Barclays Center Detailed Seating Chart | Rows, 3D Views, & More

Barclays Center Seating Chart

Our Barclays Center Seating Chart includes 3d views, row numbers, seat numbers & tips for getting the best seats for concerts, Brooklyn Nets, or any other event at Barclays Center.


Brooklyn Nets Seating Chart

It’s important to remember that most sections between 1 to 31 have additional rows in front of row #1 (typically 4 additional rows: A-D). When using TickPick’s interactive seating charts you can hover over any section and see the row detail (i.e. the number & order of rows).

Brooklyn Nets Seating Chart

All Access Tickets: There are two types of premium tickets for the Brooklyn Nets, “All Access” tickets gives you access to a VIP area as well as the club and lounge. The other premium tickets (as well as All Access) gives you access to all you can eat and drink (non alcohol beverages). Most tickets in section 6 to 10 and 22 to 26 come with one of these two options.

Tickets in other sections between 1 to 31 occasionally come with VIP options, just check the “seller’s notes” on the checkout if you are unsure.

Obstructed / Partial Views: As part of TickPick’s policy every seller is required to disclose what it says on their tickets. So you will see there are few ticket listings in section 29 that are marked as limited view seats.


Brooklyn Nets All Access Tickets

Your All Access ticket includes complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages at the permanent concession stands on the concourse. All Access tickets do not include the selections on the portable carts.

  1. Please be prepared to show and have your All Access ticket scanned when acquiring items at the permanent concessions stands.
  2. Your All Access complimentary food offerings are available from 90 minutes before tip-off until 8 minutes remain in the 4th quarter.
  3. Please remember that food and drink offerings are intended for a single persons’ enjoyment during each Brooklyn Nets event. Therefore, with each visit and each ticket you bring to a permanent concession stand you are allowed to enjoy 1 entrée, 1 beverage, 1 snack and 1 sweet selection. At the Junior’s, Blue Marble & More concession stand your All Access ticket allows you to enjoy a maximum of 2 sweet selections per visit.
  4. All Access food orders are meant to be consumed during the event only.
  5. Please remember that All-Access program tickets have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash at any time.

Nets Seating Chart with Rows


Brooklyn Nets 100 Level Seating At Barclays Center

The Barclays Center 100 level seating for Brooklyn Nets games are in my opinion the best value for any seats in the arena. Sections 106-110 and 122-125 are All Access Sections, which allows for you to eat from the buffet, which typically includes a salad bar, carving station (turkey or steak), chicken wings, hot dogs, and chili. There is no limit to the amount of times you enter the buffet, and after halftime they bring out the dessert.

The locations of the seats are just above the the single digit sections and span rows 1-9, or 4-9 if you are in the corners, but they are significantly lower than the upper levels. It is certainly worth spending the extra money on the all access 100 sections, especially if you plan on having dinner at the game. If not, I’d recommend sitting the the corner 100 sections at Barclays Center because typically they are cheaper than seats behind the basket, but offer comparable and in some cases better views of the action.

Check out our Cheap Nets tickets without any service fees.

Brooklyn Nets 200 Level Seating At Barclays Center

When purchasing seats in the 200 sections at the Barclays Center, the row is much more important that it would be anywhere else in the arena. The difference between rows 1 and 2 between 3-22 is significant, and if you don’t mind spending the extra cash it is well worth it. Typically in the majority of the 200 levels, rows 1-2 (in sections 207,209, 223, and 225 its just row 1) are lower than row 3 and up, and are separated by a railing.

This is great if you are in the first one or two rows because there isn’t anyone directly behind you, and again your seats are significantly lower than rows 2 or 3 above you.


Barclays Center Seating Chart

Barclays Center Seating Chart Concert

Seat numbers: When looking for Brooklyn Nets tickets or Barclays Center concert tickets it’s important to know that seat #1 is always closer to the adjacent section with a lower (section) number, for example seat #1 in Section 24 is on the aisle next to section 23 and seat #1 in section 223 is closer to section 222.

Expert Tip: At a recent concert my seats, section 226 row 1, had an obstructed view, and the sound quality was awful (even though the Barclays Box Office didn’t label them as such). When I complained to Barclays Guest Services, I was told to check out the Honda Center. The Honda Center (which is located behind section 15 & 16) is an open lounge area that is available for every ticket holder. There are a limited number of seats, but there’s plenty of standing room. So if you a limited view seat, or have a tight budget, I would buy the cheapest tickets and watch the concert from the Honda Center, it was much better than my first row seats in section 226.


Barclays Center Seating Tips – Sections, Rows, Seat Numbers etc.

Sections 6 – 26: For concerts, all sections start with row 1 and have 19 to 21 rows. However, the corners (section 13 & 19) start with row C, then row D, E, and then rows 1-18. Corner sections 12 and 20, start with row 3 and go to row 20.

Sections 1-4 & 28-31: Each section is slightly different and they change depending on the concert. For example section 3 (which is different than floor 3) started at row 10 and went to row 18 for the Jay-Z opening concert. When looking at tickets in these sections you need to be cautious; pay close attention to see if they are marked partial view (which is different than side view).

For the Jay-z concert I Sat in Section 3, Row 11, Seats 17 & 18. This was actually the 2nd row on the aisle towards section 4; these were some of the best seats for this concert. However, knowing where your seats are (within a section) is crucial. Seat number 1 in the same section and row was obstructed, unlike seats 12 through 18.

100s: The 100s sections are practically right above sections 1 to 31, so although they are higher up, the difference can be marginal (when comparing the higher seat numbers in section 1 to 31 to the 100s). However, the difference between the 100s and 200s is very significant. This is because the suites are in between the two tiers thus giving the 100s a huge advantage.

200s: The pitch of the 200s is steep but this arena was built with basketball and concerts in mind and even though you are in the 200s the design helps bring fans closer to the action. Most rows have 18 seats (but not all) and as stated above, seat #1 is closer to the lower section number and seat #18 is closer to the higher section number.

Sideline 200s: Most rows in sections 222 to 225 and 206 to 210 have 26 seats per a row in Barclays Center. The exception is a couple rows between row 3 (and maybe row 2) through row 7, which have between 12 and 20 seats. Every other row in these sections has 26 seats in a row.

Corners of the 200s: The seating charts provided here are misleading, the corner sections look undesirable and awkward, however that is not the case and the angle and design make these seats equally as attractive as the rest of the 200s.

Expert Tip: For concerts look for great deals in sections 3-6 & 26-29, which appear to be obstructed (but are not, unless they are specifically marked partial or obstructed view). Also, check out sections 203-205 & 227-229: these are limited view seats or side view, but are not fully obstructed.

I use to suggest sitting in section 226 or 201. However, I just sat in the first row of section 226 (right next to section 225) and had an obstructed view due to the stage lighting and configuration. These tickets were not listed as partial view seats but they should have been. Because of this and the fact that the sound quality was noticeably worse, I would not recommend sitting closer than section 225 or 207.

Barclays Center Concert Seating Chart with Rows

Note: If you get to your seats and your view is blocked or the sound is disappointing, go stand at the Honda Center (right behind section 15 & 16), it will change your night.   


