Stubhub Fan Codes – May 2015

StubHub Discounts
by Brett Goldberg on April 27, 2015

I am not afraid to admit it, I grew up on Stubhub, similar to how I grew up on Yahoo Finance and as a heavy user, I always thought that they should offer Stubhub fan codes for loyal users. Finally, now they do. However, do the savings from Stubhub’s fancodes, justify StubHub’s high fees? What many people don’t realize, is that the majority of the tickets on Stubhub can be bought on TickPick without the fees.


Stubhub Fan Codes

Stubhub Codes – The Pros:

  1. Stubhub fancodes are free and easy
  2. Stubhub’s fine print is logical and easy to understand
  3. Once you sign up, you get 2-3% off future orders

Stubhub Codes – The Cons:

  1. Stubhub fanrewards requires you to sign up
  2. You have to spend $2,000 or make 10 purchases to become a superstar (i.e. get 3% off)
  3. Codes are only on future orders & expire in 6 months
  4. Misleading advertising; “seat upgrades” only occur if a problem with your order occurs

If you are looking to save money on tickets, remember that ticketing companies that charge high fees will try to disguise those fees using coupon codes, rewards programs, and loyalty programs. TicketsNow does it. VividSeats does it. StubHub does it no longer does this, however the large fees (25% in total) still exists. It’s a fact of modern marketing. But are those fan codes, promo codes and loyalty programs worth the higher fees? We don’t think so:

Unlike other ticket sites, TickPick charges no additional fees, so the price that you see is the price that you pay. Because of this reason alone, TickPick’s customers save an average of 10-15% on each purchase. No fan codes required. With TickPick, you get cheap tickets without any of the fees or hidden service charges, all with a great customer support team that is available 24/7 via email and 9am to 9pm by phone or live chat.

Give us a chance, we guarantee you’ll be happy you did: