Stubhub Coupon Codes & Discount Code Secrets

Stubhub coupon codes and promo codes are only available directly from Stubhub, so searching on Google for a unique discount code is worthless. However, even though signing up to receive Stubhub’s coupon codes is easy, there’s a way to get those exact tickets for 5% to 15% less than what you see on Stubhub.

What many people don’t know is that most of the tickets on Stubhub can be bought on TickPick, without paying any fees. But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

Of course if you are simply interested in StubHub’s Fancodes, that’s understandable, just keep these two important caveats in mind:

Stubhub Coupon Codes1.)  StubHub’s coupon codes are only made available after you make a purchase, and can only be put towards a future order. So, if you are looking to save on tickets that you want to buy soon, and you don’t already have a coupon code, StubHub’s Fancodes program won’t be able to help you. But do not lose hope, ye weary discount finders! We show you how to save much more than StubHub’s coupon codes on current and future purchases below.


Stubhub Fees vs TickPick Fees2.)  StubHub’s Coupon Codes only give you 2% off future orders. Note, if you spend $2,000 or make 10 purchases, you can get 3% off.  Now, you may be thinking that 2-3% off  $400 or $500 tickets is pretty good! But, as promised, there is a much easier way to save an average of 10-15% off StubHub’s ticket prices:

You see, there is a major loophole in StubHub’s coupon codes policy. It’s the Elephant Oak Tree in the room that StubHub never talks about – their fees. What is a discount code for 2-3% off worth when they’re charging you 10% to buy tickets as well as the 10% to 15% fee that sellers are getting charged?


This is where TickPick comes in. As one journalist wrote about us, “Like the teen who goes goth and starts smoking pot to spite her suburban parents, ticket resale site TickPick was formed entirely in response to StubHub.” What exactly were we rebelling against when my co-founder and I started TickPick?  StubHub’s outrageous fees.


Unlike StubHub and other ticket marketplaces, TickPick has no buyer fees. For this reason alone, TickPick’s customers save an average of 10-15% on each purchase. Our research found that 70% of the time, TickPick’s price on the exact same ticket was significantly less than StubHub’s price (including their fees, which they try to hide until the last minute). The other 30% of the time, the tickets were either the same price or the exact same tickets weren’t available on both sites.


Is saving 2-3% really worth paying 10% in fees? We don’t think so. Just like your local discount store, TickPick has everyday low prices. Since TickPick sells no fee tickets, TickPick’s ticket prices are most likely going to be the cheapest tickets available.

  • Charlsey

    I guess it all depends on the event, I am looking to buy Taylor Swift tickets, and I saw the same tickets for $80 less.

  • Charlsey

    I guess it all depends the event, I am looking to buy Taylor Swift tickets, and I saw the same tickets for $80 less.

  • Maxwell

    Just did a price compare on basketball tickets. Stub Hub has better seats at half the cost. Even after Stub Hub adds the service fee, the tickets were still $30 cheaper. Tick Pick is a borderline scam.

  • N2OO2

    Hi you guys, when finding seats for a baseball game, the photo flashes for every section one looks at or doesn’t look at is enough to drive a person insane. I hate to say it, but it drove me from your baseball ticket site — it’s that distracting. Sorry, but I thought I’d mention it before I take off. Otherwise, this is an incredibly well done site combining a blog and business.

  • warranty_voider

    Most of the same tickets available? Please. Tickpick’s inventory is pathetic compared to Stubhub. For example, the wife and I are looking for tickets to two sold-out shows: The Beach Boys and the Barenaked Ladies. Search for those two acts on both sites and let the results speak for themselves.

  • Slap

    Do ticket prices on tickpick go down as the event nears?

  • Ticket Coupon King

    So you are saying that all of the coupon codes on and are fake vouchers? Why does it say that 6% of the time these stubhub codes were successful.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Maybe it’s the employees saying they work? A 6% success rate for the Stubhub coupon code working is not very reassuring.

  • Rob G

    What’s the difference from stubhub coupon codes and the fan rewards program? Or are they the same thing?

    • Brett Goldberg

      They are practically the same thing. Once you sign up for the stubhub fan rewards program, you then accumulate stubhub coupon codes to use on future ticket purchases.