Seating Chart – Madison Square Garden Seating Info & Pictures


Madison Square Garden just completed their three year renovation and we’ve got the most detailed MSG Seating Chart with seat views, row numbers, seat numbers and other helpful tips.

  • The Knicks seating chart above provides row & seat numbers for the 100 sections. Note seat numbers are the same whether you’re going to a concert, or Rangers game. (Click to zoom)
  • When looking at the Madison Square Garden Seating Chart above, please note the 200s are no longer next to the 100s due to recent renovations. See the new MSG seating chart below.

NY Rangers Seating Chart

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  • The Rangers shoot twice on the side with section numbers 110 to 114.
  • The Rangers bench is in front of section 106-107, while the visitors bench is front of 107-108.
  • If you are looking for tickets in the 100s it’s not worth paying a premium for rows 3 to 10, instead save a few bucks and sit higher to avoid the glass and net, from blocking your sightlines.


Rangers Seating Chart with Row Numbers & Seat Views

Hover over any section to see row numbers as well as a seat views from that section


MSG Seating Chart – Maps, Tips & More

100s Sections: Seat #1 is always closer to the lower section number, for example, seat #1 in Section 107 is on the aisle next to section 106.

Note: the detailed seating chart (above) shows the 100s and 200s meshed together, this was only the case in 2011 and 2012. Most of the dark red area is gone and replace by suites as of 2013.

100s Seat numbers: Most rows have between 18 and 20 seats, however each row may be different (check the map for exact details).

Detailed MSG Seating Layout

Note: Section 105 to 109 and 115 to 119 only has 22 rows, while the rest of the 100s have 25 rows. In section 106, rows 6 to 20 have 20 seats per a row. The rest of the rows have between 16 and 19 seats, except row 22, which has 22 seats (and seat #22 is next to seat #1 of section 107).

200s Sections: Like the 100s, seat #1 is always closer to the lower section number, for example seat #1 in Section 224 is on the aisle next to section 223.

Note: The first row of every section in the 200s has a TV (which is an added benefit for people all the way into the 5th row).

200s Seat numbers: Most rows have between 18 and 22 seats, however each row is different and ranges from 10 to 24 seats.

Madison Square Garden Detailed Seating Chart with Seat Numbers

For example, there are 6 rows in section 206 and 16 seats in almost every row. Meanwhile section 205 only has 4 rows and 10 seats per a row. Section 204, has two rows; row 1 which is handicap / wheelchair accessible has 40 seats (it is up to the individual if they are comfortable buying ADA seats or not).
Note: In sections 210 to 212 and 223 to 225 almost every row as 22 seats in it.

400s Seat numbers: The seat numbers in the 400s are the opposite of the 100s & 200s, therefore the lower seat numbers are closer to the higher section numbers (seat #1 in section 415 is next to section 416).

MSG Bar Stool Seats: B stands for Barstool seats and they are what you would expect (a bar stool), but they do have a small back to support you a little. Almost all bar stool seats are the last row of the section. The perks of these seats are the ability to stand (with plenty of room and no one behind you), as well as a permanent counter to eat food and keep your drinks on.

West Balcony: See pictures and my personal opinion below (I love these seats!)

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Knicks Seating Chart

MSG Interactive Knicks Seating chart (hover over sections for row numbers)

  • Knicks Bench: In front of section 6, while the visitors are in front of section 4.
  • Knicks Club Seats: Platinum, gold and silver seats all have the same benefits (separate entrance & in seat service). The only difference is the view.
  • Club Seats: Section 116-118, 106-108 and the first 12 rows of 105, 109, 115 & 119.
  • The Madison Club: Suite 59-66 includes VIP amenities such as food & lounge access.
  • Delta Sky360 Club: The most expensive tickets, gives fans access to premier, all-inclusive dining and behind the scenes views of the MSG broadcast & player entries.
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MSG Concert Seating Chart

Thanks to the recent renovation at MSG the seat numbers for the floor sections (for a concert) follow the same logic as the 100s and 200s.

Therefore, in sections A-F and 1-3, seat number 1 will always be closer to the lower section number. For example seat #1 in section Floor B will be on the aisle closer to section A. Depending on the concert there will be 14-18 seats per a floor section, so on average seat #16 in section B will be on the aisle next to section C.

So seat #1 in Floor A is the farthest from the center of the stage, thus the higher the seat number the better the seat. However, when looking at tickets in section Floor C the lower the seat number the closer you are to the center of the stage. Because most people don’t know this, the best MSG concert seats (at the best prices) are the side floor sections that are closer to section B.


Madison Square Garden Concert Seating ChartI don’t recommend sitting in section D, E or F on the floor (except the first couple rows). The floor has no elevation, so your view is often blocked by people’s heads. You’d be much better off with seats in the 100s. The best sections are 108 and 116. For concerts TickPick uses algorithms to help you figure out what’s the best seat for the best price.

I would say the 20th row in section 108 is equivalent to the 15th row in section 107, which would be equivalent to the 10th row in section 106. So a simple rule of thumb is that the difference in view, from one section to the next, is the same difference one would encounter by moving up or down 5 rows.

Note: the further you get from the stage the less important this is. For example, in the 200s, I would say it’s 3 rows per a section.

The Best Seats at MSG

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Madison Square Garden Seating - The West Balcony / 300s

P.S. The West Balcony seats are my favorite seats for Knicks games. Even if you’re not sitting there it’s a great place to meet. It has lots of space and the concessions are inside the main arena so you can grab a hot dog & beer while still watching the game.

P.P.S. Stubhub ain’t got nothing on us

Madison Square Garden Seating – In Seat Pictures

  • A view of the Chase Bridge Seats

Have a question? If it’s about a specific seat ask us on TwitterFacebook or Google+. General questions about the MSG Seating Chart that apply to everyone should be asked below.

  • Pete

    Hey, how bad is the obstructed view in sec215… Row 11
    Thanks, p

  • Joseph Shazam

    I never write reviews, but this was so useful. It helped me find seats that were both better and cheaper than ones that seemed better, and I actually found tickets that were about $10 less for the same seat here, plus there wasn’t $40 in hidden fees. Thank you so much.

  • Jake

    I am looking at seats 15 and 16 in section 114 Row 9 are these end seats ? and are they descent for a Joel concert

    • Joe Cassitto

      Jake – Those are not going to be aisle seats, most sections in the 100 level have between 18 and 20 seats. They will be great seats for a Billy Joel concert since there’s no obstruction for the rear sections.

  • Jose Guzman

    hello brett I just purchased 2 tickets for marco antonio solis for 8/01/2015 section 116 row 11 seat 7 and 8 how is the view ? did i made a good choice or i made a big mistake?

  • Ryno

    I really want to go to the Clapton show next month. The only ticket I can afford is $130 which is still a lot. best available is section 215, side view, will there be any obstructions, and how is the view? First time at MSG and NYC.

  • Ryno

    I really want to go to the Clapton show next month. The only ticket I can afford is $130 which is still a lot. best available is section 215, side view, will there be any obstructions, and how is the view? First time at MSG and NYC.

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Ryno – In those seats it will be pretty difficult to see most of the stage. To be honest that section is one of the worst for this particular concert. You would be better off in the 300 level like a section 303 which is similarly priced.

      • Ryno

        Thank you very much Jack. I had a feeling I was going to make an expensive mistake. I’ll wait some more and see what becomes available.

  • Autumn

    Does anybody know how section b row 24 seat 8 and 9 will be or how good the seats are I purchased tickets for ariana grande next Friday March 20

  • Ta

    Can someone help me out with the seating at Madison Square Garden the lounge seats

    • Joe Cassitto

      Ta – Feel free to reach out to us at 845-538-4567 and we’ll do our best to help you out.

  • Yahaira

    Hi brett, I have kevin hart tickets for July 7 2015 in section 101 row 15 seats 3 and 4. Will these be good seats??

    • Joe Cassitto

      Yahaira – Yes those are good seats, lower level with a straight on view!

