The Inside Scoop on the Prudential Center Seating Chart

The Prudential Center Newark New Jersey

Ever wonder what seat numbers offer a better view for different types of events at The Prudential Center? Our Prudential Center Seating Chart review has all the answers you are looking for.

With as many as 20 seats per row at the Prudential Center, the right seat numbers can put you up to 70 feet closer to the action.  Ticket sellers often underestimate the value of their seat number, so being armed with the right information prior to purchase can help you find great deals on the best seats.  The main thing to remember here is that Seat 1 is always closest to the higher section number.

First lets take a look at the Prudential Center seating chart for the NJ Devils:


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Let’s suppose you are looking at “center ice” club seats with access to the Fire & Ice Lounges (Sec’s 7, 8, 9, 18, 19, 20).  Based on the information I just gave you, would you pay more to sit in Section 18 Row 15 Seat 1 or Seat 20? Both are aisle seats, but one of them is between the blue lines and the other is some 70 feet closer to the Goal.  The answer is Seat 1.  The same goes for the 100’s and 200’s levels.  Seat 1 in Section 109 is practically on the face off spot, while a higher seat number can put you behind the goal.

NJ Devils Seating Chart with Rows and Seat Views


Helpful hint #1:  If you’re lucky enough to get tickets in the lower bowl, be weary about paying extra money for lower rows.  In my opinion, if you aren’t against the glass you are better off sitting in Row 13 or higher. Until about row 13 you’re gonna find your sight lines constantly weaving in and out of the glass with near-side corners of the ice out of sight altogether.

Helpful hint #2: The Devils shoot twice toward Sections 1 and 2.  So if you’re in the NJ Devil’s Army or in from Philly looking to heckle ole’ Marty Brodeur, make sure to keep that in mind.

Next, lets look at the Prudential Center seating chart for concerts.

prudential center concert seating chart

The seating conventions here are the same, Seat 1 is always closest to the higher section number.  So if you’re looking at seats in Section 128, which seats number would you pay more for, Seat 3 or Seat 13? The answer is most likely Seat 13 since it would put you a good 35 feet closer to the stage.

Helpful hint #3:  If you’re big pimpin and like to sit on the floor, keep in mind that Seat 1 in Sections A, C, D & F is always closer to the center aisle, with the higher seat numbers moving toward the row’s outer edge. But if you are bringing children to the floor levels be careful. You are not allowed to hold your child to give them a better view of the action and because the floor is flat, they won’t be able to see!

Helpful hint #4:  Dollar for dollar the best section to see a concert from at the Prudential Center is the Bud Light Goal Bar.  The Goal Bar is Sections 23-28 (not shown on map) and is tucked neatly above Sections 1-4 and below Sections 101-106.  There are only 3 rows (A,B,C) in the Goal bar which features a full bar, padded seats, separate bathroom area and direct sight lines to the stage. These tickets are very pricey for Devils games, but you can most often find great deals for these seats on TickPick for concerts and family shows.

Helpful Hint #5: The official Prudential Center website provides a 3d seating chart with computer generated pictures of the venue, you can check that out here.

Prudential Center Concert Seating Chart with Rows

Newark Prudential Center Tickets


Do you have a favorite seat at The Rock or some helpful hints? Share it with us in the comments. Also, if you have any questions regarding the NJ Devils seating chart that we didn’t answer, please let us know, we’ll make sure to provide you with an answer.

  • Alexander Rosario III

    Section C seat 1 is where? Closer to the wall?
    I’d like my son to have a better opportunity tto touch the wrestlers

  • Trish

    I want to take my bf to see ufc fight and would love to get some info on better seats that are not going to cost me way too much

  • Lillian WM

    Hi, I am looking to get 4 decent tickets for my daughters 16th birthday for Fleetwood Mac on 10/11. Any suggestions that wont break the bank? Are minors allowed in the goal bar?

  • Rebecca Waite Del Piano

    I just got tickets for my 5 yo for Disney On Ice, Section 7, Row 1… will there be any visibility issues being so low? Never thought of that before I got them.

    • jamie

      How were those seats

  • J.

    Hello! I have Devils/Rangers game section 20, row 11. Are these good and this is club level, so we get access to the comp food and drinks, yes? Thanks for your help, I am a Rock first timer!

