Izod Center Seating Chart – Detailed Izod Center Seating Info

Everything you need to know about the Izod Center Seating Chart before buying tickets.

I am not sure about you, but I like to have as much information regarding Izod Center’s seating chart before buying tickets, particularly the seat numbers. Like many venues, seat numbers in the Izod Center follow an easy pattern.

Izod Center Seating Chart


100’s Sections: 

If you are looking for tickets in the 100s along the sides (sections 104 to 112 and 118 to 126) it’s important to pay close attention to the row numbers. These sections are typically organized from row 1 to 26, and although Row 1 sounds ideal, this isn’t always the case.

Row #1 is literally on the floor, so when you are sitting or standing you are at the same height as the people on the floor. For concerts (specially if your fiance is below 5’6) the ideal row begins with row 4, otherwise the people on the floor will block your view (this can be seen in the picture above).

Almost every row in the 100s has 14 seats, however, sections 124 and 106 have some rows with 16 seats. Also,  sections 101-103 & 127-128 typically have 12 seats in each row, however some of the higher rows will have more seats going as high as 18 seats.

Seat #1 will always be closer to the adjacent section with the lower section number. For example, in section 103 seat #1 is next to section 102, and seat #12 (in section 103) is next to section 104.


200’s Sections:

I would not choose to sit in any of the sections between section 215 to 231. Sections 214 & 232 are questionable (because of the angle and view of the stage) but sections 213 and 233 will give you the “closest” view of the stage without compromising your perspective and angle. Sections from 201-212 and 234-244 will hopefully meet your expectations.

Expert tip: For each section that you move closer to the center section (i.e. 212 or 234) I would be willing to sacrifice 2 rows. Thus, I would be indifferent to sitting in row 7 of section 210 vs row 5 of section 209 or row 3 of section 208.

Seat #1 in section 208 is on the aisle closer to section 207 and seat #10 in section 208 is on the aisle closer to section 209. Most sections have between 12 and 14 seats per a row. The center sections (210-214 and 232-236) typically have 14 seats in a row. The lower rows often have less seats (between 6 and 10) and the higher row numbers almost always have 14 seats.

Izod Center Floor Seats for Concerts:

The floor sections for the concert seating chart follows the same logic as the rest of the venue. The lower seat numbers are always on the right hand side of the section and the higher seat numbers are on the left side of the section (to be clear this is for sections 1 thru 9).

Sections 1-3 & 7-9 have 26 rows, while sections 4-6 typically have 21 rows.

For most concerts each floor section has 16 seats per a row, but some concerts change the seating map and may have 18 seats per a row.

Izod Center 3d seating chart

Left: taken from the 18th row of sec 103. Right: taken from the 4th row of sec 121 (no zoom).

Summary of Izod Center Seating:

Izod Center is a surprisingly intimate venue. I recently sat in section 103, to see Dave Matthews. I was delightfully surprised with how well I could see the stage (the picture above is misleading).

Just remember, TickPick is the only ticket site that aggregates thousands of tickets and has no buyers fees. So when you are comparing prices make sure you compare the total price at the checkout. When you buy tickets to the Izod Center here, you’ll automatically save 10% to 15%.


Izod Center Parking Information

Parking at the Izod Center is surprisingly good compared to other venues of this volume. You can pay $30 in advance to get a guaranteed spot in the closest parking garage to Izod Center here. However, you can go to the venue & pay $25 (cash only) for whatever parking is available (parking map). We’ll leave that decision up to you, but either way, the parking at the Izod Center is pretty hassle-free.

Still have questions? Tweet at us with your questions @itickpick, or find additional information using our Interactive Izod Center Seating Chart.

If you have a question about the Izod Center Seating Chart that others may have leave it in the comments below.

  • King

    I have seats 122 ROW 3 9 and 10 how are those for the chris brown concert anybody know

    • Jack Slingland

      You will be very happy with those seats

  • Nubia

    What the best seat for frozen on ice please ? I want to make sure we will be facing the show Tomorrow? Thanks

  • Nubia

    Nobody is answering what is the best seats for frozen on ice this Friday nov 28? I am looking on the section 110 is that closer to the ice rink? How about 127? need to know ASAP since the tickets are going faster.