      • B

        Hi Joe,
        Was wondering regarding Kevin Hart tickets as well. I have tickets in the floor section F: row 9, seats 1 & 2 but was wondering if it would be better to get seats in either section 108 or 116. Thoughts?

  • kb

    hey! i want to buy tickets for alt j on march 30th…wondering if 223, general east, or any of the 100s (118, 101 etc) would be best view for the best price….general is most expensive but i wonder if you can even see over everyone! let me know, thanks !

  • tiegrasola

    I just bought tickets for a concert and the seats are defined as *Section: West GA Floor Row: GA6* I saw one explanation that the first bank of seats (GA A, B, and C are considered ‘west’ seats) does anyone know if this information is correct? I’d really appreciate the confirmation on where I will be. thank you!

  • CW

    I have not been to MSG since the recent renovations. I plan to see U2 in July and noticed that the stage in the middle of floor. What is considered the front of the stage? i also noticed on the chart that it appears that some of the 300 section seats look like they are above the 400 section. I would have thought that 400 seats were higher up. I am trying to decide where to sit while tickets are still available. Let me know what is the best view.

  • bill

    how are the seats for The Lounges for concert at msg? cant find details about this section anywhere. are they obstructed? concessions nearby? thx

    • Joe Cassitto

      The Lounges are a premium seating option for any event as MSG, and there certainly won’t be an obstruction. They also include in-seat beverage service and premium concession options inside the lounge. You are correct, there is not much information widely available on The Lounges, so I would reach out to MSG for more information!

  • Will Cotton

    Hey Brett, Looking at the Dispatch concert on July 11th, Trying to decide between 305 lounge seats 1st row, or 225 seats 14th row. What are your thoughts? price doesn’t really matter ‘m just looking for a great view. Chase bridge seat are also and option. Thanks!

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  • Michael

    Brett, I will be going to see Louis CK, sitting in section 116 row 5, seats 1 and 2. Are these good seats or am i going to be too close to the side of the stage? Thanks.

  • Linda N.

    Looking at U2 tickets. Sect. 201 Row 1 or sect. 205 barstool, row 1. Any reviews on barstool seats vs. reg. seating?

  • Dmg

    Billy Joel at MSG section 211 row 3 seats 11 and 12…is either seat an aisle seat?

  • Caitlyn

    Hello, I am looking to purchase U2 tickets in July and I’m getting very confused looking at all the seats available in my price range. Looking at the 400’s, specifically 415 and 418 and also the 300’s-West Balcony and 7th Ave side. A lot of them say limited visibility/seats are behind the stage. We saw The Police there years ago before it was renovated and were behind the stage in the 400’s but we enjoyed the seats. Any insight would be helpful. I

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Caitlyn – Seems like you answered your own question here. If you don’t mind being behind the stage (view will be the same as the Police show), then I’d go with the limited/rear view seats.

  • Mike

    Hi Brett, any thoughts on the Lounge seats as far as a concert goes? The people I am buying for won’t really care how far from the stage they are (though I’d like to know if it’s ok). I’m more concerned about their view of the stage being blocked by that giant scoreboard. Thoughts?

  • Richard

    Ariana grande concert March 21st, it’s a Christmas gift for my gf, I don’t even know where to begin for buying seats, please help!

  • Barbara

    I just registered and I am trying how to download your replies Brett. I still need to purchase last minute tickets for the Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden. I am taking my daughter and I am considering section 113. What are these seats like, thanks

  • John

    hello. Anyone have any idea how good of a view section 103 at MSG for the upcoming U2 concert is? thanks

  • Shari

    Hi Brett. I have a question about tickets for a Bette Midler concert. Which seats would be better…Section 119, Row 4, Seats 9 & 10 OR Section 105, Row 15, Seats unknown (but 2 seats will be together).
    I don’t know if it is better to be a little higher (row 15) for perhaps a better vantage point or if lower is better. Help!

  • Steve

    Hi Brett, any suggestions for up coming U2 conert??

  • Ashley

    I’m looking to buy tickets to a Knicks game for my boyfriend and I need opinions on seats. I’ve found tickets in my price range that are Low 100s level sections but very high rows such as 22-23 and I’ve also seen higher 200s level seats that are rows 3-4. So which is better higher level with lower rows or lower level with higher rows?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Ashley – Great question. If you can be in the first couple rows of the upper level it will give you a great view of the entire court as long as your are seated along the sidelines.

      My advise, go with lower level in the corners or behind the basket, but if you can get close to center court in the upper level in the first four rows for a similar price go with those.

  • Nancy

    Hi, I want to buy tickets for the Knicks vs Houston game in January. I was thinking of getting seats in the club gold section. Are they worth it? I’ve never been to msg.

  • Stacey Salinger Udell

    how would you rank these seats for Billy Joel – Section 101 – row 18 seats 5&6, Section 225 – row 2, seats 11 and 12, Section 313 row 2 seats 21 and 22

  • David Baum

    Hi Brett,

    Great blog. How are the Chase Bridge seats for the Billy Joel concerts? Right now I have section 202 row 2 but have may ha e access to bridge seats (I am thinking about bringing my daughters age 6 and 9) and would like best possible seats.



  • Risa Yesowitz

    Hi Brett,
    I want to get Jingle Ball tickets and can’t afford more than 250 per ticket, which is putting me behind the stage and on the very side. any suggestions?

  • Madelyne

    looking at purchasing jingle ball tics but only available are behind stage. At previous concerts we couldn’t even see the projector screen. How will it be set up for Jingle Ball?

  • Jamie K

    Hey! Sooo what do we think of Billy Joel 1/9/15 tickets in Section 112, Row 12 (directly behind stage)? I cannot seem to confirm if Billy performs on a rotating piano for the entire show, or only a portion. Are the views obstructed at all? I know Elton John faces this way, but can’t find a clear answer for Billy.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated!

  • Candace

    How are the lounges for a knicks game??

  • FashnOnTap

    Hi Brett, I am flying in to take my son to the Rangers/devils game on 12/27 and I was wondering if you could be of some service before I purchase any tickets…? My dilemma…I’m no longer in a wheelchair but have to use a walker…although I’m working realllllly hard to get by with just my really cool handmade walKing stick…I’m not so sure I’ll be able to. I will then need to get 2tickets that are in some way wheelchair (WALKER) Accessible. Do you know which section would be best? I’m sure there’s an elevator to get to the different levels.. So it’s really a matter of being on an aisle and a row which I wouldn’t have to go up anymore than 2 or 3 steps, if I couldn’t get wheelchair or standing room only.

    If you could give me some advice I would appreciate it

  • SamPatrick

    Hey. Seats in floor 1,2 and 3 for concerts, do they provide the same problem as the D,E,F seats? Blocked by heads because of no elevation??

    • Jack Slingland

      Hey Sam – Those sections have slight elevation, like you would see at a Knicks game. The slope is not as steep as the 100 level, but there is some elevation.

  • Trish

    I was wondering how the view is for a Knicks game…the tickets i would purchase would be section 109, row 14 seats 9 and 10

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Trish – You won’t be disappointed in those seats. Scroll over the seating charts above to get the seat view.

  • M

    Hi Brett – The worst of the house seats for Jingle Ball – are they going to be completely shutoff from seeing the back of stage ie a screen built up or will you be able to see the backside of the performers?

    • Jack Slingland

      M – Those seats are completely blocked off, so you will only be viewing the action on the monitors they put in for this event.

  • Meeeee

    I saw a similar question with no answer.. Wondering if the seats in section 2 on the floor are elevated at all? Looking at Sec. 2 for WWE in Dec.

    • SamPatrick

      Why isn’t he answering the questions about the 1,2,3 sections ? Urgh

  • Rebecka

    What do you think about the seats in section 224, row 6, behind the camera well for a NY Rangers game?
    Will the view be blocked due to the aisle between 100 & 200 and the camera well?

