NCAA Final Four Seating Chart | Lucas Oil Stadium 2015

The 2015 NCAA Men’s Final Four will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana starting on Saturday, April 4th. The undefeated Kentucky Wildcats will play the Wisconsin Badgers and the Duke Blue Devils will face the Michigan State Spartans. If you plan on buying tickets to the Final Four you need to educate yourself on the NCAA Final Four Seating Chart so you aren’t disappointed in your seats.

Below you will find the most detailed NCAA Men’s Final Four Seating Chart information, including row and seat numbers, best and worst seats, as well as other helpful tips. You can also purchase Cheap Final Four tickets for both single session and all session games through TickPick, a No Fee Ticket Marketplace.


Interactive Men’s Final Four Seating Chart 2015

2015 Final Four Tickets – Flash Seats

All tickets purchased for the 2014 Final Four are subject to be issued through Flash Seats. Flash Seats a paperless ticket system that is used by several venues across the country. You can find more information on Flash Seats here.

Lucas Oil Stadium Basketball Seating Details

There have been a few basketball games played previously at Lucas Oil Stadium, most notably the 2010 NCAA Final Four. The reviews have been mostly positive, but we have compiled some notes worth mentioning below:

  • Some thought the size of the stadium drowned out cheering and screaming
  • The stadium’s grandeur is impressive and the huge video screens make up for any bad seats in the house
  • Plenty of good seats to be sure with the temporary seating system in place around all four sides of the raised court
  • Fans don’t want to be in the permanent seats in the corners or in the second tier of seating in the end zones.


The Best Seats at the Final Four – Lucas Oil Stadium 2015

The Best Seats for the Final Four at Lucas Oil Stadium are located in sections 139-141 and 112-114. These extended sections will have very little slope, so it is important to note that the higher number rows are farther back from the court than a traditional NBA Arena.

The Worst Seats at the Final Four – Lucas Oil Stadium 2015

Football stadiums were not designed to host basketball games, so there are plenty of sections we recommend staying away from when searching for Final Four tickets.

  • Avoid the temporary corner sections as mentioned above, as well as the 600 level corner section. Up that high it will look like you are viewing the court from outer space
  • Try to avoid end-zone sections,  401-403, 450-453 and 624-629. These seats will leave you watching the action on the big screen because of the distance from the court. 
For an idea on what the view from your seat will look like (although it is designed for football), check out Lucas Oil Stadium 3D seat views.


*Remember, a basketball court is 94ft by 50ft or 31.3 by 16.6 yards. So essentially the court will be between the 45 yard lines, which is why the standard end-zone seats are not recommended.*


Final Four Seat Number Information – Lucas Oil Stadium 2014

The Lucas Oil Stadium seat numbers go from right to left when looking at the court from your seats. This means the right side of the section (when facing the court) will start with seat number 1 and work its way up to seat number 20 to 30 depending on the section and row. This also means that seat number 1 will always be on the aisle next to the adjacent section with the lower section number in Lucas Oil Stadium. The team benches for the Final Four are located in front of sections 111 and 115. Lucas Oil Stadium was not able to provide which teams will be on which benches at this time.


Men’s Final Four Row Numbers – Lucas Oil Stadium 2014

Row 1 in Lucas Oil Stadium is always the first row in a section except in the 100 level. The 200 level has an average of 12 rows, 300-500 sections have between 1-5 rows on average, and 600 section has an average of 23 rows, but this depends on the location of the section within Lucas Oil Stadium.

For this Final Four Seating Chart, the 100 row numbers vary greatly since the sideline sections have been extended to reach the court. Sections 109-117 and 136-144 have rows that begin with varying rows since the section stretch differently to court. This generally applies in the extended endzone sections (101-102, 125-128, 152-153) but it can vary with the first row letter. The final row of the extended sections varies by the section as well, but the standard last row in sections mentioned for football games will remain the last row for the basketball layout.


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