    • Brett Goldberg

      I believe, tickets in Sections 7, 8, 9, 18, 19, 20 at the Prudential Center give you access to their club.

  • Stacy

    Hi – I have 3 tickets in Section 17, Row 21 and they say “accessible seating” on them. Are there actually seats?

    • Brett Goldberg

      I am not positive, but at a minimum they will provide you with physical seats, such as a folding seat.

  • Bxmommie2

    Just bought tickets for Katy Perry sec D,row 16 seats 5-8.How good is the view? Thanks!

  • Taylor

    hello! I am thinking about going to the katy perry concert. Would section 112 row 2, section 6 row 9, or section 10 row 23 be better? I’ve never been here and I don’t know which would be the best seats.

  • Steve

    Happy Holidays!! I am taking my kids to WWE and have SEc 20 row 1 seats 8,9 and 10. Any input would be helpful. Thank you

  • CdnGirl

    I am looking at tickets for the George Strait COncert. The stage is in the middle of the floor for this concert. I was looking at tickets in Section 17, row 21. Just wondering if this is an obstructed view/how performances normally face during such a set up. These are a Christmas gift for my mother as I will be taking her to the concert. We will be coming from Eastern Canada and would hate to buy horrible seats.

    • KLL

      I was just on line looking at the interactive view and could not see any obstructions. Am also a bit curious about open stage???? Brett Goldberg – can you please assist us here? And is 17 the “front” of the stage?

  • molli

    Section 12 for Pink Tickets. A waste of money?? That’s all they have left!

  • Toni Nazzari

    I am looking at tickets for Pink at the Prudential center and am wondering if I am better of in the pit or section A-row 10? any thoughts??

  • ronnie

    hi concert sec 116 row 13 seats 13 and 14.. rear view…will i have a decent view here or are these seats not very conducive>??please advise thanks

  • ronnie

    hi …pink concert sec 116 seat 13 and 114 ..will i be obstructed?>> are these rearview tix an issue at this venue…??please advise thanks in advance

  • redchicken

    looking at section 15 row 2 for George Strait concert. Do you think there will be any obstruction from these seats

    • CdnGirl

      I am looking at section 17. Wondering if this is behind the performer. I know the stage is in the center of the building, however, I’m confused as to how he will perform.

  • Byron

    Okay, so everyone is asking about these views from pretty good sections but what about the high sections that get left due to unfortunate circumdtance! Like section 227,219 and the 100’s??? I know you get what you pay for but are these sections even worth paying for for a music concert? I just want to be able to experience a music show for the energy and performsnce but if I can’t see anything or the music is super muffled than why even sell these seats! I just want to know if it’s worth buying such tickets…that’s all.

    • Jack Slingland

      Byron – I have been to plenty of concerts sitting in higher sections and I have no regrets. The views are not as good obviously but the difference in sound quality isn’t to the point where you wouldn’t want to attend the show.

  • Tina

    hey all, my mom bought tickets from ticketmaster for us to see joseph prince on nov 1st. it has end stage seating. the tickets read section: GA10, row: GA6, seat: 478. is this even possible? I looked on the 3d page, I’ve looked at every chart. i’m assuming that this is just section 10, row 6. if this is right, it’s next to the stage, correct? but what about that seat number? what the?? can anyone give us a clue. we’re just trying to figure things out.
    any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Tina – General Admission tickets are on the floor. The rows and seat number are not assigned to actual locations and are only used by the venue so they track which tickets they sell. If you want to get close to the stage I’d suggest getting to the show when the doors open since GA is first come first serve.

      • Tina

        Jack.. thank you so much . we’re in town for the event tomorrow night. very excited. this really helps because now we know that we have to get there before the doors open.

  • Megs

    Hey all! I’m looking to take my goddaughter to see Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate and the only zones they have left is Zone B section 4 or section 1. Are these terrible zone/sections? It appears that both are diagonal from the rink…is this good to purchase?

  • Just asking

    Can someone please tell me, do people tend to stand up in sections A, B, and C (the floor)? If so, would section 19, for example, be better since even if people did stand, you would be a little higher than them? Would like to get section B, but if people are going to probably stand, why bother. Please let me know your experiences in those floor sections. Thanks so much!!