    Would very much appreciate your opinion!
    Rebecka from Sweden

    • Alysa Adcock Ketcham

      Hi Rebecka. Did you go to the game yet? I am looking at seats in the same section, row 3, which is the 1st row behind the “camera well”. Was wondering if the view is blocked at all. thank you!

  • Henry

    I just got two tickets in section 114, row 8 for a Billy Joel concert at MSG…Now I read that they are very bad seats. Is that true?

    • Lauren

      Hi Henry, did you go to the concert yet? I was looking at similar seats.

  • Charlene

    Hi, my question is a 2 parter…. I live in Greece & I’d like to purchase from your site tickets for one of the NBA games at MSG as a gift for my son who lives in the US. Am I able to? I don’t see my country on your drop down list in the billing section. Secondly, looking at section 214 or 213 rows 1 or 2, what’s your view on the visibility in either of these areas?
    Thank you

  • Nate

    Have you sat in the barstool seats in section 205 before?

  • Ann

    What section would be best for Maroon 5..104 high rows or 223 or 224 low rows.

  • Austin

    Hi, we are going to see fleetwood mac Oct 6. We have seats in Section C, row 12, seats 15 and 16. Are these good? I am afraid we are going to be way to the side and not be able to see. Also, does Lindsey Buckingham usually still play on the left? from all the live videos I have ever seen, he is always to the left of Stevie Nicks, and therefore would play in front of Section C. Anyone know if that thinking is correct?

  • Mike

    We have tickets for the upcoming Petty show @ the Garden on 9/10. The seats are in sec 101 WC. Does anyone know if we will have seats/chairs to sit in here? Is this a “Wheelchair accessible” section hence the WC?

  • Gregg

    307 for a concert… Any pics ?

  • Deb

    Hi, I just purchased floor C row 21 seats 13&14 for Billy Joel. I’m hoping this wasn’t a mistake, with being on ground level and not being able to see with other guests in front of us ?

  • Andy Sun

    Hi Brett, I recently got Front Floor Tickets for the Bassnectar concert at MSG on October 4th. Will the seatings be first come first serve? If so how early should we show up to a lineup? Thanks :)

  • Dave

    How is floor section 2 for a Katy Perry concert?

  • Jenny D

    Hey Brett, your blog is a life saver! Ok so I have courtside & one row from…. tickets for the NYC Liberty games at MSG (row A- Section 10 seats 1-5 and row AA- Section 8 seats 19-24) I’ve been told the section A tickets are better seats even though they were priced lower. Are either any good? and how far are we (section 8) from the players bench are? I’m finding it so difficult to pin point the actual seats… Thank you!

  • Madalaina Hailstone

    What are the seats in 202 like. I can get row 1 (but don’t know seat numbers) for Michael Buble on 8th July. Am travelling to NYC from UK so am paying over the odds for tickets but don’t mind if view is good.

  • Jackson

    Hey there. We are planning a trip on October 6 to see Fleetwood Mac. Do you have any advice? Thank you in advance!

  • billyjean

    lounge seats on 300 level at MSG any good?

  • billyjean

    how are the lounge seats for a concert in eighteen76 balcony?

  • Vicky

    Trying to decide on eagles concert seating either lounge or regular seat in the 200 section any advice

  • Oz

    hi i would like to know how is the view from section 02 for a bruno mars concert in msg?

  • jaime

    Brett and others- Did anyone go to Billy Joel Jan or Feb show at MSG? What is stage set up and is there a good view from side or behind stage? Please help!

  • Jaime

    Brett- Have you heard anything about the Billy Joel set up at MSG from the Jan and Feb show? Wondering about 100s behind or side. I saw comments on Eltons show but wondering now that a few shows have happened.

  • ncgator77

    Hello, had a question about Section 106, Row 22, Seats 21-22. It looks like these seats are near/over an entry point and there may be glass partitions around them. Do you know if they are low enough to see over, or will they block the stage? This is for Queen + Adam Lambert in July.

  • Allen

    I have tickets for the west balcony to see billy Joel on April 18, will these have full view of the stage or will it be blocked.

  • Joanne

    I just purchased tix for Billy Joel Section 2. Does anyone know….are these seats elevated or are they on the floor level? If they are on the floor level, I probably wont be able to see anything. Thanks

  • Anita

    Hi Brett, I have a chance to see Bruno Mars in section 120 row 14 . What do you think of these seats? I also have a chance to see him in Hartford where the seats r dead center, middle section. I know those are good seats but wanted advice for the MSG seats. Thx so much.

  • Tim

    Brett, do you know how many rows are going to be in sections A-C on floor right now premium tickets are at row 14. Didn’t know if that was like half-way or what?

  • Tim

    Brett, any idea how many rows are in section A-C for Billy Joel? Right now premium seating is putting you at row 14, I was wondering if that was like half-way or what?

  • Dance Mom

    I read somewhere that sections 1, 2 and 3 on the floor may be elevated or on risers. Is this true?

    • Michelle

      I’d love to know this too – I just bought section 2 tickets for the Billy Joel concert in October 2014. Anyone know what the view is like from there?

  • Mongerx

    Hi. Where would I buy tickets if my kid wants to see the away team coming and going at a Knicks game?

  • Drew

    Hi Brett, do rows 1-4 exist in sections 116-118 for concerts?

  • Jennifer Sheehan

    My tickets for the Knicks/Nets game (barstool, section 204) say adult. Can kids sit in the barstools?

  • ConcertLover

    Concert seats at MSG- which is better, section 116 row 18, or section 118 row 12?

  • JennyR

    Are seats better in Section 220 or Bridge 315 for Billy Joel concert? Thanks

  • martyap

    I have two sets of tickets for Billy Joel.
    One is the new bridge section 328/row 2/seats 6-7
    The other is section 102/row 14/seats 1-2
    Any preference?

  • morecandy

    Madison Club any good for concert?

  • Jack Wolfskin

    Hi Brett!
    We have 2 tickets to Rangers section FLOOR 8, row AA.
    Is it good seats?
    Thank U for answer.

  • Jglass

    Thinking about buying baseline section 8 row 5 seats for a Knick game. Is that a good seat?

  • kmac

    Hi. Can you tell me how many seats are in Row 4 of Section 201?

    • kmac

      And.. how are the Lounges section 304 for concerts?

  • Anya

    Hi Brett, I’ve never been in MSG for a show.. Going to Billy Joel concert. Seats are 9 and 10 on floor A row 15.. Are those good? Thx

  • Natasha Storer

    Hi Brett, I am looking to buy tickets for the Billy Joel concert on 1/27. I can’t decide between Section 221 row 10, or West Balcony 323 Row 2. They are both the same price. I know you mentioned your love for West Balcony above, but does that also pertain to this type of concert set up?

  • Jennifer

    Looking at Justin Timberlake Tickets for MSG Sections 114 or 110 in around Row 20 section. It is on the side of the state. I really would like to know if they are worth $190 each. And if they are at least a good viewing of the stage.

  • Josh

    I was wondering what LWC means after the section, I was looking at tickets for a concert and the tickets say section 223 LWC row 1. Does the LWc mean anything? Thanks

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi All – We believe LWC stands for lower wheel chair. Some sections have the last row as wheel chair accessible, other sections have the first row. At MSG we haven’t heard of anyone having problems with these seats, as they do provide temporary seats. However, one should proceed with caution when looking to buy these seats. If you need help buying tickets, please do email us at

  • Skell

    Would love your expert opinion! Section 109′ row 13′ for Justin Timberlake. Marked as side stage view. Will I be disappointed? Should I upgrade?

  • Tanya

    Hi Brett,
    How is the sound from the glass in sect 325 for the bridge. Do you have to stand to hear the sound better?

  • Anna

    Hey Brett, Thanks for all of the info on the website! Would love your opinion on some concert seats. As far as what would be the best seats if price was equal, I have been considering: Floor A, Row 5, Seats 9-10 vs Floor B row 16, Seats 7-8 vs Floor C, Row 8, Seats 3-4. Thanks so much!

  • rich2541

    Hi Brett
    What are the benefits to club seats at knick games

  • Reneeee

    Help! Seats for Billy Joel in 134 row 6 or 101 row 6? Better choice?

  • Anj

    Hi Brett,
    Can you tell me how many rows are in section 416? I have Jingle ball tickets 416 row 15 but it looks like there are only 7 rows on pictures.

  • Brittney

    I have the chance for 101$ tickets for z100 jingle ball section 112 row 15, 16 or row 13 for 115$. The tickets say no view its right behind the stage… should I get them?

  • Ellen

    Hey Brett, I have 2 sets of tix for Billy Joel on 5/9/13…Sec 222, Row 20, Seats 13-16 and Sec 211, Row 22, Seats 1-4. Which do you think would be the better seats to keep for myself?

  • Steve

    Hey Brett, we have seats to a Rangers game. We are in section 419 some of us in row 4 and some in row 3. I was wondering what the view is like and if those rows have an obstructed view now the renovations are done

  • Beamerjo

    Hi Brett, I’m looking at seats in 103, row 14 for the Billy Joel concert. I’ve looked at the seating chart and they seem to look okay, what do you think?

  • stuart

    what do you think about Section 3 Row 11 for Knick Game?

  • Fei

    I just got Michael buble tickets for July 8 section 115 row 17 seats 19-20. Any good? Or am I going to be at a weird angle?


    buying tix for billy joel, need help..sec b floor row 18 or sec 108 or 116,,thks

  • Sadie

    I’m thinking about getting tickets for a concert in sections 109 or 115, but want to try getting them as close to the aisle as possible, and I was wondering if you knew if they would be in the lower or higher for the seat number. What I mean is for section 109 the aisle on the side next to section 108 and the aisle next to 116 for section 115, I’m thinking that this will give me a better view since the tickets are already on the side. Thank you!

  • Tricia

    What is the set up for the PBR (bull riders)? Not sure which end the chute will be on, therefore where the best seats will be?

  • Kate

    Hi Brett,
    I’m purchasing tickets for my parents for Xmas for the Sting/Paul Simon concert in March. I have the option of getting them seats in section 311BS3 (I’m assuming this means bar stool) or section 212 row 13. My mom likes to dance so she might enjoy the space of the barstool area, but what about the difference in views of the stage? And when it says “row bs3″ does that mean that there is only one row of stools??

    Thanks so much!

  • Sue Grapevine

    Hi Brett, I take my daughter every year to the Z100 Jingleball. I am looking at Chase Bridge seats in section 312,313 and 314. What is the best section in the bridges to sit? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    • Brett Goldberg

      So sorry for the late reply. For concerts I’d say 313 and 326. But they are all pretty similar.

  • Lisa

    Also, is 109 better than 115? I don’t want to be looking at elton’s back the whole time. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    Hi Brett – I have 3 secs to choose from for Elton John — sec. 115 – row 22 – seats 21& 22 ($127 per tix); sec 109 — row 16 – seats 1 and 2 ($147 per tix); or sec 116 – row 14 – seats 5 and 6 ($229 per tix). i’d love to know your thoughts. Thanks.

  • domdom

    Elton john section 118 16 row 2 any good ??

  • madolyn

    Hi Brett!
    I want to give my husband tix to Armin Van Buren – have never been to MSG – best seems to be section 103 – row 11. What say you? Any feeling about siting on the floor or getting a seat in the Madison Club area? Any help you provide will be appreciated. Thnx

  • Allie

    Hi Brett I got tickets to see Elton John at MSG on the floor B row 12 will i be too far back to see the stage? Also someone below said he sits to the left of the stage so should I tried to get seats in floor A for a better view? THANKS!

  • Steve

    Hi Brett,

    I have the opportunity to buy tickets for a concert, the seats are in Sec 212 row 3 seat 14 or Sec 212 row 7 seat 4. The price however is different :-) Is there a big difference of the view or are they pretty much the same and should i go for the cheaper ones (row 7).

    Thx for any info you can give me.


    • Brett Goldberg

      See comments above.

  • cory

    Hello Brett I’m trying to go to a knicks Gabe soon what are the best seats for under a price range of 175

  • Judie

    If you are sitting in section 112 for a concert are you behind the stage. Can you see anything at all.

  • nc

    Am debating about purchasing tix for Elton John, TM has section 112
    avail. seats 18-19, never sat behind the stage before, am I going to be
    disappointed? thanks so much!!!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Seating chart for Elton John and Billy Joel are the same. See comments above.

  • nc

    Am debating about purchasing tix for Elton John, TM has section 112 avail. seats 18-19, never sat behind the stage before, am I going to be disappointed? thanks so much!!!

  • Aef

    Is section 212 row 23 a good view for a concert?

  • DPUT

    For the Phish shows, are the back floor seats the same as for basketball? Are they on a slight incline. Have not been there in a while and did not know if they were on the floor or more like the seats behind the basket for basketball.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Sections 1, 2 & 3. Have a slight incline, so although they are different than Basketball, I believe they are similar.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Sections 1, 2 & 3. Have a slight incline, so although they are different than Basketball, I believe they are similar.

  • Melinda

    Hi Brett, I’m looking to buy Billy Joel tickets’ but the best available is section 215P; can you tell me if I’ll see any part of the stage?

    • Brett Goldberg

      See comments above, which address this.

  • Christian

    Hi Brett , just won some phish tix at an auction for the New Years run.. They told me they are in the people magazine suite..asked around but received no good info. Is this a private box ? Reg section with limited seats ? Stage left/right?.. I know it will be fun no matter what.. Was just looking to go in with a better idea.. Thanks for any feedback and for taking the time… Happy holidays bud…

  • Mcubed326

    I have tickets for a concert at MSG either sec 203 row 2 or Section 212 row 21. which is better

  • mandy

    I don’t see section 318 on the map, where is it and will it be an obstructed view?

  • Allie

    Hey Brett, any idea what the Billy Joel 1/27 and 2/3 setup will be like? I’m wondering if the 110-114 or 413-420 sections behind the stage are any good. Thanks!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Allie – Below is the seating chart for the Billy Joel concert at MSG. Tickets in the sections behind the stage are questionable. You never really know how a performer is going to perform. I have to assume that they’ll be okay which is why they are selling them.

      I know fans in the past have raved about sitting behind Elton John because you are so close and the way the Piano is set up. However, there’s no way to guarantee you are going to have a good view.

      • Jonathan

        We sat in Section 110 row 10 for Elton John December 3 and the seats were Amazing. Elton always faces 8th Avenue. We had a clear view of his face and all the band members to, who we saw in profile. We felt as if we were sitting right on the stage. These are truly incredible seats don’t think twice about purchasing them.

        • J. Tostig

          I couldn’t agree with you more Jonathan. I was at that same show, sitting in Section 109 Row 6. We were literally straight across from Elton and felt as if we could reach out and shake hands with the cello players.

    • Cathy

      I just got ticks for April 18th in section 112. A friend of mine sat way behind the stage in a 4 section and from her photos it looks like it’s a clear view of the stage. I think in those sections close behind the stage especially an early row the view will be great. And can get cheaper than other seats w.good views.

      • jaime

        Cathy- Did you friend for to Billy Joel? Also considering buying behind the stage but worried about set up. Does anybody know from the Jan or Feb show how the behind the stage view is?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Here’s a thorough review on the Billy Joel seating chart that I and the TickPick team wrote, I hope it helps:

  • Anne

    I would appreciate any help to decide on tickets for Fresh Beat Band Concert on November 30. I’m taking my daughter and want good seats. Section 101, row H, seats 1,2 are good seats? What are best seats in section 101, 102? Thank you

  • hiya

    I have East GA floor tickets, and I was wondering if the view would still be good from the front of that section? and i know it’s obviously not recommended but would it be easy to hop over the the west GA section to get closer?

  • anthony

    just wondering if view would be obstructed ?

  • anthony

    I’m in a wheelchair and got offered tickets for the floor for the JT concert in February(think by the stage)…should I take ?

