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Tickets to Gershwin Theatre

Gershwin Theatre is one of the biggest and most well known theater venues in New York City. This theatre is known for staging iconic shows, such as Show Boat, Porgy and Bess, My Fair Lady, and Sweeney Todd. When considering buying tickets to see a show, it is important to realize that the Gershwin Theatre seating chart does not lend itself to providing the best views for everyone. So when looking to buy tickets for current running show Wicked, finding the best seats for the best price can be difficult.

In this post, I will tell you which seats are the best and which are the worst. I’ll also tell you how to find the best deals and cheapest Wicked tickets.


Gershwin Theatre Seating Chart

Gershwin Theatre Seating Chart
The red triangles denote partially obstructed views at Gershwin Theatre


Gerswhin Theatre Seating Chart Information

Side Orchestra Seats, Obstructed & Unobstructed Views:

The majority of the seats in the side orchestra sections will provide you with a fabulous unobstructed view. However, you need to be cautious of two things:

  • The higher the seat number the closer you are to the side, thus increasing the likelihood of having an obstructed view.
  • See our obstructed view section above for more information about exactly where to sit and which seats to avoid in the side orchestra section.

Tip: I would prefer to sit one row further back in exchange for a seat that is one seat closer to the inside aisle (i.e. I would prefer seat 15 in Row O, verse seat 17 in row N).

Orchestra Left (Odd Number Side): In this partially obstructed view seating, the only part of the production of  Wicked you will not be able to see is a metal dragon that hangs on the top of the stage, a prop only used shortly at the beginning of the show. There is a possibility you may not be able to see the backdrop and part of the farmhouse, but for the most part, the images projected there aren’t the even a significant part of the show.

Orchestra Right (Even Number Side):  If you’re going to purchase partially obstructed seats, my recommendation would be Orchestra Right (Even Side) above row G. With these seats, you won’t miss a thing. In terms of price, you probably won’t find a better deal on Wicked Tickets than the partially obstructed view seats.

When buying tickets directly from the NY box office your seat numbers will often be numbered. But for privacy purposes, tickets reselling on sites like stubhub, don’t have to state their seat numbers (only row and section). For this reason, I don’t recomend buying tickets in the Orchestra Right or Orchestra Left for Rows BB-G on secondary ticket marketplaces (ticketmaster and telecharge are okay). Here, you would run the risk of purchasing tickets with very obstructed views, taking away from the experience of seeing what’s up on stage. If the prices seem too good to be true, they probably are.


Gershwin Theatre Best Seats for Wicked

Orchestra Center from row’s E – L

If you read the previous section, then you discovered the risk of sitting in the first few rows of Orchestra Left and Orchestra Right, and how these seats could turn up a sub-par theater experience. This likely leads to the question, why are the closest seats in the Center Orchestra not the most desirable?

These are raised stages. The first few rows are close to the stage, but not necessarily in a good position to see what is up on stage, much like the experience at a movie theater when you have to sit in the first few rows.  The action doesn’t take place at eye level when you’re in the first few rows of the Orchestra, Rows BB, CC, DD, EE, and you’ll probably end up with a stiff neck. Even up to Row E in Orchestra Center is closer than what is consider ideal seats for Wicked. With that said, the best seats are Orchestra Center rows F to L.


Gershwin Theatre Obstructed View Seats – The Cheapest Wicked Tickets?

If you’re looking for the cheapest Wicked Tickets, partially obstructed seats will be your best bet (more information on this below). You can also check out this blog on rush tickets, which offers advice on how to get rush tickets as well as lottery tickets for Book of Mormon. Although written specifically for BOM, the information applies to getting Rush tickets for Wicked and other Broadway shows in NY as well.

There are a limited number of Side Orchestra seats that are considered to have partially limited-views. The obstructed seats are the red triangles not labeled with a number in the seating chart above. In the these sections you may lose sight of the performers during some of Wicked. The key to getting decent seats at a decent price is by buying tickets that are marked obstructed view, yet are above row G. When sitting above row G, you’ll lose part of the scenic background, but very limited action occurs on the far sides of the stage.


Pictures of Gershwin Theatre Seating

  • Gerswhin Theatre center-orchestra-row-n

Seats to Avoid at the Gershwin Theatre

Gershwin Theater Seating Chart

  1. Loge Row AA overhangs orchestra Row J.
  2. Front Mezzanine Row A overhangs Orchestra Row O
  3. Seating Capacity of Gershwin Theatre: 1,933

These facts, along with a many others unstated, combine to make choosing your seat at Gershwin Theatre a dangerous gamble. The Overhangs at Gershwin Theatre aren’t particularly large considering the size of the Theatre. This means that nobody’s view is obstructed by the section above them, which is great for keeping an eye on the high flying acrobatics of Wicked. 

The mezzanines are not stacked too tightly, which is nice, but this also means that the rear mezzanine is considerable far away from the stage. In fact, some people have reported it to be difficult to see from the back of the rear mezzanine. Fortunately, theatres tend to be intimate compared to concert and sports venues, so we can disregard many of these complaints and those alike. If you don’t need to see the moles on the Wicked Witch’s face, rear mezzanine seats should be more than fine.


Mezzanine Seats

Seats in the Mezzanine as well as the Rear Mezzanine are not obstructed view for the most part. New York theaters, including Gershwin Theatre, are small enough that even the ‘nosebleed’ seats are close to the performers for consistent acoustics and good sight lines. A concern should only be raised when considering tickets at the far extreme corners of the rear mezzanine because some of these seats may be partially obstructed. The good news is that if it is, they will labelled that way.

I think it is important to note that even though the Gershwin Theatre seating chart shows that there’s a break in the front mezzanine from the rear mezzanine, there’s virtually no break. I wouldn’t value the front mezz much more than the rear mezz (particularly if you are on a budget).


Gershwin Theater Seating Chart Overview

 If you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to comment below and we’ll be sure to reply back promptly:

And if you get a chance to take a picture of your seats and from your seats, drag and drop ‘em in the comments section below so we can update this review to help people find great seats in the future.

  • Jessica

    What would you recommend between Orchestra Row E seats 113,114,115 and Row H 102,103,104? I’m going to watch musical with my parents for the first time.

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Jessica – you can’t go wrong with either of those options but if I had to pick I’d go with the H’s since they are right in the middle of the sweet spot for this show.

  • Joyce Milbauer Benton

    Why do you say to avoid AA and Mez A – what is the problem with the overhang?

    • Joe Cassitto

      Joyce – I apologize for the confusion, we were pointing out where those rows overhang the section below, to help the buyer gauge which rows to choose in the section below. Loge Row AA is generally a good seat but it will be a side-angled view. Mezzanine Row A could be a very solid seat if the seat is in or near the Center Mezzanine. I hope that helps!

      • Joyce Milbauer Benton

        Thanks Joe, that does clear it up for me. I just think I will prefer the AA thru DD because the feel of fewer people around me, and the side angle does not concern me as long as the whole stage is visible. :)

  • Charles

    Just purchased tickets for the rear mezzanine j25-j29 should I keep those or would it be best to look into finding different seating?

    • Joe Cassitto

      Charles – It all depends on how much you are willing to spend on a better seating option. Those are some of the cheapest seats, but they are near the last row and on the side. If you’d like to list them for sale on TickPick, let us know if you have any questions and we’ll walk you through it.

  • Crystal

    I just got tickets for wicked and it was already so difficult to get available tickets, but my seats are in the orchestra, row E, seats 17 & 19. Please tell me I’ll still have a good view and bought decent tickets. =/ I didn’t realize how hard it would be to get the seats I wanted.

    • Joe Cassitto

      Crystal – Those seats may be partially obstructed because of the side angle, check the ticket for the words “obstructed” or “limited” view. They are however pretty close to the stage.

  • John D

    Oy. I just purchased Loge Row AA before finding this blog! Are these not good seats and do you know if Ticketmaster would exchange?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hey John – It is usually all sales are final with Ticketmaster, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try. Either way I don’t think you will be disappointed in those seats.