Barclays Center Concert Seating – Floor Seats

For concerts at Barclays Center, seat #1 in (section F3) Floor 3 is on the aisle closer to Floor 2 (which is closer to the center of the stage). Seat #1 in (section F1) Floor 1, is further to the right (or furthest from the stage). For most concerts each floor section has 14 seats per a row.

Unless you are sitting in F1, F2 or F3, I would strongly suggest you look for tickets in the sections right off the floor (sections 25 or 7). Like most venues, these sections are not elevated and most likely your view will be blocked.

The Barclays center hosts many concerts with GA, Floor, and pit seats. Although these tickets will get you on the floor, it’s typically extremely difficult to get close to the stage. In addition, if you are on the shorter side, you may be forced to stand in the far back (to avoid having someone’s head in your face). Thus, depending on prices you may want to look at other sections for cheaper tickets and a better experience.

This is rare, but for some concerts Barclays is selling GA tickets within a specific section, for example Section 125 row GA, this means there’s no assigned seats, but that you have to stay within that section (Swedish House Mafia is doing this).


Pictures of Barclays Center Seating

  • Center Stage Setup - Section 124 Row 4 (1st row)


The Best Seats for Concerts or Brooklyn Nets

There’s a lot of tickets to choose from, as long as you are willing to spend, you can’t go wrong.

But here’s a tip, when you make it to an event page on TickPick, click on “Seat Rating”, this will list all of the available tickets from the best seats to the worst seats.

  1. First, find the Brooklyn Nets game or Concert you want to go to.
  2. Once on the event page click “Seat Rating”, and you’ll be able to view ticket listings from the best seats to the worst seat.
 If you need more advice on concerts read the Barclays Floor Seating section above.


Barclays Center 3d Seating View

For your convenience here are the links to the official 3d seating charts provided by Barclays Center:
3d Seating Chart for concerts
3d Seating Chart for Brooklyn Nets


More Information on Barclays Center

If you are interested in the history or any of the business aspects of Barclays Center you can find out more at Wikipedia. Or if you want more information on tickets, events, dates, or additional floorplans, check out our official Barclays Center page.

Barclays Center
620 Atlantic Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11217

View Larger Map

Have a question? If it’s about specific seats ask us on Twitter or Facebook. General questions that apply to everyone should be asked in the comments below.

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  • lostmylove2005

    I am ordering Circus tickets and I was curious for the Barclays center how are sections 7, 9, 25, 23 ? Section 25 and 23 are giving me first row was curious if anyone knows if they are good or bad? Want the kids first time at the circus to be fun and up close :) Thanks!

  • Lee

    Hey Brett, I want to take my family to the Net game in February this would be there first professional game. Since I have 5 children I need to stay in a budget but I don’t want to be disappointed with the seats I select…could you please advise what section/seat would be a happy medium

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Lee – You won’t be disappointed in the first 5 rows in the upper level (preferably along the sidelines). It will still give you a solid view of the action, without breaking the bank account.

  • Susan

    Hey Brett can u help me out want to treat my girls to the Frozen Disney on Ice show I have no clue what seat to get them
    Please help

  • Todd Harrigan

    Hey Brett. I have Luke Bryan tickets at the Barclays Section 3, Row 18, Seats 19 and 20. What are your thoughts on these seats?

  • Basketmom

    214 row 1 or 201 row 3 for nets game. Purchasing for my son. Difference in price $33.50.

  • Albert

    Hi Brett I have 2 tickets for Katy Perry in the section:GA1 Row: GA4 seat: 5 Is this in the GA triangle? why the tickets have a seat if is GA? Thank you¡

  • Noah Cook

    PLEASE READ: Is there any such thing as a safe seat for someone in a wheelchair at a concert here? I’m looking into going to see Avicii here but have a medical condition that REQUIRES my safety. Any luck?

  • Buzz Buzz

    for wwe what seat number is against the ramp in section f7??

  • Tara Marie Niesi

    what are best seats for the ringling brothers circus at the Barclays center. I am taking my 3 year old nephew and 7 year old son

  • Nik

    Hi Brett – I have 2 tickets to see Katy Perry at Barclays.. F9 row 12.. normally I would get closer to the stage mostly because I’m short but her stage is supposed to extend in the shape of a prism and stops at the top of F8. Do I have good tickets?

  • Belinda

    Hey brett, I have tickets in section 16 row 10 seats 15 & 16 for Marc Anthony at Barclays. What is your opinion on these seats? Thank you in advance

  • Belinda

    Hey brett, I have tickets in section 16 row 10 seats 15 & 16 for Marc Anthony at Barclays. What is your opinion on these seats?

  • ebstar321

    Is anyone selling BEYONCE DEC. 22ND tickets for a “REASONABLE PRICE”. I know selling for $400 sounds fun but its not for me and I really need to see her. This is like my final chance please let me know

    • rockets5445

      did u go

      • ebstar321

        unfortunately no.. But I am determined tho. Englands my original hometown and im visiting nxt year so hopefully i can snag a ticket

  • Jenraber

    Hey Brett,
    Im dying to see Billy Joel on New Years, but like I said, I’d like to SEE him. The tickets Im interested in are section 29 row 19. It says SIDE STAGE on the back. It mentions nothing about partial view or obstructed view. All other tickets are substantially more, but Ill be miserable spending over $300 for the tickets if we are blocked by large speakers. Do I take these or opt for the other more expensive seats (Standing at the Honda center is not an option). What would you do????

  • Jufratt

    Hi when u buy a ticket for a concert and is GA standing and then its said seat 26< what that means?

  • JIM

    Hi Brett, I just got tickets for Black Sabbath in Section 106, Seats 1&2. Are these as good as they appear to be?…….Which aisle is seat 1 On?………..Thanks, Jim

  • Jen

    hey is have seats to a concert section 16 row 16 are these good?

  • Rob

    I am looking to get tickets to a concert in Section 25 at Barclays. Do you know how many seats are in each row? I saw tickets numbered 17-18. Wanted to know if they were aisle seats. Thanks.

  • Vic Manuel

    I have a guy trying to sell me seats in row 9 section floor 1 for john mayer. They worth it for 250/ea. ?

  • Nikki

    I have 3 tickets to see Disney on Ice in Section 20 row 20 seats 1, 2‚3. Bought the tix for my 9 year old as a bday present & I really want her to enjoy it but I am concerned about our view.. Plz help!!

    • Jack Slingland

      Nikki – While sitting in a corner section isn’t ideal, your daughter will still enjoy the view from your seats. You will also be on the aisle as well.

  • J

    For a Basketball Game, is Section 117 an ” OK Place ” ? It seems like it’s all that is left , which is making me suspicious that their is an obstruction….

    • Jack Slingland

      J- 117 seats are just fine. You will right next to the Foxwoods Bar/ Lounge as well.

  • nancy

    For the upcoming Pink concert would you pick sec 106 row 8 (seats 5&6), suite B3 or 4 or Section 123 Row 8 (seats 1&2)

  • bobby digital

    Hey Frank, what’s better for tonight’s concert…Section 229 or 210? Both are row 3.

  • Sam

    Section 19 Row 20 Seat 12,13
    I can’t seem to find any info on these seats. Barclays center website seems to end sec 19 at row 18. Do you know anything about these seats?