  • joe

    hi was wondering if section 18 row 23 seat 18 is good for veiwing a concert.
    Are there obstructions, are the seats too much on the side of the stage?, etc.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Section 18 is some of the best seats at the Prudential Center. What concert are you looking at?

  • joey

    would you sit in section A row 6 seat 9-10 or section A row 13 seat 1-2 for concert?

    • Brett Goldberg

      I think there’s typically 16 seats per a row in the floor sections for a concert a Prudential center. With that said, I personally rather row 6, unless you put that much importance on the aisle seat.

  • Laura

    Hello, Brett
    I purchased Drake concert tickets for my girlfriends birthday section 8 row 5 seating 3&4 are these good tickets will I be able to see?

  • Isaac

    Hello Brett- I am attending the American Idol Live tour this coming Wednesday and I just would like to know if Section 4 row 21 were decent seats? And if not…. Is there a way to go through Tick Pick for an exchange for better seats?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Isaac – You are best keeping your seats, the process of selling your tickets and buying new ones is a loss (even if it’s a win for TickPick). You’ll enjoy the concert from your seats

  • Laura

    Hi there! I have seats in section 226 row 5 . For Justin Bieber, will we be able to see anything????

  • Laura

    Hi Jo
    I have section 226 Row 5 seats 5-8. Do you think we will be able to see Justin Bieber at this concert or is it bad location?

  • Karla

    Is floor section c row 24 seats 4-5 for Justin bieber good?

  • Lily

    I was wondering if Sec 8 Row 16 Seat 17 good seats for the Justin Bieber Concert. I know am a tad late asking this questions just days away from the concert.

  • Iradys

    Hello Brett, I really need your help! I am taking my 4 year old son to see Justin Beiber. Original seats were section 211 row 9 but I sold them. My son has Autism and was non verbal, but would only use his voice to sing Justin beiber songs. He is a huge fan and I need this experience to be amazing. What are the best areas to get seats from prudential. I am purchasing new tickets today. Please help and thank u! Iradys

    • Brett Goldberg

      Iradys – How did you enjoy your Prudential Center seats in Section 20 row 4?

  • Serena

    Hello, I have section D row 10 seat 1 tickets for Justin Bieber. Any chance I’ll have a good view of the stage?

  • Tonya

    Hello I have Floor F row 8 for the Justin Bieber concert are these good seats??

  • Jo

    Hi Brett,
    I have Justin Bieber seats for my daughter ( Section 23, Row B) goal bar. Looks like its on the other side of the stage. Will we have a view? “/

    • Brett Goldberg


      Yes you will. The Goal Bar is hardly the farthest seat from the stage.

  • Thalia

    I am in section 2 in a can they puts me far away from the preformer

  • ri

    Hi- I have seats for section one, in row twenty two for a Justin Bieber concert. How’s the view from the seats?

    • Peter D’Antonio

      You’re directly in front of the stage, but just a little bit back. These are really solid seats to be sitting in

  • Michelle

    I have Justin bieber tickets Section 6 row 23 seats 15&16. are they good?

    • Peter D’Antonio

      Those are pretty great tickets. You’ll have a view that is from the side slightly, but since you’re so close it won’t bother you at all.

  • joey

    I have seats for JB section 1F row E. I see F on the map, but not 1f is it the same? where would 1f row E be? seats 1 and 2?

    • Brett Goldberg

      What event is this for?

  • Tlm

    I’m looking to purchase Selena Gomez tickets section 21 row 7. Are these good seats? It’s for my daughters birthday and I want to make sure we have a good view

    • Brett Goldberg

      Tim – here’s the detailed seating chart for the Selena Gomez concert at Prudential Center:

      I think section 21 is decent, obviously 20 is better, but it comes down to price as well…

  • Jessica

    Hi I am going to see Ivete Sangalo on Aug 17th. I got section 20 and
    section 17, I would like to know which section I should get. thanks

    • Brett Goldberg

      Depending on the row and seat number I rather section 17 for the Prudential Center seating. If it’s high up and far over left (see seat number details above), than I rather sit in section 20 at the Prudential Center.

