Radio City Music Hall Detailed Seating Chart

Radio City Detailed Seating Chart
by Brett Goldberg on January 15, 2014

If you’ve never been to the Radio City Music Hall, you’re in for a treat. I’ve been to hundreds of venues, and the décor, sound and seating chart (i.e. configuration) for Radio City is top notch.

There are two seating charts: 1.) A standard Radio City Music Hall Seating Chart 2.) A detailed seating chart of Radio City including row & seat numbers (see below).

Seat Numbers:Radio City seating chart
Throughout the entire venue, seats with a lower seat number are on the right side of a section (when facing the stage). This holds true for the Orchestra and Mezzanine sections.

All of the Orchestra sections are great; my only warning is that if you are looking at seats in the 100s or 700s (the most left & right sections) make sure your seats are closer to the inside aisle. In addition, row N-Z (in section 400 of the orchestra) are obstructed by the soundboard.

All of the mezzanine sections overhang the orchestra at row K. However, there is a difference between sitting in the 1st mezz to the 3rd mezzanine section, but most likely your budget will dictate where you’ll sit. With that said I would avoid the 100s & 700s sections; I would personally choose to sit in the 300s of the 2nd mezzanine vs the 100s of the 1st mezzanine.

Lastly, with the exception of a few obstructed seats, including the center section (400) of the 2nd mezzanine, I believe every seat in Radio City is a good one.

The Best Seats:
The best seats depends on which event you are going to see. If you are going to see the Christmas Spectacular (or a similar show), you don’t want the first 13 rows (AA-LL), instead row MM to ZZ would be better (allowing you to see the entire stage without that 1st row in the movie theater feeling). The center sections of the 1st mezzanine also provide a spectacular view.

For radio city music hall concerts I personally prefer to get as close as possible, however if you’re a sound junkie you may want seats close to, but in front of the soundboard. The detailed seating chart of Radio City Music Hall (below) should help you further determine where you would like to sit. Do note that some concerts at Radio City have a pit section (rows AAA to CCC), while some don’t. TicketMaster will frequently show the seating chart without the Pit Section, even though those tickets are available. So if you are looking for the best seats you’ll likely want Pit Seats.

Radio City Detailed Seating Chart

If you are looking to buy tickets (without any fees) or searching for more information about upcoming events visit here: Radio City Music Hall.

And of course, if you have any questions regarding Radio City please leave it in the comments below.

  • Shim

    can someone please tell me how second mezzanine, row e, seats 408-411 would be for the christmas spectular??!

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  • emj

    Thanks for this article – between your advice & my budget, it helped to narrow down the selection! It’s nice to get a sense of the space before booking at a place I have yet to experience.

  • lisa9962

    Hi Brett – What is the optimum number of days before the Xmas show to score the best deal on tickets? looking at Nov 26, but should I wait a few days??????? thanks!

  • Deb

    Hi Brett

    What seats would be better for xmas spectacular ORCH2, Row MM, Seat 214 or 2NDMZ5, Row A, Seat 513 ?


  • JenniferRegan6266

    You should update the seating chart as the sound board #1 is NOT there for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show, the BIGGEST show for this theater. It’s confusing and misleading. I verified with the vendor that the sound board is in the 2nd Mezz, Rows A & B…. NOTHING in the Orchestra.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Jennifer – Thank you for the feedback. We’ll update the blog appropriately. In terms of updating the seating chart, the detailed one is the best that’s out there, so we can’t just change it as it’s the only one that has detailed seating info. But thank you for the feedback.

  • K-Diddy

    Hi – We’re going to the Christmas Spectacular 2014 and I thought we were getting great seats, but am now having second thoughts after reading your comments. We’re in ORCH3, Row AA, (Aisle) Seats 312, 313 & 314. Will our view be overbearing to enjoy the show? If so, is there a recourse to change our seats?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi – The seats you purchased are quite close, but if you are bringing children they will still enjoy being right near the action (plus aisle seats are more valuable as well). If you wish to relocate, you would need to try and sell the tickets you have and purchase others. You can list your tickets on TickPick or any other marketplace you like.

  • D

    Hi – I just purchased tickets for Heart and Lights. Sitting Orchestra, Section P, Seats 309 – 312. Only concern is that I have a 7 year old and hoping seats are good enough for his to see the stage. What do you think ?