  • Philip Vazquez

    marc Anthony floor 4 row 9. is this truly row 9 or are their letter rows in front of the rows making row 9 really row 12. in basketball section 31 has row numbers prior to numbered rows for example there row 2 is not really row 2 but more like row 7

  • Rich DeSimone

    Have Section 204 row 6 seats 14 15 (closer toward 205) how’s the sound/view

  • Monica

    hi Brett,
    I will go to NY next october 13 to see Pearl Jam`s show. Do you how I can buy a backstage pass?
    Monica from Brasil

  • Monica

    Hi, I’m going to see the Pink concert I have Section 221 Row 17 what do you think

  • Caprice Taylor

    Hey Brett,

    What is your opinion on the suite seating. I was thing of getting SUITE B-4 Row: SUIT. it VIP seating but is the exprince and the view good?

  • Melissa St-Natus

    Hey Brett, love your website! I want to buy Tickets for Beyonce’s at Barclays concert they have not disclosed the row yet only the section. The tickets are floor tickets they h and there only $250.00 should I get them and take my chances when they do disclose the map? Is this too good to be true Are floor tickets good to get at Barclay anyway

  • bklynmediator

    I have F 2 Row 11 seats # 12, 13 and 14. I want to see if I can sell one. Which are the best two? which one should I sell? I’d like to keep the two that are closer to the aisle. Are these good seats?

    • Brett Goldberg

      This information is provided above.

  • coco

    hi i want to purchase nets tickets section 207 row 8 how would that be?

  • TB

    Hi Brett, I’m looking at tickets for both nights of Pearl Jam but might only use one set. Which is better to keep? (My concern is that the 102 tix might be obstructed but I dont know how badly….)

    Sec 102, Row 8 or Sec 223, Row 18

    • Brett Goldberg

      I am really shocked that they sold 102, if they are obstructed it should said it on your tickets. The safer bet is keeping the section 223 tickets for Pearl Jam at Barclays Center.

  • Jessica Liz

    I have two sets of two tickets to the Beyonce December concert at Barclays. Trying to decide which set to stay with and with set to sell. I have the following tickets:

    section 23, row 2, seats 4-3


    section 9, row 3, seats 15-16

    Which one should I sell and which one should I stay with to have the best time at the Beyonce concert!! :)

    • Brett Goldberg

      They are pretty much the same thing, so I would keep the 2nd row seats.

  • Agustina

    Hey Brett! What do you think about F3 Row 2 seats arround 9? It’s for John Mayer Concert and I appreciate your opinion!! Tnxs!

    • Brett Goldberg

      You can’t go wrong with 2nd row floor seats

      • Agustina

        Yay! I wasn’t sure if on seat 9 i will have some view obstruction or something like that, thank for your answer!

  • Tina

    Hey Brett! what do you think about F3 Row 2 seats + close to section 26 than F2 (arround seat 9)?? it’s for John Mayer concert and I appreciate your opinion!

  • Brett Goldberg

    If you are looking for the Pearl Jam Barclays Center Seating Chart here’s the right map.

    • Ana Cristina Marsella

      Hey Brett, I love this blog. Thank you! I got 4 tix for section 26 row 11 seat 1 thru 4. Any idea how are they?

    • Jufratt

      Hi Brett please help I got tickets for a concert and GA standing and it said seat 26 too? do you know what that means? and if you get a ticket can you upgrade to VIP to get in early? please help!!!!

  • Erich Mahler

    Hello, i am looking for Tickets for the YEAH YEAH YEAHS but i dont know what GA 1 and GA means. Is this only Seating or are there also STANDING Tickets? I am not from the US and i dont know better. Please help!

    • Brett Goldberg

      GA means general admission, and that means it’s standing room only.

  • Jess

    Just bought tickets to see Kanye, section 105. Am I good? TX! Jess

    • Brett Goldberg

      It’s more to the side than I would prefer, but it should be good.

  • Summer Breeze

    Hi Brett. I love to stand up and dance at concerts, so seats don’t really mean much to me. I saw Jay-Z here last year and had great seats next to the lighting crew (which were probably undesirable if you actually wanted to SEE the stage). There was a huge open space with a curtain where I could get out of my seat and dance. Do you know what I’m talking about? I’m going to see him again in January and would love to get those seats so I have room to move!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Summer – Unfortunately the concert seating chart for Barclays Center changes from one concert tour to the next, so it can’t be guaranteed that it will be the same configuration.

  • Steph

    I have 2 sets of tickets for the Queens of the Stone Age concert at Barclays. One set is Section 17, row 16. The second set is Section 111, row 9. I cant decide which section I want to sit in. Would it be hard to see the stage over the general admission standing area if we sit in Section 17? I am also very concerned about the sound. Which section do you suggest I sit in?

    • Brett Goldberg

      The first level seats (section 17 etc) are all elevated off the floor, so the general admission people will not block your view at the Barclays Arena.

  • Ash

    Hey brett I have a ticket to the queens of the stone age concert section 122 row 5 seat 12 is this a good seat? I’m curious because I’ve never been to a big venue like this before most bands I’ve seen usually play terminal 5 and I always been in the front.

  • cindymar

    has anyone ever been in pit seats to the left or right of stage and how are the seats or standing only?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Cindy, which Barclays Center concert are you looking at attending? Pit seats differ depending on the concert.

  • mac

    Hi Brett, thanks for all of the great tips. We are going to see Pearl Jam but are stuck in the 200 level because we can’t afford the lower level seats. Do you think any of these choices are good and worth getting? 212 row 6; 217 row 5; 214 row 4; or 215 row 4? If so, which ones do you think are the best? if not these are there better options in the 200 level? a friend of mind told me to sit on the sides but not sure if thats good advice or not? thx in advance for your help!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Mark – I agree with your friend, I would go with the side sections, 223 or 209 is best.

      Our algorithms will really help you figure out the best deal for your budget:

  • Karla

    Hi Brett! Thanks for all these incredibly valuable information. I’m looking at several different sections for the VMAs: (a) Section 105, row 7 for $150 (b) Section 24, row 19 $200 and (c) Section 7, row 14 for $200. You’d probably say its a given to take section 7, but section 105 is unobstructed and looks like its a nice view. Let me know!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Karla sorry for the late response. You are right, I would say it’s a given to buy section 7 at Barclays Center verse section 105.

  • Liz

    Coming to New York for Xmas from Australia trying to work out best seats for Beyoncé, very overwhelming could you help me is Sec 15 row 17 or section 13 row 13 better any other good suggestions, much appreciated

  • JP

    brett i was curious about seating for the vma awards. It doesnt seem that there are any tickets available out of the 200 section and i was first wondering what the best sections are in the 200. also i have a friend who seems to have ada seating and i was wondering if that is exclusively for wheelchair patrons or if that is acceptable for anyone to sit in as long as you have tickets

    • Brett Goldberg

      ADA seating is suppose to be limited to wheelchair patrons, but I have never heard of anyone getting thrown out or moved before.

    • katioe

      Hey JP – how did it work out with the ADA seats? Considering getting these for Pearl Jam but nervous as none of us are wheelchair patrons

  • Don

    I knew I was going to get myself in trouble with my suggestion. Actually Brett, I already have all those tickets, which were all bought at the same price directly from Ticketmaster. My first set of tickets were an accident – if you can believe it – that kinda happened after I bought the first two sets. One set I will use for myself, and the others I will resell. And they cover both days.

    • Brett Goldberg

      I personally would sit in section 223 row 1 for the Pearl Jam concert at Barclays Center.