  • Kelly Ensor

    Thank you for your time and advice. I’m taking my 7 year old daughter to the show, would seats in frontmezz b seats 118 & 177 or seats in orchestra w seats 117& 118 be better for her to see the stage?

  • Chad Ross

    Just purchased two seats. Center Orchestra, row CC seats are directly in the middle! Should I have gotten further back?

  • Cynthia

    looking at 4 tkts for tween in January. Which do you think are best
    ORCH B 115-118
    FMEZZ B 112-115
    FMEZZ B 1,3,5,7

  • Corinne

    I’m getting my daughter and mother tickets for Christmas, but am on a budget. Which seats would be better? Orchestra Row J seat 28 and K seats 30 & 32 (3 of us split) or Rear Mezzanine Row H any 3 seats from 101-118 (if this is the better option would absolute center or aisle be best?). Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Kim Cannon

    When you say above row G for obstructed, do you mean A-F, or H and so on?

  • Charles

    Hi I just bought row ee seats 1 and 3 is this a good choice? Thank you

  • Hadi

    I noticed that Orchestra rows W and X go faster on the right than on the left. is there a reason for that?

  • jeena

    Hi, are row ZZ seats 2. 4. and 6 acceptable? I’ll be attending with 2 kids, both slightly under 5 feet tall. I thought with no one behind us, my girls could stretch tall to see if someone tall is in front of them. Thank you.

  • Jacqui

    Wondering about seats Row DD, Seat 2

  • Dan

    I have a choice between center 4th row orchestra and center first row mezzanine. First time seeing it. Which should I choose? My friend has a problem with his knee and can’t bend it too much if that makes a difference.

  • gorgeous

    Hi, are orchestra Row J 115-116 seats ok? what’s loge row aa?

  • abe

    I have tickets in rows v and u. Are they obstructed?

  • Boang

    Im trying to purchase tickets for a friend. What about Orchestra Row O 109 and 110. Or should I go FMEZZ Row C 109 and 110?

  • Leandra

    Hi, what about Orchestra Row X, Y, W ?

  • Becky

    Mezzanine left row H???

  • Brad Huttenhoff

    I have tickets in Orchestra EE 13 & 15–are these partial view as stated on ticket?

  • Chris

    I’m sitting in ORCH EE Seats 14 and 16. Will my view be obstructed?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Marta

    Hi, I bought tickets for Wicked and I couldn’t pick the seat, the theatre gave me orch E 16. Is it a good seat? Or should I try to change it?

  • Kelly

    We have 3 options on a couple of different nights. 1) MMezz Row F 4-8 2) FMezz row D 26-30 3) Orchestra Row Z 12-16. I know none of those are great seats but which is the best option?

  • Clarissa

    I just purchased tickets for Wicked for my daughter’s Sweet 16 and my seat is Orchestra row C Seat 19 & 21. DO you think we would enjoy the show with those seats?

  • Julie Hitchcock

    hi I am visiting ny and seeing wicked…is fmezz row b seat 13 and 14 ok ?

  • Lynn

    Help please… I’m going to see Wicked in December with some friends. I’m looking online at tickets for different days throughout the week. All the “available” seat options are exactly the same for each day. All Orchestra Row E-L seats aren’t available for any day and i wouldn’t think that odd except when i look around the theater, the same exact
    scattered seats are available for each performance. There’s no way that’s a coincidence. What’s up with that??

  • Scruffy

    N 109/110 Seating, what do you think

  • teebee

    what do you think of rear mezzanine H tickets? for $111

  • Bonita

    The previous post was for the front mezzanine.

  • Bonita

    What doe you think of section D in the mezzanine, seats 107-112 at the Gershwin? We’re going to see Wicked. Thanks.

  • Elenice

    Hi, do you talk about this theather only? I a m looking for tickets for the Phantom of the Opera…at the cheapest and greatest seat..any help,pls?

  • pam

    what do you think of rear mezzanine row F, and seats 104-108

  • Jean

    Would Row G seat 9 be obstructed?

  • Victorious

    Hello Brett,
    Thank you for your time and valuable information. I am bringing my goddaughtetr to see Wicked March 21 or 22. She is albino and has a vision problem, so I am really concerned about seat selection and limited with choices. I thought about trying the lottery to get front row seats but if we are not selected, are the remaining seats higher? There are only a few seats left and hardly any together. You mentioned front row is not good but I am limited. I want this to be a memorable experience for her. Any advice. God bless you! Joyfully, Victorious

  • Serge

    We are buying partial view tickets, Orchestra Row K, seats 30 & 32 or Orchestra Row J, seats 28 & 30. Which one is better? I believe these seats should be the best deal for this show, right? 106.25 tax and fees included, is that a good deal? I hope we won’t miss too much of the show. Any other options in this price range? Thanks!

    • timcarmom

      Did you get the row k seats? how were they?

      • Serge

        We are going in August, I haven’t bought the tickets just yet.

  • The Wizard of Texas

    Oops I meant odd numbers Row Q Seats 1, 3, and 5. thx

  • The Wizard of Texas

    Row Q Seats 1, 2, 3. We like the leg room in front..but too far off center? Good seats? or would Row L 118, 117, 116 be worth the extra coin? Thanks – Wiz

  • Lissette

    What is better – FMEZZ Row D 106-107 or ORCH S115-116

  • mandrac

    Help!!! I am planning a trip for my 10th anniversary and its a surprise. My wife has wanted to see wicked for years and this is all for her so I want to do it right. It will be in september and I am looking at orchestra row d or o aisle seats or front mezz row b 101 and 102. Which one? PLEASE help me make this experience one she wont forget…she deserves it! Thank you!

    • Brett Goldberg

      I would go with the O aisle seats.

  • Pooja

    Hi, would you choose Row D seat 6,8 or Row F seats 2, 4 or Row J seats 112, 113?


    • Brett Goldberg

      All things equal Center Orchestra – if you look at the color coded seating chart above you would see that

  • Cortney Feige

    We are headed to NYC for the first time and I found seats on Tick Pick (center mezz- Row M) that gets an A+ rating. See link :
    After reading through several comments and this blog, I am not sure if I should do this or an Orch row for a little more money. There are also tickets in Orch B or D on Ticket Master but you said this was too close to stage, correct? Thanks!

  • Shannon

    Very helpful article. Which of the following seats would you recommend for an adult and three children ages 6, 9 and 11?

    ORCH X 105-108
    ORCH X 2, 4, 6, 8
    ORCH Y 1, 3, 5, 7

    The main ones I am not sure how to differentiate are the center seats (and whether the benefits of the center outweigh any risk that they won’t be able to see over the row in front of them) vs. the side seats (and whether the benefit of the aisle outweighs being to the side). Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Shannon – These are all good options. I think the aisle seats are a more attractive option.

  • Kathy

    I am hoping to take my daughter to Wicked when we visit New York in March. I found what I think are really good seats & price, based on some of the tips you provided. I thought it was worth double checking with you to ensure they are as good as I think!!! Looking at Orchestra Row G, for $170/ticket. Your thoughts please??

    • Brett Goldberg

      Kathy – Are those seats on TickPick? If so feel free to send the link to the checkout to support at we can further advise.

  • Marty

    Hi. Would you choose Orchestra Center Row D, or Orchestra Row J seats 2, 4, 6

    • Brett Goldberg

      I like the aisle seats option.

  • Lucy Smail

    I was wondering if you thought Orchestra J 2, J4 and Orchestra K2 and K4 are good seats? Thanks for your help!!

  • Mike

    Should I choose ORCH Row L 111, 112 or FMEZZ A 109, 110? Same price.

    I know there is a bar on the front of the Mezz that yousaid if you’re short may be a problem – my wife is 5’3″, would that be a problem?

    Thank you so much!

  • Renee

    Hi, My daughter would like to go see Wicked. There are plenty of Orchestra Stadium seats. Are these ok? How many rows back does the bar affect the view?

  • ron

    looking at tickets in lodge row aa 1 and 3, and row cc 1 and 3. my wife is short which tickets would be better/

  • Jane

    Thanks for writing such a detailed review! What’s better – Is row C seats 9-11 in the Orchestra or front mezzanine row B 115-116. They both appear to be in the second preference according to the seating chart. Thank you.

  • miriam

    Hi, I’m considering tickets at orch row v 2 and 4, fmezz row d 2 and 4, or loge row ee 2 and 4. Can you please tell me which you recommend? Thank you for your help.

  • Wicked

    Is there an aisle behind Row EE? Looking at seats 2, 4, 6, 8 but was wondering how to access seats for someone on crutches. Don’t want to step over people to get in and out.

  • Thefarside1221

    So excited my kids got me tickets to Wicked for Christmas. How are loge ee 6 and 8? Can’t wait

  • Jen

    Is there a better choice between mezzanine L 106-107 and Orchestra J 28-30

  • debbi

    wicked seats front mezz row b seat 5 review first time ever

  • Christine

    What would you recommend Orchestra H108, directly in front of center stage or Front Mezzanine Row a seat 102?

  • Brooklyn on Broadway

    How is orchestra right, row B, seats 6-12…or I could have front mezzanine row D, seats 111-114?

  • Ceil

    I have tickets for MMezzanine Row F Seats 20 to 32. Will we be able to enjoy the show. Are these seats bad

  • Cindy

    Orchestra row y seats 2-10 how are these

  • kim

    What is better Orchestra right row J 28-30 or K 30-32 or the Rear Mezz row H 2-4?

  • Michelle Mabry Jubran

    Would you take Orchestra Row J seats 2, 4, 6 & 8 or Orchestra Row O seats 115, 116, 117 & 118, OR FMEZZ Row A, 1, 3, 5 & 7.. I’ve never been in the Gershwin theater….. I’m taking a 13, and 2 twelve year old for spring break

  • Sarah

    We just bought tickets for Wicked the first weekend in December. Tickets are row J 27-29 and K 29-31. We knew they were partial view and read that seats J and above were ok. However, it also says the loge overhangs row J. Are we going to be ok? I am fine with missing some view of a dragon or whatever. But, now after reading about the overhang too, I am wanting some reassurance! ;)

    • Kim

      Hi Sarah, I just bought the seats in Row K. How was your view and experience?

  • Hope

    I’m going to see Wicked! Which would be the better seats (and which seat exact? In the center, I suspect?) E-O in the Center ORCH or A Center Mezz?

  • karen

    Hope to see Wicked on a Thursday January 2014, the 8:00 show. Never done Broadway, and know nothing about it. From research, I find tickets in Orchestra R 108-114 available. Are these good seats for my group – 4 grandchildren, my 2 daughters and myself. Also, should I go directly to the Theatre Site to purchase tickets? Ticketmaster? Or, does it matter? I’m lost here so I appreciate any help. Thank you.


    Hi, I just purchased sweat in orchestra stadium row Y, seats 106,107. please let me know if these seats are good or not…

    • Irene


  • Mn traveler

    I am looking at seats Orch Right – Row B, seats 1,3,5 and they are premium for a Nov 22 Sat evening. The other option seems to be Front Mezz, first row, seats 101,102, 103. They are all premium seats. Is either option worth it?

  • Steph

    Hi, I am going to NY from Australia and dying to see Wicked. I would like to know which seat would be better out of orchestra row t seat 108 or front mezzanine row e seat 109? Thank you

  • Shanon

    Hi I was wondering if you thought orchestra row T seat 113 & 114 would be a better pick than FMEZZ row D seats 1 &3?

  • Julie

    Hi, what do you think of the Orchestra Row Q. It says Orchestra Stadium seating. I know there is a slight overhang but overall for Row Q?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Agnes

    Hi jack, which of the following seats are better seats considering that we have an 8 years old child who is about 1.3m tall
    a) J6,8,10,12
    b) N5,7,9,11
    c) S105,106,107,106
    d) Q1,3,5,7

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi – I would take the row J tickets. Since she is small those row differences won’t make that much of difference anyway, and row J is the best out of the options.

