Orchestra Seats

Any seat in the center orchestra from row A to V will provide you with an excellent view of the stage. However, the best seats for the best views are in the center orchestra between row E and P.

Side Orchestra seats, obstructed & unobstructed views:

The majority of the seats in the side orchestra sections will provide you with a fabulous unobstructed view. However, you need to be cautious of two things:

  1. The higher the seat number the closer you are to the side, increasing the likelihood of obstructed views.
  2. POLES: On our Bank of America seating chart you’ll see red circles, these symbolize columns which will obstruct your view. 
    • Left Orchestra: there’s a pole in row U in between seats 4 and 8: thus anyone sitting in seats 2-6 from Row V to ZZZ will have an obstructed view. 
    • Right Orchestra: there’s a pole in row U in between seats 3 and 7: thus anyone sitting in seats 1-5 from Row V to ZZZ will have an obstructed view.   

Tip: I would prefer to sit one row further back in exchange for a seat that is one seat closer to the inside aisle (i.e. I would prefer seat 14 in Row M, verse seat 16 in row L).

Reviews from users that saw the Book of Mormon: (A) Sat in row S, seat #19 of the orchestra. (B) Sat in the last row (ZZZ) of the side orchestra:

“We sat on the outside aisle and unfortunately we couldn’t see the stage in its entirety and missed some of the action directly on the right. There is a slight overhang from the balcony, but I didn’t find that was obstructing my view, but rather the way the set is placed further. You really can’t see the side of the stage that you are sitting on unless you are close to the inside aisle.”

“I could see 85% of the play. The overhang of the above section prevented me from seeing the upper portion of the stage (only 5% of the play took place here).

There is a column roughly in the center of the aisle that made viewing a little more difficult. I was seated pretty far left in the left most row of the theater where a column partially obstructed a portion of the center of the stage. Had I been farther right (one or two seats closer to the aisle), the column wouldn’t be as much of an issue.” 


Bank of America Seating – Dress Circle

Quick summary, getting as close to the middle is very important, however the rows are even more important: seats between row A to C are good,  D-E are okay but somewhat obstructed, and F-H are typically obstructed.

With that said here’s two entirely different reviews from two different users sitting in similar seats:

“I sat in row F of the Dress Circle, the seats were great, we really enjoyed them.  The show was very well done and the cast was amazing”

“I sat in dress circle (Row G, seats 229 and 231) and I had terrible views.  There were things we couldn’t see at the top and bottom of the stage and the seats seemed to be staggered so everyone had someone else’s head directly in front of them.”

Dress Circle Conclusion:

The dress circle is entirely different depending on which dress circle section and row you are in. The center dress circle section hangs over the orchestra sections at row S, while the side dress circle hangs over the orchestra at row L. This means the side sections have a dramatic viewing angle and leads people hang over the railing and sit up as tall as possible. Seat quality and sight lines depend entirely on the people sitting in front of you.

If you are sitting in row C or closer you’ll avoid these problems. But you are most likely better off sitting in a low, row number in the center mezzanine or center balcony sections.


Mezzanine Seats

Most people that sit in the mezzanine seats in the Bank of America theater say that even though the tickets weren’t marked obstructed, they really are. Here’s two other helpful reviews:

“I had to sit on the edge of my seat in order to see all of the show especially when the actors were using the front of the stage. The top part of the setting was also not visible.” 

“I sat in row K, seats 305-311 which were under the balcony overhang. You can see the entire width of the stage, and just have to sit up REALLY TALL to see the things happening near the front of the stage.” 

Sitting in a lower row number is more important than sitting closer to the center of the venue when sitting in the Mezzanine section. If you can’t get a ticket in a row better than K, definitely look for seats in the Balcony.


Balcony Section

The BoA Theatre has three levels and the balcony, is the highest section. The view from the Balcony sections (regardless if you are in the center or not) has extreme viewing angles. Like many other seats and sections you’ll miss a portion of the stage.

If things are taking place in front of the curtain line there’s a good chance the people in front of you will block your view, this is because even the people in the front row need to move to try and see the stage, which then makes the problem worse for everyone behind them, which than compounds the problem for everyone.

It’s also worth mentioning that the acoustics in the balcony are a little worse than the rest of the Bank of America seating options, but only marginally.

Reviews from users that sat in the balcony section:

“Well, the pitch (of the seating) is fairly extreme & there were times when it was difficult to see the actors because they were partially blocked from the set above them.  Not horrible, but worth mentioning.”


Box Seats

The boxes are laid out like this:
DCRBX3 Row BX3 (seats 1,3 & 5,7 & 9,11) is the lowest box on the left hand (box 3). DCRBX4 is parallel on the right hand side (box 4).

DCRBX1 Row BX1 (seats 201 to 215) is the next box up on the left hand (box 1). DCRBX2 is parallel on the right hand side (box 2).

MZRBX5 BX5 (seats 1 to 11) is the highest box and is on the left hand side in line with the other mezzanine sections (box 5). MZRBX6 BX6 is the equivalent box but is on the right hand side (box 6).

Bank of America Box Seats Review

“I was in the box seats, and I really enjoyed being so close, and being able to see into the pit. My 6ft boyfriend also appreciated the extra leg room since the seats are kind of moveable. The big downside of the box seats in this theater is about 1/8 of the stage (the back corner) is entirely blocked from view.”


Complaints About The Bank of America Theatre

Bank of America Seating Chart

See the 1st seating chart (above) for more details.

  • Because the seats are generally bad throughout the building, people tend to lean forward over the railings and obscuring even more viewing lines.
  • There are many exit doors and because of this there’s a bad draft and it may get cold.
  • It can take up to 20 minutes to get out of the theatre.
  • Getting food & drinks takes a long time.


Suggestions and Recommendations

  • We recommend checking your coat, some seats have little leg room & it gets crowded.
  • Instead of beating the rush out, just wait for the crowds to dissipate.
  • Take pictures of the Book of Mormon theater seating chart & upload it below!



If you are debating about buying tickets for The Book of Mormon that have a “Limited” or “Obstructed” view, and you really can’t afford to spend a couple extra bucks it’s still worth going and buying the cheapest tickets.

What you’ll say when you leave: “The Book of Mormon was hysterical!”
What you won’t say: “I can’t wait to go back to the Bank of America Theater”

It’s all about expectations… just saying.

Bank of America Theater
18 West Monroe
Chicago, IL 60603

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Have a question? If it’s about specific Bank of America seats, ask us on TwitterFacebook or Google+. Almost every general question that can be asked has been done so below in the comments so take a look there for some more info.

  • Cristina

    Which provide a better view front row Dress Circle or the first row in Mezz or neither.? I don’t want to have to sit up super tall to see the entire stage

  • Cristina

    Which provide a better view front row Dress Circle or the first row in Mezz or neither.? I don’t want to have to sit up super tall to see the entire stage

  • Tiffany

    Thank you for your posting.
    I am debating on buy orchestra row g (obstructed view) seats, $117, vs Orchestra center row v, $157. Which one should I go for?

  • tiffany

    Thank you for your posting. I was very confused that row v is more expensive than row G.
    Orchestra row G obstructed view seats $117 vs Orchestra row v center seats $157, which one should I choose for the book of mormon. Please help Brett and others.

  • Jen

    We purchased front row center orchestra seats to see Chicago (ORCH Center row A seat 103 and 104 and also 107 and 108 (we could not find 4 seats together) at the bank of america theater in Chicago. Will we have an obstructive view due to the orchestra conductor standing in the middle of the orchestra pit?

  • Tina

    Looking at going to Rock of Ages in March but unsure about seating. Orchestra Center Row U seats 107-111 or Mezzanine A seats 305-11. Thanks

  • Luzat Khandkar

    Hi Brett,
    Would you pick row B on the balcony left center or Row Y Orchestra center seats 117-18? Thanks!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Sounds like the row Y seats must be obstructed view seats. I think either or are going to be similar in quality. The pros and cons are kind of all laid out in front of you here, so it’s just a preference thing.

  • jared

    Very thankful to have come across this article before purchasing!

    I am looking at seats in the orchestral sections, either LEFT row G or RIGHT row L… on stubhub the individual selling decided to leave out the actual seat number(worries me slightly). So I am trying to think of which isle has the less chance of an obstructed view.
    Any insight on which may be a better shot? Thank you!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Jared – First off whichever tickets you are looking at on Stubhub are certainly available on TickPick for less money (we have no service fees for buyers). Second, seat numbers make all the difference.

  • Jo

    What do people wear there? Jeans acceptable?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Jo – Wearing jeans is completely acceptable. During the week, most people are coming from work people, so people are more dressed up for night shows where the matinee may be a little less dressy.

  • Holly

    Brett, I’m on a budget and seats left for the day that I’m planning to go are limited. I have the option to buy limited view seats in Orchestra row C, seats 12 and 14, on the cheapest end of the price scale. Obviously this is pretty far to the side – is it worth it? Note that since I am nearsighted and need new glasses, I’d rather be closer than farther back, even if it is at an angle. Or are these seats not worth buying? I also have the option of buying seats in the Mezzanine Right, Row B, Seats 6 and 8. But are these worth it at twice the price?

    • Brett Goldberg

      This is a personal decision, I think you know what you are getting with the row C limited view seats at the Bank of America. If not, I would read the feedback below and above (lots of other users feedback). Have you checked what’s available on TickPick?

  • Kuchairman

    Too bad ticketmaster doesn’t list your seat info! Any input on the Suite Service at Mezz level? Curious to know if it is worth the $$?

    • Brett Goldberg

      I don’t think the suite service is like VIP. Read the info on “Box Seats” above for more info on these sections at BofA Theatre.

  • Judy Reuter

    Hi Brett
    Just wanted to get your thoughts on Orch L row U seats 13 and 15 ? Price is $ 135.00 each. Would there be any viewing problem with these seats ? Next price is $219.00 .
    Thank you,

  • Matt

    Hi Brett, I’m looking at some tickets that are listed as Orch Row U but it says that may be obstructed view. Are your tickets not req to list Orch L/R (it doesn’t say Orch C)?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Matt – The actual tickets say, Orchestra Center, or just Orchestra. So if it doesn’t say Orchestra Center, than you need to assume it’s a side orchestra section.

  • Rolando Reyes

    Brett, Just purchased tix from Tick pick. I got center balcony row A, hows my viewing? decent? and sound?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Rolando – Those seats should be great. Do uploiad a picture here afterwards please.

  • Tim
  • Amaka

    Hello! I was looking at buying seats in Orchestra, Row N Seats 13, 15. They fall very close to the yellow area that doesn’t have the best view. Do you think they’re still worth buying?


    • Brett Goldberg

      Amaka – I totally think those are still worth buying. If you do please upload a picture here so it can be shared with other event goers.

  • MM

    Hey Brett,

    Thanks for this blog – very helpful. Would really appreciate your insight on whether to buy Mezz Left Row C – Seats 5 and 7. $125 each. Coming from out of town and they appear to be best ones left.



    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi MM – I think those are a good deal and those seats will do the job for BOM at BOA Theater.

  • Debbie Smith

    What an image (2nd one from the top)! Fabulous – I must say

    By the way, I’m looking for a comparison (especially after reading this post) in between..

    – Cadillac Palace Theatre
    – Apollo Theater Chicago
    – Auditorium Building, Chicago
    – Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place
    – Ford Center for the Performing Arts Oriental Theatre
    – Bank of America Theater Chicago

    .. from “most horrible viewing experience” aka theater seating arrangments

    However I haven’t checked the whole comment section so ignore if my question is a repetition.

    Thanks indeed for these tips! :-)

    • Brett Goldberg

      Debbie – It’s a good blog idea, we’ll add it to our list. Thanks for the compliments!

  • paarul chandra

    Hi Brett, I was wondering if you could help me with some tickets. The options available are the obstructed ones in Orchestra Right Rows X-ZZZ or Left Mezzanine Row L, Seat 9-10. Thanks!

  • paarul chandra

    Hi, I was wondering if you recommended getting obstructed seats in Orchestra Right Row X-ZZZ 2-6 or get the Mezzaninie RIght Row L seats 8?

  • Amy

    I would love an opinion. Should I buy Orchestra row W seat 101/102 or Mezz row A 311/313? Thank you.

  • Sheila

    Hi! I’m looking to purchase tickets to see Book of Mormon for a Sunday show and I’ve never been to the Bank of America Theater. Since tickets are rather pricey I’m trying to get as much info as possible on seating since I haven’t heard great things about this theater. Thankfully your site has been quite helpful! My question is would you purchase tickets in Orchestra row B seats 104 & 105 or Orchestra row Q seats 110 & 111 all at $219 each. OR would you sit in Orchestra-R row G seats 10 & 12 at $135.60 each…there also seem to be some of available seats on the other side (Orchestra-L) for the same $135.60 price Row G, seats 9 & 11. Thanks so much!

