Eugene O’Neill Theatre Seating Chart – Seating Chart Info

Our Eugene O’Neill Theatre Seating Chart includes tips on which seats are the best, which are the worst, and ultimately which tickets to buy & not to buy for The Book of Mormon.

Eugene O'Neill Theatre Seating Chart

Note: The red lines in the orchestra & mezzanine sections shows you which seats are bad seats, i.e. partial or obstructed views. The box seats are listed as a 4 (1 being the best seats) because they are marked as partial view seats, however many people love sitting in the box seats. Rear side mezzanine sections are rated a 4 because they are the furthest seats from the stage and some are marked “restricted legroom”,  however, they do provide an unobstructed view.

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A Brief Summary of the Eugene O’Neill Seating Map

If you are looking for cheap tickets to Eugene O’Neill Theater in New York City to see The Book of Mormon you can save money by looking at the tickets that are marked as restricted legroom or partial / obstructed view.

The Side Mezzanine sections (the right and left), have seats in rows J, K & L which are marked as “Restricted Legroom.” These seats are similar to airplane seats, and are typically the cheapest available because of the location and the unknown factor of what restricted legroom is. If you are under 6ft tall you’ll have no problem.

Ticket resellers are required to disclose if their seats are obstructed (at least on TickPick). However, sellers are not required to disclose their seat numbers. If seat numbers are not included I would be very hesitant to buy those tickets.

On the seating chart above the sections that are marked “4” either have a partial view, obstructed view or limited legroom (the only exception to this will may be the inside aisle seats in the rear mezzanine sections).

Additionally the thin red line throughout the orchestra section and the front mezzanine section (along the sides) shows you which seats in the Eugene O’Neil Theatre have obstructed views.

If you are still having a tough time decide which seats you should buy, then you should read our full Eugene O’Neill seating chart review, The Book of Mormon: What to Know

Eugene O'Neill Theater Detailed Seating Chart

Lastly, Telecharge the official seller of tickets for Broadway shows, has created a beta 3d seating chart to show you where your exact seats are. However, I found it rather useless. If you are going to use this link, you will want to use Firefox as your browser (I had problems with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer).

For additional information on show times, ticket prices and other information click here.

Another great blog that we wrote, that is extremely insightful is our guide to getting Discounted Book of Mormon Tickets.

If you still have questions on the Eugene O’neill NY Theatre seating chart let us know your questions in the comments below and we’ll be sure to answer any of your questions.


Eugene O’Neill Theatre

230 W 49th St,

New York, NY 10019

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  • R. Miller

    My husband I will be traveling to New York in September and wanted to know which tickets would be best to purchase for the Book of Mormon in the Eugene O’Neill theatre. We are thinking in the mezzanine. We also are flexible in terms of dates in September and an evening performance. Don’t mind if the performance is mid-week. Many thanks!

  • martha

    need two seats jan.29-30 flexible time. Can you suggest seats without obstructed views that might be available THANKS

  • tlarnie

    Hi Brett,
    I’m trying to buy two tickets for Book of Mormon at the Eugene O’Neill Theater between December 20 and December 26. Is there any hope? Can you help?

  • Wayne

    Hi Brett, thanks for your work. I just got two tickets for Dec. 3 through, while Telecharge is showing it as sold out. I’m wondering if these tickets are distressed in any way. Right rear mezzanine, row E, which is the front row of the section. Are we going to have to lean to peer over a rail? Are we going to have to deal with people walking in front of us?

  • Beth

    Hi Bret, Looking for 2 tickets in the 250-300 range for October 24-25-26. I hope I’m not too late.

  • Kev

    What’s better. Row k seats 17 and 19 or row p 5 and 7?

  • linda

    hi, great site! we are looking for 2 tickets for Sunday night 10/13 Best reasonable seats! Can you help?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Linda – Your choice of tickets for the Eugene O’Neil Theater are going to be great:
      Section: FRONT MEZZ LEFTRow: B
      Seats 9 & 11

  • Girls Getaway

    Brett: Please help with ticket choice to Book of Mormon for the time period of Dec 4- 8, evening only. Need five tickets. We are only going this once, so willing to pay what it takes for the best experience. There are some Right Orchestra first and second row tickets available that I would have normally snatched up, but having now read your article, I realize that would be a mistake.

  • Alan

    What is wrong with Row C Left Orchestra (5-7) seats?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Alan – Those seats at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre are very close to the stage. They are okay, but if I had a choice I would rather sit further back for a better view.

  • Brett Goldberg

    A friend wrote this to me: “My mom is coming to town next week and is hoping to see Book of Mormon? I would really appreciate your help finding 2 good tickets for up to $340 each. I trust you to pick better seats than I would!

    Here’s my response:

    “Wednesday is on average $30 to 40 cheaper than Thursday (per a ticket), so here’s the 3 best options for Wednesday:

    Orchestra Center, Row R – $299
    Right Orchestra, Row G, Seats 10 & 12 – $306 each
    Orchestra Center, Row P – $333 each

    If it were me I would be choosing between row G and row P. Assuming they were the same price personally I would be leaning towards the side orchestra row G. You are really close and in the middle of the section, so there’s no obstructions.

    The conservative approach would be to take the center orchestra seats, that’s just because of the straight on few view. Between these two listings it’s just a preference thing.

  • Rosemary

    I may be buying two tickets and not sure about where they are – the picture of the ticket says “AISLE 4 – ORCHO – 9 & 11 – are these good seats, obstructed views???? – thank you

    • Brett Goldberg

      Rosemary – Seats 9 & 11 in the Eugene O’Neill theater are in the left orchestra. They are in the middle of the section and depending on the row, those may or may not be good seats (rows A to D, would not be good).

      If you are looking at buying Book of Mormon tickets on craigslist don’t. It sounds like you are looking at etickets from there. Let us know if we can help you further.

      • broadway babe

        I bought 2 tickets for dec 6 orchestra H seat 21 and 23 partial view, Brett. did i just waste money oh this seats?? I just love to see the show. please let me know?