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Have any doubt that hip-hop has made its comeback? Well, for starters, three out of four of the highest selling albums of 2015 were hip-hop records. Dr. Dre dropped his first album in 16 years this summer, and it’s even better than what fans and critics could have imagined it to be. N.W.A debuted its story through film, which was executively produced by the men who inspired it. And, on a politically charged background, hip-hop is embracing opportunities to send messages, enforce community, and rally for rights. Rap and hip-hop is as great as it’s ever been, if not better. We think this is the beginning of an era, and looking back, you’d regret not being a part of it. So here are the best upcoming rap concerts of 2015, including but not limited to The WeekndChance the Rapper, Vince Staples, and Wale.

If you’re specifically interested in upcoming concerts in NYC then this blog (which has handpicked concerts for each day) is a read you don’t want to miss.

The Weeknd

The WeekndWe would bet that there isn’t a single household, office building, or car radio who hasn’t played The Weeknd’s latest record Beauty Behind the Madnessa record which has held several placeholders on the Billboard Hot 100. But seriously, The Weeknd has taken over the world. By successfully and keenly penetrating the pop music genre and taking its sounds for a spin of his own, The Weeknd has increased accessibility within his music, the overall contagion that keeps pop music cycling through our heads. And now, with singles “The Hills”, “Can’t Feel My Face”, and “Often”, The Weeknd has achieved fame far beyond his wildest dreams. Fans of The Weeknd, get your wallets ready, because “The Madness Fall 2015 Tour” is about to be underway. And though The Weeknd has put on some pretty amazing shows in the past, we don’t think anything will compare to what he’s about to do.

Upcoming The Weeknd concert in NYC: November 16, 2015 @ Madison Square Garden

When will The Weeknd be on tour?: November 3, 2015- December 19, 2015

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar "Alright"Christmas came early for Kendrick Lamar fans this year when it was announced that he would be embarking on a short mini-tour of smaller music venues around the states, leading up to what will hopefully be a longer arena tour in 2016. The tour is titled “1st Annual Kunta Groove Sessions”. Kendrick will be accompanied by his backing band The Wesley Theory and fellow label-mate Jay-Rock for the tour. Kendrick had an amazing year with the release of To Pimp a Butterfly, his third record, which was immediately met with raving reviews. Though Kendrick hasn’t won any Grammys in the past, despite his seven plus nominations, we hope this year proves otherwise, because if anyone deserves upmost respect in the genre, we think Kendrick does.

Upcoming Kendrick Lamar concert in NYC: November 2, 2015 @ Webster Hall

When will Kendrick Lamar be on tour?: October 29, 2015- December 20, 2015 

Tyler, the Creator + A$AP Rocky

Tyler and Rocky Tour 2015Tyler just recently announced that he will be touring with A$AP Rocky this summer, with special guests Danny Brown and Vince Staples. Even though Rocky and Tyler hail from opposing coasts, with rap styles as different as can be, their fanbase does overlap, which makes this tour a great moneymaker. Both rappers dropped albums this year, records which achieved major strides in putting them in the ranks for the best hip-hop tracks released in 2015. We’re not sure if Rocky and Tyler are going to tour Drizzy and Yeezy style, or if it’ll be two separate rap sets, but either way, this joint tour will surely live up to its names.

Upcoming Tyler and Rocky concert in NYC: September 22, 2015 @ Theater at Madison Square Garden

When will Tyler and Rocky be on tour?: September 19, 2015- November 15, 2015

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan LewisAfter a two year hiatus, Macklemore and his partner in crime Ryan Lewis are back at it again. So far, we’ve only been given a couple of singles off of the highly anticipated follow-up to The Heist, that being the rock/hip-hop triumph “Downtown”, and Macklemore’s gushy tribute to his newborn daughter, “Growing Up”. Though we’re not sure when the next Macklemore & Ryan Lewis album is going to drop, we’re just happy one of our favorite rappers is back on his feet after dealing with his demons, and is determined to be there for his fans who’ve been supporting him through it all. This tour may seem short, but Macklemore and Ryan Lewis fans can expect another leg of the tour to take place in Spring 2016, in support of their upcoming record.

Upcoming Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert in NYC: TBA

When will Macklemore and Ryan Lewis be on tour?: January 9, 2016- February 5, 2016


CiaraEver since Lil Jon determined her a hit back in 2004 at the first listen of “Goodies”, Ciara has been consistent in producing hit singles, not to mention her incredible choreography and dance talents to match. Through making lifelong connections with artists such as Missy Elliott, in addition to headlining a tour with Jay-Z, Ciara solidified herself as a force in the R&B/hip-hop industry. And even though she hasn’t embarked on a headlining tour in six years, we have complete faith in Ciara as she continues her Jackie tour in support of her newest record, an album dedicated to her mother. Though Ciara has taken many different turns in regards to her music and style, we hope she’ll give audiences a few throwbacks on her upcoming “Jackie” Tour.

Upcoming Ciara concert in NYC: TBA

When will Ciara be on tour?: October 16, 2015- December 20, 2015

Vince Staples

Vince StaplesVince Staples is considered one of the most prolific rappers of the decade, and is taking his personal hip-hop account to cities all around the U.S. This past June, Vince Staples released his debut record Summertime 06′, an album written in dedication to the destruction Staples watched occur around him as a teen during the Summer of 2006. After leaving his violent surroundings, Staples was able to gain a nuanced perspective on the fear felt during his adolescence, where parents were constantly reporting new death, and where fathers were being sent to jail for their crimes. Having worked closely with a few Odd Future members, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar, Staples was able to gain the momentum he needed drop Summertime 06′. And since it’s release, Summertime 06′ has been considered a truly authentic coming of age tale of Staples’ experiences, but which can be applied to several up and coming rappers born into violent neighborhoods. With such an incredible debut, we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Upcoming Vince Staples concert in NYC: December 9, 2015 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

When will Vince Staples be on tour?: November 24, 2015- December 15, 2015

Fetty Wap

Fetty WapThis year, Fetty Wap finally saw the success he deserves. Success that feels so sudden and surreal, but the second he bought his mama a house, he knew: He made it. His breakout radio-hit “Trap Queen”, once given the Kanye-West seal of approval, skyrocketed to the top of the charts, leading to Fetty Wap being awarded a Moon Man, 2.4 million downloads, and a remix from Drake. At only 24, Fetty Wap is now in the major leagues, and we are excited to be right there with him. Wap is gearing up to release a new album soon, but he’s not pushing the date, and will likely just surprise us out of the blue (because it seems that’s the way everyone is doing it these days). We hope Fetty Wap keeps it up as a pop mainstay, and from the looks of him onstage with T-Swift, we think he’ll be on our radio waves for awhile.

Upcoming Fetty Wap concert in NYC: September 29, 2015 @ Pacha (Album Release Party)

When will Fetty Wap be on Tour?: September 29- November 8, 2015

Meek Mill

Meek MillIt’s been quite an exciting year for Meek Mill, as he just recently became the third highest selling rap artist of the year. His latest album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, which garnered the fourth most highest record sales in its first week. To be clear, this makes Meek Mill the fourth most popular artist of the year, right behind Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Mumford & Sons. We hope Meek Mill can set his Drizzy beef aside to reap the perks of being one of the ones on top, but all drama aside, this rapper has been killing it 

Upcoming Meek Mill concert in NYC: September 7, 2015 @ 50 Kent

When will Meek Mill be on tour?: August 8, 2015- December 27, 2015


MiguelMiguel dropped Wildheart this past June, and we love it. With the hit single “Coffee” ushering the album into the charts, Miguel quickly altered his “sex-obsessed” persona to one that is “sex-positive”, focusing more on relationships and interpersonal connections versus womanizing. The album is noticeably more rock-infused than previous albums, so expect Miguel to be joined by a electric guitar or two. The “2015 Wildheart Tour” has become one of the hottest tours of the summer, and we can see why. With undeniable swag and charisma, this r&b pompadour is incredible to see live.

Upcoming Miguel Concert in NYC: August 7, 2015 @ The Space at Westbury

When will Miguel be on tour?: August 7, 2015- November 7, 2015

Chance the Rapper

Chance The RapperWe are so excited to see Chance the Rapper go on tour this fall. This past month, Chance got behind a truly amazing album, Surf, from Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment. Chance and Donnie go way back, so we’re feeling pretty blessed that these two talented artists found each other and their way into the studio. Chance’s 2015 Tour is titled “Family Matters”, likely due to the number of guests he’s welcoming on his tour. Namely his pal Towkio, Hiatus Kaiyote, and Metro Boomin. We also wouldn’t be surprised if Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment make a few appearances along the way, and in that case, you really don’t want to miss it.

Upcoming Chance the Rapper Concert in NYC: October 3, 2015 + October 5, 2015

When will Chance the Rapper be on tour?: October 11, 2015- November 25, 2015


WaleWale, hailing in from Washington, is the self-proclaimed “Ambassador of Rap from the Capitol”. And after listening to his latest record The Album About Nothing, we certainly agree. Wale brought in several guests to help bring the album to life, including Jerry Seinfeld’s, who introduces several tracks. Wale, in our opinion, echoes much of the music and rap style of the late 2Pac Shakur, a compliment most rappers only dream of. But the comparisons are there, and we are pretty excited for what Wale has in store for the genre.

Upcoming Wale Concert in NYC: December 8, 2015 @ Webster Hall

When will Wale be on tour?: August 9, 2015- December 10, 2015

D’ Angelo

DAngeloD’ Angelo fans, we know you’ve been waiting long enough to see this powerhouse of talent live. His latest album, Black Messiah, arrived 14 years after 2000’s VooDoo, but every fan and critic can agree that it was worth the wait. With the same charisma and vocal ability that had us wanting more over a decade ago, D’ Angelo arrives back on stage if he never left the R&B scene. Now backed with a band of virtuoso players who go by “The Vanguard”, D’ Angelo is ready to take his “Second Coming 2015 Tour” to eagerly awaiting fans everywhere.

Upcoming D’ Angelo concert in NYC: TBA

When will D’ Angelo be on tour?: June 7, 2015- November 8, 2015

Big Sean

Big SeanBig Sean’s time has finally come. With the release of Dark Sky Paradisethe MC protege has finally reached the heights we all saw for him when he was first budding out from Detroit. Dark Sky Paradise is a record that fluxes between the recognition of fame, to being afraid of losing it all, to realizing one’s own potential, and not letting it get to one’s head. Big Sean used himself as the subject of his latest record, and it worked. Big Sean will be on tour through the end of the summer, and for a double dose of hip-hop’s best and brightest talent of today, catch him on one of his “Dark Sky Paradise Tour” dates with J. Cole.

Upcoming Big Sean concert in NYC: TBA

When will Big Sean be on tour?: June 7, 2015- November 21, 2015


Even though everyone hates on TicketMaster, they actually do a decent job discovering up-and-coming rap artists. Check out Ones To Watch to see up-and-coming artists. For example, Logic and Jake Miller are two rappers that they helped discover and promote.

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