MetLife Stadium Seating Chart, Seat Views, Rows & Seat Numbers

Metlife Stadium
by Brett Goldberg on September 2, 2014

Here’s everything you want to know about the MetLife Stadium seating chart, home to the New York Giants, New York Jets and the 2014 Super Bowl. The Metlife seating charts below include row & seat numbers, 3d seat views and tips on the best seats for football games or concerts at MetLife Stadium. For specific info on suites check out this Metlife Stadium Suites Review.

Metlife Stadium Seating Chart – NY Giants & NY Jets Seating


Metlife Stadium Seating Chart With Row Numbers & Seat Views

Hover over the interactive Metlife Stadium Seating Chart to see how many rows are in a section and to see a view from your seat for either NY Giants or NY jets games.

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See the 3d Metlife Stadium seating chart and a view from your seat here.


Metlife Stadium Seating Chart With Seat Numbers

Metlife Stadium SeatingAs in many other stadiums, MetLife tries to carry a simple reoccurring theme regarding seat numbers and placement. The MetLife Stadium seating configuration is the same for every section, so seat #1 will always be near the aisle closest to the lower labeled section.

For example: Section 110, Row 1, Seat 1 will be located at the front row, at the seat nearest the aisle between section 110 and section 109. As you can see in the picture, seat #1 in section 110 is nearest section 109.

If you have tickets in Section 110, Row 34, Seat 18, you will located in the last row on the lower level nearest the aisle between section 110 and section 111.

If your are looking for the number of seats in a specific row you can get more details on the exact seat numbers (per row) for the Jets and Giants Seating chart by visiting here.


The Best Seats at Metlife Stadium

First off, in my opinion whether you sit on the Giants side (section 109 to 117) or the visitor side (section 134 to 143) I don’t think it matters at all. Obviously some of the best seats are sections 135, 136, 137 and 112, 113 and 114. Putting aside coolness factor, the best seat would be in between row 10 and 20. When sitting at or near the 50 yard line, this elevation is important for viewing purposes allowing you to gain depth perception and better angles when the game is being played on the opposite side of the field or near an endzone.

When looking to buy tickets in any of the 100s sections the first row seats are only desired for the experience, not for the view. For example, being in the first row of a section in the endzone can be great for the occasional touchdown, but this perk will also have it’s cons when the ball is on the opposite side. This comes down to personal preference, but I think it’s safe to say for the 100s sections on the sidelines you want seats higher then the 10th row, so the best seats are between row 10 and 20.


Where to Sit if There’s Bad Weather?

If the weather is bad, the best seats in the house to avoid the wrath of mother nature are located under the overhang behind both end zones. These sections are 121-131, 101-106, and 146-149. The overhang covers rows 36 to 45. These seats are best when weather conditions are less than optimal. If you rather rough it out while watching the NY Giants or NY Jets, rows 1-35 should have some great deals available.


Concert Seating Chart for Metlife Stadium

The seating chart for concerts at the Metlife Stadium are very similar; whether it’s an NFL game or a concert, the one big difference is the floor seats. Depending on the performer, the seating chart may differ. For example, see the MetLife seating charts for Jay-Z & Beyonce, One Direction, and Eminem & Rihanna concerts below. All three concerts have different seating chart configurations.

Beyonce & Jay-Z           |           One Direction           |           Eminem & Rihanna

metlife seating charts beyonce rihanna one direction

Beyonce’s seating chart set-up is the standard Metlife Stadium concert seating map, for the most part. With the rare exception of the Eminem & Rihanna concert, the orientation of the seat numbers are usually the same for each concert.


Concert Metlife Stadium Seating

Seat number 1 in section 1 is going to be furthest from the center of the stage, and the higher seat number in section 1, typically seat number 18 will be on the aisle towards section 2 and closer to the center of the stage. So the lower seat number is always closer to the adjacent section with a lower section number, and the higher seat number is always closer to the section next to it with a higher seat number. For example seat number 18 in section 3 will be next to section 4.

For the most accurate seating chart and the cheapest tickets, find the concert you are looking to attend here (you’ll see a detailed seating chart and tickets with no service fees).


Metlife Stadium Parking Map

  • The Blue Pass or General Admission permit will get you into every parking lot except E, F or G
  • The Red Pass or the VIP parking permit will get you into Lots E, F or G
Metlife Stadium Parking Map

1 MetLife Stadium Drive
East Rutherford, NJ 07073

If you have a specific question regarding the NY Giants, NY Jets or Metlife Stadium seating chart, ask in the comments below, or tweet at us @itickpick if you want advice on which tickets to buy.