      You should list your extra Pearl Jam tickets on TickPick to resell.


  • Don

    I can’t believe all the ticket seating inquiries you get. You should consider charging like a buck or something per inquiry. But of course not until after you respond to mine. You’re obviously a nice guy to put up with so many inquiries. And you know something that everybody else doesn’t which is a very valuable service. And you clearly have a good reputation for this knowledge. Set up a Paypal thing-a-ma-jig and make some dough. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

    Hell, if you can figure out a way to do this kind of service for all concert and sports venues…. And then you can have per inquiry prices, multiple inquiry prices and maybe even membership discounts. Think of the possibilities. It kinda makes me wish I was an enterprising type of guy. Hooray for the Internet! You could be the next great

  • Wayne

    Hey Brett, do you know how many seats across are in sec 121, row 7?

  • Don

    Hi Brett. You seem to be the expert on Barclays Center seating. I was really happy to find your blog. Thanks for all the great information. I have a choice of three seat locations for the upcoming Pearl Jam concert, and would appreciate your input.


My choices are Section 223, Row 1, Seats 22-21. Or Section 1, Row 18, Seats 1-2. Or Section 118, Row 9, Seats 16-17.

    Originally I was thinking Section 223 but from what I could glean from what you and others have said, even the best in the 200 level isn’t so great. And Section 118 is more eye level but way on the other side of the stadium. So now I’m thinking Section 1, even though it’s behind the stage, might be my best bet, assuming nothing too big is blocking the view. I sat behind the stage at a U2 concert at the Meadowlands, and though it wasn’t a perfectly clean view, it wasn’t too shabby either. Performer always turn around to look at each other and for some jamming or just a little twirling activity, so Section 1 could be excellent if Jupiter aligns with Mars. What do you think???

    ; ) Don

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Don – Tough decision, price obviously comes into play here. Are they all the same price for the Pearl Jam concert?

      I will give you my opinion but after your last comment I am going to make you work for it… where are you getting your tickets from? The whole reason why I do this is in the hopes that you use TickPick to buy your tickets!

      send an email to me brett at tickpick dot com and let me know which Pearl Jam concert you are going to and the prices that you are looking to pay. I will then better answer your question.

  • Brian Costin

    im driving from Cleveland for a pearl jam show. my options are 114 112 or 213 row 1. any thoughts.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Brian – Have you checked TickPick? We use algorithms to help you figure out which Barclays Center tickets are the best seats / deal (based on price and location) and we charge no fees.

      FYI – I like 112 best.

  • John

    hey brett,
    i have two pairs of tickets for pearl jam on 10/19….one pair is sec226row1seats11+12…the other is sec225row1seats7+8…which seats would offer a better overall experience, so i know which pair to give to my cousin…thanks in advance!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Keep the Pearl Jam Barclays Center seats in section 225 for yourself.

  • Jen

    Hi Brett! Your article is super helpful but of course I still have a specific question that I can’t answer myself.

    I’m looking at tickets for Vampire Weekend at the Barclays and I am debating Section 6, Row 9 or 11 tickets (which based on your previous comments you have recommended) because it doesn’t have a note for obstructed view on the tickets however, the rating on that section seems to be D+. My other option is Section 8, Row 18 (A rating) or section 23, Row 7 (with a whopping A+ rating). I don’t know the algorithm and I can afford any of those sections but I would really appreciate your help in choosing the best seats for that night. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Jen – Tough decisions. Not sure why you aren’t look at Section 24. I think the best Vampire Weekend ticket deal is section 24 row 14 for $129 each (up to 6 tickets available).

      • Jen

        Oh no! I panicked last night because I didn’t want to lose the Section 6 tickets (and I was obsessing over it) and I bought them under the assumption that closer and more expensive meant better. Do you think it’s worth the hassle of selling those to get the section 24 tickets? I am thinking unless they’re bad seats, I’ll keep them.

        Thank you so much for your reply!

        • Karla

          Hi Jen! How was section 6?? I’m looking to buy tickets for the VMAs in Section 7. Do you mind posting a pic?

  • Tom Batton

    I have seats in section 225, row 1, seats 25 and many seats are in each row here (you mentioned that most 200s have 18 seats). Thanks.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Tom – most rows in sections 222 to 225 and 206 to 210 have 26 seats per a row in Barclays Center. The exception is a couple rows between row 3 (maybe row 2) up to row 7 which have between 12 and 20 seats. Every other row in those sections has 26 seats per a row.

      • Tom Batton


  • Aamani Marie

    i have tickets to see beyonce on sunday.. section 15..i was told that her stage is infront of that section and on stub hub the stage directly infront of section 15 says “bey stage” is this true???

    • spok3n

      How was view from section 15??

  • Brandon

    Hi Brett,
    I bought two tickets for Pearl Jam section 217 row 10 seats 3-4. When googling the view there is one picture of that section that shows a huge wall on the right covering more then half of the Basketball Court. The tickets didnt say obstructed. The other two pictures dont show any wall obstruction. Do you know anything about this section being obstructed?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Brandon – My guess is those pictures of Barclays Center are incorrect. You should be all good.

  • iamloco724

    for the pearl jam at barclays shows i have one night sec 28 row 19 seats 5 and 6 and for the other night sect 4 row 15 seats 9 and 10 how will these be for view and sound?

  • debi

    Hi Brett,
    Your appear to be the expert on Barclay’s so I am hoping you can help me… I have 2 sets of tickets for WWE at barclay’s on Sept 8th. Can you tell me what is a better option… Section F3, Row 9, Seats 7 & 8 or Section F1, Row 5, Seats 9 & 10…. Thanks for your help

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Debi – There are 150 comments here regarding the Barclays Center, so I know it’s hard to read them all, but I did some research for someone elsewhich you should read. Nonetheless, my gut is to sit in F1.

      Go to the bottom of the comments – click “load” (twice) and if you search for “WWE” you’ll see the other comment.

      You can hit control + F to search more easily.

  • japeara

    Hi TickPick,

    Thanks for your advice so far! I am going to see Beyonce in August at the Barclays center. I have two tickets – one pair is section 28, row 17, seats 1-2 and the other pair is section 115, row 8, seats 5-4. Both are the same price. I love to see Beyonce
    dance and would like to be as close as possible. However, it looks like section 28 is on an angle. It doesn’t say partial view on the ticket but I am worried section 28 might be obstructed and that section 115 will be too far to see Beyonce. I am not sure which ones to keep. Could you help me out? Thank you so much!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Japeara – honestly a really good question. There’s no definite answer but I would personally choose to sit in section 28 for the Beyonce concert.

      • japeara

        Thank you!!

  • Frank

    Hey Brett, great blog and thanks for the info. I’m trying to figure out, do they ever put suites/box seats for sale? I’ve always enjoyed seeing concerts in Philly this way and I was hoping they would be available here as we’ll.

    • Peter D’Antonio

      Suites are available on TickPick. Sometimes they don’t map properly on the site though, so sort by seat rating and you’ll be able to see all that we have listed.

      As far as the official Barclays Center site, I don’t believe they sell suites to individual events, only in packages and season passes.

      If there’s anything else we can help you with, let me know.

  • Lissy

    If i buy F3 row 8 seats 4&5, which side are they closer to? The catwalk or the lower level seats? Also, in F1 which seat number is closest to the catwalk?