  • Jackie

    I am looking at tickets for Disney on Ice. Are sections 1, 2, & 3 completely on the floor, or do they become elevates in the back? Also, is it better to be towards the front of sections 101, 102 or 128, directly facing the ice, or along the side, in section 107 (row 16 or back)? Thanks!

  • Kay

    Hi I have section 209 row 9(seats 2-5) for Frozen on ice at Izod are these good seats?

  • Diana

    Hello…I want to purchase tickets for Frozen on ice and was considering Section 6 row 10 seats 1-2 or section 108 row 12 seats 4-5….which one will be better for a four year old???

  • Amanda K

    Looks like the last post was a while ago but maybe you can still help me… I will hopefully be buying presale tickets for Maroon 5 for March. I am wondering if you have any suggestions for the best seats to try and get. I’m worried that if I get pit tickets, we won’t be able to see. And if all of the floor seating is one level, I doubt we’ll be able to see much. I saw in another post that you posted a seating chart specific to Maroon 5’s concerts. Do you know if that typically stays the same or where can I find it? I’ll take any suggestions I can…Thanks in advance!

  • Moira

    Brett……I just got TKTS for Frozen on Ice. Section 101 – Row 2 – Seats 1, 2 & 3. Any thoughts???? thank you so very much! I love your blog BTW.

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Moira – I think those seats will be just fine!

  • ally

    Hi Brett! great info, but i’m still confused, how do you go about seating for ‘life in color’ event?

  • C M

    looking to buy tix for the circus. Is section 125 good??

  • David

    I’m deciding on buying tickets for Miley Cyrus for section 111 or section 125, which would you consider??? thanks in advance!

  • Mary

    For my daughters 13th birthday I got her Demi Lovato tickets…. I was wondering about our view… I got section Section 125 Row 21 Seat 6,7 are those OK seats,… Are we close to the stage..?

  • Melissa

    Hi- how would you rate section 1 at the Izod center and 212? Seating is for Miley Cyrus. Thank you

  • Melissa

    Hi. How woulld you rate section 1 for Miley Cyrus at Izod center? How would you rate section 212 as well? Thank you!

  • MelDav522

    I have tickets for section 9 row L for the amount of $ im spendign I want to make sure we will have good viewing

  • Jordan

    What would you choose for JT concert?

    Section 119 row 23
    Section 213 row 19

  • debdoodle

    in Section 212, I have seats 9 through 12. Is one ticket an aisle seat?

    • Jack Slingland

      No, seat 14 in that section is the aisle seat.

  • Kaajal

    There is an imagine dragons concert on march 8 at the izod center… I was wondering if general admission (no seats) would be better than seat in section 108 row 14 (seats 1-3)? Also how early would we have to get there to be front row or near front row so we could see clearly for general admission if the concert is at 7pm?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi – It depends on how tall you are, and how earlier you get there. If you want to be near the front row you will need to arrive when they open the doors for the show. I personally would prefer 108 because you are elevated and guaranteed a good view of the entire stage.

  • Amrita Datta

    Hey Brett,
    You have excellent information here. I hoping to get some help from you to book tickets to the JT concert on Nov 9th.
    Would you rather recommend Section 108, Row 15 ,seats 3-4 or Section 119, Row 13, 5-6 or Section 101 Row 19. I am short (5 feet) and my husband is tall (6 feet). Please let me know…Thanks! Will send you pictures of what we see :)

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Amrita – I’d be happy to help you here. I would rule out section 101 and 119. 101, although centered puts you very far from the stage, and 119 leaves you viewing the stage at a big angle, blocking your view of the screens and the light show. Since you are on the shorter side I would also avoid all GA tickets.

      Your best bet would be section 108 or 122. 108 row 15 would give you great viewing angles and the row is a great elevation from the floor seats as well. If you want speak with a representative directly give us a call at 845-538-4567!

  • morrish810

    How do seat numbers run on the floor
    Section 9 Row E seats 13 and 14 are these far down the row away from stage?
    do numbers start near stage at seat 1 or is it the opposite?