  • angie

    Our seats for seeing Wicked are Orchestra Row X Seats 101-104. Should I change?

  • Lisa M

    Hi, Im planning a trip to NY for the end of Nov. Im looking at tickets what would be better A14 Orch. or E114 Front Mazz. Thank you so much for your help :-)

  • Ayemar

    HI there, I am looking to buy 2, somewhat last minute, inexpensive tickets to Wicked. Orch Row B seats 20 and 18 are open (As are Orch Row C 20/22 or Orch Row D 22/24 etc). Do these fall into the Obstructed Views on the “Orchestra Right , Even Number, Above Row G” seats where we won’t really miss a thing? Or am I reading your advice incorrectly? Thanks so much!

    • Jack Slingland

      Ayemar – They do not, those rows are below row G. Above row G would be H, I, J etc.. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet I would not recommend those seats.

  • Sem

    Hi, What are your thoughts on Orch row EE seat 10 and 12? Thank you so much

  • David

    Would I be better off with seats Sec ORCHST, Row Q, Seat 112, 113 or Sec ORCH, Row L, Seat 1, 3?

  • Jane

    Is orchestra stadium (rows Q or R seats 107 & 108) better than front mezzanine (row A seats 18 & 20)? Are the stadium seats high enough to see over the orchestra section? Thanks for your reply!

  • Sarah

    Would the seats in front mezz row A 23 & 25 or the seats in orch row u seats 113 & 114 be better?
    Not many seats left for the night we’ll be in NYC.

  • denice.hurt

    Thank you for your advise. So if you had a choice between sitting infront of each other in Row O and P or moving back and sitting side by side in row S which would you recommend? Both my daughter and I are 5’2″ so I was wondering if the slope in the rows further back would be of any benefit.
    Thanks again!

  • denice.hurt

    Row K seat 29 and 31 are those ok to purchase? Not many to pick from the night we’re looking to go.

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Denise – Row K falls into the most desired rows (E-L) however you will be sitting very far to the left which isn’t ideal. I would rather sit a few rows back and sit closer to the the center orchestra sections.

      Also, the seat numbers cut off at 27 normally, so I am not sure where you are getting the seat locations from. The listing you are looking at very well could be listed incorrectly by the seller.

  • mdowdd

    Hi Jack,
    So excited to be in NYC for Xmas this is a bucket list for me…but boy this is over whelming to know what is best and all your information is so helpful. There is so much we want to see so it’s getting costly but we want our experience to be a good one. Where would you recommend for the $151 price range and thank you for all your help!

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi – For the $150 dollar price range it will be very difficult to see Wicked on your trip. The shows around Xmas are the most expensive, with the cheapest tickets right around the $180-$200 dollar range.

      If you are interested in other types of events, whether it be other theatre shows, a concert, or sporting event let me know and I’d be happy to give you some recommendations.

  • Delcie H

    Good morning – I am purchasing for a party of 4 next March. Can you tell me which option are better seats? Price is the Same $151.75 each. Orch Row P we have the choice of center or aisle as the entire row is available as of now. – OR- FMezz Row A seats 1-4 so looking at the stage left of center but on the aisle in the front row. Thank you!

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Delcie – That is a tough call. Sitting in the first row of the mezzanine is nice, but you will have the railing in front of you which can potentially block a portion of the stage if you are shorter and slouched back in your chair. You can see in the pictures in the post we have of row N in orchestra, and row C of mezzanine. It comes down to personal preference here, and those pictures should be helpful in making you decision.

  • Mary Ann

    Which seats would be better, Orch Row E, seats 118, 117,and 116 or Orch Row L seats 118, 117, and 116 ?

    • Jack Slingland

      Mary Ann- Row E is just on the cusp of being too close to stage, so we would suggest row L.

  • Michelle

    RMEZZ Row J, seat 115, 116, 117 & 118 I’m taking 3 13 year olds to see wicked in March, so I’m wondering if these seats will be good for them, trying to save some money some where!!! Or should I spend the extra 60 per seat and go with FMEZZ, Row A, 1, 3, 5 & 7???/ First play in NY for all of us??