  • D

    Hi – I just purchased tickets for Heart and Lights. Sitting Orchestra, Section P, Seats 309 – 312. Only concern is that I have a 7 year old and hoping seats are good enough for his to see the stage. What do you think ?

  • oz

    Hi, we bought 4 tickets in orchestra 6 row dd seat #s 611-614, I noticed obstructed view on the tickets after I purchased them. What does this mean??

  • Marlene Vigario Muretta

    Hello! I just purchased 5 tix..2NDMZ4 seats 409-413 and just noticed that they are obstructed/limited view. I am bringing 3 small children and am worried. Do you know exactly what the obstruction is? I can see from your map that the entire section is pretty much obstructed. Is it the sound board? Will it be loud? I totally missed it in my haste to get tickets with what I thought was a good deal/promo ! HELP !

    • Shimm

      how were your seats?
      bc i am trying to purchase tickets and i just noticed that it said obstructed and now im worried

  • wilson

    has anyone ever used TickPick to bid on tickets? if so, was it a positive experience

  • Julie Canard

    I just got tickets for the Rockettes on the 3rd mezz., sec. 300, row E and F for my grandchildren…a couple of them are young…will they be able to see everything?

  • Saxon

    How bad are the obstructed view seats in the 2nd mezzanine 400’s?

    • Shim

      how were your seats in the 400s?

  • lovelife

    Got tickets for a concert at Radio City and I am in Orchestra 4, Row WW seat 413, not used to being so far back— are these great seats nonetheless ?

  • Christine Ligenza

    im looking at seats in orchestra 3 row N, will my view be obstructed?

  • rr

    Just got orch 4 RR 405- 407 tickets for christmad spectacular…is that too close?

  • Fraser boyle

    406,407,408 tt are those good seats never been there for a show

  • Vicki Youngelman

    I have tickets for the Christmas Show Row BB Orchestra 3 seats 313 and 314. Reading your blog this may be too close. Is it worth the battle to change them?

  • Patti

    Are seats in ORCH 3, Row CC, Seat 312 – 309 too close?

  • shirley

    We have tickets for the Christmas Spectacular : Section ORCH2, Row Q Seats205-208.Could you show us a map to see where we are?

  • Jewel

    I am trying to choose between orch 2 row QQ outside aisle seats vs. 1st mezz 6 row b. Which is the better view? Two of us are on the short side 5’2″. Do the orch and mezz seats slope up?

  • Angela

    How are orchestra row J. Seats 203 and 204 for Christmas Spectacular?

  • Christine

    Hi, I want to purchase 4 seats for the Christmas Spectacular. We were originally thinking Orchestra seating because we didn’t want to fight the elevators to the mezz. What are your thoughts on this? Is it a hike up the stairs to the upper levels? (we have an elderly person with us.) Also, a couple of our companions are height challenged, would they have a problem seeing the stage over other people in the Orchestra section? Thanks!

  • Tania Surabian Daniel

    We will have 4 adults and 4 kids going to see rockettes, are orchestra2 section 200’s row yy ok or should we spend the extra money on orchestra sec400 rows c/d? Those center seats are $35 more per tix times8! Thx!!!

  • K

    Got tickets for Christmas Spectacular, 1st mez, row k 303, 304, 305. Are these good seats?

  • Colorado Girl

    Hey Brett,
    I purchased tickets for this years Christmas Spectacular for three little girls in Orchestra6 Row YY. I am now concerned that these seats might be hard for them to see at that angle. Could you please let me know if we will be ok?

  • Raul

    Well, I’ve purchased my tickets for the Christmas Spectacular Show and picked seats 501,502 on Orchestra5 row AA. Now reading your post, sounds like they’re bad seats..
    Why are you saying that? I mean, any difficult on viewing the show?
    It’s my first time there, I’m from Spain. Any picture from my place?


  • glo

    Hi, should I go for 3rd Mezz Z3 (Row 1), or Orch 1 A, B, ZZ (right side)?
    Could you please let me know?
    thank you!

  • Michelle s

    Have tickets for 2nd mezz row g 301-309 for christmas spectacular. Please tell me if they are good seats

  • j

    Where woudl orch 208-209 seats be.

