Miami Dolphins Seating Chart: Don’t Sit Behind a Pole!

Sun Life Stadium
by Brett Goldberg on June 25, 2013

Want to make sure you have a great seat at Sun Life Stadium? Here’s the seating chart for the Miami Dolphins. In the following review, you’ll find full parking information, Miami Dolphins Seating Chart details, and row & seat numbers, seat views, and much more:

Sun Life Stadium Miami Dolphins Seating Chart

Sun Life Stadium Seat Numbers

Sun Life Stadium Seating Seat NumbersLikewise to many other stadiums, SunLife Stadium arranges seat numbers to where  in any given section at Sun Life, seat #1 will always be near the aisle closest to the lower labeled section. For example, the seat number one in section 112 is closest to seat 28 in section 111.

Where to Sit

First of all, as far as the NFL is concerned, the sideline you sit behind doesn’t really matter. In baseball, basketball, and hockey, it changes your game experience much more than it does in football. When buying Miami Dolphin Tickets the best seats are going to be located near the 50 yard line (sections 138-146, 110-118). Another important thing to remember is that a closer row isn’t necessarily better in the closer sections in the stadium (the 100s). For any section in the 1oo’s sections your best bet is a seat behind row 10 to ensure you can see the full field at all times. Besides the closer sections at Ralph Wilson stadium, aim for the lowest row possible.

Miami Dolphins Seating Chart with Seat Views

Scroll over any section in the seating chart below for detailed row information for every section


Sun Life Stadium
Northwest 199th Street,
Miami Gardens, FL 33056

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