    • Peter D’Antonio

      For concerts at Barclays Center, seat #1 in (section F3) Floor 3 is on the aisle closer to Floor 2 (which is closer to the center of the stage). For most concerts each floor section has 14 seats per a row. So you’d be either 4 or 5 seats from the Section F2.

      Seat 14 would be the closest seat to the center of the stage in F1 and seat 1 would be closest to Section 7.


    hey brett I have tickets to the beyonce concert section 115 row 3 are these good seats?

  • Oli

    Hi Brett. I have a two tickets I am having trouble deciding with. One is Section 8, row 4 and the second is section 24, row 6. Thanks so much for your help.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Oli – Those are equivalent sections in the Barclays Center. You should take a look at the seat numbers and our info on seat numbers above. If one is significantly closer to the stage then I would go with those, otherwise I would choose the 4th row Barcalys Center Seats.

  • Sean

    hey brett i bought a ticket to the Beyonce show from a third party reseller and I’m wondering if its a fake. Sadly I won’t know until the day of the show. So for a general admission show with no separated section what should it say next to “Section, Row & Seat”?…just trying to see it everything checks out

    • Brett Goldberg

      Sean – GA tickets have weird things printed on them… it’s for inventory management for Barclays Center. Some will say GA3 and other random things like that, it’s completely normal.

  • frank

    hey brett I have tickets to the beyonce concert section 115 row 3 are these good seats?

  • Eric

    I am going to the beyonce concert and want to know which section is better. My options are 106, 108 and 125

    • Brett Goldberg

      I like the section 108 the best at the Barclays Center. The next best section would be section 125 at the Barclays Center.

  • Marc

    Went to Paul McCartney. Not good. He Was GREAT… Barclays Center is brutal for seating. Seats are made for frogs. They never gave thought into building this arena. It’s sad. If your seating in section 200’s just don’t go. When you go to walk thru to sit it will look like your going to fall over. NO LEG ROOM. Bad enough you have your knee to knee with the person next to you and your arm’s have no room to move. I sat there for 15 minutes in my seat , I was so uncomfortable & couldn’t see so I just got up and moved to the Honda section. Couldn’t see from there either, but I just listen to the music. Islander fans beware. Traffic is just a nightmare there. This not MSG or Nassau Coliseum. No Stars for this mess of what they call an arena.

  • SmarterthanU

    Hi Brett! Thanks for this column. Great insight.

    How do you feel about Sec 104 or 29 for Paul McCartney? It says obstructed view. It looks like a clean shot

    • Brett Goldberg

      Those will most definitely be obstructed. You need to remember that the stage won’t be all open. Instead there’s typically obstructions created by the set, including speakers, lights and anything else that may be part of the set depending on the concert.

  • Minguita Palacios

    I’m looking at the Barclays Center Nine Inch Nails concert. Why does the General Admission prices vary so drastically? They don’t specify where you’re standing or anything but they range from 190 to 400 per ticket. Their website seems useless disclosing much detail.

    • Brett Goldberg

      All of the GA tickets are the same. Prices vary because seller’s can’t list and ask any ticket price they want. It is somewhat silly since they are all of the same seats. Where you stand on when you buy Floor / General Admission tickets is on a first come basis.

  • Sammy

    I am going to Paul McCartney tonight. Am I better off in section 15 row 8 seats 1 and 2. Or section 23 row 3. Seats 16 and 17

    • Brett Goldberg

      In my opinion Section 23 row 3 is much better.

  • barrie

    For a concert am I better off in Lower 6 row 7 ($465) or Lower 7 Row 20 ($447)? Thx.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Which concert are you looking to attend? It all depends, row 20 is a safer bet.

  • Dan

    hey what are your thoughts on Section 6 row 6 for Depeche Mode at Barclay’s? YAre they partial view seats? Dan

    • Brett Goldberg

      Questionable. If they are on TickPick, they have to be disclosed if they are partial view or not.

  • Wayne

    I bought tickets for mccartney section217 row 12 seat 7&8. Are these obstructed seats? Paid at least $150 for eqch with service fees. Tickets are not marked limited view or anything like that..hope i didnt just waste over $300?

  • Mary


    I am deciding whether or not to purchase Section 04 Row 18 seats 12 and 13 for Paul McCartney concert but the ticket says rear stage/view or side stage. Do you suggest I get them?

    Thanks! Loved your blog!!!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Mary – I think that’s risky. Most of the time you get what you pay for. Which concert are you looking to go to? Email me at brett @ and I would love to help you more.

      There’s tons of Paul Mccartney tickets to chose from and I wouldn’t settle for side view.

      • Mary

        I’m planning on going on the Saturday June 8th concert at Barclays Center. So does that mean I’ll have a view towards the back of the stage or an obstructive view? Do you suggest I purchase seats on Section 16 or some other section a bit closer to the stage instead?

        Thank you so much!!

  • MP

    Hi Brett! I’m dying to see Beyonce on Aug 4. Which section would be better? section 6 or section 15, 16 17? I’m concerned about the view on section 6.

    • Brett Goldberg

      MP – I would agree to stay away for Section 6 for the Beyonce concert, for this concert they are marked as partial view.

      Between section 15, 16 & 17, there’s really very little difference. Section 16 row 12, seats 17 and 18 for $439 each is a good deal, you can see that here: Beyonce August 4th.

    • Brett Goldberg

      MP – I would agree to stay away for Section 6 for the Beyonce concert, for this concert they are marked as partial view.

      Between section 15, 16 & 17, there’s really very little difference. Section 16 row 12, seats 17 and 18 for $439 each is a good deal, you can see that here: Beyonce August 4th.

      • MP

        omgosh! thanks so much for answering! was just waiting for your response before buying the tickets. i truly appreciate it!

  • Dan

    Just purchased Macca tix at the Barclays Center — Sec 125 / Row 4 / Seats 1-2. Are those good seats?

  • Jeff

    Hey Brett,

    I got 2 tickets to the Phoenix concert, sec 206 row 1 seats 25 & 26 for my girlfriends birthday before I read your article. I’m worried that I’m gonna have a similar situation as the one you had in section 225, do you think this will be a non-issue, should I try to get to the Honda Lounge early, or try and get new tickets all together? Thanks

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Hi Jeff – The cost to buy and sell is often high and we don’t know for sure if your view is going to be obstructed like mine was (although your seats are the exact seats I had on the other side). At a minimum I would plan on getting there early so you can scope out the situation.

      I do think you can sell your first row seats now and buy other seats in a higher row in section 207 to 210 at breakeven cost to you.

      I would guess that the Honda Center would be crowded for the Phoenix concert.

  • Josh

    Does the standing room in the Honda Center fill up quickly at concerts? and how does the view compare to that of the Section 211 seats?

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Hi Josh – When I went to the Alicia Keys there was plenty of room in there, so much so that I watched the whole thing from there, and on occasion sat in a bar stool seat.

      More recently I went to a Killers concert there and the Honda Center bar was open and well lit. Because of this a lot more people gathered here and were attracted to this area.

      For the Killers concert I watched a couple songs from here and went back to our seats. If it wasn’t crowded then the Honda Center would be better than 211, but if it is then 211 would probably be better.

      The beauty of this Barclays Center seating configuration is that you can move around without any worries.

