Stubhub Fees | The Truth About Buyer and Seller Fees

Stubhub Fees - What You See is What You Pay
by Brett Goldberg on April 30, 2014

Unfortunately, Stubhub Fees are more confusing than Ever

What are Stubhub’s Fees for buyers? What are Stubhub’s seller fees? Do some sellers pay different commissions? Are there ways to save money on these service charges?


No Surprise Fees: what you see is what you pay – but really, what does Stubhub Charge? We have the answer to all of your questions regarding Stubhub fees and we are going to provide you with tips on how to minimize these egregious service charges and commissions that Stubhub charges. So regardless if you’ve been selling tickets for years, or are just trying to find out what Stubhub is (a marketplace to buy tickets), we promise you’ll get something out of this.

Stubhub Fees (Overview)

At the start of 2014 Stubhub started ‘playing games‘ with their fees. The one thing that’s consistent is that they always show All-in ticket prices. Pre 2014, Stubhub’s buyer fee was always 10%, which was added onto the sellers listed ticket price.

Stubhub Fees

In the beginning of 2014 when Stubhub transitioned to all-in pricing, Stubhub also started experimenting with their buyers fees. Unfortunately, the days of knowing that buyers fees are 10%, are no longer. Stubhub is now experimenting with buyer fees ranging from 2% to 20%, which doesn’t even include sellers fees.

Sellers can list their tickets without paying any fees, but sellers are charged a 15% fee if their tickets sell. However, the structure of seller fees are significantly more complicated than this (more details below).

One way to save money is by using TickPick. There are no service fees for buyers, and a modest 10% commission for sellers.


How to Reduce The Fees You Pay

There’s a misconception that there’s a fixed fee per ticket; this is incorrect, there is a fee per a transaction.

Stubhub’s buyer fee is almost always 10% per a transaction (or 10% per a ticket). However, Stubhub charges a minimum fee of $5, so if you are buying tickets that have a total price that is less than $50, you will pay a fee greater than 10%. If a ticket is listed for $1, you’ll pay a service charge of $5 and then still have a $5 to $15 delivery fee.

You can read our Stubhub Fan Code blog to learn more ways to save money when buying tickets.

What Stubhub Has to Say About Their Fees and Policies

It’s too bad that Stubhub’s user agreement – doesn’t talk about their fees, instead they just say: “Fees will be disclosed to you prior to the finalization of your purchase or listing of tickets”.

Everything Stubhub does is a front to drive traffic (which I don’t entirely blame them) – that is the point of this blog, but at least I am doing it with the intention to educate consumers in an honest way. For example on there seller policies – they have a link that says: Getting paid, paying taxes, and tips on avoiding fees.

However, once you click it, it brings you to a section titled “Avoiding additional fees and order cancellation”. In short, there are some tips on how to ensure that you provide buyers with the tickets that you say you actually have.

It took me more than 15 minutes to finally find a place where they say what their seller’s fees might be. If you go to, and scroll all the way down, click on How much does it cost to list“.

“When your tickets sell, we may collect a fee on the ticket sale… For example, if the fee is equal to 15% of a total sale of $103, the 15% fee will equal $15.46 and your payment will equal $87.54.”

With all of this said, I credit Stubhub in providing a tremendous amount of information and trying to educate consumers on how to buy and sell tickets. I just wish they were more transparent with their fees similar to how TickPick lays out their fees front and center on their homepage (0% buyer fees and 10% seller fees).


Stubhub Large Seller Fees:

As a seller, there is no such thing as a service fee coupon or any other discounts. However, instead there is such a thing as a large seller program. What this means is that you are rewarded for selling lots of tickets. Your reward for selling a large amount of tickets is a reduced commission. A large sellers fee starts at 15% but can get as low as 10% based on specific metrics. The large sellers program changed in 2012, prior to that change a very small group of large ticket seller’s aka ticket brokers were paying only a 5% commission to Stubhub.

From what I understand there’s about 48 brokers that have been grandfathered into Stubhub’s large seller program with fees between 5% to 7.5%. These brokers that received this preferential treatment were the early users of Ticket Technology, a Point of Sale (POS) that helped brokers manage their massive amount of ticket listings and sold tickets.

Stubhub acquired Ticket Technology and as part of that deal the original 48 brokers that were using that POS received a discounted commission fee.

If you are interested in more details about this you can try reaching out to Stubhub and ask about their, Top Seller Manual (which is typically provided separately for qualified Top Sellers). We do happen to have a copy of the manual from 2010, which is a 40 page document. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below and we’ll tell you what you want to know.


Stubhub Partners

It is somewhat ironic that when looking to find out the details for Stubhub’s fees it is their partner, the MLB, that provides you with the most straight forward answer.

It is free to list tickets for sale, and to search for tickets to buy on StubHub. On each completed transaction, the buyer pays a 10% fee, and sellers are charged a 15% fee. For example, on the sale of a $100 ticket, the buyer would pay $110. The seller would net $85.

Updated August 2013: To make matters less confusing (or maybe more) Stubhub is starting to roll out “What You See is What You Pay” pricing for the MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL. To be clear the fees themselves have not changed at all, but now the 10% buyer fee and the shipping fee ($2 per a ticket with a maximum of $10) is being shown in the original ticket listing.

We expect that over the years this pricing model will be adopted for concerts and theater, however it isn’t now, so you still need to double check if they are hiding the 10% buyer fee or not.


Before buying tickets on Stubhub subscribe to our blog to receive discounts. Then check to see if the same tickets or better tickets are available for purchase on TickPick.

Also, if you are selling tickets than you should think about listing your tickets on both Stubhub and TickPick.

Although it’s true that Stubhub sells more tickets, you can price your tickets at a lower price on TickPick and still receive the same amount of money as you would if they sold on Stubhub.

I don’t know about you, but I love rooting for the underdog!

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