Rap Concerts | Best Upcoming Hip Hop Concerts in 2015

by Brett Goldberg on February 20, 2015

Most rappers like to say that hip hop is dead, but we couldn’t disagree more. Let’s think about this. Just last year, we saw Lil Wayne and Drake embark on a legendary joint tour. We watched as perhaps the most well known power couple in the world, Jay-Z and Bey, took on the biggest venues together as man and wife. Or how about the rising fame of Odd Future, the latest hip-hop collective to come out of LA? From what we are seeing and hearing, there is plenty to be excited about when it comes to rap and hip-hop. From what we can tell so far, this season will bring some amazing talent to the touring circuit, including but not limited to Wiz Khalifa, Iggy Azalea, J. Cole, and Trey Songz. Here’s our list of the best upcoming hip hop concerts in 2015. 

If you’re specifically interested in upcoming concerts in NYC then this blog (which has handpicked concerts for each day) is a read you don’t want to miss.

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Hoodie Allen

Hoodie AllenHoodie Allen, a rapper who has singlehandedly built his own fan base by releasing his tracks on internet mediums such as YouTube and SoundCloud, has just released a new music video featuring Ed Sheeran. Now, Hoodie Allen will be joining Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy for “The Boys of Zummer” Tour 2015. Sound like an unlikely match? Well to us, it sounds like a very good time. Hoodie Allen, along with the other performers on “The Boys of Zummer” Tour 2015,  have always made it a point to stay connected and interactive with his fans during shows, so we think this  joint tour one ought to be one your list of must see hip-hop concerts this season.

Upcoming Hoodie Allen Concert in NYC: June 24th, 2015 @ Jones Beach Theater

When will Hoodie Allen be On Tour?: June 10th, 2015- August 10th, 2015

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Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa, first gained national attention with a mix tape released his senior year of high school, is set to tour this summer with Fall Out Boy and Hoodie Allen on “The Boys of Zummer” Tour 2015. This Philly based rapper is known for his pop hooks and smooth hip-hop production, as well as a fruitful collaborating relationship with L.A rapper Snoop Dogg. After his film debut in Mac and Devin Go to High School, Khalifa’s career continued it’s upward bound. Following his “Black and Yellow” Steelers tribute track, Khalifa has rode the wave of his own success, while continuously trying to trump his own rhymes. Check out “The Boys of Zummer” Tour 2015 promo video, and get ready for one of the best team-up tours of the summer.

Upcoming Wiz Khalifa Concert in NYC: June 24th, 2015 @ Jones Beach Theater

When will Wiz Khalifa be On Tour?: June 10th, 2015- August 10th, 2015

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Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea Iggy Azalea, the Australian born rapper revealed to her fans her exciting plans for 2015. And the time has almost come. Beginning this spring, Iggy Azalea will embark on her “Great Escape” 2015 Tour, a North American tour that will take her, and opener Nick Jonas, to several cities across America, including but not limited to L.A, Brooklyn, and Austin. As the first, female, non-American rapper to make XXL’s Top Ten Freshmen in 2012, Azalea continues to dominate in a previously male-dominated hip-hop industry, bringing respect not only to females, but to non-American rappers as well. Azalea is fiercely talented, and it’s about time she goes on tour with a record that is all her own. With four Grammy nominations this year, Iggy Azalea has just enough momentum to begin her “Great Escape” 2015 Tour.

Upcoming Iggy Azalea Concert in NYC: May 7th, 2015 @ Barclays

When will Iggy Azalea be On Tour?: April 14th, 2015- May 24th, 2015

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J. Cole

J. ColeJ. Cole, more formally known as the first MC to sign onto Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Label, gave us a brand new record just two months ago, and now he’s set to tour the “cities that never get no love” starting this March. Released just after a month it was announced, J. Cole’s most recent album 2014 Forest Hills Drive (named after his childhood residential address) has won several awards, as well as landing No. 1 on the Billboard 100, and pleasing fans with smooth and substantial lyrics concerning beauty and love. We’re hoping that the short “Forest Hills Drive” Tour will only be the first leg of this North American tour (it likely will be, since the upcoming installment is labeled as “Act One”). J. Cole is a personal favorite of ours, but bias aside, this is one hip-hop artist you don’t want to miss seeing live.

Upcoming J. Cole Concert in NYC: TBA

When will J. Cole be On Tour?: “Act One”: March 2nd, 2015- April 7th, 2015

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New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the BlockThe New Kids on the Block are hitting the road yet again, but this time, with hip-hop legends and aficionados TLC and Nelly.  TLC, composed of rappers T-Boz and Chilli, have recently begun their comeback from eighties royalty, using a Kickstarter to fund their upcoming album (which, NKOTB have agreed to donate 10K to!). The tour, entitled “The Main Event” summer tour, will begin May 1st at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Events Center. According to band member Donnie Wahlberg, the tour will feature their most elaborate stage set yet, including “bar seats around the stage so our fans can literally sit right on the stage and converse with us, hang out and heckle us”. We love to hear a band dedicated to bringing a great, interactive show to their fans. We think the New Kids on the Block “Main Event” summer tour could potentially be the hip-hop highlight of the summer.

Upcoming New Kids on the Block Concert in NYC: June 21st & 22nd, 2015 @ MSG

When Will the New Kids on the Block be On Tour?: May 1, 2015- October 10th, 2015

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Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Tyga

Chris BrownEarlier this year, Chris Brown announced with Trey Songz and Tyga that they will be touring together on the “Between the Sheets Tour”. Though the tour won’t kick off until January, Brown announced that he will be going on a mini-tour with August Alsina in a few select cities. Chris Brown’s sixth album titled “X” debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B Chart, featuring appearance by Lil’ Wayne, Usher, and R. Kelly. Trey Songz is also experiencing wide range success as his latest single, “Trigga”, hit the top of the charts as well. This joint tour will likely be the biggest hip-hop collective we see in awhile, so if you’re looking to go to a big hip-hop concert, Chris Brown tickets are a must have.

Upcoming Chris Brown Concert in NYC: January 29, 2015

When Will Chris Brown be On Tour?: January 27, 2015- March 8, 2015

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Stevie Wonder

Stevie WonderLucky for us, Stevie Wonder has announced that he will in fact be extending his “Songs in the Key of Life” Tour (which kicked off in November 2014) to Spring 2015. And yes, New Yorkers are in luck, because this will include a stopover at Brooklyn’s famous Barclays Center. The fact that Stevie Wonder is still touring since his career began in the early 70’s is quite a testament to how talented this icon truly is. But really, words can’t describe how touched with music and fire this man is, and has been, since he was young. Practically blind since birth, and having lost most of his smell and taste in an accident later in life, Stevie Wonder is a walking set of ears, equipped to produce, engineer, and usher hip-hop and R&B for decades. We can only hope that this Motown legend will continue touring, but just in case, we suggest you catch Stevie Wonder on his extended “Songs in the Key of Life” 2015 Tour.

Upcoming Stevie Wonder Concert in NYC: April 12th, 2015 @ Barclays

When will Stevie Wonder be On Tour?: March 17th, 2015- April 14th, 2015

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LecraeLecrae, one of the leading players in the gospel-rap movement, has announced the second leg of his “Anomaly” 2015 Tour for this spring. A well known voice in both Christian and mainstream music, Lecrae’s latest album titled Anomaly is only the fifth ever record to top both the Billboard 100 and Billboard Christian Albums charts. Additional to his widespread success, Lecrae has been critically rewarded with a Grammy just this past awards show for his single titled “Messengers”. Don’t be mistaken, Lecrae’s hard demeanor and crunk beats are only embellishments to his love for JC. But if you love hip-hop, Christian music, or both, Lecrae is the voice in the industry you’ve been waiting to hear. This spring, Lecrae’s show at Best Buy Theater is expected to be one of the best hip-hop shows this spring (and family friendly, too).

Upcoming Lecrae Concert in NYC: April 9th, 2015 @ Best Buy Theater

When will Lecrae be On Tour?: April 9th, 2015- April 30th, 2015

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Big Sean

Big Sean In addition to collaborating with rising starlet Ariana Grande this year, it seems that Big Sean has been working on some material of his own, including a recently dropped song with Kanye West titled “All Your Fault”. This song, along with a single featuring Grande, are the first glimpses Big Sean has given his fans in regards to his upcoming album, Dark Sky Paradise. Even though Big Sean hasn’t released a full tour schedule, he keeps adding performance dates, including one upstate NY show on April 12th, and a NJ show on April 22nd at Starland Ballroom. Since Big Sean is gearing up for an album release, we think this will definitely mean a North American tour announcement in the works. Until then, you can listen to “All Your Fault” here, and we’ll keep you updated as to when Big Sean announces a 2015 tour.

Upcoming Big Sean Concert in NYC: TBA

When will Big Sean be On Tour?: April 12th & 22nd, 2015

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Which hip-hop artists will tour in 2015?

Kanye WestWell, let’s think for a second. Drake just released a new album, a record that practically came out of nowhere titled If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Since no one expected Drake to pull a Beyonce and upload an entire album overnight, then maybe all cards are off the table. It could be next month, next week, or even tomorrow that Drake announces the first leg of his North American tour in order to promote the new record. Or at least, that’s what we’re hoping for. Because we love music just as much as you do, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a Drake 2015 tour.

As mentioned before in our upcoming concert tours and predictions blog, we definitely think Kanye West will be announcing a tour any day now. The evidence stands: Rihanna auctioned off a package titled “The Kanye West Tour Experience” during a live auction. Kanye, Rihanna, and Sir Paul McCartney just dropped a new collaboration titled “Only One”. And West has been dropping hits on talk shows such as Fallon and Ellen for the past several months, as well as speaking to Rolling Stone Magazine about his latest work in the studio. Now, we can only hope it is taking so long for Kanye to announce a new tour because he’s trying to fill the giant shoes of the Yeezus tour. But then again, is that even possible? Don’t worry, we’ll let you know ASAP when Kanye West announces a 2015 tour.

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Prior Hip-Hop Concerts in 2013-2014

Eminem & Rihanna

The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards - ShowThe last Eminem concert that we saw was the brief NYC / Detroit concert series that he put on with Jay Z. We are still having a tough time here, but for that reason alone, we 100% will buy Eminem Tickets to his next series of rap concerts. With his concerts so few and far between, if you have an opportunity to catch him live its one you don’t want to pass up. Check out Eminem Tour Dates here.


Jay-Z and Beyonce

Beyonce Jay Z TourThe megastar couple of Jay Z and Beyonce will launch a tour stopping in at least 13 cities across America this summer. The tour, named after their “Part II (On the Run)” single, kicks off June 25 in Miami before going on to other cities such as Philadelphia, Dallas, Toronto, New York, and Chicago. The Jayz – Beyonce concert is one nobody wants to miss: hopefully our No Price Gauging tickets will insure you don’t.

Wiz Khalifa, Jeezy & More: Under the Influence of Music Tour

Wiz Khalifa Under the Influence

Wiz Khalifa has recruited plenty of talented rappers for his 3rd straight Under the Influence tour this summer. In past summers Wiz was joined by A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, and Mac Miller. This year he will be rolling with Jeezy, Tyga, Ty Dolla $ign, and DJ Drama among others. These headliners will undoubtedly be the under the influence of more than just music.


Jurassic 5: 20 concerts, Last Concert: 8/3/14

Jurassic 5 Tickets

Jurassic 5 is back this summer with their Word of Mouth tour. One of the most influential early hip-hop groups disbanded in 2007, but got back together last year to play at Coachella and other music festivals. J5 will be joined by Dilates Peoples and the Beat Junkies on their reunion tour as well. Finally, Jurassic 5 released their first single in years which will be performed on the tour, a cover of the White Stripes, The Way We Do It.

Earl Sweatshirt: 3 concerts, Last Concert: Governors Ball 6/8/14

Earl Sweatshirt - Hip Hop ArtistThe Odd Future member was nominated 2013 Rookie of the Year and his second studio album is good explanation why, with featured artists like Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, RZA and Mac Miller. On top of the BET nomination Complex named Sweatshirt the tenth best producer in hip hop. Not too bad for 19 years old.




J Cole

J. Cole Wale Announce Tour DatesWith 5 of the biggest hip hop albums dropped in 2013, many believe J Cole’s album was the best. J Cole is a true lyricist, and although there’s not many concerts left on his tour we are still excited about his tracks. Concert locations are FL, TX, and Syracuse NY.

Honorable Mention – Rap Concerts for 2014

The following rap concerts are in no particular order but they’re all national tours hitting all the major cities, NYC, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and more. Let us know if you agree, or disagree with anything we say in the comments below.


Schoolboy Q

schoolboy QWith an upcoming studio album included on many “Most Anticipated Albums of 2013″ lists, and collaborations on the album to include Black Hippy, ASAP Rocky, Danny Brown, Action Bronson, Pharrell and The Alchemist, Schoolboy Q has undoubtedly made a name for himself as a rap-game force to be reckoned with.

Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar

Kanye West - Rap ConcertIt’s been five years since Kanye last did a solo concert tour, and if he can perform like he use to than you know it’s a guaranteed good concert, as well as performance. Kanye treats concerts like art, and he likes to masterfully make sure that sound, lights, astecis etc., are perfect. Kanye’s pairing with Kendrick Lamar will give the Compton rapper a chance to learn from one of the greats, as we feel Kendrick’s previous performances don’t match his lyrical talents. Although one of the more expensive tickets, if you are sick of seeing Jay Z and watch to switch it up than there’s no better way than getting your hands on some Kanye West Tickets.

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Lastly if you are looking for more hip hop concerts or other artists on tour you can find that as well as tips for buying cheap concert tickets here.