  • Jessica

    Hi I am going to see Ivete Sangalo on Aug 17th. I got section 20 and section 17, I would like to know which section I should get. thanks

  • Kate Smith

    hi, if i wanted tickets for a concert with a cat walk would seat 1 or 14 be better?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Seat 1 in Sections A, C, D & F is always closer to the center aisle, so the lower the better for the Pru Center.

  • Cora

    Hi I’m going to see drake and I have section 19 row 9 seats 8,9 are these good seats

  • Francia Noel

    Hi Brett, thanks for all the information. I plan on attending the Drake concert this October. Is Sec B, Row 16, Seat 8 good seats?

    • Brett Goldberg

      I would be happy with those seats.

  • mary

    I am considering tickets for Bruno Mars section A row 11 or Section 21 row 4. I am sure floor seats are very good. Just wondering about being able to see well enough. Daughter is on the short side.

  • Giselle

    i have tickets in section STE139 to see Andrea Bocelli. is that a suite?

  • Nicole Lee

    Brett- I’m looking at section B what row is best…I’m thinking row 1 would be too close and speakers etc will obstruct the view…I’m considering row 14 or row 12? Thoughts for view and value.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Nicole, for what event? Are you all about sound quality? Or the view?

  • Chino

    Hi im sitting in section c row 14 seat 1 with a catwalk in between the section for Justin bieber is this a good seat?

  • linda

    Hi Brett I have Section C Row 6 seats 1 & 2 for concert. How close will I be to center stage?

  • Loops

    Hi, I won tickets from a radio station for Bruno Mars at the Prudential Center. I have section 126 Row WC seats 7 & 8? What does WC stand for?

    • Brett Goldberg

      That’s a little surprising that a radio station would give you those tickets. WC stands for Wheelchair Accessible.

  • Colleen

    Hi! The information on this blog is excellent! I just want to confirm for floor seating in Section A and Section C the seats start (#1) from the center (or stage in Justin Bieber case) and go out? Thanks a million!

  • Lea

    Going to the Taylor Swift concert and have tickets in Section 105, Row 1, Seats 1-4. Do you think we will be too far?

  • Steph

    I have Sec. 16, Row 20, Seats 4-6. Will I be able to see as much as you were able to in that picture? Seems like you had a pretty direct view of the whole stage.

    • Brett Goldberg

      My view was definitely the side of the stage, but they were good! (See picture below). What’s most important is the stage set up and that is different for every concert. RHCP didn’t have anything on the sides that could block the view, but the more elaborate the tour i.e the more stuff on the stage the more potential obstructions.

  • Aaron

    Hi Brett! You seem really knowledgeable about the seating at the Prudential Center and so I’d like to know which of these tickets would give me the best view. April 27th UFC event section 8 row 9 seat 3-8 or section F row 10 seat 13-14. Would like to make a purchase today but will wait for your feedback. Thanks!

  • Steph

    Hi :) I have section 16 tickets to see taylor swift march 28.. will i be able to see the performers?! it says rear stage seating :(

    • Brett Goldberg

      Depending where you are in section 16 will determine your view, but you will most likely be able to see some parts of the stage. I took this picture at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, we were sitting is section 16, row 14 seats 1-4 (note seat 1 is closer to section 17).

      • TOUGHER


        • Brett Goldberg

          I was in row 14, this section goes from 1 to 24. Where are you seeing those Pink tickets? I didn’t see them on TickPick:

          • Chris

            Hey Brett had a question? you sat in row 14 section 17. what seat numbers and how was your view?

          • Chri

            Im in row 14 section 17 seats 14 and 15 i really hope these are good seats because i spent 500 dollars on two tickets and really wanna have a good view of drake

        • Corinne Roberts Snider

          i just bought sec 16, row 15 tix for pink – was concerned about the view since the stage setup is so large. im not sure if they will be good seats or not! help! wish there was an interactive seating map like some venues have. you pick the seat on a map and it shows you the view :(

          • Jade

            Corinne, there is an interactive 3D seating map on the actual Prudential Center website…not all the sections are there, I just looked, 16 is not there, but 17 is which is right next to it, so it gives you a good idea of distance to stage. There’s also a website called aviewfrommyseat where you enter the venue and it has pics people took from their seats, of course not all are there, but sometimes there’s close enough areas. I sat in sec 17 for P!NK recently and it was a pretty good view, no side obstructions. BTW, I’m going in Dec too :)

          • Brett Goldberg

            Here’s the 3d interactive seating chart brought to you by Prudential Center:

            Be patient, it takes a while to load.