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Michelle – I think it is important to note that even though the Gershwin Theatre seating chart shows that there’s a break in the front mezzanine from the rear mezzanine, there’s virtually no break. I wouldn’t value the front mezz much more than the rear mezz (particularly if you are on a budget).

  • matt

    I am looking for the best possible seats regardless of price. Is rows F-L in the center better than the Front row in the mezzanine?
    thank you

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Matt – Yes, those rows in center orchestra are better than the front row of the mezzanine for sure.

  • Novie

    Which are the better seats Orchestra Row J 30, 28, 26, 24 or front mezz row A 30, 32, 34, 36?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Novie – Orchestra J falls between rows E-L, which is where the best seats are.

  • Camille

    Are seats F18 and F20 in the Orchestra section good seats??

  • Leafs

    Hi would you rather sit in row K of the farthest right side of the ochestra section or in the middle mezzanine (right in the middle where the aisle is. both are pretty much the same price.


    • Jack Slingland

      Hi – I would rather sit in the middle. If you are in the farther seats in the side orchestra those seats are likely partial view.

  • Matt

    I need tickets for 14 people and can’t decide which seats are the best. They are all the same price – standard cost from Ticketmaster of $131.25

    Option 1: CenterOrch Row P #101-107 and Row Q #101-107

    Option 2: Center Orch Row R #103-116

    Option 3: Front Mezz Row C #113-118 and #108-110 plus Row B #115-118 and #2

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Matt- Your not going to be talking at the theatre so if you take up an entire row that’s no big deal. I think you have your options ranked correctly as far as most attractive seats to least. If the price is all the same I would go with option 1.

  • Kelly

    How are the seats in the mezzanine row EE seats 7, 5, 3, 1? Thanks!

    • Jack Slingland

      Those are solid seats and should be priced well for the location.

  • Ann

    Hi! Is orchestra row A , seats 15-17 partial view ok? Thanks!

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Ann – They are ok if you are willing to have part of the stage cut off. You will be right next to the stage though which is a plus. Regardless it’s tough to recommend partial view for any venue.

  • Jennifer

    Hi there. Just looking to purchase LOGE AA seat 1 and 3 mezzanine or much cheaper is ROW F mmez seat 17 and 19? Worth the price difference?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Which date are you looking at? We would need a sense of the price difference to answer your question regarding which seats to buy for Wicked at Gershwin Theatre.

  • Annieg

    how are these seats – Orchestra left – row 7 – seats 5-13?

    • annie

      sorry row Y – seats 5-13?

      • Brett Goldberg

        Those seats will do the job and they should be priced well given the location.

  • Danielle

    Hi Brett! I’m looking for seats to Wicked in December and I’ve decided since I will be seeing many shows while I’m there (first time to NYC) I’d rather buy the partial view and be a little bit closer than see all of the stage (plus save a few bucks for the other shows). I saw in the partial view seating you mentioned anything above Row G so I’m assuming that would be Row H and higher or is that Row’s AA-F… Another article I read mentioned Row J and K have a support pillar that blocks the stage, not sure if that is true or not. In your opinion would you say the best partial view would be Row J Seats 27,29? Thanks for your help!

    • Brett Goldberg

      I think there will be some cool aspects when seeing Wicked from the 2nd or 3rd row. But I would say that row J would provide an overall better view.

  • John

    Hi. I really want to come see wicked next saturday. I am looking at tickets in the orchestra stadium section row zz seats 2-10, or row z seat 8-36, or in the forward mezz section row A, seat 26-38…for me about 5 other people. Which seat would be the best? Any obstruction concerns? I’m sorry I am bad at this. I just want to do a good job getting seats

    • Brett Goldberg

      John – Obviously depends on price preference… are you looking online at TickPick?

      Price aside I would take Orchestra row ZZ, in seats 2 thru 10. The other seats you’ll have the seats that are furthest from the center of the stage i.e. seat 36.