  • Carla

    How about Sec MEZZLC, Row B, Seat 303 & 301?
    Any input will help!

  • Kristin

    What do the yellow boxes mean? I want to buy ORch R Row e seats 16 & 18. Can you tell me if these seats are a waste of money please

    • Brett Goldberg

      Kristin – That is much further to the side then I would like when you are sitting that close at the BOA Theater.

  • Jay

    dcr bx3 or dcr bx4 5/7 and 7/8 seats? How obstructed are these?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Jay – I added some info on box seats for the Bank of America theatre above. Just go to the “Box Seats” section.

      Note bx3 and bx4 are the same (just opposite sides). There’s a user review above as well.

  • Sue

    Hi Brett, I’m looking at seats MEZZ-L, row A, seats 5-7…I’m just worried about an obstruction. Are there any? Are these good? Thanks!

  • Kortni

    Hey Brett, I really appreciate all the helpful information on your site. I wanted to get your opinion on a couple of seats ORCH L Row S seats 5-7. They are considered aisle seating. Thank you for help. It is greatly appreciated!

    • Brett Goldberg

      I am about 98% sure those are not aisle seats, however, those are still good seats for the Bank of America Theater.

      • Kortni

        Thank you so much! I paid the aisle ticket price for them on Ticketmaster but you are right they are two seats in from the aisle. Again appreciate it!

  • Amy

    Do you happen to know where the sound mixer sits for Book of Mormon? (Every time I see a professional show I make a point of going and talking to the mixer, but I have learned that they are often difficult to find in Broadway in Chicago houses. Also, ushers have sometimes stopped me from going onto a floor other than the one where my seat was located.)
    From looking at the seating chart my best guess is toward the back center of the orchestra in that partial aisle, but I haven’t been to see the show yet so I don’t know.

    • Brett Goldberg

      I could be wrong but I believe it’s actually in the back center of the balcony.

      • Amy

        Okay, thank you very much! I hope you’re right, because that would certainly simplify things for me! (Balcony seating is pretty much all I can afford.)

  • Steven Levine


    I am debating between orchestra row X (center) and Mezzanine row F (center). What do you think?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Steven – I think that’s a toss up. It kind of depends the seat numbers for row X, if it’s near those poles than I would go with Mezz row F. I am also curious what’s the next best option and how much it costs, because it may be worth it. You are right on the fence of a questionable seat verse a good seat.

      • Steven Levine

        I am buying tix for ap arty of seven. Here is what I am seeing in my price range:

        Orch rightcenter, row x, seats 117 to 123 ($107 to $120).

        Orch right. Row u, seats 16 and 18 ($107), row v, seats 2 thru 10 ($120)

        Mezz right center, row f, seats 306 thru 318 ($107)

        Balc, far left or right beginning row c or d, center beginning row g ($56)

        Waddya think?

        • Brett Goldberg

          Steven – What day are you going? You can email our support email and I will respond.

          To be honest, with those options I can’t even make a decision without looking at it myself.

          What I am thinking is you should find better seats (that are not all together) as I think you’ll have a better experience even if it requires breaking the group up a little.

  • Steven Levine


  • Amanda


    This was so eye-opening! I really appreciate your insight. I would love one more piece of advice regarding balcony seating. I am looking at 4 tix in the balcony. I have found 4 in the center balcony in row C and 4 in L or R balcony row B. I am trying to gauge the lesser of the two evils: farther back and in center OR closer and on the side. Any thoughts?

    • Brett Goldberg

      It’s only one row difference, so I would choose the Book of Mormon tickets that are row C, Center Balcony.

  • Jim

    I have the option of Center Orchestra Row P or Center Dress Circle Row A…Which do you recommend? Both have seats on the aisle.
    Thanks much.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Both seats are premium, but I would take center orchestra.

  • Kathy


    Wrote a message last night that didn’t stick. Can you help me decide between ORCH-R, row N, seats 2/4 vs ORCH-center Row R, seats 105 thru 110? Price is the same. Thanks!

    • Brett Goldberg

      I would buy row N, but that’s because those are on the inside aisle and I value aisle seats. Either choice will be great, so it just comes down to personal preference, slightly closer, or more centered? I choose slightly closer in this case.

  • Kathy

    Brett, Price is 172 + fees (ok with that; nothing better on TickPick) so which is better: Orch Center row R (seats 105 thru 110) vs Orch – Right Row N seat 2 & 4 (inside aisle)?