  • celine

    Hey I’m just wondering, for this concert I want to purchase tickets for, it says GA2 GA6 etc for general admission. Do the numbers correspond with F1, F2 etc?

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      For almost every concert at Barclays Center all GA tickets are the same. The numbers are only for internal purposes for counting and inventory purposes.

      Occasional events will sell GA tickets within sections, but this is rare. That would say the section and then the row would say GA.

      • Jamie

        So does that mean that when you buy GA tickets, you can stand in whichever section you want?

        I’m asking because I’m looking to get tickets soon for the Fall Out Boy concert and I’d like to floor seats, but all the GA ticket descriptions just say GA1 Row A or something along those lines.


  • Heidi

    Hi Brett I’m getting tickets to see Bruno Mars at Barclays center, I’m debating between seats in Lower 20 row 19 or Lower 28 row 18 the lower 28 seem more closer, but angled, can you help me? I really need to decide asap.
    Thank You

  • Jammy

    Hi Brett; do you know much about section 209, row (2) specifically? its listed as accessible, and as general admission. Are we able to use these tickets if we are not handicapped, and if so how does the seating priority work?

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      What event is that for Jammy?

  • Jen

    The honda center is only for ticket holders of secs 15-17 not everyone can go in there

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Jen – This may be the case for Brooklyn Nets games, however this is not the case for concerts. I personally went in and out of the Honda Center for the Allicia Keys concert. This picture was taken from the Honda Center Club.

  • Michael champion

    What are good seats for a boxing match? The ring is smaller and elevated off the floor. I feel like the floor seats arent as good being that their obstructed by the ropes corner etc

  • Tom H

    Brett –

    We bought tickets for an upcoming concert in sec 118, row 9. When I go to the 3D diagram, it says that sec 118 has only rows 4 -8. Is that possible? Tiks were purchased from Ticketmaster.

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Are they wheelchair or handicap accessible seats? I am sure TicketMaster didn’t mess this one up.

      • Tom H

        Brett –

        No wheelchair or handicap indication on the tickets. I agree that it is unlikely that TicketMaster’s system would screw up by issuing tickets for seats that don’t exist. But everywhere I look shows section 118 with no row 9. Any suggestions? Call Barclay’s? Call TicketMaster?

  • Madinina Didine

    Hi Brett,

    Its me again I did not get those ticket for Rihanna concert but I’m getting the last batch of ticket available.

    I’m getting tickets to Rihanna Concert, I have Section: Lower 4 Row:
    15 | Seats: will be 7 & 8. Will I have a good view of the concert?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Amart

    Hey what do you think about Fl 7 row 1?

  • Brooklyn23


    I have a option of purchasing Nets Season tickets for 2013-14. The sections and rows are:

    section 3 row 10 $99
    seats not sure

    section 31 row 8 $105
    seats 1-2

    section 12 row 8 $140
    seats 5-6

    Tell me which seats you think are the best and being that I am purchasing season tickets and may only attend 20 games out of 44 which seats will be good for resell value as I dont really want to take a lose.

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      There’s certainly no guarantee that you won’t take a loss on your season tickets for the Brooklyn Nets.

      Obviously I like section 12 row 8 better, but 40% more than section 3 row 10? Seems steep. I would probably go with the section 3 row 10, but that’s just my opinion.

      • Brooklyn23

        So section 3 row 10 over section 31 row 8 also?

        • Brett Ian Goldberg

          The only benefit to section 31 is the fact that it’s seats 1 & 2. So just depends how much value you put on an aisle seat. Definitely $5, but aside from the aisle feature I would consider those Brooklyn Nets seats worse than the seats in section 3.

          • Brooklyn23

            I appreciate your honesty. Section 3 row 10 it is. You said its better and have knowledge of it so I am good with that.

  • Ray

    Purchased two sets of tickets to see Depeche Mode at Barclays. Floor 9, row 10, seats 13 & 14 and Section 112, row 6, seats 7 & 8. My wife is 5 foot and I’m worried about her not being able to see the stage during the show. We’ve never experienced being on the floor level but wanted to know which would be preferable in your opinion. Thanks!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Ray – I would definitely go with the barclays seats in section 112.

  • Maria

    hello! I’m attending the rihanna concert soon, how is section 22 row 15?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Maria – Those are some of the best seats for the Barclays Center. Well maybe not best, as in row 1 on the floor. But for the money that’s probably one of the best deals you will find.

  • Terry

    Please help! I’m getting tickets to see Paul McCartney, floor. Looks like F2 is in the center, but seat-wise, which numbers are more to the center there or F1, F2 and F3? Trying to avoid the side of the stage. Thanks so much!

  • mobiusxp

    Hi Brett my father and I are going to the Paul McCartney concert, after reading about the back floors it doesn’t seem like a great idea to hold on to these floor 7 tickets. They’re all seated so no standing. Does this change the quality of a floor 7 ticket?

    • Brett Goldberg

      The only time it’s “standing” is when the floor is GA, so this is a standard concert. However, I am not sure if you are saying that for a Paul McCartney concert, most people will be sitting.

      Nonetheless, I do feel that you will encounter some heads etc. that will occasional block your view. However, I wouldn’t swap my tickets unless you could do it at a break even cost.

      • Terry

        Brett, they are all seats on the floor for McCartney but it’s unclear how the numbering works. Do you know?

  • Melinda

    Hi Brett! I am looking at tickets for a Nets game. Is sec 1 lower baseline good? It’s row 11 seats 10 & 11. There not that expensive and I’m taking my boyfriend for his birthday so I want him to see all he can. Any insight is great!

  • Jeff Harrow

    Hi Brett…for the upcoming Killers gig, what does this mean? ‘SECTION: FLGA ROW G3′. To the best of my knowledge, the entire floor is GA….which is what I’m looking for.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Jeff – FLGA stands for Floor General admission. You are correct, that the whole floor is GA. On TickPick, I see that our GA tickets are all in $121 (which is the same price that stubhub’s tickets are going for after their 10% fees). Sign up for up to $20 off (right above) and then you can buy GA tickets here for much less:

  • Samizdat2003

    Hi Brett, I bought tickets for Depeche Mode in section F5, row 3, seats 13 and 14. (I think this means 18 rows back from the stage?) I just read your warning above about floor seats. I’d love to be on the floor but now I’m wondering if I should considering selling them and getting cheaper seats higher up. What do you think about how good or bad these two seats are? How will the view be? Thanks!

    • Brett Goldberg

      The 3rd in Floor 5 is by no means bad… I think there is a certain energy to the floor which is awesome and your in the front of that section so that’s good. If you are with someone who’s short, then I would think swapping your tickets for the 3rd in section 9 would be a good trade. Feel free to email us if you want more help

      • Samizdat2003

        Thanks, Brett. Neither one of us is short, exactly (my wife is 5’7″) so I don’t think that’ll be a huge issue. The “energy on the floor” appeals to me. We don’t go to concerts often (last time I saw Depeche Mode was in 1990!) so I like the idea of being in a section right in front of the band, if 18 rows back. (Do you have any idea how far off-center seats 13 and 14 in F5 are?) If I do decide to “swap” them I’ll use tickpick!

        • Brett Goldberg

          I believe seats 13 & 14 are on the aisle. I know for the Depeche Mode concert at Barclays Center there’s at least 20 rows in sections F1 to F3. Some concerts have up to 25 rows.

  • Erica

    Hi Brett got tickets for the rihanna concer section 16wc row 19w what does this mean and are they good seats

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Erica – Tickets for the Barclays Center that are labelled Section WC means wheelchair accessible, and row W also stands for wheelchair.

  • Tanya Engram-Edwards

    Hello Brett I’m looking to buy tickets to a boxing match how is section 19 row 4. Don’t want to be too far but I also don’t have a million dollars. LOL

  • LEW314

    Hello! How is the view for Beyonce concert section 212 row 10 seats 1 & 2?

  • Madinina Didine

    Hi Brett.

    I’m getting tickets to Rihanna Concert, I have Section: Lower 28 Row: 12 | Seats: will be 7 & 8. Will I have a good view of the concert?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Brett Goldberg

      You’ll be right in the middle of the section and although you’ll be to the side of the stage you’ll be close to the stage and you’ll have a good view!

  • Marilyn Megibow

    I bought 6 tickets in Section 23 with seat numbers for the circus. I want to meet my family there and one note online said there are several entrances. Which entrance is closest to our seats?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Marilyn – There are several entrances but many of them are VIP entrances.
      You will want to enter the barclays center at the GEICO Atrium, which is the main entrance at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue.

  • Elba

    Hey Brett Taking my son to the circus. What is your opinion on section 12 row 16?

  • Leslie

    Hi i was wondering what is you opinion of section 3 row 18 seats 21&22

    • Leslie

      For the bruno mars concert

      • Brett Goldberg

        Leslie – if you look at the pictures above, you will see what your view at the Barclays Center will look like in your seats. Those pictures were taken from practically the same place.

        I imagine you are getting a good price, because they probably say side view. I like the seats, you just need to be aware of that the angle of the view is a bit extreme.

  • jemjem

    Hi, I have tickets to a nets game in Section 1, Row 9. Are the seats decent?

    • Brett Goldberg

      They should be okay. Those seats are behind the hoop, which is not the best, but I am sure you’ll be happy with them.

  • ian

    Hi brett! I was wondering if u can help me out. My mom boughr me beyonce tickets section 4 row,12 seat 6. Are these good seats? I really need your help. And awesome blog by the way!!

    • Ian

      Barclays center* forgot to add that in!

      • Brett Goldberg

        Ian – Section 4 row 12 will definitely do the trick! When Beyonce is performing on the Bey stage it may be far, but you’ll have a good view for the main stage!

  • Matt

    Hey Brett,

    I was online reading your blog about the seats at Barclay’s Center and I could really use your help! I recently bought 3 pairs of tickets for Beyonce’s upcoming show and seeing how I’ve never been to Barclay’s Center, I’m not sure what seats to keep and what ones I should sell to friends (I obviously want to keep the best ones for myself). I was hoping you could give me your opinion on the pros/cons of the seats I have and what set you would keep. Below you will find the seats that I have:

    -Section 4; Row 17; Seats 11-10
    -Section 206; Row 8; Seats 10-9
    -Section 213; Row 7; Seats 4-3

    Any insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for your time and hopefully I’ll hear from you soon.


  • gina

    I bought tickets for bob seger, floor sec 6, row 3, seats 3 and 4. Are these ok?

    • Brett Goldberg

      The fact that it’s the 3rd row is the saving grace… those should be good. Share your picture with us afterwards please!

  • reese

    hey brett my seats for the beyonce concert are 206 row 15 is this an obstruction view

    • Brett Goldberg

      if they were obstructed it would say it on the tickets. My guess is that it may say side-view.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Brett, I’m confused about the GA seating structure for the Beyonce show on August 5th. I have tickets for GA5 seats 40 and 41. Does this mean I have to get there super early to get a good view of the stage or are there some assigned sections? Thanks for your help!

  • Egypt

    Hi Brett, thanks for sharing all your great advice. i recently just purchased 2 tickets for the swedish house mafia concert on 3/4, in section 26. it says row GA1, and then seats 33-34. great price by the way. at least for being so close to the stage. i am afraid of an obstructed view, although it did not mention on the ticket. will we really have the choice of sitting where ever we want in section 26? also, what seats do you recommend in that section? i certainly want the best !

    • Brett Goldberg

      Egypt – by now you are probably on your way, but yes the whole section is GA, get there early so you can decide which part of the section you want to sit in.

  • Linda

    Hey Brett, purchased 2 ticks section 126 row 6, though elevated they where closer to main stage. Then I was told Beyonce will be performing on the rear stage near sections 9-24. (this stage is noted Bey stage on ticketmaster website) I got a great deal on 2 more ticks section 22 row 1 (of course more pricier). obviously a no brainer if she performs on rear stage. Questions are which stage is she performing on? and will I have good view from section 22 row 1 for the main stage as well?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Linda – Check out our blog on Beyonce seating chart for Barclays Center here (read the comments their too):

      I would say that the view for the main stage is going to be similar for your two seats. It looks like ~66% of the Beyonce concert will be performed on the main stage while the remainder will be on the Bey Stage. I would admit you have a tough decision to make.

  • Dawn

    Does anyone know where row 6a5 is in section 8?

    • Brett Goldberg

      The tickets literally say row 6a5? Sounds like a typo unless you are looking at the tickets and you see that printed on them.

  • Alexis

    About the Justin Bieber concert aug 2nd i was wondering is section f3 row 8 a amazing seat or should i go with something else?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Alexis – Those seats are right in the middle of the first floor section, so of course those are amazing seats… do you know the seat numbers?

      FYI – of course f2 is slightly better, but I probably wouldn’t pay the premium to sit in floor 2.

    • Smile Justin

      Im going to that concert too:)

  • Kathy

    I have six tickets to Swedish House Mafia on Saturday night that are section 23, but listed as row GA2 and seats 22-25, 33-34. Does this mean I can chose any seats within section 23? Do you know what the meaning of the “2” is after the GA? Thanks so much for you help!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Kathy – The seat numbers and 2 after GA2 is irrelevant (it’s just for the venue so they can count and reference tickets).

      Your statement is correct, you will be able to sit anywhere in section 23. Enjoy the SHM concert!

  • Staten Island

    Hey someone is Beyonce tic section 212 row 7 they didn’t give seat #. How r these?

    • Brett Goldberg

      For the 200s those are good seats. I particularly say that because it’s a low row number and in the 200s that slightly more important than the section number (assuming it’s not an obstructed view)

  • Lily

    Hi Brett! I was looking for Green Day tickets and there’s one for section 19 row 10 what do you think about these seats opposed to one on section 15 row11 or section 15row 3 or section 122 row 4 ? Which would you go with?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Lily – price aside, this is how I would rank them:
      1. Section 15 row 3
      2. Section 19 row 10
      3. Section 122 row 4
      4. Section 15 row 11

  • Dennis

    I want to purchase tickets for Swedish House Mafia, section 125 and row is GA0. Will this mean there will be no seats(even thought tickets have seat number)?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Dennis – That means there are no assigned seats for this GA Barclays Center concert, but you will be able to sit in any seat in section 125.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Dennis – That means there are no assigned seats for this GA Barclays Center concert, but you will be able to sit in any seat in section 125.

  • Ab

    Which sections of center include food in ticket price at nets game?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Ab – When looking to buy tickets always look at the seller’s notes (which can always be seen on the checkout page). If the tickets come with food you better believe that the seller is going to tell you that (it’s valuable, so of course they will want to share that info).

      I also added some notes on the All Access / VIP Tickets above, that should better answer your question as well.

  • nana

    HOW ARE THE GA floors

    • nana

      are there any seats??

  • KB

    Hi Brett, I just purchased Beyonce’s tickets. The tickets are Section 24, Row 1, Seats 1-6. Are these good seats?

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      You are making Beyonce fans including myself jealous.

      • KB

        Thanks Brett – I’m so excited!!!!

  • Eve

    Hi Brett, I just purchased my first ever beyonce tix at Barclay and I don’t know the seating arrangement….my seat is section 20, row 1. Would love your confirmation…are those good seats for her show???? Thanks in advance for your reply:)

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      I think Jay-z might even be jealous of these seats

  • ClassyHoney

    Hi Brett, thank you for the article. I just purchased tickets to see Beyonce. I’m in section 207 row 17. The 3D view looks good but what are your thoughts?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Heeeeyyyyy ClassyHoney!! – I think section 207 is the best section in the 200s. You will have a great time at the concert!

  • Shanti

    Hi Brett,

    I just purchased tickets in Section 4, Row 17, seats 15-14 for the Beyonce concert and I remember it saying “side view”, from your article it seems that this is different from partial view/obstructed view. However I am worried that maybe I should sell these tickets and purchase another set a little further away from the stage. I did look at the 3D map for the end stage concert configuration and the view seems amazing (I don’t mind a side view at all, especially based on your Jay z pics!) but I guess I am now second guessing my purchase. What are your thoughts?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Shanti – As much as I would love for you to buy tickets on TickPick, I don’t think you should. If money isn’t an issue for you, than sure, you can get better seats, but you will have to spend a lot of money to upgrade your seats.

      Plus seats 14-15 in section 4 will be closer to section 6 (which is a good thing). It does look like the Beyonce stage comes out a little further than the stage did for Jay-z, but nonetheless those are some great seats you have.

  • Rena Davis

    I am planning to buy tix to see Beyonce here in August. I would love to be on the floor but since it is general seating decided against the chaos. I am thinking maybe section 26 or section 28. As I look at the website I see the first rows of these two sections have two seats do you know the exact row and number of the seats right in front of the bar of row 26 and row 28? And also is there a section 27? Thanks

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Rena – So there is no section 27 (weird I know).

      I think you would be better off getting tickets in section 26.

      In regards to your other question, I am not exactly sure what you are asking but each section starts with row 1 and goes to row 20.

      Here’s a blog that a colleague wrote regarding Beyonce at Barclays Center:

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • paul


    You seem to know a good deal about the setups. I have 2 tickets to Mumford and sons. Sec 4 row 20 seats 8&9. I bought them for my wife for her Bday and she is afraid we will have limited view. The tickets don’t reflect that. She is really looking forward to it and i don’t want her to be disappointed. What do you think?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Paul – If you look at the pictures above you’ll see I was sitting in section 3 (which is more to the side) and I had a great view of the Barclays Center concert stage for Jay-z. Each artist does have a different seating configuration, so it may not be the same.

      The Good News:

      1. If it doesn’t say partial, obstructed or side-view on the tickets they definitely won’t be blocked or obstructed in any way.

      2. Seats 8 & 9 are in the middle of the section, which is a good thing for section 4.

      3. I am 98% confident you’ll love these seats.

      P.S. Please take a picture and post them here using the “upload image”!

      • paul

        Will do. Thank you!

        • paul

          Here is a picture from our seats. Has a great time!!

  • LadiiO

    I know this may be a very silly question but I just bought tickets for the Nets vs Bucks 2/19. My tickets say I am in Section 24, Row 2, Seats 17,18. I looked on the 3D seating chart and counted the seats but it seems as though Rows 1 and 2 only have 17 seats. Does the row I am in not have seat 18 or does it just start from seat 2? Somebody please help

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi – So I took a look at the 3d seating chart of Barclays Center, to double check as well. I would agree with you that they are only showing 17 seats, however, these 3d views from the seats are not exact replicates.

      It sounds like you are nervous that these are fake tickets. I would say with 99.9% confidence that they are real tickets.

      Lastly, I know seat 18 is on the aisle. Lucky you, you have some of the best seats in all of Barclays Center.

      • LadiiO

        Okay, I just wanted to make sure I was not crazy. In a sense I am a little skeptical as I purchased the tickets off of eBay. I did a lot of research and the Seller had very good ratings so I pray I will not have any issues as they assured me I would not.
        Aisle seats?! GREAT!! I’m really looking forward to this game now!
        Thank you very much for your response!

        • Brett Goldberg

          You are welcome! Next time just make sure you buy your Brooklyn Nets tickets from and you want have to worry about any of this! ;)

  • Buzzy

    For the obstucted views in the lower corner of section 29, what would be the obstruction, something small like the backboard extension or is it more like a camera station or courtside seating?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Buzzy – tickets in Section 29 for the Brooklyn Nets is not obstructed, however for concerts it’s possible that those seats may be obstructed depending on the stage configuration.

      With that said, I sat in row 11 of section 3 for the Jay-z concert and that was not obstructed.

  • jackie

    Brett, you mentioned that seating in the 200s first row is unpleasant for fear of falling? How bad is it? I have tickets for mumford and sons sec226 row 1 seats 23-24

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Hi Jackie – unless you actually have a fear of heights I am quite sure, you will be fine. If you happen to get uncomfortable at the mumford and sons concert (I am jealous) you can always sit down.

      If you would be so kind I (and the rest of our readers) would love for you to provide a picture of those seats. I believe seat 24 will be on the aisle closer to section 227. And a your picture will give future readers a great perspective.

      Thanks for asking your question!

      • jackie

        thanks Brett! I’ll definitely post a picture

  • Tracy

    Brett, question about the seating for WWE in Barclays Center. Their own box office isn’t much help nor is Ticketmaster. If you are sitting in a row and you’re in seat 1, are you on the far left side or right side of the row? For example, seat 1 in any row of floor section F1, is that next to the walkway or next to section 6?

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Hi Tracy – Great question. The Barclays Center seating chart for WWE is confusing and unfortunately I can’t speak with 100% confidence of the seating configuration. With that said, Barclays center tries to follow a logical pattern, i.e. seat #1 is typically always closer to the section with a lower number.

      So for WWE, seat #1 in section F4 is closer to F3. I think seat #1 in section F1 would be on the walkway, but that’s only if they follow the typical logic.

      Here’s the Barclayc Center seating chart for WWE:

      I hope this helps a little

  • Ethan

    Where are row C seats? Some sections look like they have a row “C” and some look like they don’t.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Ethan – For the Brooklyn Nets games, Section 7 and 9 don’t have a row C. Instead it goes, row A, B, D, E and then 1 thru 19. For section 13, 15 and 19 row C is the first row of those sections.

      If you use this link to view the Brooklyn Nets seating chart you can see the exact details for each section just by hovering over the section (for example when hovering over section 24 the “Row Detail” says A-D,then 1-21.

  • Nicole A. Smith

    Thanks for the easy links to the 3d charts. The Nets one is much more helpful than the concert one