  • Tina

    Hi I am dropping my daughter and her friend off at PC to see Taylor Swift. I always paid for parking and went and as I can remember after concerts they have all the cars exiting one way. How/where do I pick her up? Will I even be able to get to the front of the place?

  • Swift fan

    Taylor Swift Section 23, Row B seats 9,10,11,12. Is this the goal bar area you mentioned? I can’t find the section on the chart.

  • MomAndDad

    Hi. I bought 3 tix for the Bruno Mars concert at the Pru Ctr. They are in sec 127, row 6, 16-18. My wife and I are planning on taking our daughter for her birthday. The funny thing is that my wife also bought a set of 3 tix. Those are in sec 3, row 9, 1-3. We want to sell on set but are not sure which are the better tix. Section 127 looks closer but section 3 is lower. Any helpful advice? Thanks.

    • Brett Goldberg

      MomandDad – I think it’s a toss up (assuming you paid the same price). I would probably list both tickets and see which one sells first. If you don’t like that idea I would probably sell the section 127 ones.

  • Rayo

    Anyone know which tickets are better lower 10 row 15 seat 5&6 or lower 21 row 3 seats 5&6
    This is for the Taylor swift concert

    • Brett Goldberg

      Rayo – Seats 5&6 in section 10 are going to be pretty close to section 11, so you are close to the stage, but you are definitely going to be to the side. Section 21 although farther from the stage will provide a more direct view of the stage.

      Are you looking at Taylor Swift tickets on TickPick?

  • glomanijah

    Hi bret… I’m going to the 2013 mcd’s gosoel fest and I’m in section 21 row 17 seat 1 is that good seating to the stage?

  • Brian

    Hi Brett,

    Does section 17 row 18 provide a good sight line? I know they are side view but if tix don’t have seat numbers listed how would I know if thet are closer to 18 or nearer to 16?

    Any advise is helpful…thanks!

    • Brett Goldberg

      For a concert I would take those seats. Are you looking at tickets on TickPick? If there are no seat numbers I can try reaching out to the seller to see if they will provide seat numbers.

      • jacquie

        is section 17 for taylor swifts set up a good view?

        • Brett Goldberg

          Jacquie – You are definitely to the side of the stage, but you are super close and I think section 18 is ideal, but 17 will be great as well.

          • jacquie

            how side view do you say the “side view” is…looking at the seating chart we thought 10 and 17 would be the best places to be without being on the floor…i think we;re going to buy section 10 row 4 seats 9-10

          • Brett Goldberg

            Jacquie – This is a very unique set up for any concert. I don’t think you can go wrong with either section. If you were just to think about angles and math for a minute, the angle of the view from section 17 will be more to the side than the angle of section 2. So section 18 may be slightly further from the stage but there will be less of an angle. As I side, you can’t go wrong with either one.

          • jacquie

            but looking at the seating chart how is it a side view? it looks like it would be more ideal than 18…is it a bad section to sit in? for the price i dont want to have a bad view you know?

  • Georges

    Hi Brett! We are in section 20, row 9, seats 11-16 for a Taylor Swift concert. Are these good seats? We haven’t been to a concert here before so I don’t know.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Georges – My guess is you spent a fair amount of money… Without breaking the bank I would say that’s the ideal spot to sit. Good job!

  • John

    I purchased tickets for Taylor Swift March 28 in section 26 row A. The tickets are box office tickets but they have xxxx.xx where the price should be, why is that. I got them through a ticket broker.

    • Brett Goldberg

      John – there are many reasons why that may be the case, I wouldn’t be worried. If you are worried feel free to send a picture of your tickets to me, brett at and I will look into it further.

  • Jason

    Would you rather be in Section E, Row 11 or Section 18, Row 4 for a concert? The tickets are closely priced.

    • Brett Goldberg

      I think that’s a no brainer… I think section 18 row 4 at the Prudential Center is some of the best seats that you can get. I rather sit there verses the 24th row in floor B. I hope that helps.

      I am assuming you are buying your tickets on TickPick, right?