  • Maureen

    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for the fabulous info. I’m not sure if it’s calming or intensifying my OCD, but either way, I feel WAY more informed! Which would you say are the better option (both are the same price): Center Right Dress Circle, Row A, Seats 222/224, or Orchestra Right, Rows D-M, Seats 10/12?

    Thanks again!

    • Brett Goldberg

      I wouldn’t sit in orchestra right row D. I would sit in orchestra right row M seats 10 & 12. The dress circle row A seats should be very good! What price are you seeing them sold for?

      Are they available on TickPick:

  • John

    Trying to choose between Orchestra row Q seats 113 & 114 and Mezzanine Row D seats 9 & 11. Any help with the two choices would be great, tickets for either are the same price.

  • Mike

    Hi Brett,

    I’m looking at Mezzanine Left, Row E, Seats 13 and 15. Any comment on those? It seems to fit the “sit in a closer row” theme you mentioned for buying in the mezzanine. Ticketmaster also doesn’t list them as obstructed at all.

    • Brett Goldberg

      What’s the face value on those tickets that you are looking at?

      FYI – The complaint with the Bank of America Theater is that they don’t label their tickets partial or obstructed view when they really should, which is why I wrote this whole blog.

    • Katie

      Hi Mike,

      Did you see the show yet? Going tonight with seats in this area. Let me know if you have gone already.

  • Andy


    Thanks for the insight! I have a quick question…is there any notable difference between sitting in the center balcony Row A versus center balcony B, D, or E? The prices are pretty much the same, it is the view that I am concerned about.



    • Brett Goldberg

      If they are the same then you definitely want row A. It’s the difference of getting 1st, 2nd or 3rd, they are close, but first is the best.

  • Michelle

    Hi Brett – would love your opinion on seats. Mezz J seat 305-307 ($143) vs. Balcony B ($134). Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Tough one. Depending if the balcony seats are close to the center sections I would probably go with those seats.

  • janie

    Brett, I am checking out mezzanine seats on the BOA website. Sec MEZZLC, Row B, Seat 313= $117, the row behind Sec MEZZLC, Row C, Seat 313= $197

    • Brett Goldberg

      Is it really the official website? The primary seller is TicketMaster. If it is official, my only guess is that they are suggesting that row B is somehow obstructed. I would need to see it to understand it better.

      Just stick with TickPick it sounds like you’ll be better off!

  • Kyle76

    Hi Brett, question does BOA offer a student discount on tix with a school ID?? I know the goodman does but what about BOA?? If not then what seats to you recommend that are good seats for a reasonable price but going out on a date and need to make a good impression on her. But I sort of can’t drop $160 on one ticket let alone for 2! That will brake the bank, but I want her to have a good time.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Kyle – I don’t think they have discounts, except for the potential rush and lottery, which wouldn’t be a great date.

      I would use our compare feature on TickPick. Select a couple of dates that work for you (click the checkbox next to the show) and then click “compare” at the top of the page. Narrow the search results down by only showing a tickets below $150 and in combination with all of tips above pick the seats that are the best bang for your buck!

  • Kristin

    Hi, This site is amazing. i am debating whether to buy:

    Row D, Orchestra L, Seats 11,13, and 15

    or DCRBX3 Row BX3, Seats 9,5,7

    We are all students, so the most affordable tickets are what we are looking at. It says they have obstructed view and i’m just wondering from these seats how bad the view really is?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Hi Kristen – If you look at the first picture of the theater up top you’ll kind of be able to see seats 11, 13 & 15 in the orchestra – see how the seats are kind of blocked from the view point of the camera? Now imagine you were sitting there.

      I would go with the Box seats!

  • John


    I am debating on buy Orchestra row L seats 17 and 19 to surprise my girlfriend. They are listed as limited view(how bad is it). Is it worth the risk to buy them 102$ a piece? Thank you so much.

    • John

      Buying* ..I am either going to buy those or G13 or G15 in Orchestra (Same price). They are listed as obstructed. What do you think is the better choice between the two?

  • Lainey

    Brett, these notes are great! I need your opinion as well! What are your thoughts about Mezzanine Row F 301 & 303 or 306& 308? Or should I spend the extra $70 for Orchestra Row V 105? I plan on purchasing them today. I look forward to your wisdom. Thanks :)

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Lainey did you buy your Book of Mormon tickets yet? If not, what is the cost of each listing you are looking at? If it’s $70 vs $140, I wouldn’t say it’s worth twice as much, but if it’s $170 vs $240, I would.