  • Tammy Kelly

    Hi – I am struggling with my decision on which seats to buy for the Christmas Spectacular. Groupon has what I think is a great deal right now…I’m wondering what your advice would be for seat selection?

    Options I am deciding on are (options 1-5 are $59 each, options 6-7 are $37 each)

    1. ORCH4 R 405-408 ($59)

    2. ORCH2 C 201-204 or K 211-214($59)

    3. ORCH3 N 301-304

    4. 1STMZ5 G 504-507

    5. 1STMZ3 H 310-313

    6. 2NDMZ2 H 211-214

    7. 2NDMZ3 K 305-308

    • Brett Goldberg

      They are selling them as the same price, because it is thought to have all of the same value. I would use the detailed seating chart above and try to visualize what it would look like. It really comes down to individual preference. Do you want to be in the mezz? Or would you rather be in the orchestra? It just comes down to preference.

  • Matt

    For the chirstmas show I have a choice between Orchestra 600 rows MM and NN or Orchestra 500 rows H and J. I am buying 20 tickets so I will take all of one row and most of the second. Which would you prefer?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Get the orchestra 500 seats everyone will have a better viewing angle, too extreme in the 600s

      • Matt

        Thanks so much Brett!

  • sp122

    is orch6 row aa good ?

    • Brett Goldberg

      For a concert at Radio City I would love those seats

  • Carter29072

    I found good seats on Orch 4 Row F end of the row 3 sets 401-403. Is this good? Never been there before. This isn’t too close is it? Thank you!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Too close? Row AA to ZZ comes before Row F so that’s give or take 30 rows back, great for anything

  • Chika

    With kids at the radio city christmas spectacular which seats would you recommend between these – ORCH2 D 207-210 or 1STMZ4 J 410-413

    • Brett Goldberg

      Chika – I would buy the 1STMZ4 J 410-413 for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Those seats are in the dead center and are on the aisle of the section.

  • eric

    how are the orchestra seats zz on the inside row, for the Christmas Show? Is there enough elevation to where you are not blocked by the person in front of you or is it better to go mid way up the 1st mezz?

    • eric

      sorry meant to say in orchestra 5

      • Brett Goldberg

        Hi Eric – I think seats in Orchestra 5 row ZZ would be perfect. Unless you know you like the mezzanine type of seats for specific viewing purposes I would go with the Orschestra seats for the show

  • Bren

    got seat in orch sec 4, row M. Not sure if this is good with the sound board??

    • Brett Goldberg

      Sounds like for whichever show you are seeing at the Radio City will have a different seating configuration where the sound board will be in a different location.

  • richedw

    How are the seats in the pit? Are you below the stage?

    • Brett Goldberg

      The stage is raised slightly above the Pit seats at Radio City, which is probably why the Pit seats are not always available for all shows. That’s because it is too close to the stage for the arts, however for concerts the PIT seats are generally the most coveted seats in Radio City Music Hall.

  • christie

    what you think of 1st mezzanine 5 row h seats 512. is that a good seat? its for a concert

    • Brett Goldberg

      The first mezzanine section (5) is a great section for any concert at Radio City.

  • willis

    Just how many seats are available for the average show in the bldg.

    • Brett Goldberg

      There are approximately 6,000 seats in Radio City Music Hall. Depending on which concert or show dictates how many get resold on ticket marketplaces like TickPick. Typically there are 500 tickets being resold for big concerts like XX, where smaller acts like Sarah Brightman may only have 150 tickets being resold and are probably still available on TicketMaster.

      Often ticket prices for smaller names like Sarah will sell for below face value, similar to the Christmas Spectacular show which often sell for less than the box office is asking for.

  • Marie

    How are seats in the 200’s of the first mezzanine? We have the aisle seats toward the center. Just curious.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Marie – You will enjoy those seats at the Radio City Music Hall!

      • shim

        how is mezzanine 2 , row e, seats 408- 411?! for christmas spectular

  • Tbt

    I got tickets for a concert and its row A orchestra3 seat 303 & 304? Are those good seats?

    • Guest

      I just got 2 tickets Orchestra Row E seats in the 500 section for the Christmas show. What do you think? I hope those will be good.

  • Troy Goldberg

    In the center sections where the soundboard is, the seating chart shows that there are seats that are not obstructed. Do you think the radio city seating chart is accurate? Or are they obstructed?