Seattle Seahawks Seating Chart | CenturyLink Field

This review of the Seattle Seahawks Seating Chart aka CenturyLink Field (formerly Qwest Field) will help you get the best seats possible given your budget. So whether you are looking for cheap Seahawks tickets or the best seats we have the information you are looking for, including row and seat numbers and Seahawks Seat Views!

Seahawks Seating Chart By Row (hover over section for details)


100’s Level – Seahawks Seating

Seahawks Seating Chart - Rows & Seat Numbers

Seats: Typically there are between 15 and 24 seats per row in any 100’s section at CenturyLink Field. Seat 1 is always on the aisle closer to the lower numbered adjacent section. For example, seat 1 in section 110 is on the aisle side closest to section 109 and seat 20 is on the aisle next to section 111.

Rows: Sections on the sidelines are labeled with Rows A-Z followed by AA or just rows A-Z. Endzone sections are labeled A-Z followed AA-HH or QQ. Use the interactive Seahawks seating chart above.

Benches: The Seattle Seahawk’s bench is located behind sections 133 through 137. The visiting team’s bench is located behind sections 108 through 110.


Seattle Seahawks detailed Seating Chart

200’s Level – Seahawks Seating Chart

Seats: Seat 1 is always on the side of a section closest to a lower numbered section. On the right is an example: Seat 1 in section 210 is closest to the last seat in section 209.

Typically, each row has around 18-20 seats. In some rare cases like sections 203 and 214, there are as few as 9 seats per row.

Rows: Most sections in the 200’s are labeled rows A-Z, with an extra AA row at the top. In a few cases the rows go from A-X.


300’s Level – CenturyLink Field Seating

CenturyLink Field Seats - 300 Level Details with rows and seat numbers

Seats: Seat number 1 in any row is always going to be on the side that is closer to the lower numbered section. For example, seat 1 in section 316 would be closest to the last seat in section 315.

There are typically anywhere from 15-25 seats per row in the 300’s sections. As you can see in the example though, the corners and the lower rows of certain sections can have as few as 10 seats per row.

Rows: Almost every 300’s section goes from rows A to Z followed by rows AA to EE. However sections 302 to 316 are larger sections, going as high as row SS. Scroll over any section in the seating chart above for particular row details.


The HAWKS NEST (Seahawks Bleacher Seats):

Evidence for the popularity of CenturyLink Field tickets can be seen in the reputation it has earned as arguably the loudest stadium in the NFL.  When you take in a game at CenturyLink Field live it feels like they sold double the tickets they should have because it’s so loud.  The architects designed the structure of the stadium, especially the roof, to direct as much crowd noise as possible on the field. In addition, the north end zone of CenturyLink Field seating, called the “Hawks Nest“, was specifically designed for rowdy fans; the seating consists of metal bleachers which reflect sound, and fans often stomp to create even more.

Since the 2005 season, more penalties for false starts have been called against visiting teams in CenturyLink Field than in any other NFL stadium, a stat that makes the job the CenturyLink Field box office does easy. At one point during the 2006 season, the New York Giants complained that CenturyLink Field was artificially piping in noise, because they recorded a record 11 false starts in one game. During the 2005 NFC Championship Game against the Carolina Panthers, the decibel level recorded by Fox’s telecast producers reached 137db, another record in professional sports.


CenturyLink Field Seat Views

The Seattle Seahawks have partnered with IO Media, and they have created a 3d CenturyLink Field seating chart, so that you can see your seat view from every section. Although it’s computer generated, it is helpful, check it out here.

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Have a question about CenturyLink Field Seating or specifically the Seahawks seating chart? Ask away in the comments below.

  • nema

    How can there be a ticket in Section 151, Row L when the section only goes from Rows A-J????

  • Christine

    Question, is section109, row U under cover or should I plan on the possibility if getting wet? Is it on the drip line? Does anyone know?

  • Sara

    I don’t know much about picking seats either, I’m getting them for a X-mas gift for my Husband. I got 4 seats in section 300W, 300W, 300R & 300A – what does W, R or A after the section number mean? All are in Row E, seats 1,2,3,4. Help ~ I hope we are not standing!!!!!!!!

    • Brett Goldberg

      Haven’t heard of something quite like that. It may be wheelchair seating. You should give the venue a call to double confirm the details on your seats. Do let us know what they say please

  • Wendy H

    What does BS mean behind a seat number 151 BS Q – at CenturyLink?

  • Maude Cumming

    Is row LL in section 116 under cover?

  • Blaine

    I haven’t seen my son in years as I am stationed overseas. We are going to the game versus the Rams in December and I want to get the best seats possible. Is Section 107 a good area or is 50 yd line area better. Thank you

    • Jack Slingland

      Hey Blaine – First of all thank your for your service. You would be very happy in section 107, but the 50 yard is the premium location. It is also important to keep in mind that you want to sit at row 10 or above, so you have enough height to see the plays develop all over the field.

  • Chelsea

    Hey! I don’t know much about picking seats as I’m picking them for a surprise birthday gift. It’s going to be December. I found seats in section 335 but it says SR after the number, what does that mean?
    Also- is there a section you can recommend? I was hoping to spend around $300 and noticed how expensive good seats are. I need 4 seats. I’ve asked friends for help and no one seems to be able to help me. Help?
    -football game virgin

    • Jason

      SR is Standing Room Only and you do not get seats. There is an area to stand in. If you are looking to spend $300 total for 4 seats I wish you luck because i dont think it is going to happen. If you are looking to spend $300/ea ticket you will be good to choose any seat in that price range. IMO there is not really a bad seat in the house. I prefer somewhere on the sidelines rather than end zone but that is only my opinion.

  • jim

    Where is the best spot to have a chance at getting an autograph? I’m trying to get my jersey signed and can’t find anything on the web saying where to go or how to get it done.

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Jim – There is not exactly a best spot or a certain way to have a jersey signed. Ideally you would want to sit either behind the Seahawks bench or the tunnel they enter/exit the field from (not positive which tunnel that is). Wait until after the game is over, walk down to the first row behind either their bench or the tunnel and see if you can get lucky.

  • cari

    what section does the visiting team’s friends/family sit?

  • Brad

    If I am in 327 row DD am I under the roof?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi Brad – It’s right on the cusp. You can see the Seahawks seating chart here, where your seats are located.

  • Sean

    Hello, I am wondering where the visiting team enters the stadium? What section is good to be close to the team coming and going? What about the Seahawks? Many thanks for a response.

  • Dan Kuhn

    Seahawks bench is always on the west side of the field, 133-137 and visitors bench on the east side, 108-110, contrary to the info above. Just fyi

  • Emily Cook

    Can someone explain the standing room only seats? I’m looking at buying cheap tickets for the upcoming Bucs game but they are for standing room only in section 339. are these at the very top of the stadium? or below?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Emily – Stading Room Only tickets are located at the 300 level concourse (they are not all the way at the top). You will be required to stand in a certain area for the game, and people will be walking in front of you for most of the game. Here’s a link to fans talking about their experience with SRO seats:

  • Concerned Seahawks fan

    Do you think it’s true that Centurylink field will add some 6,000 additional seats to the stadium? How do you think that will impact the Seattle Seahawks seating chart? For the better or the worse? Should Seahaks season ticket holders be concerned?