  • Bob

    I am looking at seats 17 and 19 in row K as they are lower priced. Do you think these would be OK seats as they look to have alot of leg room and we are taller people

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      In the orchestra section? Definitely looks like a lot of room. As long as you are comfortable being off to the side there. Are those tickets listed on TickPick?

  • Megan

    Brett, Are the view in the box seats okay? Thanks!

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Megan – Unfortunately I have never personally sat there. I am sure they are good, but the angle’s do look pretty extreme. I certainly wouldn’t pay a premium for those tickets.

  • David

    Great review, Brett. I’m planning to surprise my wife with tickets and I am debating between Orchestra Row E (seats 11 & 13) or Dress Circle Box 3 (seats 5 & 7) or Dress Circle Row A (seats 229 & 231). Which do you recommend?

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      For The Book of Mormon I think Orchestra Row E is too close. At the Bank of America Theater, I think the Dress Circle Row A seats are a great choice.

  • Katie

    Ok I’m trying to decide between two sets of tickets. Either center orchestra row Y seats 112 and 113 (these are on an aisle) or orchestra right row W seats 6 and 8 (these are in the center of the row). I just want another opinion before I buy. Which do you think will be a better view? Both say they are “limited view seating.” Which do you think will be better? This is great by the way, so helpful!! Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      The Book of Mormon Tickets that I would choose would be the Orchestra Center row Y tickets.

  • Jeannette

    Hi Brett. I am looking at buying seats in Orchestra Right Center, Row Y (seats 112-114 to be exact). These are listed as Limited View Seating. What is your take on these seats?

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Jeannette – I would suspect that the obstructions aren’t that bad, but they are labelled that way, so you need to expect some obstructions. Because of these uncertainties, there should be a meaningful discount to other ticket orchestra ticket listings.

  • Jules

    So based on your super helpful information (thank you) and my budget, I’ve decided to sit as far back as I can with out being under the overhang in obstructed view seating. I’m opting for the far side isle Row F. Should I sit house right or left or does it matter?

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Hi Jules – I do not think that the side will matter that much, but if you have the option then I would sit House Right. This is because I recall when watching the Book of Mormon there were a few scenes with some action taking place in the back left of the stage, so when facing the stage if you are on the right hand side, you would have a better angle and chance of seeing.

      With that said, there was only a scene or two that may be impacted.

  • student

    How is orchestra, Row Z, Around seat 103? And which of the dress circle seats do you reccommend? I’m a student on a budget, so I’d like good, affordable seats (like anyone, I suppose)

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      I would most likely buy the Book of Mormon tickets in Center Orchestra row Z. The only dress circle seats I would choose (over those seats) would be row A, B or C in the center 3 sections of the Dress Circle in the Bank of America Theatre.

      • Sam

        But this does not apply to first row in Dress Circle sections with single-digit numbered, i.e., Seats 5 and 7 in the first row?

        • Brett Goldberg

          Hi Sam – I would buy the first row seats of the side dress circles before I would buy any of the last couple of rows in the center orchestra.

          If you ask about the 2nd row of the side dress circle sections, then things are more difficult to decide; but we are starting to split hairs.

          • Sam

            Brett, thanks so much. Visiting Chicago when I see the show, so the insight is invaluable. I thought I had edited my first post, but as opposed to ORCH-R Row U 2, 4 (next to, but not blocked by a pole?) would the dress circle still be preferable? Or the other way?

  • Angela D

    Hi Brett, I have an opportunity to get tix in row B of the center orchestra or row Q. Is row B too close in your opinion? What would you do? Thanks!

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Now that’s a great question! For the Bank of America Theater my gut is to go with row Q. There may be a “cool” factor to sit in Orchestra Center row B, but I think row Q will give you an overall better experience.

      • Angela D

        Thanks so much… that is what I was thinking also, but wanted your opinion. I appreciate it!

  • sndavis

    We have purchased tickets, box seats. How do the box numbers work? We found a chart showing the numbers…we are box 3, but is that the top box or the bottom box?? It is hard to tell from the lay out on the chart.

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      I took a look as well and you are right, it is very difficult to tell which box you are. My assumption would be that the #3 box would be the top box. After the show please do remember to let us know which one it was and how the view was.

      • Brett Ian Goldberg

        How do the box numbers work in the Bank of America?

        The boxes are laid out like this:
        DCRBX3 Row BX3 (seats 1,3 & 5,7 & 9,11) is the lowest box on the left hand (box 3). DCRBX4 is parallel on the right hand side (box 4).

        DCRBX1 Row BX1 (seats 201 to 215) is the next box up on the left hand (box 1). DCRBX2 is parallel on the right hand side (box 2).

        MZRBX5 BX5 (seats 1 to 11) is the highest box and is on the left hand side in line with the other mezzanine sections (box 5). MZRBX6 BX6 is the equivalent box but is on the right hand side (box 6).

        • Alexis Hadley

          I was in the box seats, and I really enjoyed being so close, and being able to see into the pit. My 6ft boyfriend also appreciated the extra leg room since the seats are kind of moveable. The big downside of the box seats in this theater is about 1/8 of the stage (the back corner) is entirely blocked from view.

    • DawnM

      How were the box seats? I’m looking at buying those today, but no one provides a review on box seats!

  • Eric C.

    Thanks for your website – REALLY informative. Two quick questions: I’m considering Row Y of the orchestra, but concerned about the poles you’ve noted in the middle of Row W.

    1) Can you describe those poles a little? You’ve clearly noted that the poles on the sides of the orchestra really obstruct peoples views — but what about those ones in the middle/Row W?

    2) Someone in a Yelp review noted being distracted by the production/light booth. Where is that in the theater?

    thanks for your time.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Eric – No problem.

      1. The seats are better planned / laid out around the polls in the center orchestra sections. If you zoom in on the first picture above you’ll see what I mean. I wouldn’t choose to sit right behind the poles, but if it’s a big discount it may be worth it.

      2. From what I can tell the light booth is all the way in the top balcony right behind center row K.

      Note, you can return the favor by buying tickets from TickPick!

  • doc wise

    are there 3 levels of dress circle seats at the boa theater in chicago? i see off to the right and left they have what appears to be (from stage view) 3 tiers of boxes on either side of the stage, yet on the seating chart they don’t show it.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Doc if you look at the second seating chart (the smaller one above) you will see that there are 3 boxes included in the seating chart. These are on the same level as the dress circle.

  • Sirbobos

    Just bought two seats, Balcony Left, Row B Seat 1 and 3. I definitely wish I would have found this site before buying. Looks like I may have a hard time seeing some up. Thanks for the review man! At least I know what to expect!

  • Dan

    im looking at ticket prices and the front row of the mezzanine is cheaper then the ones behind them….is there something wrong with the front row of the mezzanine?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Dan – Where are you seeing these tickets? Most likely you are looking at a site similar to TickPick where individuals can resell their Book of Mormon tickets. Thus the prices are different because two people are asking for different prices. You definitely want the first row! You should check here to see if the same tickets are available for less money:

  • Jessica

    This post is great. I really appreciate the chart, but I’m wondering what the yellow
    areas with blue lines around them mean? I’m guessing that mean they are
    slightly bad seats, but just wanted to check.

    I don’t have enough money to buy mezzanine seats so I’m trying to
    figure out what the best seats are in the balcony.

    I am looking at row C, seats 420 and 418 or row c, seats 412 and 410. Or, there are front
    row seats in the balcony, but they are on the far right – seats 14 and
    12. Do you have any suggestions for what my best bet might be?

    I don’t know if I want to sit in the front row if you have to lean up on the
    rail to see because I think I would be scared of the heights. But I also
    don’t want to book a ticket in row C and not be able to see. I’m
    wondering if row D or E would be better than row C too?


    • Brett Goldberg

      Thanks Jessica – If you are afraid of heights then I guess there’s no reason to push it with row A, but I don’t think the fear factor will be that difference from row A to C. If you can get over the row A fear, than I would go with those seats because you at least eliminate the problem with people in your way.

      I would definitely recommend row C in the Balcony verses any other seats further back (i.e. rows D or E). Within row C, if it’s the same price you might as well choose the seats that are closer to the center, which is seats 410 & 412. Let me know if I can help you choose tickets for The Book of Mormon further.

  • Natalie Seiden

    Wow!!! This is the most amazing review of the Bank of America theater I have found yet! The only problem is now that I read this I have no excuses if I buy a bad or obstructed seat.

    The other problem is there are so few good seats. What do you think is a fair price to pay for the worst seats (i.e. the last row in the mezzanine section) verses the first row in the dress circle?