  • Nick Adler

    Hey Brett I was wondering how the view is/if you can see anything on thenstage from 113 112 111, or any of the sections from behind the stage

    • Brett Goldberg

      All depends the concert…

  • ChrisL

    Hi guys section 315 BS for Kanye West concert? Thanks SO MUCH!

  • kate

    hello! i need some advice. I have a choice between concert tickets and im trying to pick the best option: section 109 row 15 seats 16, 17 or section 102 row 16 not sure of seats. Please Help!

  • Douglas

    Hi Brett, Have used your service and appreciate what you do. I have a friend who purchased 6 tix in sect 305 for the Jingle Ball and now she has found out about the bridge(lack of view ) and she is real upset. Her 13 year old boy has Leukemia and for the last 11 months he has been back and forth for Chemo at Sloan. These 6 tix are for her family. How can she get better seats at a fair price.? Nick and family have been through hell and our community in Syosset has been there to help and assist . thanks–Douglas

  • Lauren

    Hi, I have GA seats for the Paramore concert at MSG. My ticket says GA Standing but under section it says West2 and my friends says GA Standing West1. Is there a difference to those tickets and do you know if we will be in the same GA section together? Thanks!!

  • Jeff

    Can you help me pick of two set of tickets for Knicks? Section 108 row 9 or Section 8 row 3. Same price. Thanks!

  • Leslie

    I bought tickets for Luke Bryan floor A row 8 seats 3&4. I’m pretty sure there’s a general admission section in front of us but wondering if these tickets will be good in your opinion.


  • Eric

    Can anyone help? I’m trying to decide between Section 214 – Row 1 or Section 114 – Row 22 for a hockey game. Any thoughts? Any help?

  • Eric

    I’m trying to decide between two sections/rows for a hockey game. Can anyone help? Section 214 – Row 1 or Section 114 Row 19 or 22.

    • Brett Goldberg

      I think it comes down to price. Row 1 has many perks, however, most people would prefer to be lower down in the 100s.

  • Pete

    I’m getting ready to buy Keith Urban tickets and am wondering if floor sections 1, 2 and 3 are elevated.

  • Alberto Antonietti

    Are the seats for concerts behind the stage woth. Wich kind of view is possible from those seats? (e.g. Madison Club 64 or section 418).

  • Emily

    Hi, I have tickets for Ed Sheeran tomorrow they are section B row 5 how is the view?

  • Jay

    are the seats in sections 1,2, 3 elevated?

    • Jack Slingland

      The seats will be elevated in those sections for concerts. If look at the pictures we have above for Knicks games, the seats are elevated but not by much. So if you are on the shorter side I would not recommend those sections for a concert unless you sit in the higher rows in those sections.

  • Martin

    For concerts, just how obstructed is the view from Chase Bridges, Section 315? Thanks!

    • Brett Goldberg

      The Chase Bridges at MSG should not be obstructed views. My guess is that for the particular concert you are going to section 315 is considered a side view, since it’s so much to the side of the MSG stage.

      Chase Bridge seats for Rangers games or Knicks games are considered good seats. However, the last rows in the 200s do have their view of the scoreboard now blocked due to the Chase Bridge.

      • Brett Goldberg

        See pictures of the MSG Chase bridge seats right above.

  • staylip14

    wanted to propose to my girlfriend at the duke vs ucla game on 12/19…she’s a big duke fan..where’s the best place in section 224 to sit?

  • Matt

    Hi ,I will be in New York on Christmas day from Australia and would like to take my family to the knicks/thunder game.Tickets on tickpick are section 224 row 13,$314 each or section 223 row 12,$297 each.Just wondering if its a good view from these seats and if the price is good.There are 4 of us.Cheers Matt

    • Brett Goldberg

      When seats are this close it comes down to seat numbers, if seat numbers aren’t provided, I’d go with the cheaper option.


        Brett you seem like the knowledgable MSG concert man! Sorry for random question, hope it gets to you. I have two GA standing floor for U2 at MSG in July, and two seats in 219 labelled “rear view”. Confused bc maps I saw show stage at opposite end of 219. But if 219 is indeed rear stage view – how is the view??? Still worthy seats? This is not a 360 in the round tour but being U2 it’s typically not a traditional stage. If you can help with 219 view question, I really appreciate it. thanks!

  • John

    Hi, I have option to purchase tickets for Ed Sheeran next week. Floor seats in section 03, row 14, do they have risers?? Or should I take section 104 row 4?

  • Laurie

    Headed to first Knicks game in January. Section 225, Row 2, Seats 1 and 2. I hope they are good! Love the 3D imaging!

  • Julia

    I am going to the Ed Sheeran and have seats 3 and 4 in section 109 row 17, I have the opportunity to exchange them with row 13 seats in section 108 should I?

    • Jack Slingland

      Julia – Yes you should. 108 gives you a better view of the entire stage, whereas section 109 seats 3 & 4 puts you directly in line with the stage.

  • VivianRocks

    Hi, I have a ticket for Ed Sheeran on October 29th, and I’m wondering how many seats there are at Floor C because I have seat 17 and it sounds like I’ll only see the side of his head.. Please answer as soon as possible! :( Oh, and it’s row 8, forgot to mention it -Vivian

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Vivian – Unfortunately there are typically between 14-18 seats in the floor sections. You will be off to the side, but since you are in row 8 it will give you a better angle than if you in the first 5 rows.

  • The Good Wife

    Chance for 2 tix section 113 row 22 for heat knicks for $535/pair? Good deal? Research shows yes. Just want to be sure.

    • Jack Slingland

      For a Heat game? Good deal.

  • Bagh

    Hi, I’m seeing Kanye West and A Tribe Called Quest at MSG in November – I have 4 tickets in Section 110, seats 11 & 12 and seats 5 & 6. I’m going to sell one of the 2 pairs – which pair of seats should I keep for the best view of the stage? I’ve never been to MSG before so I’m nervous about my seats…this page was super helpful though, so thanks for the info – and thanks in advance for any help you can offer

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi – You will want to sell seats 11 & 12. Those will be farther behind the the stage and seats 5 & 6 will be closer to section 109.

  • Sherry Jansen Ohmer

    Hi. Love this website & the ability to ask questions! I’m looking for Phish NYE tickets for two tix for $230 (each) or less. What would be your suggestion for the best section to select? I don’t want to sit behind the stage or be too far away from the stage.
    Thank you kindly for your help! Sherry

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Sherry – Any of the sections that are in blue we rank as 5 star seats. If you are on the shorter side you will want to sit above row 5 in sections 106-108, or 116-118. That way you will have plenty of height to see over the floor and have a great view of the stage.


    I bought tickets for the Kanye concert in MSG the seats are are section 214 row 13, it says limited view how limited will the view be?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi- You won’t have a view of the video screens and will be viewing the stage from the side.


    Hey Brett,

    I have tickets to go see Kanye West at the garden in November. My seats are section 212, row 24, seat 9. Although they are a bit high up do you think I’ll still have a good view of the concert and that I’ll be able to see everything alright?

    Thanks for your help!!!

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi – You will be able to see everything but Kanye will look pretty small down there.

  • Cara

    Hi I’m seeing Rod Stewart on December 9th I’m in 13 row seat 18 in sec 115. I’m a little worried that I may not be in line with the stage. Will I be in line with the stage or a little off? please help me out so Ill feel calmer thanks.

    • Jack Slingland

      Cara – You should be in line with stage since seat 18 will be closer to section 116.

  • Patty

    Hi. I have tickets Section 202 row 1 and row 3 and I have section 208 row 3 and row 9 for Jingle Ball. What you shall I keep?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Patty – That’s a tough call but I would keep the seats in section 208 row 3. Those will put you closest to the stage.

  • Steve


    Would it be better to buy tickets for a concert at MSG in sec 212 like row 7 or in sec 102 but row 10 and up.

    Thx in advance for any info.


    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Steve – Personally I would rather sit closer to the stage in section 212. I have sat in similar sections for concerts and I will always choose closer to the stage even it means being a little higher up. Hope this helps!