  • James

    Are goal bar seats numbered or general admission?

    • Brett Goldberg

      James there are 3 rows in the Goal bar at Prudential Center and they do have seat numbers.

  • Katie

    Im in section A row 4 seats 15 & 16 for a justin bieber concert. Do you know if those seats are any good? and how close do you think we would be to the stage?

  • syndiesel

    Does anyone know if section D row 21 seat 6 and 7 is any good for the alicia keys concert?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Depending on price I rather be in the sections right off the floor. Being in the back sections of the floor at the prudential center may cause you to have a lot of heads and what not blocking or aggravating your view.

  • Maya

    Hi, I’m going to Alicia keys concert floor A row 1 Seat 3. Is this a good seat?

    • Brett Goldberg

      I don’t mean to be rude… but if you have the first row on the floor, how could you ask if this is a good seat?

      Just seems silly

      • Maya

        Hi sorry I got translator. I heard first row not so good because the stage is high and cannot see performer good. If so, I think selling ticket and buy better view someone tell me row 5 better, which better view row 1 or row 5. My friend selling me row 5.thank you and sorry for question first time

  • Ted

    How about Section 18 for the Ringling Brothers circus?

  • Caroline A.

    hi, i am going to the taylor swift concert in march and my seats are section 1, row 2, and these good seats?

  • Gatinha

    Section 9 Row22 seat 15 is a good location????????

    • Brett Goldberg

      These are definitely awesome seats, I would love to sit here for a concert. (Obviously it’s not the first row, but these are very good seats)

  • Vinicius

    Hello Brett! I’ll be buying my Taylor Swift tickets on Friday… I would like to know if buying front row tickets are a bad deal? I’m afraid I won’t be able to see the stage very well if I get a front row ticket in one of the lower sections. Thank you in advance!!

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Hi Vinicius – I don’t think first row at Prudential Center is bad (in sections 1 to 22), but I don’t think you should be paying a premium for row 1 vs row 5.

      Why don’t you email us at and we can discuss your best options.

  • Brianna

    I’m seeing Justin Bieber on July 31st in Section C, Row 18, Seats 13 and 14. Are those good seats?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Brianna – Section C in the Prudential Center is one of the best sections to sit in for any concert.

      The only downside is that seats 13 & 14 are more towards the side of the stage, verses seat #1 which is closer to the center of the stage. Nonetheless, those seats are great seats and I would sit in them any day!

  • Shan

    How would section 8 row WC be like?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Shan – Section 8 row WC in the Prudential Center is definitely a good location for any event. Do note that WC stands for wheelchair seating. These tickets / seats will have a padded seat if you don’t have a Wheelchair.

      In regards to buying these tickets it’s really up to you whether you are comfortable buying handicap seating or not. I leave that decision up to you.

  • Eran Vaknin

    So im seeing Taylor Swift in March and im in section 4 row 13. Seat opinion?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Eran – Those are good seats! If I were being a seat snob, I would say you are a little far from the stage, but row 13 is right in the middle of the section.

      Plus for the Taylor Swift concert at Prudential Center the stage comes out further than usual which is a plus for you. You can see a seating chart for that concert here:

  • Joe Pennacchio

    Curious about Sect 11 Row 13 Seats 8,9 for the Rolling Stones? I undertand it’s side-stage, but will I be able to see? It seems as though that row 12 is the 1st row in the section for this show.

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Hi Joe – You are right that it looks like row 12 is the first row for the Rolling Stones concert. However, although seats 8 & 9 are going to be closer to section 10, the view certainly does look like it’s going to partially obstructed at a minimum.

      When looking at tickets that are that far to the side you are obviously taking a risk, but I do find that the difference in price make it worth the risk.

      If you haven’t yet, you should take a look at the tickets that are available on TickPick:

  • Nicole A. Smith

    What can you expect to pay for the Goal Bar seats for Devils games? Also, obviously it depends on the concert, but roughly what are the ticket prices for concerts? Is there any reason why the ticket prices for concerts are cheaper?

  • Brett Ian Goldberg

    That’s extremely helpful information! I am surprised that for concerts the seat numbers are laid out that way. I guess it’s easy to say that if you are on the floor, seat number 1 is the best (or closest to the center), but I wonder what they do with the Floor B section.