LP Field Seating Chart – Tennessee Titans Seating Chart


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LP Field Virtual Seating Chart with Row Numbers (hover over each section)

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LP Field Seating – 100s Sections: Row and Seat Numbers

Seating Chart TitansIn the 100′s Level, seat 1 is always closer to the lower numbered section. For example, Section 113, Seat 1 is on the side closest to section 112. Another important thing to keep in mind is that LP field uses Row letters, not numbers. The rows in the 100′s sections go from A to Z, and then from AA to LL. Typically each row has 24 seats (1 to 24). Contrary to what most people think, I wouldn’t recommend sitting in the first few rows. Instead, I would suggest rows E through Z for the best views in the stadium.


200s Sections


LP Field 200's LevelAlmost all sections in the 200’s Level have 22 seats. Rows are labeled with letters beginning with A and ending with Z. Again, Seat number 1 is located closer to the lower numbered section. For example, Seat 1 Row A in section 213 is closest to Seat 22 Row A in section 212.


300s Sections

Seating Chart for LP FieldIn the 300’s sections of LP Field the same rules still apply for seat 1: it is closest to the lower numbered section. An example would be seat 1 in section 312 being closest to seat 24 in section 311. Typically, there are 24 seats to a row in the 300’s. Lastly, 300’s sections begin with Row A and go to Z then go from AA-ZZ. Remember: the double letter rows always mean worse seats than the single numbers.


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