      • Steve

        Thx for the info, appreciate it.

  • Jackie

    Hi, I’m unsure about something and am hoping you can clear it up. Based on the 3D seating chart for basketball games, it appears that sections 1, 2, & 3 are elevated. I couldn’t find a 3D seating chart for concerts. Are sections 1, 2, & 3 elevated for concerts as well?

    • Jack Slingland

      Jackie – The seats will be elevated in those sections for concerts. If look at the pictures we have above for Knicks games, the seats are elevated but not by much. So if you are on the shorter side I would not recommend those sections for a concert unless you sit in the higher rows in those sections. If you have any other questions lets us know!

      • Jackie

        Ok, I looked at the pictures for Knicks games and see what you mean. Thanks so much for your help! :)

  • Juliet

    I like to have really good seating tickets for the upcoming Kanye West on Nov. 23rd at MSG but, I wanted to know what your recommendations would be.. It’s different then what is on here he has two stages one main stage and a walkway and a stage at the end- There is VIP and GA section. I want something fairly close but not standing since I’m very small and I don’t want to worry about peoples heads in the way etc. I have seen a couple of seats in 104 in row 12-19 and same for row 120 are those good seats? I have also seen tickets that say GA-5, would you happen to know what that means? Thank you would greatly appreciate any help I can get!

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi – Sections 104 and 120 are good seats (we have them rated as 4 stars), and those rows will give you plenty of height to see over the GA seats. GA-5 is still General Admission, the number associated with it is for sellers so they do not sell the same tickets twice. I would not recommend GA or VIP for you since your are on the shorter side like you said. Anything above row 5 in the first level sections will give you plenty of height to see the stage in full.

  • IssaMommy

    I bought tickets to Ed Sheeran for my daughter in section 119 row 20 seats 17 &18 but have the option of getting tickets in section 106 row 8 seats 17&18. Should I switch? I want her to be able to see and can’t tell if she’d have a much better view from there. She’d be in the lower rows.

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi – The seats in section 106 will be closer to the stage and are the better seats. Row 8 will give her plenty of height over the general admission sections on the floor. If the prices are very similar I would recommend upgrading to section 106 for sure.

  • chris

    Hey, I have barstool tickets in sec 212 for an upcoming concert. Do you think the new Chase bridge will obstruct views at all being its the last row?

    Also, how are barstool seats in general?

  • david g

    Hi i recently got tickets for a upcoming knicks game and Im sitting in club gold baseline section 9 row 1 seats 11 n 12 I see that the seats are facing directly the back end of section 10 will I still have a good view of the whole court or will I be blocked off the whole game

  • Tom LD

    Brett: Thank you for the recommendation. We don’t mind the angle from 212 given that the seats are low in the section, assuming of course we’ll be able to see the screens from there. Sec. 118 is relatively far from the stage, but many prefer the 100 level for concerts. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Tom LD

    Hi Brett: I really appreciate your insight in helping people choose seats. I am evaluating which resale tickets ( need 2) to go with for one of the Eagles shows at MSG in November. I am leaning towards going with Sec 212, Row 1 over the many pairs offered in Sec. 118 from rows 10 to 20 to be closer to the stage. We are both short, so floor seats are out of the question. What do you think of our options, and do you have any other section suggestions, particularly your thoughts on the sightlines for sections 109 and 115 at this concert (side of the stage)?
    Thank you very much!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Tom – I am actually surprised how little the difference in price those tickets are, I would have thought the seats in section 118 row 10, would have been a couple hundred dollars more than the section 212. With that said, I think the $280 for section 212 row 1, verse row 11 in section 118 for $325 is very comparable for the Eagles concert on November 8th:

      Section 212 is not considered side stage, but as long as you don’t mind that type of side sightline, I would choose those tickets for the eagles. Sections 109 and 115 are considered side view, so I wouldn’t risk it for this concert. View other MSG concert dates / tickets here:

  • Susan K

    Brett, Great information in this article. I just received 2 sets of tickets for the Oct 29th Ed Sheeran concert. My 17 year old daughter is HUGE fan. One set is in Sec 101, Row 18, seats 1-2. The other set is in Sec 211, Row 2, seats 1-2. According to your charts, it would appear that the 211 seats are better “rated” but my daughter is afraid, we won’t see in stage or screens (never been to MSG so don’t know what’s available). We’re selling 2nd set to friend. Which set would you keep?
    Thanks so much!

    • Brett Goldberg

      They are both good seats, but I would keep the section 211 tickets.

      Seeing the stage and screens won’t be a problem at all at MSG from those seats.

      • Susan K

        Thanks for replying, Brett! Appreciate it. That’s what we were thinking, just wanted to confirm.

  • Bob Brody

    Hi…is seat 22 in section 226 row 14 an aisle seat? Thanks.

    • Brett Goldberg

      I believe so.

  • Rachael

    Hi Brett,

    I have a question about the floor sections. I purchased tickets to see Elton John in Dec and have Section A, Row 8, seats 13 and 14. Do you know how many seats are in in section? Are those good seats? I have an opportunity to purchase seats in section B but they are in row 12. Which do you think are better? Thanks so much!!

    • Brett Goldberg

      This info is provided above

  • Mark

    Hi Brett,

    Looking to go to my first Knicks game in December. In my budget I seem to have the choice of either top level (200s) in the first few rows (Say section 222, row 2-5) or something in 100s but more behind the ring (say, Section 111, rows 14-19).

    I am coming from Australia and haven’t been to a game at MSG (or any NBA game for that matter) so I was hoping that you could give me your thoughts.

    Thank you in advance

  • Greg

    Brett, i have a chance to buy Elton John tickets at Madison Square Garden. Just wanted to know if these seat are any good.. Section 105, row 8 seats 9-10. Let me know what you think….Thanks

  • eltoh john fan

    I have floor seats for elton john in dec. I have a section D row 12 and section 1 row 8. Which should I keep and which should I give to my sister?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Section D is closer, so I would keep those.

  • Linda

    Hi, I just purchased tickets to the ELTON concert for dec 3. My seats are in section 109 row 14, seats 1-4. My kids told me they are horrible seats. Are they terrible??

    • An Elton Fan

      Brett’s blog states that Section 108 is the best section for concerts, Section 109 seat 1 is on the aisle next to 108, so they are very good seats. Some people prefer a “head on” view of the stage and the performers, but Sir Elton is seated at his piano on the left side of the stage so he’ll be facing you, not those in the front of the stage.

  • Bettinglars

    Do you ship your tickets to Sweden?

    • Brett Goldberg

      You can always buy etickets so you can print them, or you can have them delivered to our office, which is only 4 blocks from MSG.

  • Rose

    Hi Brett, I’ve read your suggestions above regarding concert tickets and I just wanted to make sure I have it right. I’m taking my daughter to the Ed Sheeran concert and have the choice Sect 109 Row 10, seats 1&2 or Sect 107, Row 8, ? seat #. It seems like your view wouldn’t be blocked in Sect 109, sets 1&2 and you’d be closer to the stage, but the view from Sect 107 may better to see the “whole” stage. My daughter had seen Justin Beiber @ MSG, she sat in Sect 213, 1st row and hated the seats. She said she couldn’t really see the show.I appreciate your opinion. ~ Thank you!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Rose – Every concert set up at MSG is different, so given your daughters experience last time I would buy her tickets in section 107, row 8. The seat numbers won’t really matter. Although I would buy section 109 seats 1 & 2 for myself, for someone else I wouldn’t take the risk.

  • Eric

    The seating chart for the 100’s that include seat numbers is great. By chance do you know where I can access a chart like this for the 200’s? I’m always looking for aisle seats and would love to know what they would be in the 200’s other than seat 1. Thanks!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Eric – here are some seat numbers for the 200s section at MSG.

  • DopeSeats123

    Hello Brett,

    Im trying to get tickets for Kanye West’s concert, is section 115 row 10 seats 17 & 18 suitable to see the whole show without disadvantages? Also, because of Kanye’s stage layout what other sections would you recommend?


    • Brett Goldberg

      I would buy those seats! With that said, it’s possible that if there’s stuff going on, on the stage like scenery, monitors etc, you’ll have a tough time seeing them. But those seats should be amazing.

      Note below is the Kanye West seating chart for MSG

  • GoRangers13

    Hi Brett. You mentioned that in the 100’s sections that Row 21 & 22 are the only rows that are significantly different from the rest. How are they different? Better or worse? More narrow or more room? Thanks in advance!

    • Brett Goldberg

      I am simply referring to the seat numbers as being different. Those rows typically have 22 seats per a row, while the lower rows have 18 to 20 seats. The seat quality should be the same.

  • Sherwood

    Hi, This information is very helpful. Do you know how many seats are there in each row of sections A or B or C for the Eagles Concert this November? Thanks…..

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi – The typical concert at MSG has between 14 to 18 seats per a row in the floor sections. For the Eagles, I believe there are 18 seats in a row.

  • mark

    Hi there, looking at seats for knicks v wizards game in December. Would you take Section 114 20 rows back or 224 12 rows back. this will be my first knicks game ever (coming from australia).


  • K2

    Hey Brett:

    Any information on the Chase Bridge Seats? What section will they overhang over?


    • Brett Goldberg

      Gaurav – The Chase Bridge Seats will be on the newly renovated overhang i.e. the catwalk that will extend from the west balcony sections to the new 300 sections.

      See image below showing you exactly where the Chase Bridge Seats will be within MSG.

      • Jenri

        Hi, so if I have tickets to Billy Joel in sec 301, what does that mean regarding an obstructed view? Thanks!

  • Johnelle

    I just got Ed Sheeran concert tickets in MSG and they say Floor A reserved seat 8-16 and seat 8-16. Are these good seats for a concert and are the seats closer to the inside of the row near Floor B or on the opposite side of the row closer to the end of the stage?

  • Randy

    Brett, going to a concert in November. I had the choice of Section 119 Row 10 or Section D Row 4 seat 4. I chose Section D to be on the floor. After seeing this article, bad decision? Btw I’m 6’2 if that helps

    • Brett Goldberg

      Randy – Given how tall you are, I actually agree with your MSG seat selection choice. Enjoy the concert at Madison Square Garden!

  • Patrick Quigley

    Hi Brett,

    Thanks so much for the article it was alot of help and apologies for how long it has been since you wrote the article and my comment. I hope it reaches you well.

    I am planning to come to New York in December and was planning to attend the Christmas Day game between the Knicks and Thunder with 5 members of my family.

    I am a big fan of all things NBA and therefore pretty keen on getting good seats to view the action of the game while some other members of my family will enjoy the game but are just keen to be at MSG at Christmas and hoping to enjoy the atmosphere.

    What seats would you recommend as the best value for money (for what I am sure is going to be one of the more expensive games of the season) According to Tickpick it seems like sections 110 or 103 are probably the best tickets I can get for the game at about $400 each which TickPick gives a “C” score. Do you think these prices may get lower or becasue I need 6 tickets together should I get them soon and in one of those sections.

    Probably most importantly are those seats good to watch the game from, to me they seem great but just wanted to double check never having been to the Garden.

    Sorry for the long coment and thanks for your help



  • Karl Collins

    A broker is offering tickets to The Eagles… It shows as Section B and the Row is shown as 1-22… Ordinarily, I would assume this means Row 1, Seat 22, but then it says “4 Available”, and obviously there aren’t 4 of the same seat available, so I am thinking this must mean something else… Can you help?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Karl – That means that they don’t actually have the tickets yet and are saying that they’ll give you Eagles tickets somewhere between row 1 and row 22.

      You should take a look for Eagles tickets here on TickPick, we have no service fees and not only guarantee the tickets, but guarantee we have the cheapest priced tickets:

  • Chris

    I have a choice of either sitting in section 109, row 12, seats 3 and 4 or section 106, row 16, seats 17 and 18 for the Eagles concert this November. What would be the better concert decision considering section 109 is a side view. Thanks.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Chris – If it were me, I would take the Eagles tickets in section 109 row 12 at MSG because those seats are so close to section 108.

      • Chris

        Thanks Brett. I actually went with Section 115, Row 20, seats 18 and 19. These seem to be on the aisle and are closer to Section 116. I think I made a descent choice. Thanks for your help.

        • Zane Duffner

          Will you let me know what those seats are like? Got the same for Billy Joel but to the left side of the section.

      • Chris

        Make that a ‘decent’ choice. Thanks again.

  • beastrom

    I’m looking at Floor Section A, seats 11 and 12 for a concert at MSG. How close to the aisle between A and B are these seats?

    • Peter D’Antonio

      Seating arrangements vary from performer to performer, but I can assure you that there aren’t more than 17 or 18 seats in section A. That means at most you’re 5 or 6 seats from the aisle.

      Enjoy the show!

    • Al Knapp

      After sitting on the floor for an MSG show earlier this year, I noted section A runs seats 1-16, section B runs seats 1-18 and section C runs seats 1-17. It appeared sections D, E and F followed with the same numbers of seats per row, as the sections in front of them. That is, section D had seats 1-16, E had seats 1-18, and F had 1-17. This seemed to be a “standard” setup with no stage extending into the floor seats.

      While I suppose they could try to squeeze more seats into each row, it appeared unlikely as the aisles between floor sections were not THAT wide. If anyone finds a detailed seating chart for sections A -F, would love to see it.

  • DrSJG

    Haven’t been to the Garden in 20 years. Saw my first concert there in 1971. Taking my 15 year old to see the Eagles for his first visit to the Garden. Section 211 Row 3 Seats 1-3. Will it blow his mind?

  • Chris Rose

    how many seats are in each level for a concert set up?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Chris it depends on the specific row for each section, so there’s no way to answer that in a concise way. If you look at the first seating chart at the top of the page you can see seat numbers by row for all of the 100s sections.

  • Corra

    Hi Brett, Corra again, was not sure if my comment was accepted. Actually the proposed tickets are section 219, seats 5-9 row BS6.
    I come from Italy, with my wife, two children aged 12 and 10. My question was if view is Ok and bar stalls are decently comfy for the children, I plan to attend NIT tournament at MSG first wk of April, i guess it would last 2 hours or so?
    Many thaks and regards

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Corra – I am assuming you are looking at ticket on TickPick?

      The seats you are looking at BS – stands for bar stool seats and I actually would not recommend bar stool seats for children. I wouldn’t recommend this for kids because there are permenant seats like typical seats and I think kids will have a tougher time staying in their seat and being comfortable.

      Any other type of seats (rows 1 to 26) will be fine for kids.

  • Corra

    Hi, I will be coming from Italy first week of april and would like to take my wife and two children to MSG forr NIT finals on thursday. How are BS6 219 tickets? Would they be ok for two children aged 12 and 10?
    Many thanks!

  • Cammo78

    Am I right in saying that balcony seats are generally always sold out?

    • Brett Goldberg

      The knicks / msg box office does weird things with west balcony seats and they are difficult to find.

  • Nancy

    Hello, I bought tickets for both nights to Crossroads Guitar Festival. I plan on taking my son for just one of the nights (family member using the other set) and we are waiting to find out who is playing which night. What also might affect my decision is which night we have better seats. The first night the seats are Section 206 Row 2; and the next night they are Section 208 Row 1. I appreciate any feedback you have and thanks

    • Brett Goldberg

      I would say section 208 is a slightly better section and the fact that your seats are in the first row is definitely an added benefit!

  • RM


    Would the TVs on row 1 of the 200 levels block the view of a young child sitting in those row 1 seats? Is there glass there as well?

    • Brett Goldberg

      RM – As you can see in the pictures above, the tvs in the first row of the 200s of the Garden are not that large, so it would not block your little guys view.

  • Katelyn

    For floor seats for a concert, is it standing room? Or are there actual seats?

    • Brett Goldberg

      It depends on the concert. First find the concert you are looking to buy tickets for, once you select your event you will then see the exact seating chart for that concert. Note if it says GA that’s a standing room only ticket.

  • Tamieka Blair

    What/where is section 201-227 seat 1-23 for a knicks game?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Where are you seeing those Knicks tickets listed?

  • Melissa

    What’s the difference between GA and row pit? I’m trying to figure out what section is best for the ASOT concert?? Can you see the dj booth from the floor? Are there seats ? Room to dance? Please help I have no idea what to do. Thank you.

  • Sean

    Hi, My first game at the Garden is next Sat Vs Utah my tickets are Sec 217 Barstool BS6 seats 3 and 4 how’s the view with these seats, any good?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Sean – I am sure you’ll enjoy the game from those seats. Afterwards let us know what you thought about the bar stool / BS6 seats.

    • Sean

      The Knicks Won 113 – 84! These seats are great the view is perfect you see everything and the concession stand is right behind you! I’m sticking with these seats next game I go to, You don’t have to worry about people getting by to use the restrooms and you can stretch out. Great price great view and convenient to everything!

  • Eder

    Hi, I just have a quick question. I am trying to buy tickets for the Muse concert and was wondering why is the West GA about twice the price as the East GA.

  • Dink

    Hello, I’m thinking about buying Big East Basket Ball tickets in section 224, row 22, any four seats of my choice. What do you think, are these good seats? (I have never been to the Garden so I am looking for some input?)

    • Brett Goldberg

      Dink – Those seats will do… they are one of the last rows in that section, but if you are looking for cheaper tickets that’s definitely good on the cheaper side.

      If you are looking at TIckPick for tickets, I would rely heavily on our algorithms that help you figure out which tickets are the best bang for your buck:

  • Kathleen Baltazar

    Hey there i just purchased tickets to the Knicks game next week in section 223 and i am a bit skeptical about the seating location being that its my first game ever and i just want it to be a great experience. Will I have a clear view of the game?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Kathleen – Nothing to worry about, you’ll enjoy your Knicks tickets!

  • KB

    I am wanting to purchase Knicks tickets for End of March while my family and I are visitng from Australia and on a budget so we will we still get a good view sitting in the 400’s sections or is it worth spending a little bit more to sit in another section? I have 2 children with us so worried they will get a good view even though an experience we could never repeat attending an NBA game at the garden.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi KB – Sorry for the delay… the 400s will be fine, but I suggest that you sit within the first 5 rows, it will make a meaningful difference, and I would pay a reasonable premium for a lower row number.


    whats your opinion of Section C Row 2 Seat 11 for Maroon 5 concert this saturday. Note the stage is shaped like an M

    • Brett Goldberg

      Michelle – Row 2 in section C is obviously amazing!! Seat 11 will be right in the middle of the section which is also an added benefit.

      Note, for concerts tickets in section C, the lower the seat number the closer you will be to the center of the stage.

  • Leandro Azevedo

    Hi Brett. I’ve found 2 tickets in Section 212 row B25. Here’s my question: are the seats the same in Barstool and in a common row? Thanks

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Leandro – Above I now added in more information for bar stool seats as well as pictures of bar stool seats.

      But to simply answer your question, no they are not the same.

  • Jen

    Hi, I just bought a pair of tickets to the Knicks from someone for section 108 seats 24 and 25. Have I been scammed? Cause from the seating chart above, it doesn’t look like section 108 has any seats that go that high. I am really hoping I am reading the chart wrong. Thanks.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Jen – What row are your seats in? The detailed seating chart above is from 2012, so some things have changed.

      To be clear the only things that have changed are the row and seat details above row 20 in the 100s. You can see how the seating chart shows that the 100s and 200s are meshed together. This is no longer the case.

      So almost all of the dark red area is now gone and replace by suites.

      Lastly, if your row is 22, then it’s possible the seat numbers go up to 25. Otherwise, the highest seat number that I am aware of in the 100s section is seat number 22.

  • Osskraut

    Hi- thanks for being so prompt and helpful in the “chat”. My question was. Does one need to be 21 to sit in bar stool seating at MSG?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi thanks for using TickPick and for engaging with us. The answer to your question is no. You do not need to be 21 to sit in “bar stool” seats.

      These are only called bar stool seats, however, you are not really sitting at a bar, so no id or anything of that nature is required.

  • chris

    Hi I just purchased tickets for WWE hall of fame 2013 I got sec 223 row 5 when I look at the chart there is a sec 223 and 223p what is the p for? Thanks

  • Ryan

    Hi Brett, Happy Holidays to you and your family. Quick question, do you anticipate the after market ticket prices for Jay-Z/Coldplay @ The Barclay to drop at all or will they remain where they are since its NYE and because of who’s performing? Im wondering if I should wait a couple more days before buying. Please advise and thanks. Your blog and information is the best on the web. We all appreciate what you do.

  • Rusty

    Who can afford the seat prices that Dolan is charging? Unless the data is wrong seats in the upper level start for $120.

  • B.B.


    I sat in Section 102, Row 2, literally a week ago for the Knicks Wizards game. The seats were in the corner, not directly behind the basket, as shown above. Can you clarify if this is the most up-to-date seating chart? I want to buy more tickets, but I want to make sure my seats are where they say they are. Thanks!

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      The Madison Square Garden Detailed Seating chart above (the first one) is a detailed chart from the end of 2011. The reason why we tried to only show the 100s sections is because the stadium has changed and the sections in the 200s have changed.

      However, the 2nd map of MSG, is the most up to date seating chart and section 102 is directly behind the hoop. If you look at section 202 you’ll see that section is in the corner.

  • Dan Aron

    If TickPick isn’t charging any buyers fees, how do you make money? And if that’s really true, how come people are buying tickets elsewhere?

  • Marco J.

    Hi. Not a local so i’m very unfamiliar with the new MSG. Planning to attend the Sandy Relief gig, and i’m looking at seats at 204 BS3. Any idea how the bar stool setup is for that section? Would you advise that area for concert viewing? Thanks’

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Marco – Those seats will provide you a great “head on” view of the stage. However, before you buy tickets for the Sandy Relief concert I would suggest you email us at Some tickets are selling for more than $1,000 and we expect ticket prices for the Sandy Relief concert to go down.

  • Dave

    I have seen two (new) different locations for Sec. 211. One of them shows 211 as Center Ice/Half Court and the other has Sec. 211 in a corner. I am going to Phish on NYE and I’m curious as to where I am sitting. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Nicole A. Smith

      Section 211 is in the middle of the arena. The first map included above is the detailed floor plan of MSG after the 2011 renovation, so the 100s section and row breakdown is correct. However the most up to date section breakdown for the 200a can be found on the 2nd seating chart.

  • Felicity Hick

    Hi, I’ve been looking for tickets to the Knicks and found tickets in section 225, row B25 however I have no idea what “B” means. Can anyone give me a simple explanation? The explanation of the letters on the floor seating plans for concerts just confused me. Cheers

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Felicty – B25 is the 25th row in the section and the B stands for Barstool seats. Some people love them, after the game we would love to hear what you thought.

      In regards to the concert floor plan: seat #1 is always closer to the section next to it with the lower section number. Therefore seat #1 in section 02, is on the left hand side of the section, which is closer to section 1. For the floor seats, seat #1 will always be on the left hand side of the section (when facing the stage).

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Felicty – B25 is the 25th row in the section, and B stands for Barstool seats. Some people love them, we would love to hear what you think after the game.

      In regards to the concert floor plan: seat #1 is always closer to the section (next to it) with the lower section number. Thus seat #1 in section 2, is on the left hand side of the section, which is closer to section 1. For the floor seats, seat #1 will always be on the left hand side of the section (when facing the stage).

  • DBA

    Agree that the West Balcony is a great seating area if you are less focused on being as close to the action as possible. Thanks for sharing those 3d seating charts. TickPick should think about incorporating 3d seating charts on their website……..