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      The lower seat numbers are always on the right hand side of the section and the higher seat numbers are on the left side of the section (to be clear this is for sections 1 thru 9).

  • Lisa Cuthbert

    Hey for Cher is Section 126 Row 26 good

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Hi Lisa, they are not great, but they are okay.

  • Lauren

    I wanted to get Demi Lovato tix. Do you think Section 5 is good on the floor about half way back? Will she have a second stage??

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Those are okay seats, I rather be in the 100s closer to the stage.

  • Ricky

    How good are section 5 row M seats? Thanks!

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Ricky,

      Those seats are OK, if you are on the taller side. Because the seats are in the middle of the floor, your view can be obstructed by the people standing in front of you. What is the event you are interested in?

      • Ricky

        Justin Timberlake concert.. I’m about 5 foot 11, my girlfriend is about 5 foot 6. Thanks!

        • Jack Slingland

          In that case I would not recommend those seats. You would be better off in a section off the floor such as 107-109 or 121-123. That way you are sure to have full view of the stage and will have some elevation.

  • danny

    Looking for JT Tix for Nov 9 I am looking at either 111 or 119 wanted to get your thoughts on these seats, vs going up a few sections over in teh 200s as price point is pretty close. Please advise when you can.

  • Mike

    Or is 213 Row 3 better than 239 Row 1?

  • Mike

    Hi Brett, is Section 239 Row 1 good for a concert at the Izod Center?

  • james

    will the seats in 105 row 15 provide a decent view for JT?

  • YennyVi

    For Justin Timberlake’s concert the 9th of November, what seats would you choose between:
    A) Section: 206 Row: 16 Seat: 12.
    B) Section: 102 Row: 16 Seat: 3.
    C) Section: 119 Row: 13 Seat: 9.
    D) Section: 232 Row: 5 Seat: 9.
    Would you please compare them?
    What do you think of, or how would you rate, the view from section 206??
    Thank you very much =)

  • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

    FYI – Here’s the detailed seating chart for the Justin Timberlake concert at Izod Center on November 9th, note the VIP tables and VIP GA tickets are at the back of the venue, doesn’t quite seem ideal to me.

    • DTK

      Brett, love your site. A couple of questions for you on the JT show. One, do you know if Section 8 is actually going to be part of the stage where he comes out? Doesn’t seem to be available for purchase. If that is the case, would Section 5 be a prime seat? Or is there a way to determine what seats in Section 7 or 9 would be closer to the outcropping stage?

      • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

        The seating chart above is the official Justin Timberlake seating chart for Izod Center, so I assume it’s correct, but you are right, I am not seeing any tickets in section 8 for sale. The first couple rows in Section 5 would be good, like row B for $417 each, or D for $367.

        Unfortunately, not many sellers are providing seat numbers, but the lower seat numbers are always on the right hand side of the section and the higher seat numbers are on the left side of the section.


        Email us if you have a question about any specific Just Timberlake tickets.

        • DTK

          THanks Brett. Is there any way to find out seat numbers? It could make a huge difference as to enjoyment if you are right at the stage as opposed to on the other side of the aisle. Isn’t it odd that people won’t give seat numbers?

          • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

            I agree. Email us which Justin Timberlake tickets you are looking at and we’ll contact the seller to get the seat numbers.

  • Em

    Hi Brett – What is better, section 110/120 or section 109/121 (for Beyonce)?

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      It really depends on the seating chart configuration for that particular concert at the Izod Center as well as the seat numbers. The safer bet would be section 109 / 121.

  • happy

    What is row pb3 section 108 at Izod Center? No seat number posted

  • ajh

    Is section 124 row 6 or 7 at Izod Center decent seating for Beyonce’s concert. No seat number posted.

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      I would say it’s fair to say it’s decent, I would rather be closer to section 121.

  • Cas

    I am trying to buy Beyonce tickets at Izod center. Looking at section 123 or 122 row 16. Your thoughts

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Hi Cas – Price obviously plays a big role in that decision. If they were the same price I would buy section 122. I see tickets on TIckPick for the Beyonce concert at Izod Center in section 123 row 16 for $260. An even better deal is the tickets for $222 in section 122 row 20.


  • Janis

    Hi. We have GA tix for Beyonce and we are all short.. 5’4 and shorter. Which part of the floor would you suggest we go to?? And how early should we get there?

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Hi Janis – I think your best bet is to just hang towards the back of the floor for the Izod Center near the Bey Stage. It shouldn’t get too crowded and I would focus on getting a good spot for when Beyonce performs on the Bey Stage.

  • KingBeysus

    Hi Brett,

    Are tickets in section 106 row 24 going to be alright for Beyonce on the 31st of July?

    Much thanks! :)

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Those will be good seats for the Beyonce concert at Izod Center.

  • Stephanie

    Hello, just wanted to start with a quick thank you. Your site is amazing I wish I would’ve found it earlier!

    I’m looking at tickets for One Direction at the Izod Center. I’m stuck between getting Section 9 Row J or Section 108 Row 3. I’m leaning more towards Section 9 because of price and its also on the floor but my main concern is seat number. Are the seats towards the center or the outside?

  • Kaylee

    Hi! I was wondering what seats are better to see One Direction in July. Section 102 Row 21 or Section 209 Row 23! Could you please help? :)

  • Penelope

    Hi! Which seats are better for the NKOTB upcoming concert..section 120 or 127? Thanks!

  • BeyonceFan

    Great article really helpful. I have seats in section 119 row 23 and 17 for the Beyonce concert. The tickets say side view. I was wondering how good of a view it will be and will there be any obstruction ? I know 23 is almost the end of the section but I was wondering if it was really far back ? Thanks in advance !!

  • Cesar Patino

    Good Evening, I am planning to buy ticket for the Beyoncé concert on 7/31/2013 for my girlfriend as a gift. I want to get to best seating for her. The chart is not very specific on seating. I was wondering is general admission floor is a good view? when buying a general admission floor ticket their is no seat assigned, does that mean is first come for server and would be standing. Does she have to be there early. thank you

    • http://www.facebook.com/brettiangoldberg Brett Ian Goldberg

      Cesar – You are right. General admission is standing only and it is a first come first serve basis. There are two stages, the “bey stage” is towards the back of the floor so I am sure people will be moving around a lot. If your GF doesn’t mind standing the whole time than I think GA will be the best deal. Otherwise look for tickets on TickPick, select the 3, 4 & 5 star seats and deselect the GA section, it will be easy to find some great Beyonce deals:

      • Cesar Patino

        thank you so much for you answer, I have a another question, what section would be a good view to see both stages?, i was looking at section 119, 122, or 108. what do u think?

        • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

          I would say 108 or 122 would be the best seats for the Beyonce concert at the Izod Center.

  • Emily

    Hello, I wanted to know what the order of seat numbers are for Izod Center Section 4. Its for One Direction and they have a stage in what is supposed to be section 5 and I wanted to see if I’m lucky enough and have seats closer to that stage

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.a.kinney.1 Laura Anderson Kinney

    We have GA tickets for Muse this Friday at the Izod in NJ. How early should we show up to get the best opportunity to get up front? Thanks

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      I would get there as early as you can… Doors open at 6:30pm and Show starts at 7:30pm Featuring Dead Sara. Muse will probably go on around 830 to 9:30pm.

  • Katherine

    Hello, i got floor 4 row o for a one direction concert but im kinda nervous i might not see them because im 5’4 and i wanna know how the view is, i also have seat 3 and im worried that im going to be in the side too

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Would you actually be willing to sell them and buy other tickets? There’s a lot of cost transaction costs to swapping tickets.

  • Katherine

    Hello, i got floor 4 row o for a one direction concert but im kinda nervous i might not see them because im 5’4 and i wanna know how the view is

  • jt

    So.could i see beyonce my tickets is section 205 seat 23

  • jeffhardyforevr

    i sat in floor 7 row hh for a raw event last year, great seats! right near wrestlers entrance ramp, those seats are sold out now but section 1 and 2 are available rows j, g, jj and p are for sale in both sections. what are the best ones? best view? are any by the commentary table? im taking my 9 year old son.

  • Melissa G

    Hello again,
    I’m about to purchase Floor 8 row:R Tickets for the One Direction concert are they good seats? Thank you

  • Melissa G

    I wanted to go to a 1D concert, I’m not exactly sure which seats would probably be the best for me. I was thinking 100’s section. Don’t know which one I should go for to have an amazing view. I don’t know much about this venue, and I would like the best seats possible. Which section should I go for if I choose the 100’s? Price range isn’t the biggest issue I have, but their is a budget though.

    -Thank you!

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Hi Melissa – Here’s my quick suggestion as to which One Direction tickets you should by (ordered by price / budget):
      1. Section 105 row 9 for $550 each
      2. Section 123 row 3 for $765 each
      3. Section 120 row 8 for $915 each


      Email me (brett at tickpick.com) if you need more help

      • Melissa G

        Thank you so much, I know that you guys don’t have section 119 available for that concert but would you know how the seats are there by any chance? If not I might go with another section.

  • CapnFoo

    I’m going to see WWE Raw in April and I just got section 4 seats in section 102 row 17. The entrance ramp is where the stage is for a concert and the ring is right in the middle of the arena floor. How do you think my view will be?

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Capnfoo – If you didn’t think your seats were good would you sell them and buy other tickets?

      • CapnFoo

        Already did lol I went with section 106 row 23. I’m thinking these seats will be much better.

  • DMG

    I’m looking to buy some Beyonce tickets for me and 5 friends but im really having a hard time trying to figure out what seats to go with.I really want to be in the 100 seats but not trying to break the bank please help.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brettiangoldberg Brett Ian Goldberg

      If you must sit in the 100s, I see 5 tickets in section 104 row 11 for $284 each. If that’s too much than I would buy GA / floor tickets for the Beyonce Izod Center concert, which are about $195 each.


      Let us know if you have any other questions.

    • DMG

      Thank fo the help Brett.We are looking at the GA / floor tickets my only concern is that im short and am worried i wont be able to see.

      • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

        It’s a legitimate concern, but the fact that there’s two stages it’s going to be much better than the typical concert. Height is a big issue when you are trying to get yourself as close as possible, but if you are okay, giving some space in between you and the masses of people in the front you’ll be fine.

        Plus, I think it would be best to stand near the Bey Stage, while Beyonce is on the main stage, this way, when she moves there, you can also experience what it’s like to be super close to Beyonce and the stage.

  • Joe

    I am looking to buy tickets for Raw on 4/8 but am a little confused on the seating. How is section 106 row 22. Isn’t that almost the end of the row, wouldn’t I be very close to 210 ? I am looking for a good view.

    • Joe

      **not the end of the row, but end of the section**

  • Tanya

    Seats Section: 105
    Row: 8
    Are those good seats for The Beyonce concert?

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Hi Tanya – Those seats for the Beyonce concert will be good. You will be close to the Bey stage, when she performs there and will have a good view for the rest of the concert.

  • emma

    Hi, im going to see One Direction in July at the Izod and I have section 4 row R … do you think I will have a good view?

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      decent seats… I would prefer to be right off the floor in the 100s, but you’ll enjoy the concert.

  • Rich

    Hey, awesome site. I am looking at section 120 row 8 for 1D expensive but for my daughter grad gift. what do you think?

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Those one direction tickets at the Izod Center would be an awesome gift!

  • jt

    How is row 205 row 23

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      it’s ok…

  • teyonce

    Which would be the better choice section 125 Row: 10 or section 104 row 6 for the beyonce concert.

    • Brett Goldberg

      If I am looking at the same tickets that you are looking at, then I would choose section 125 row 10, particularly because it’s seat number 2, which will be right next to the aisle towards section 124.