  • Sasha

    Hi! I am hoping someone can please give me advise!!! I am getting ready to purchase tickes to Wicked and it will be my first broadway experence. Could you please tell me which of the three seat options would be best? First Center Orch Row P Seats 111 & 112, Second also center Row Q Seats 109 & 108, and last option Also Orch but Right Isle Seats Row M Seats 2 & 4. Thank you for any advise as I really appreciate it!!!!! :)

    • Brett Goldberg

      I would put a premium on seats 2 & 4 since they are aisle seats. Besides that they are more or less all of the same seats. So I would also use the price as the biggest determinant in which seats I would buy.

  • Cheryl

    Hi I am a party of eight and the only tickets we can source all together are at rear mezzanine right H14-28, are these seats really so bad? Should consider splitting my group? Is it worth seeing the show from these seats

    • Brett Goldberg

      Cheryl – There are not horrible. I do think you may want to consider splitting into groups of 4 to get better seats at cheaper prices.

  • steve

    hi I have tickets to q 33 are they bad seats ?

  • Natalie

    i am debating between orchestra seats: row Q seat 111&112 or row M seat 6&8 or row N seat 7&9. which seats would you recommend? thank you!

    • Brett Goldberg

      To be honest they are all so similar, and they are all good, I would buy whichever Wicked tickets are cheaper.

  • imogen

    My daughter likes to be close up, so right now we’re looking at row A, B, or thereabouts, seats 9 & 11 or 10 &12 (that’s the closest in that’s available). if I understand you right, we’re better off with orchestra left?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Sorry for the confusion on the review of the Gershwin Theater Seating chart. You should buy orchestra right if you have the opportunity.

  • craigmax9

    Thanks for the info. I am priced strapped, so I am really trying hard to pick the best seats in my budget range. Can you tell me which you think would be better or if it simply does not matter between the seats I am looking at. Center Orchestra Row X or Y and MMEZZ Row F. Thanks! -Craig

    • Brett Goldberg

      Craig – Assuming the price of these Wicked tickets are the same I would go with the Orchestra seats for the Gershwin theatre.

  • Charlene

    Which seats would be better? Orchestra Row O center or Front Mezzanine Row B center? If I choose orchestra can I see the stage really good or will the people in front of us be in the way? It is for my daughters sweet sixteen and there are 7 of us going. Want them to have the best time!!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Charlene – We just added some pictures of the Gershwin Theatre seating configuration to help you better understand what it looks like.

      I think Orchestra row O would be great. Where are you buying your Wicked tickets? Have you checked our ticket site:

  • julie

    I’m looking at buying FmezzrowE seat115,116,117 they look good are they?

    • Peter D’Antonio

      They’re great seats! Shouldn’t be a problem with any sort of obstructed views there.

  • Tamara

    I was thinking about purchasing tickets in the very front row of the mezzanine overhang which are located on the far sides of the theatre. what do you think of these seats? do they have any kind of obstructed view?

  • rebecca

    thank you so much for this info! question–just wanted to clarify which side is right and which is left–because there seems to be contradicting information as to which is odd and which is even. and for the partially obstructed seats, which side is better? thank you!

    • Peter D’Antonio


      If you look at the first seating map above it labels even and odd sides. When your looking at the stage, even is on the right and odd is on the left.

      As far as partially obstructed views go, Orchestra Left (the odd numbered side) above row G are the best Gerswhin Theatre limited view seats. I see the mistake I made above contradicting myself, and corrected it. Thanks for pointing it out!

      Have a good one!

      • Jennifer Boyce Crowther

        Did you correct the mistake? you said in the Orchestra Right section that the best seats are on the Orchestra right side, but then put odd number that which is Orchestra Left.

        • Brett Goldberg

          Thanks for pointing out the typo. We fixed it. We meant the Orchestra Right is better than Orchestra Left.

  • Brett Goldberg

    Hi Will – The seats in the mezzanine sections at Gerswhin Theater actually aren’t that different, so I would select tickets based on the price. Have you checked TickPick: