Beyonce Seating Chart – Bey Stage Beyonce Concert Setup

Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jay-z, Kanye West Tickets
by Brett Goldberg on December 8, 2013

Get insider information on Beyonce’s seating chart, guests performers (specifically for Barclays Center) and access to cheap Beyonce tickets. 

  • Beyonce Beystage Picture


Beyonce Seating Chart

Bey warned that Beyonce’s seating chart is not the usual set up for a Concert.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best or cheapest Beyonce Tickets. Below is the Beyonce Barclays seating chart: the GA Floor & Beystage is the same for every Concert.

Beyonce Seating Chart - Barclays Center


  • There are TWO stages: changing the desirability of seats, specifically GA & lower level tickets.
  • The Beyonce Bey Stage is open and viewable from any angle.
  • Beyonce has been playing 4 to 5 songs on the Bey Stage.
  • Beyonce General admission tickets are first come first serve, however you can pay an additional $30 to get VIP / early access to enter the venue.
  • Getting close to the main stage will be determined by how aggressive you are, so I wouldn’t buy the early access, instead I would focus on getting a good spot for the bey stage performance.
  • If you want a seat, you should buy tickets based on Beyonce’s performance on the main stage.
  • Beyonce’s concert will last 2 hours and seats in the center of the venue are most desired.

So what are the best seats to see Beyonce?

If you are interested in being on the floor, the best tickets for the Beyonce concert are either the pit or the bey stage tickets, which are both VIP tickets. The Beystage VIP tickets provide you access to the inside of the “BeyStage”. These tickets will literally give you the ability to touch Beyonce while performing on the BeyStage (retailing for $1,095 via the Run The World Mastercard “Priceless” Package). The Beyhive Pit tickets are Standing Room Only (like the floor GA tickets) but they are at the front of the Main Stage. The beyhive PIT tickets are being sold through a VIP package called Dance 4 U Package for $995.

To see the detailed seating chart for Beyonce’s concert at a different venue, click on the link below.

Nov 308:00 PM BeyonceRogers Arena – Vancouver, Canada From $138
Dec 28:00 PM BeyonceHP Pavilion – San Jose, CA From $138
Dec 38:00 PM BeyonceStaples Center – Los Angeles, CA From $39
Dec 68:00 PM BeyonceMGM Grand Garden Arena – Las Vegas, NV From $87
Dec 78:00 PM BeyonceUS Airways Center – Phoenix, AZ From $84
Dec 98:00 PM BeyonceAmerican Airlines Center – Dallas, TX From $33
Dec 108:00 PM BeyonceToyota Center – Houston, TX From $88
Dec 138:00 PM BeyonceUnited Center – Chciago, IL From $99
Dec 148:00 PM BeyonceScottrade Center – Saint Louis, MO From $94
Dec 168:00 PM BeyonceAir Canada Centre – Toronto, Canada From $110
Dec 188:00 PM BeyonceVerizon Center – Washington, DC From $64
Dec 198:00 PM BeyonceBarclays Center – Brooklyn, NY From $131
Dec 208:00 PM BeyonceTD Garden – Boston, MA From $104
Dec 228:00 PM BeyonceBarclays Center – Brooklyn, NY From $105

Beyonce Barclays Center Tickets

It’s rumored that on August 3rd Beyonce will be joined by Jay-z, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Famous Kels.

For August 4th Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Famous Kels will join Beyonce, note Jay-z will definitely not be there because he’ll be in Hershey Park for his concert tour with Justin Timberlake.

Beyonce’s concert at Barclays Center on August 5th will include Jay-z, Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Famous Kels.

The most recently added concert tour date is the Beyonce Barclays Center, December 19 concert.

Read our full review on the Barclays Center Seating Chart, most likely any question you have is answered here. But if it’s not ask away in the comments below.


The self proclaimed ‘Queen B’ is looking as regal as ever after her lights-out performance at the Super Bowl this past Sunday. (Click Link for Video)

Now, to top things off, she has announced a national tour, ending at the Barclay’s Center on August 3rd. Her husband, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter, whom the “Mrs. Carter Show” Tour is named after, is closely associated with the Arena.

But with Beyonce’s announcement that the last stop on the Tour will be in Jay’s homecourt we arrive at a couple of questions:

How Many Beyonce Barclays Center Concerts are there?

**UPDATED** (2/26/13): Beyonce adds a 3rd (but maybe not final) concert at Barclays Center set to take place on August 5th. Tickets go on sale Monday March 4th.

No presales have been announced yet, but previously, there was a Mastercard presale and the code was: MASTERBEY

**UPDATED** (2/13/13): As expected, Beyonce just announced an additional concert at Barclays Center on August 4th Concert. Tickets go on sale Friday, February 15th!


This is going to be a HUGE tour. Possibly some of the most sought after tickets of the year. The Barclays Center is no small venue, but I can guarantee that tickets will sell out within minutes. That’s why I can (almost) guarantee that there will be added Beyonce Tour Dates at the Barclays Center For August 4th, 5th, 6th, and/or 7th. When you take into account that the Barclays Center has nothing scheduled for those days, the enormous popularity of these tickets, and the fact that Beyonce’s two last tours had 97 and 108 stops (this one has only 47 scheduled so far) we can almost guarantee that there will be more shows added. And for your convenience, here’s a link to the full Mrs. Carter Show schedule!

Will Jay-Z Perform?

Beyonce Barclays Center Concert

**Updated(2/22/13)** With the recent announcement of the Jay-z & Justin Timberlake concert tour, there’s no way Jay-z will be making it to the August 4th concert, however, there is still hope for the August 3rd and August 5th Beyonce concert.

Probably the biggest question of the entire tour. Your best bet to see the star-studded duo perform together is definitely going to be at the Barclay’s Center. Beyonce famously performed with Jay on stage at the last of his 8 shows at the Barclays Center last year and at Coachella and Yankees Stadium in 2010. Beyonce’s Barclays Center performance will hopefully be a nice precedent for Jay to join her in August. Yet, rumors flew that Hova would accompany Beyonce for her Super Bowl performance and he never came on stage. Despite this though, my guess is that, Yes, Hova will step on stage for the Barclays Center Concerts.

Beyonce Predictions

We* predicted it! Beyonce has added another concert on August 4th & August 5th at the Barclays Center to her tour.  This is in addition to the already sold out August 3rd Concert at the Barclays Center. Tickets go on sale this friday, February 15th to the general public at TicketMaster. These tickets will likely be available for a very limited time, so be prompt.  Your best bet at getting these tickets is to buy them at exactly 10 AM on Friday morning.  If you’re not able to get tickets at TicketMaster, as always, visit Tickpick.  If your buying your Beyonce Tickets with StubHub, TicketExchange, or SeatGeek you’re going to have to pay an additional fee. To avoid the usual 10-20% surcharge that you see on other sites, go with Tickpick where what you see is what you get!


*When I say “we predicted it” what I really mean is “Brett predicted it”. And by Brett, I mean boss. And because I like my job, I really need to give credit where credit is due. It was in fact Brett who called Beyonce adding the August 4th Barclays Concert, not me.

  • Ashley

    I got floor general admission tickets for us airways arena but it says GA2 and it has seats 24-26 ? Are those bad seats? /:

  • lio

    what do you think of those seats on 14 r5 16 17 sections are they too far from main stage or can we see the singer clearly??

  • keyonna

    Hi Brett. Im in sec 106 row 7 seat 3-4. Are these seats good?

  • kellie

    Hi maybe you can help me I have general admission floor tickets for Beyoncé 8/3 and I was curious if you knew if I have a specific place to stand or not? Also, what is the difference between my tickets & the Bey tickets and do you know how many floor tickets were available for sale? Thank you!

  • Frank

    Brett Im going to be in section 115 row 3 seats 3-4 are this decent seats?

  • japeara

    Thanks for your advice! Could you help me decide between two tickets? One pair is on Saturday 4/3 Section 28, row 17, seats 1-2 and the other pair is Sunday 4/4 Section 115, row 8, seats 5-4. Both are the same price. Which one is better? It looks like section 28 is on an angle/side stage. Can you see the TV screens from there? Is section 115 too far to see Beyonce compared to section 28? Thank you so much!

  • Lauren Jaime Gaines

    HI Brett!

    I am not sure whats going on with my seats! I am in lower 23 row 2, but I notice on other ticketing websites that the row across from me is sold for significantly more. This leads me to question whether something will affect my view. They didnt say obstructed, but what’s a girl to think?! Thank you!

    • Peter D’Antonio

      Hey Lauren,

      I’m not exactly positive what you mean by ‘row across from me’, but I’m going to assume you mean section 9. You really shouldn’t worry. If the tickets weren’t listed as obstructed view, then I’m sure you’ll be fine. In fact, I have a feeling that you just got a great deal on those tickets.

  • Ameisha A

    Hi Brett,

    I LOVE your blog. I am hoping you can help me make the best choice for tickets to see Beyonce at Barclays. I am flying to NY and attending the show on August 4th (my birthday) so I want to get the best tickets I can for the price.

    I am torn between these seats. Some of them say limited/side view but after reading your blog I don’t know what to believe.

    The seats I’m leaning toward are in Section 6, Row 9.

    These are (what seem to be) the best options.

    Section 4, Row 13
    Section 6, Row 8
    Section 6, Row 9
    Section 26, Row 11
    Section 26, Row 12
    Section 26, Row 18

    I would really appreciate your help! Obviously I’m trying to be as close to the front stage as I can be but also have the best view. There are plenty of other seats available but I wanted to be on the first level. I would go for the floor but there is GA standing room only and no thanks to that!

    Thanks so much!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Ameisha – I think the best seats for Beyonce at Barclays Center is section 26 row 18, seats 3 & 4. This will put you close to section 25, and will minimize the “side view” potential:

      • Ameisha A

        Thanks so much Brett! We are deciding now if we should attend the Saturday show instead of Sunday since you’re write-up mentioned that Jay-Z wouldn’t be making a guest appearance. I know there are far less good tickets available for Saturday.

        One more question…Is it better to be near the stage (Section 26) vs being in section 9 or 23, for instance, since she will also have the Bey stage? I know she won’t perform many songs there but just wondering if we will be in a better position overall in a different section. I want to have a great view and be nowhere near nosebleed areas!

        I really appreciate your help! ;)

        P.S. Are the tickets on your site also being sold on eBay or other sites as well?

        • Brett Goldberg

          Ameisha – I wouldn’t alter plans based on whether Jay-z is going or not, because as of now there’s no plans for him to come. The pricing difference is solely because Saturday is more desirable then Sunday. If you are impartial to the date you should 100% go Sunday.

          If you can afford section 9 row 8 for $550 I think that would be great seats, but for $200 more or 40% more it’s pretty steep. Section 23 row 17 for $440 is a good in between solution. There’s no telling exactly where the stage will be for the Beyonce concert. If it were set far back I would say stick to section 26, if I knew it was going to be way upfront I would say go with section 9. My intuition and other pictures that we posted shows it will be somewhere in between.

          FYI – The tickets listed on tickpick can be listed on numerous sites, with our all-in fee structure sometimes they look like more money at first glance, but after other sites include their fees at checkout, the tickets will always be cheaper on TickPick.


          • Brett Goldberg

            Ameisha – in response to you be torn between section 9 row 8 and section 26 row 18:

            I would stick to section 26 row 18, seats 3 & 4. I really don’t think the other seats will be better except for the few songs that she performs on the beystage.

            Last point, she does have two large monitors on the sides of the stage, from section 26 it probably will be difficult to see, which given how close you are to the stage I don’t think that should be an issue for you; as long as you are fine with that then these are the seats for you.

        • Ameisha A

          I am torn between section 9 row 8 or section 26 row 18 since it seems SO close to the stage. I don’t want to waste $$ but both of these options are doable.

  • Brett Goldberg

    Here is some very helpful information I found regarding Beyonce performing on the Bey Stage verses the regular Stage: “She’ll be performing on both, but mainly on the main stage. Per her tour website, it states that “BeyStage is located at the soundboard at the back of the floor. Beyoncé will be performing on the “BeyStage” for part of the show.” Just like her previous tour, she performed a small section of the show on the BeyStage. Tickets inside the BeyStage appear to be general admission and are only offered to Master Card card members as part of a package. The rendering online looks to be a circular stage with a pit and small cat walk extending in the middle, with an elevated catwalk above that facing the stands, you can do a search for this.”