Stubhub Fan Codes – April 2015

I am not afraid to admit it, I grew up on Stubhub, similar to how I grew up on Yahoo Finance and as a heavy user, I always thought that they should offer Stubhub fan codes for loyal users. Finally, now they do. However, do the savings from Stubhub’s fancodes, justify StubHub’s high fees? What many people don’t realize, is that the majority of the tickets on Stubhub can be bought on TickPick without the fees.


Stubhub Fan Codes

Stubhub Codes – The Pros:

  1. Stubhub fancodes are free and easy
  2. Stubhub’s fine print is logical and easy to understand
  3. Once you sign up, you get 2-3% off future orders

Stubhub Codes – The Cons:

  1. Stubhub fanrewards requires you to sign up
  2. You have to spend $2,000 or make 10 purchases to become a superstar (i.e. get 3% off)
  3. Codes are only on future orders & expire in 6 months
  4. Misleading advertising; “seat upgrades” only occur if a problem with your order occurs

If you are looking to save money on tickets, remember that ticketing companies that charge high fees will try to disguise those fees using coupon codes, rewards programs, and loyalty programs. TicketsNow does it. VividSeats does it. StubHub does it no longer does this, however the large fees (25% in total) still exists. It’s a fact of modern marketing. But are those fan codes, promo codes and loyalty programs worth the higher fees? We don’t think so:

Unlike other ticket sites, TickPick charges no additional fees, so the price that you see is the price that you pay. Because of this reason alone, TickPick’s customers save an average of 10-15% on each purchase. No fan codes required. With TickPick, you get cheap tickets without any of the fees or hidden service charges, all with a great customer support team that is available 24/7 via email and 9am to 9pm by phone or live chat.

Give us a chance, we guarantee you’ll be happy you did:


  • Marina

    Thank you for being so informative because of tickpick clear details & advice I’ve downloaded your app (wish I completely love)subscribed to your blog I know exactly what I’m buying! Thank u for such a trustworthy site!

  • Jibin Daniel Park

    For Dodgers tickets, Scorebig, tickpick, stubhub, Vivid Seats, and sometimes, Uberseats via Seatgeek is the way to go. From a buyer’s standpoint, if you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck by sitting in the best seats, Tickpick is the way to go. On low demand games, you can get seats for under $10 on field level.

    If, on the other hand, you’re looking for bulk seats (6+) and willing to fish around for a $10 discount code for Vivid Seats, you might get better pricing there. Tickpick probably gets a 9 out of 10 whereas VIvid Seats is more like a 7.5 out of 10.

    As a seller, though, despite the RIDICULOUSLY high fees and bad customer service (to the seller), Stubhub is where most buyers end up going and so, it’s the place where I sell my Dodger tickets particularly as it gets closer to game time. If you’re stuck with bobblehead tickets and can’t go the day of, you don’t have much recourse than to sell it on stubhub if you want a GUARANTEED sale. Also, you can post directly on stubhub your season seats. Unless I’m mistaken, with Tickpick and other sites, once a ticket is purchased, you have to confirm the order from the seller’s end. With stubhub, you get a simple e-mail saying you’ve sold the tickets and that’s it. You pay a RIDICULOUSLY high fee… 15% on seller + 10% on buyer + $1.50 MLB Transfer Fee.

    But because that’s where buyers go, that’s where sellers must be as well.

  • Brett Goldberg

    @tocatchaliar:disqus No response to mine below?

  • ToCatchaLiar

    Laughable how wrong this article is. Stubhub has all encompassing pricing. What you see is what you pay. Nothing else added. Also you can print your own tickets out instead of waiting for the mail or fedex. What this author didn’t tell you was that if you want last minute tickets you have to pay AT LEAST $15.99 for Fed Ex to add on. Just for comparison. I’m looking up 2 Dodger Cubs tickets for August 27th 2013 in 162 Loge.

    On Tickpick for Row O 162 Loge it is $21 each PLUS $15.99 Fed Ex overnight charge for a game that starts in 5 days. Not tomorrow. Not in two days. Almost a whole week. There’s no way to get out of that shipping charge and no way to print your own tix for free. That makes it a total of $57.99

    On Stubhub it is $22.90 each for row E (9 rows closer). No shipping charge. No added on fees (because it’s already been included) Total is $43.80.

    Stubhub is still the superior ticketing place for tickets because it is one of the rare ones where you can print out your tickets. I’ve purchased over 100 times at Stubhub and never been let down. Also Stubhub’s interface is so easy to use. The other ticket brokers have a million miles to go to even be in their galaxy unless they offer much deeper discounts which they can’t because the seller puts up the price.

    Whenever the author wants to tell the whole story they should probably edit this article.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Thanks for the challenge! – Let me first say that I recognize that Stubhub may on occasion have tickets that TickPick does not and I am not telling you to pay more than you need to, but we guarantee we’ll match or beat their prices on any of the same inventory, so if you are in doubt call us. Check out our Google reviews, you’ll see on average we save users 10%:

      To address additional comments of yours:

      1. You are correct, Stubhub now has “All-in” pricing for the MLB, NFL, NBA & NHL. This is new this year and was not the case when I originally wrote this blog in 2012. However, this is not the case for concerts and broadway shows, so you still need to be aware that there’s a 10% fee at checkout.

      2. TickPick also has eticket delivery as an option and the delivery costs just $5, so $15.99 is not required unless they are hard tickets. Note if the event is more than 3 business days and the tickets are “hard tickets” fedex express only costs $10.99.

      BTW today is Friday, if you are looking to buy the original hard tickets for a Tuesday game it has to be overnight delivery to guarantee on time delivery.

      3. When there’s 6,000 tickets listed on TickPick and 10,000 on Stubhub it’s very easy to point to one ticket listing and find a better deal in comparison. In another blog about Stubhub I provide detailed information about how our prices match up:

      4. For the aforementioned game, TickPick’s cheapest tickets are Section 50 UR row AA for a 4 pack for $9 each = $36 plus eticket delivery of $5 for a total of $41.

      Stubhub’s cheapest tickets are Section 57 row HH for a 4 pack for $12 each for a total of $48.

      Lastly if you use our algorithms I think you would agree that it would be a better deal to buy section 46 row K for a total of $55, that’s the Field Level verse the loge and one section closer to homeplate.

      • Goblin

        Actually Stubhub’s concerts and theaters are all included pricing too, even sports has the 10% sell fee but its ALL INCLUDED so no matter what u buy u are paying the price u see nothing more.

      • IlliniNation

        “TickPick also has eticket delivery as an option and the delivery costs just $5″.

        Why are you charging a $5 e-delivery “shipping fee” when there’s no true cost of shipping involved? E-delivery is a simple matter of sending an email.

  • Hope Ogunsile

    Although I love the no service fee and the straightforward pricing. Although not all tickets are cheaper on Tickpick than Stubhub and vice versa. You have to compare for both sites.

  • Karin Niky O’Rourke

    Actually just grabbed better tickets to a concert for at least 20$ cheaper on TickPick. Glad this came up when I googled Stubhub Codes!

  • SEO Stubhub intern

    Pretty impressive that this blog outranked Stubhub in google when you search for stubhub fancodes. I guess Google likes TickPick. Nice to have them on your side!

    • Merr

      That just means that TickPick pays google more. :)

      • Brett Goldberg

        Merr – This blog is not ranking in google because of Google’s Pay-Per-Click. This is only ranking because of organic results with Google. Meaning google believes that there is valuable content.

        If you google Stubhub Fan Codes you won’t see this blog in the paid for sections.

  • J. Matthews

    Seems the tickets @ TickPick (the exact same) are marked up what the service fee Stubhub would charge???

    • Brett Ian Goldberg

      Hi J – thanks for the reply. My explanation of fees and pricing above is the basic pricing structure for buyers and sellers. TickPick does not play any games with our pricing, we truly only charge seller’s a 10% fee to sell their tickets.

      On occasion the reason why you may see all in ticket prices on TickPick and Stubhub the same is because of Stubhub’s somewhat complex fee schedule. A large seller on Stubbhub may only get charge 10% to sell their tickets. In addition, Stubhub uses their power and size to push their sellers to provide them with special discounts that they do not give to other sites.

      My research shows that 37% of large sellers provide Stubhub with some sort of discount. However, even with that discount, TickPick’s fee structure ensures that our ticket prices are the same or less.

      • RicoTheBoss

        blah blah… all this technical jargon does not make the price any lower

        • Brett Goldberg

          Rico – Have you really looked at Stubhub ticket prices vs TickPick’s?

          If you look at ticket prices for The Book of Mormon or any concert you’ll see a clear difference in the prices (just make sure you account for the 10% fee that Stubhub adds on at checkout).

  • Nicole A. Smith

    So are there are additional stubhub fan codes that you can use in addition to their fan rewards program?