  • teyonce

    Hello I am on line looking for beyonce tickets..they have rows 1-26 posted at $934 but then have row 25 @ $216.00? HELP PLEASE..lol
    123251 left$216Note: Tickets will be ready for delivery by Jul 27, 2013.
    123213 left$294Note: Tickets will be ready for delivery by Jul 27, 2013.
    123121 left$355
    123182 left$372Note: Tickets will be ready for delivery by Jul 21, 2013.
    1231-266 left$908Note: Tickets will be ready for delivery by Jul 24, 2013.
    1231-254 left$910Note: Tickets will be ready for delivery by Jul 24, 2013.
    1231-264 left$934Note: Tickets will be ready for delivery by Jul 27, 2013.
    1231-254 left$936

    • tony J

      Is this a question? Different sellers ask for different prices…

      • teyonce

        my question is not about the price it is the rows. in the same section you have row 25 posted..then you have row 1-25 posted…Are you buying tickets for the entire row 1-25 posting?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Teyonce – Thanks for reading our blog. Why don’t you shoot an email to support@tickpick.com and we can discuss this further. Please just reference the section that you are referring to because I don’t see the Beyonce ticket listings that you are referring to. Thanks again, Brett

  • Jo

    Hi! I am seeing One Direction in July in Section 9, row G, seats 1 & 2. Do you think this is a good view? I’m worried its closer to the end of the stage than the center. Thanks!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Jo – I am 98% sure that those seats are on the inside of the section, thus closer to the center of the stage!

      These are awesome seats.

      • Jo

        Thanks a lot for the feedback!!!!

  • Jo

    Hi! I have section 9, row G, seats 1 & 2 for 1D in July…I’m worried that this section is closer to the end of the stage and not closer to the center. What is your opinion on whether these seats are good or not?

  • Megan Southard

    Hi, how is the view of the stage going to be for the MUSE concert in April from section 108 row 12,seats 9 and 10? I’m only 5’3″ so I’m a little concerned.
    Do you think I’ll have a pretty good view?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Megan – for the Muse concert at Izod Center, you definitely have some good seats. You never know who is sitting in front of you so it’s possible your view may be bothered by some tall guys.

      If that’s the case, look in the row behind you and see if there’s any people behind you who would trade. They benefit by moving a row closer, and you will benefit by seeing better!

      Enjoy the concert

  • Cathy

    What is your opinion of seats 17 and 18, row G, section 7 for Maroon 5 concert on Saturday?? Are higher number seats closer to middle of stage for this section?

  • RCP

    Hello, I am nervous that I wont see too much of the stage for when I go to the Maroon 5 concert this Saturday. Therefore, I thought you could help out. I am sitting in Section 118, Row 14, Seats 3-4. I know there are 26 rows in this section, however, how many seats are in each row in section 118? In honest opinion, would you think i can see a good chunk of the stage?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi – Most rows in the 100s in the Izod Center have 14 to 16 seats. However, given that your seats are 3 & 4, you know you are right next to section 117, and to be honest, for most concerts and seating chart configurations this is not a good thing.

      There’s not much you can do now, so I hope the Maroon 5 seating chart works in your favor, but I am somewhat skeptical. The one thing that you have going for you is that there’s a long runway, which I am hopeful that you will have an unobstructed view of that.

      Please let us know how it was!

      • RCP

        It was great! The map worked in our favor. We couldnt see the screen that was behind the stage but the whole stage, band were completely visible. I attached a pic below

        • Brett Goldberg

          RCP – You are awesome for sharing that information! Next time you are looking to buy tickets reach out to me directly. Just remind me of this and I will take care of you!

          Thanks for following up!

  • creatza555
  • RR

    is Floor AA front row or is Floor A front row???????? I’m confused and I want to get tickets for wrestling

    • Brett Goldberg

      RR – What section are you looking at?

      For most seating chart configurations at the Izod Center row A is the front row. However, if there’s a Row AA, that would mean that they changed the seating chart for that event and added in a temporary row, where those rows would be in front of row A.

      Note, depending on the event there may also be a row BB (in front of row A).

  • ruby

    For Concerts would row 23 but in level 110 be better then Row 15 in 108 or vice versa?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Ruby – Sorry for the delay… I would rather be in row 23, section 110. That’s because this section will be closer to the stage.

      However, the viewing angle in row 15 section 108 will be better.

      Bottom line regardless which tickets you choose for the Izod Center you are going to see you are going to be happy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.a.smith.96 Nicole A. Smith

    For concerts sometimes the whole floor is GA as well, I much rather be in the 100s sections (since this fiancé) is shorter than 5’6. I am just saying…