CMA Seating Chart: A Guide to CMA Music Festival

CMA Music Festival Seating Chart

The CMA Fan Fest is the largest country music festival in the world and we’ve created a detailed CMA Seating Chart guide for the 42nd annual festival set to take place at LP Field Nashville, TN (June 5th to June 8th 2014).

CMA Music Festival Seating Chart
CMA concert seating chart

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LP Field Seating Chart Information


100s Sections

In the 100s the higher seat numbers are next to the sections with higher section numbers, for example seat #24 in section 111 is going to be next to section 112. Almost all of the 100s sections have 24 seats and they start with row A go to Z and then AA to LL (so LL is the last row).

200s Sections

In the 200s the higher seat numbers are also next to the sections with the higher section number for example seat #22 in section 213 is going to be next to section 214. Almost all of the 200s sections have 22 seats and they start with row A and head with row V.

300s Sections

In the 300s sections the higher the row number is, the more seats per a row there will be. Seats per a row can range from 10 seats to 31 seats. Nonetheless, the rule that the highest seat numbers are adjacent to the sections with the higher section number is consistent for these sections as well. Most 300 sections start with row A go to Z, then transition to AA to KK (the last row is a double letter, and is worse than the single row letters).

Gold Circle

Obviously not all seats are of the same quality, it’s no secret that the Gold Circle is where you want to be. The entire gold circle is really split into two parts, the front part and the back part. Each year they change where the sections are divided, this year depending the section it’s between row 21 & 24.

The best part of being in the first part of the gold circle is that there’s security in between the two parts and as long as you have tickets in the first portion of the Gold Circle, you are able to get past them. Of course every seat is sold, but this is a 4 day festival that lasts for 5 hours each night, so in the past, typically by the last performer I move up and sit in the first 10 rows of the center section verses the section E, where I typically sit. Lastly, its also just a nice luxury to be able to show your pass and be able to walk around almost anywhere on the field level.
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CMA Festival Seating Chart


Best CMA Tickets – Gold Circle vs Field Level

Section C (the center section) of the gold circle has a break in it at row 21 and then restarts at row 22, the last row in this section is row 42. Section C is also split in half down the center, the split can be seen in between seats 15 & 16. So seat 1 & seat 30 in section C are the farthest from the center of the stage, while 15 & 16 is in the center.

Section B and D start at row 1 and go to row 24 before it has a break; then rows 25 to 45 are behind it. These sections have 24 seats per a row and when facing the stage seat #1 is on the right side of the section (this holds true for all field level and gold circle sections).

Section A and E go from row 1 to 21, then 22 to 42. These sections have 22 seats per a row, in Section A seat 1 is closer to the center of the stadium, where’s seat #1 in section E is further from the center of the stage.

Section F & J goes from row 1 to 18, then 19 to 34. Section F has 22 seats per a row and seat 1 is closer to the center of the stadium, while in section J, seat #1 is further from the center of the stage.

Section G & H goes from row 1 to 20, then 21 to 40. The number of seats per a row changes but in section G, the outer seat (furthest from the center of the stage) is always number 24 and for section H, the seat furthest from the center is always seat #1 and the inside aisle ranges from seat number 12 to 24.

Section K goes from row 1 to 48 and seat 1 on the inside aisle and seat 10 on the outside aisle.

Section M and P go from row 1 to 17 and section M seat 1 is on the inside aisle and seat 6 is on the outside aisle, for section P, it’s the opposite, seat 1 is on the inside aisle and seat 6 is on the outside aisle.

What Seats to Buy for the CMA Music Festival?

The field level and gold circle seats are by no means the most comfortable or spacious seats, its actually very tight and the seats are all attached together via string ties.

I learned this from my fellow country folks in Nashville over the last 5 years of attending the CMA Music Festival, you can simply (but physically) break the zip ties. This will make it easier to get in and out of the rows, and quite frankly just more comfortable.

The best seats for the CMA Music Festival are definitely within the first 10 rows of any of the center floor sections, (B, C or D). Unlike many concerts where the stage is small the stage at the CMA festival is massive, and thus I do not find it necessary to pay a premium to sit in the center section (C), but instead would save some money and look for tickets in section B or D.

However, I do think there is a reason to pay a premium to sit in section B or D, verses A or E.

If the gold circle seats are too expensive, I would skip the field level seats totally and look at the lower level premium tickets (specifically 111-114 or 133-136).

When trying to find the best bang for you buck, looking at the ticket listings on TickPick will be extremely helpful.

Here the CMA Fan Fest Tickets will be ranked based on the seat quality (aka seat location / view) as well as the ticket price (plus there are no added fees).

My Personal CMA Experience

Every year I go to the CMA Music Festival with a group of 8 people; we have 4 seats in the (10th row of section E, the most right floor section) and 4 seats in row 20 of section D.

It’s actually a toss up between which seats are better. Section D obviously has a better direct view of the stage, but the 10th row of E, is closer to the stage. There’s pros and cons between these two different types of seats, I am going to break them down on a general basis and is relevant when you are comparing numerous different types of seats to one another.

Center section seats (the pros):
1. Always a good angle of the stage (regardless the bands set up or their movement on the stage)
2. Great views of the monitor (and even if you are in the 20th row, you’ll inevitable look at them)

Center section seats (the cons):
1. The prices of these premium CMA tickets

Side Section pros:
1. Closer to the stage
2. When the band is playing towards one side you get exceptional views and experiences
3. Cheaper ticket prices

Side Section cons:
1. Depending on how much to the side you are, the angles can get extreme (the angles for the gold circle are never to extreme, but sections 111, 211 & 311 will be)
2. Ability to see the large monitors may be hampered by the angle 

  • A view from Section E Row 10

CMA Festival Lineup 2015

Although the 2015 lineup isn’t available yet, you can see a forecast for 2015 and previous lineups here: CMA Music Festival Lineup 2015.

Things to do in Nashville

Karoake – you can’t go wrong here: Wanna B’s

Late Night Food? The Hermiatege Cafe is an experience that can’t be explained only experienced (this is not for the faint of hearts).

If you have a question regarding the LP Field seating Chart, leave it in the comments below and we’ll be sure to answer it. Also, if you know someone who would benefit from this guide use the social plugins below to share it with them!

Thanks and we’ll see you in Nashville!

  • Dom

    I got a ticket off stub hub that’s in the 1st row of C. It says that the seat isnt listed and that its general admission. Is it possible that the first rows are general admission or are they always assigned seat numbers? Thanks!

  • Jen

    What do you recommend – row 16 in section A or row 23 in section D?

    • Joe Cassitto

      Jen – I would confidently recommend Section D, Row 23. In my opinion, sitting a few rows further back is outweighed by having a more centered view.

  • TR

    Hi Brett, how do you get the tickets if you are in Australia?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi TR – If you buy them through TickPick we can coordinate local pick up (which is how many of the tickets are delivered), we could also have them delivered to your hotel or wherever you are staying but local pick up is probably the best bet. Email if you have any other questions and we’d be happy to help.

      • TR

        Thanks alot Brett, local pick up would be perfect.

  • Cyn

    Are most of the concerts at night or during the day?

  • MMsTexas

    Brett, We purchased 2015 CMA Fest tickets through ticketmaster (I know bad choice). We are now unable to attend and would like to sell them but Ticketmaster said they couldn’t send us the tickets because its “pickup only in Nashville”. We contacted CMA Fest and they said the only way we can acquire them is we have to go to Nashville and show our ID along w/ the credit card used to purchase them. (even though we already paid for them and they will not refund our money). So it looks like we are out of $500 plus and unable to sell them. Guess next time we will use Tickpick……. Lesson learned!!!!

  • LMC

    What do you recommend? A or E within 1st 10 rows, or 100 level? Thanks!

  • Hannah

    I am in section 136 row V for the One Direction concert at LP Field. Are these good seats?

  • john

    I have suite tickets are they good tickets say’s ST361 are these good seats

  • Jennifer Terentiuk

    Hi! I am excited to finally get to the CMA fest – the tickets I have are in Section Lower 131 – Row FF, would you happen to know what the view is like there?

  • Emily

    Thank you — this is very useful. I am quite confused about how the CMA fest works, though. I have Gold Circle tickets, so, this sounds silly, but what does that mean? it’s my first time attending this festival. how do the meet and greets work? what advantages come with the Gold tickets? and also, I’m confused about the different locations, such as the field and different stages. thanks!

  • Mike A

    Hello everybody, I am looking for 4 tickets to CMA fest. I would ideally like to be in the following sections… 110-112, 135-137, or on the floor (A,B,C,D,E,K) Please send me an e-mail if you have tickets! thanks.

  • Ino

    I just got my passes Sec 336 row Y and indicate obstructed view. I am worried I bought something bad and didn’t pay close enough attention. Do you have any input on what the obstruction is and if I will be able to see anything? Should I flip these for different passes?

  • Lori

    I have tickets for Section H row 7 seats 14 & 15 but I have an opportunity to get tickets for Section 136 Row K seats 23 & 24. Which section is better for seating?

  • Matt

    Hi, I’m from Australia and I last went to the CMA’s in 2009. We met some lovely local ladies whom helped us sneak onto the floor to watch the concert on the last night. Has the technology changed since 2009 with respect to attendants checking tickets? Do they scan the barcodes at the stairs that lead down to the floor or do they just visually check the tickets like they did back in 2009? In other words what’s the likely hood of us sneaking in again if we meet people with floor tickets? Thanks for your help.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Haha, good question Matt. I can’t say I haven’t done what you are talking about… but I can’t promote it. With that said, the technology hasn’t changed, but I do believe they have beefed up security slightly.

    • Jess

      they have people standing at the floor entry points that check your lanyards. they won’t let you down without a floor laminated pass around your neck.

  • Mary

    I have two tickets in section 119, row GG that I’d like to sell. Where is the best place to advertise and how much would be a fair asking price for each?

  • Joni

    Hi Brett. I just got my hands on tickets in Section 111 Row N. Am I going to be able to see the stage?

  • Kelly

    What is the difference between Club Level and Premium Club Level?

    • Brett Goldberg

      You can see on the seating chart above – I believe the premium club is the 200 level, while the other level is the 100s.

  • Sarah

    I am trying to figure out how to become a season ticket holder for gold circle tickets (2-4 but at least 2). I have found several tickets for sale and this site has great prices, but will I get “dibs” on them next year if I don’t buy them through ticketmaster? I am willing to pay the price for them, I just want to be able to count on them every year (without shuffling last minute or someone just using them to make extra money- lord knows they are costly as is!)
    Thanks for any help!

    • guest

      No, you will not be able to get dibs on them next year unless purchased directly (through TicketMaster).

  • Chris

    I have tickets to the CMA Fest in sec. 123 row FF seats 8 & 9. Are they obstructed view?

  • Madison

    Ok so this isn’t for the CMA fest but the One Direction concert….. Which would be better floor or lower level (the 100s) seats?

    • Brett Goldberg

      completely depends where on the floor… the info above is also relevant for the One Direction concert at LP Field.

  • Michael S.

    Looking into sections 112 or 135. Whats you opinion of the angle for stage and large video monitors. Thank you.

  • Mike

    Top Row 332 or middle section 330 or 331, thanks!

  • Bobby NJ

    My tickets for next year will be in section 122. Will I be able to see the whole stage from there, or will the media tower be in the way?

  • Bobby NJ

    Doest the media tower obstruct views from the 100 level seats located behind it?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Bobby it depends the year, as the CMA seating configuration changes slightly from year to year. This past year, they did not sell the seats that were obstructed by the media tower. So either the seats will say obstructed, or they won’t be obstructed.

  • Stacy

    Hi:). Just realized I’ll be in Nashville for a conference and love the CMA’s so am planning to get tickets for the LP field. Is section 314 lower level an ok section (Row B)? Or is 336 (Row T) better? I’m coming from Canada. I’m just excited I will get a chance to go!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Stacy – I would say that section 314 row B is better than 336 row T for the CMA Music Festival at LP Field.

  • Cheyenne

    Hi :) so we only bought tickets for the first nights concert, didn’t really want to do the 4 day package… Is it necessary? Riverfront concerts and bars at night are free? Is it worth buying the day 4 day fan fair x pass? Im just nervous we did the wrong thing?!! I’m ok with winging it, but would maybe sell the one night and get a 4 day package??

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Cheyenne – So the only way to get into the Riverfront is with your CMA pass. With that said it is an outdoor concert, so you can kind of hear it from outside the gates, but I wouldn’t plan on spending a day that way.

      There is a lot of other free live music going on, it’s just not the Stars. There’s a reason that 50,000 people head to LP Field for 4 days…

      With that said, it’s not entirely necessary but that is why my family and I head down there.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help further.

  • Cindy

    Is section 110 really bad? Will we see anything?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Cindy the view for the CMA music festival stage from section 110 is pretty extreme. It’s certainly not ideal. Large TV screens will be hard to see as well.

  • Hannah Jessica

    Hi, whats section 335 like to sit in? do they also relese any more tickets as didn’t realise sold so early on, thanks

    • Brett Goldberg

      Although section 335 at the LP Field for the CMAs is off to the side it’s okay for the 300s sections.

  • Sara

    My tickets for next year will be in section 119. Will I be able to see the whole stage from there, or will the media tower be in the way?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Section 119 is not an obstructed ticket for the CMA music festival. You should be all good from there. Plus you’ll have a great view of the large TV monitors.

  • Ski_Bum

    Looking to purchase Section 111, Row EE. How good/bad are these? Thanks

  • Brett Crowell

    Thoughts on Section K for 2?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Section K – is pretty good, not very different then Section E or A. What row are you looking at?

      • Brett Crowell

        Well I was in K, Row 20 but StubHub just called and they double booked so they’ve upgraded me to B, Row 22! I believe that’s good for me right?

        • Brett Goldberg

          That is good outcome. Just don’t know why you even used Stubhub, their tickets are 10% higher than TickPick on average. Were there seats on Stubhub that weren’t on TickPick?

  • LT

    Is there any benefit to getting seats on the club level? 2014 will be our first year attending and want the best seats. Currently best available are sect 132 row X, or floor level E row 40, or club level 211 row N. any suggestions would be helpful.

    • Brett Goldberg

      The names themselves have no bearing on the seat quality itself for the CMA’s except for the Gold Circle, which also doesn’t come with any perks except for the location of the seat itself.

  • Alison

    I have section H row 6 seats 19-22 and I am selling two. Which ones are closest to the center that I should keep? Thank you in advance! :)

  • Dana Snider

    I have 2 4 day passes with fan fair tickets…section g row g and seats 1 and 2….I need to sell the pair for 500.00….if anyone is interested please email me

    • Brett Goldberg

      Dana – You should list your tickets on TickPick, this way more people will see your ticket listings, you can list them here: CMA Music Festival

    • Brett Goldberg

      Dana – You should list your tickets on TickPick, this way more people will see your ticket listings, you can list them here: CMA Music Festival

  • Scottish Adam

    I bought my 2014 tickets on Monday and I got two tickets in Section C row 18. After reading this I take it these are pretty damn good? The seats are 12&13 so they are pretty central by the looks of things :)

    This article was a great read… Thank you!!

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Adam, you did great. Just curious, how much did you pay for your CMA Music Festival tickets?

  • maya

    Totally random, but I just purchased my tickets today for the 2014 Music Fest and Im in Section E, row 10.Then i read this articlle- Maybe Ill see you next year!

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      I have a wedding to go to in 2014, so unfortunately I probably will not be making it. Although there is a chance I go for Thursday and Friday. You’ll certainly enjoy the 2013 CMA Music Festival with those tickets!

  • MarisaLee

    I bought a CMA fest package and my seats are in section 129 row V seat 5 and 6. I was just wondering if you knew if these seats were any good. I didn’t realize how far back they were when I booked them and I definitely would have paid more for the lower level premium instead of just lower level if I had realized that when I bought them. This is my first year going so I was just curious if you knew if these seats would be any good?

    Thank you!

  • Char

    So far the only tickets left are in section 311, 123, 124, 336. They say there’s an obstructed view. Are you able to still the artist? I’m sure they’ll have really cool props and screens going on in the back part of the stage. Will we be able to see those? Do you think it’s worth it? Thanks for your help!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Char – I definitely think it’s still worth it. The tickets in 123 and 124 are probably the ones to get (which are selling for $220). Although this is counter intuitive, I would buy the tickets in the highest rows to make sure you clear as much of the media tower as possible. I have stood behind those sections to watch a performer and two and don’t remember any obstructions. So worst case you stand there for a little. The only other options are to buy unobstructed tickets on TickPick, the cheapest tickets are selling for $389 each.

      Alternatively, you can wait until you get to Nashville, I am positive you can get better seats for less money compared to the $389 that they are currently selling for. Feel free to email me at brett at to talk further.

  • ajm

    The seats in section 122 and 125 say that they are obstructed view seats as well. How bad is the view in those seats obstructed? Do you think it would be worth getting seats there anyway?


    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi – Those CMA seats are going to be blocked by the media tower. The media tower is probably 2 stories high, so interestingly enough the higher the row in sections 122 and 125 the better off you are. What’s the price you are seeing those CMA tickets listed for?

      I just wonder if you should get the GA tickets in the 300s which is in section 326 to 328 or 321 to 319. Respond here and email me at brett at if you wouldn’t mind.

      I would love to help you get tickets for the 2013 country music fan festival!

  • CMA fan fest nerd

    Any other common complaints about the CMAs or the LP field seating chart?

  • sharon sawyer

    ticketmaster says the seats in section 110 are obstructed view. Do you know by what?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Sharon the tickets that you are looking at are such an extreme angle that they must have had complaints by prior attendees of the CMA music festival.

      The stage is really deep, and so you will be able to see the people in the front of the band (lead singer etc.), but people that are towards the back (like the drummer) will be blocked by the configuration of the CMA floorplan and stage.

  • Natalie Seiden

    Is the detailed seating chart of the field level and gold circle for the CMAs completely accurate? I see subtle differences in the amount of rows and seats in Section C verse the other sections.

  • NashVegas Titans

    Thanks for all of the information on the CMA seating shart, as a local to Nashville, it would also be great if you provided similar tips for LP Field specifically for the Tennessee titans! Thanks in advance ;)