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As the Co-founder of TickPick (the country’s fastest growing online ticket marketplace) I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve bought fake tickets in the past (not on TickPick). But you know what, these horrible experiences help me and my team understand how you and other fans feel when buying tickets online: nervous, anxious, concerned etc. That’s why we created a BuyerTrust Guarantee so you never have to wonder if you’re buying legitimate tickets.


TickPick’s Mission Statement: Help Fans Save Money on Live Entertainment Tickets!


If you’re still worried about buying tickets on TickPick (or online in general), you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected and summarized all of the reviews on TickPick from all over the Internet, the good, and not so good. At a quick (or not so quick) glance you’ll see why our customers love us:

  1. No hidden fees (cheaper tickets vs our competitors)
  2. Great technology (TickPick uses algorithms to help you find the best deals)
  3. Helpful customer support (situations sometimes occur, how they’re handled is what matters)



TickPick Reviews – The Good and The Not So Bad

TickPick Google Reviews

Here is where you will find the most amount of user reviews. As of today, April 28th, 2014, we have 118 reviews on Google, with a 4.9 star rating.

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A Taste of the Good Stuff

Here are a few of our favorite TickPick reviews:

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If you’re as crazy about customer service as we are, you’ll run through all 118 reviews and notice only two poor ones, so let’s clear both of those up right now:

Google Review #1 – The Case of Corwin Reed

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As you can see, Corwin was upset about the delay between placing an order for tickets and receiving the confirmation that those tickets were his. Of course, this begs the question, “Why does he need to wait for a confirmation? Shouldn’t the tickets be his as soon as the order goes through?”. In a perfect world, yes, and for more than 50% of the tickets that are listed on TickPick that’s the case. But, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Because large ticket brokers place their tickets on multiple websites such as TicketsNow, Vivid Seats and or Stubhub, etc., when a user places an order on TickPick, some sellers need to reconfirm that the tickets haven’t sold on another ticket site. In Corwin’s case, he purchased four tickets on TickPick, but two of them were sold on a different marketplace just seconds before he placed the order. Let me be clear about this – while rare, when something like this happens, it sucks. For everyone. It sucks for the customer who wants their tickets, it sucks for us here at TickPick who want to provide our customers with the best experience possible, and it sucks for the seller, who is now on hook for the cost of replacement tickets. For Corwin, we immediately searched our inventory to find comparable tickets as replacements. We presented this option to Corwin, but he rejected it. At that point, we convinced the seller to give his customers on the other marketplace the replacement tickets, allowing us to provide Corwin with the tickets he originally purchased in plenty of time for the game he was going to go see. Problems will rarely happen on TickPick, but when they do, the question is how will customer support handle them? We pride ourselves on how we handle customer support!


Google Review #2 – The Case of Jess Hartter

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When Derek Jeter announced his retirement, fans scrambled to purchase tickets to see the legend on his retiring tour. Several thousand tickets were sold in less than a minute. If you paid close attention to Google Review #113, you’ll see a similar theme emerging: A rapid increase in demand makes it more likely tickets will be sold twice on two different sites. In this case, because so many tickets were sold at once, we couldn’t offer replacements and had to cancel the order.


Better Business Bureau Review

When I was younger, I always envisioned the Better Business Bureau as a more corporate version of the FBI, with secret agents and cool jackets. Turns out they’re just a website that calls us sometimes. Whatever tests they threw at us, we must have passed, because they graded us at an A-. Here’s what they had to say:

1.) The only factor that contributed to a decrease in our rating was the “length of time the business has been operating”. Apparently those secret agents need more than two and a half years to come to a full conclusion.
2.) “BBB knows of no significant government actions involving Tickpick LLC.” Oh, good. Neither do we.


Yelp Reviews

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TickPick has nearly 50 reviews on Yelp. Unfortunately, Yelp only shows 8 of them (nice work, Yelp). We have over 40 – all highly positive – reviews that Yelp has decided to hide for some unintelligible reason. You can see them by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the gray link that says, “40 other reviews that are not currently recommended”.


How We Protect You

Our BuyerTrust Guarantee

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Here at TickPick, we have a 100% Guarantee on all tickets purchased through our site. We guarantee that your tickets will be valid, authentic, and that you will receive them with ample time before the event. If there are any problems with your tickets, we will work to replace them with tickets of equal or greater value, and if an event is cancelled, we will refund your purchase.


Our Sellers are Legit Too

Before any large seller can list their tickets on TickPick, they must be vetted by our team, and we continually monitor each seller’s record for honesty, integrity, and fairness. If sellers don’t abide by our standards, we take action to ensure buyers don’t see their tickets listed on TickPick.


Digitally Secured

Norton Secured powered by VeriSign LogosNorton Secured is a 3rd party security solutions website which manages and verifies that TickPick is safe to use. Norton Secured uses the highest security possible for all credit card and debit card transactions and makes sure that all information is encrypted.

What the Experts Say

TickPick hasn’t just been making waves with fans – it’s advanced user interface, and no-fee business model has been noticed by several media outlets. Check out what the experts have to say about TickPick:

“TickPick seeks to differentiate itself from StubHub with lower fees.”

“Score the best tickets on any budget.”

“Hate paying too much for tix, but don’t like the ambiguity of sites like @StubHub? Check out TickPick!”

“TickPick wants to put ticket buying power back in the customers’ hands.”

“What makes TickPick unique is their trademarked algorithim, which ranks tickets based on what is the best deal.”

If you ever have any questions or concerns, you should email us at support@tickpick.com or call our support line at 845-538-4567. We’ve already helped thousands of anxious customers make the right decision, so what are you waiting for, go check out TickPick and get the tickets you want at the price you want.

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