Vivid Seats – Yes It’s Legit

Vivid seats legitimate or scam

Asking if Vivid Seats is Legit, is like asking if Stubhub is legit.

When looking to buy sports, concert, or theater tickets, it’s hard to find an honest company, with a solid guarantee, a good reputation, excellent customer support, and cheap ticket prices. To be clear Vivid Seats, is a real, legitimate business that does hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket sales each year.


Vivid Seats Reviews

If you search for reviews of VividSeats, you will come across quite a few customers complaining. Most complaints are about something that is not within VividSeats’ control: for example, if a seller ships e-ticket printouts instead of hard tickets. Many sellers do this to protect themselves, and the customer from fraud, as this eliminates the chances of tickets getting copied numerous times.

When comparing Vividseats versus Stubhub (in my humble opinion), I would typically choose Stubhub, but things are starting to change. Over the last 2 years Stubhub has worked hard to improve their ticket replacement policy. What does this mean? Well when you buy tickets on any ticket site, it’s actually possible that those tickets aren’t really available (this typically occurs when two buyers, buy the same tickets on two different sites within minutes or seconds of each other). Stubhub has created an industry standard of trying to find similar tickets at no cost to the buyer. Of course this doesn’t always happen as sellers sometimes make BIG mistakes such as listing Super Bowl tickets for the wrong price, which then leaves Stubhub in a place where they will cancel the order. Currently I am not aware what Vivid Seats does, if replacement tickets are needed, but in the past, most ticket sites would cancel your order and ask you to look for other tickets.


Vivid Seats Ticket Prices

Ticket prices on VividSeats are an interesting thing. While Vivid Seats certainly has some things going for it, ticket prices are one of the trickier topics. VividSeats has roughly the same fees as Stubhub does. Stubhub charges sellers between 10% and 15% and buyers 10%, for a total of 20 to 25%. VividSeats charges anywhere between 15% and 24%. Stubhub fees are now shown all within the ticket listing price, while Vivid Seats doesn’t show you the final ticket price until the checkout. To combat the high fees, Vividseats has done a good job working with ticket brokers to receive lower ticket prices, or discounts verses the prices that the same broker provides Stubhub. VividSeats also offers many different rewards and discounts, mostly for loyal customers (learn more about VividSeats coupon codes).


Stubhub and Vivid Seats Alternatives

Unlike Stubhub and Vivid Seats, TickPick charges no additional fees, the price that you see is the price that you pay. Sellers are charged 10% and buyers 0%. TickPick’s ticket prices were the lowest price on more than 90% of the tickets that we searched and compared. With TickPick, you get cheap tickets without any of the fees or hidden service charges all with a great customer support team that is available 24/7 via email and 9am to 9pm by phone. If you have any questions or need help buying tickets don’t hesitate to comment below or shoot us an email at support at

Now you know TickPick is a great alternative (without any fees) for sports, concerts, and theater tickets!

Disclaimer: Please note that VividSeats and our company TickPick are competitors.

  • Alex

    I found beats the price all the time. Its cheaper than stubhub, ticketsnetwork and ebay. I used them very often

  • John from L.A.

    Seats for Dodger game from StubHub (total): $101.50
    SAME SEATS with Vivid: $85 …. UNTIL you go to check out and then it says “Your Credit Card will be charged $411.11″!!!!!
    WTF!?!?!?!?!? RIPOFF!!!!!

  • kyle

    $72 “service” fee for lollapalooza tickets. Rediculous

  • Shame on VividSeats

    FYI, I’m sending a letter to Fedex headquarters to inform them on Vivid Seats practice of accusing FedEx of loosing packages that were never sent. I have sent a letter to the Houston Chronicle and I will make sure to use the internet to its fullest capacity to share with the public my experience with Vivid Seats.

  • Shame on VividSeats

    Vivid Seats is a SCAM. They charge you upfront for tickets they do not have, make excuses why FedEx lost the tickets but they can fix it by giving you tickets to other seats or better. I bought four prime tickets in front of the stage to celebrate my B-day more than a week in advance. Hours after I made my online purchase I receive an e-mail from VividSeats saying that the tickets had been confirmed by the seller and that they have been shipped. The next day in the morning the seller calls to make sure the tickets have arrived, then calls again that day in the evening to make sure that FedEx delivered them. As FedEx has not showed up he says that Vivid Seats will discount the shipping fee. Two days before the show I call to say I’m worried that my tickets have not arrived. After 30 min. on hold, they say they will call me back, that one of their supervisors is on the phone with FedEx. I miss their call and I call them back and they tell me that FedEx lost the package but that they can issue me new seat equally as good or better. They do not have the tickets to prime seating they had charge me more than a week in advance. When I tell them I’m not interested that I want a refund they tell me that the refund will not go in effect until 7-10 days later. Online, before purchasing the tickets I had to sign an agreement where it says that they have the right to give you other tickets (similar or better) in exchange for the tickets you purchased if they are not able to produce the original tickets you bought. I wanted to celebrate my B-day with something special and I signed the agreement not wanting to believe that selling tickets they didn’t have was part of Vivid Seats way to use your money upfront. My grandmother always said_ “things fall by their own weight.” VividSeats is going against progress when their business is based on misleading customers and accusing other companies like FedEx of poor service.
    I just called FedEx and they told me that the seller never dropped off the package in the first place. They opened a tracking number but never mailed it.

  • Kelly

    Over the last couple months, Vivid Seats has become my go-to source for tickets to events that have sold out, which seems to be most these days. After roughly 10 purchases and counting. I have had nothing but great experiences buying from Vivid Seats, and feel confident in recommending their marketplace to friends and family.

    By the looks of other comments on here, I’d say that most with a negative experience likely didn’t pay attention during checkout, because the entire order summary shows the full price breakdown. It’s not possible to claim you didn’t know what the shipping or service charge was. It’s plain and clear on the page. For the most part, I’d say people just generally don’t seem to understand how the secondary market works, and instead of properly researching before making a purchase, they buy tickets on a whim because it’s easier to jump on social media and complain about it later.

    Between Yelp and reviews on sites like Amazon, you’d think no one has ever had a decent experience with anything ever. Get over it.

    But back to Vivid Seats, yes they are a legitimate company, and I am happy to continue to use them for tickets.

  • Tom

    I frequently use Vivid Seats and have had nothing but great experiences…

    I’ve purchased tickets for over 30 live events. Most were e-tickets that I printed at work, all of which got me into my shows and games without any issues. I’ve definitely used StubHub in the past, but I like to shop around for the best deals and Vivid ALWAYS beats their prices.

    Basically, I think this blog is tasteless and I’m surprised so many people actually find it helpful. TickPick is very obviously one of Vivid’s (salty) competitors that is trying to get new customers by shamelessly bashing them. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if most of these posts are from TickPick employees trying to defame one of the exchanges that they find threatening. Perhaps CoFounder, Brett, should focus his efforts on improving the quality of his own company instead of brazenly slandering a perfectly legitimate business like Vivid Seats.

  • Sam

    I recently purchased tickets through Vivid Seats for a San Antonio Spurs game. This was my first time using them, so I was interested to see how it compares to other ticket marketplaces.

    Before buying, I checked StubHub to see how the prices compared. Vivid Seats was cheaper for almost all of the listings I checked.

    As far as selection goes, Vivid Seats also had tons of choices for premium seats for every game I looked at. StubHub also had a lot, but other sites I checked didn’t even compare (ex: TickPick, TicketNetwork, etc.).

    Overall, my experience with Vivid Seats was outstanding. Tickets were delivered no problem, and I even received a courtesy call from a Customer Service representative reminding me to download my tickets. Things couldn’t have gone better, and I will definitely be using Vivid Seats from here on out!

  • LMZ

    Horrible experience with vivid seats. Will NEVER use them again and will tell everyone I know to avoid them at all costs. Aside from the ridiculous service charge rate and the overcharged amount for shipping, they have absolutely no ability to correct a wrong and only care about the money they make off of you. So…think long and hard before ordering from them and beware that there will be additional charges on top of the ticket price!

  • Vivid ticket sucks

    Please do not use vivid ticket. They are very unprofessional and will not provide what they promise. I will buy from a street vender before I get ripped off by them again.

  • Vivid Ticket sucks

    Vivid ticket sold me floor tickets to a game then sent club tickets. They are a scam company and you shouldn’t use them.

  • super effing pissed!

    Gifted tickets for tonights scrillex concert in san fran at the warfield, security took them said they were fakes and ripped them up. This site is a scam, I would rather pay a higher price for piece of mind. DONT BUY FROM THIS SITE! Now we start the hassle of trying to get refunded. Aggggggggh!

  • Vlad Darwin

    In my country (Ukraine) I cannot buy tickets from Ticketmaster (they didn’t accept our cards), so the only way to buy a ticket online in advance is VividSeat via PayPal. I’ve bought a ticket and now after all these comments I’m wandering If I did right.

  • James D Robinson


  • Patricia

    Is vivid seats a reliable source ? Like are any tickets fake ?

  • Ana

    So my friend and I purchased One Directions tickets for September 2014 about two months ago and they still haven’t arrived. Anybody know how long it takes for tickets to arrive or the usual process? Thank you

    • Patricia

      It will take awhile and will come a few months before the concert .

  • Tony

    Tick Pick seems to have no morals. They clearly changed the date this was posted! All the comments are more than 7 months old, but somehow the post is only 2 months old. WHAT A JOKE! Also they’ve deleted any positive comments and pushed the negative ones up to the top by adding “votes” and removing votes from other posts. What a disgusting practice to try and steal some business.

    • Brett Goldberg

      This blog was originally written on January 10th, 2013. The change in the posted date is not to be misleading, it was because changes were made to the article. Regarding the comments, the comments system is controlled by – and the user has the ability to control it (Newest, Best, Oldest).

      Lastly, I think the first line sets the tone, and puts Vivid Seats on the same page as Stubhub, which is not a stab or an insult.

  • Keithi

    I bought tickets back in September for Atlanta falcons vs Carolina panthers well the game was December 29th. I spoke with a guy name Keith. I was very concerned I would drive all the way to Atlanta and the tickets would be a phony……well the tickets was a great price I bought 3 for 162.05 around there for lower level area 130 seats was row 15 perfect…no hassle getting in seats was so close to field my hubby enjoyed the game. I definitely will purchase more tickets through vivid seats. Thanks Keith he was really nice

  • Ian

    They definitely are a scam. It was possibly the worst customer service and most costly customer experience our family has ever had. We researched extensively online ticket resellers before feeling satisfied enough to engage VividSeats to help us realize a lifetime dream of visiting Madison Square Gardens to see a New York Knicks play. We are a family of 4 and live in Australia so traveling to NYC is neither fast or inexpensive. We purchased tickets for a Knicks game that was on 27th December on the assumption that VividSeats only sell legitimate tickets. After all they make a lot claims about guarantees on their web site. We paid close to $700 for the tickets and when we arrived at The Garden we were told that the tickets were no good and that someone else with legitimate tickets was already sitting in what we thought were our seats. The game was sellout and here we were halfway around the world without any tickets and we were leaving the USA the very next day. We tried unsuccessfully to contact VividSeats via their chat-line but did end up leaving a message electronically explaining the dilemma and asking them to contact us first thing the next day. When they did not make contact the next day I called their service center and was given any amount of apologies and promises to investigate it immediately and make contact with us before we left the USA later that day. Well no contact was ever made and we are now no longer in the USA and feel we have been not only fraudulently ripped-off by VividSeats and then totally ignored by them. There has been no further contact despite repeated requests from us. We feel we have done everything we could in trying to get to some sort of response and rectification………not that we believe anything can ever compensate us for ruining our dreams. VividSeats should be barred from practicing and no-one should ever feel comfortable in dealing with them. They are a sham and a blight on the USA and totally ruined and otherwise enjoyable trip to New York.

  • Steve

    Similar experience as below ….. 4 tickets at $105.00 each and I am billed for $1,038.11 ….. unbelievable

  • lisa pry

    I bought 4 tickets for Tran Siberian Orchestra and drove an hour to the event. When we arrived and showed the Usher to our seats…..guess what someone else was sitting in them!! When asked if they had tickets, they pulled them out and sure enough it was paper tickets from VIVIDSEATS!! Imagine that!!! They got to stay because they were there first, but we left because apparently, when the original buyer purchases the tickets, they are legit, but then he sells them over and over…….so the first one to the seats gets them and you are just SOL! Needless to say, Console Energy Center could do nothing for us either……well if we wanted to BUY four more tickets they could. Eventually, with a very persistent Usher who felt really bad for us, they did find us seats. They didn’t have to though. They told us to never, ever to buy from anyone but Ticketmaster or it could be a scam. Sooooooo if you are willing to take the chance that you may not even get to see an event that you either buy for your own pleasure or give for a gift (which would have been worse yet) I wouldn’t chance it.

  • Cheryl

    I bought football tickets from Vivid and received the hard copy tickets in the mail so I thought we were good to go. 2 weeks before the game I got a call and email telling me they had been cancelled. They gave me other seats, less desirable at same price and knowing I was stuck as it was a sold-out game, I took them. I appoached the people who bought the same seats–they had just purchased them while I had purchased mine months in advance!! They were shocked and felt bad but not their fault. I will NEVER use vivid again!

  • NicciNiamh

    I will tell you this: I purchased three tickets from Vivid for Trans Siberian Orchestra at Key Arena for this afternoon. I show up and the tickets, appearing to be from Ticketmaster, are already marked as seated. I talk to Ticketmaster and since the tickets did not have my name on them they wouldn’t even talk to me about them. I called Vivid and after three phone calls and holds lasting more than 10 minutes on each call, I was simply told “we will make it up to you but the show is sold out” which is a pretty crappy thing to hear with boyfriend and his granddaughter there to see the show with me. While I am, once again, on hold to Vivid, a man from Key Arena, who did not work for Ticketmaster but was made aware of the problem came and gave me three adjacent floor tickets 12 rows back from the stage! Vivid did try to reach me as I was taking my seat but I blew off the call because it was 45 minutes into the show. In the end I had an awesome time but it would seem this was not the doing of Vivid but rather an employee at the Venue who wanted to make an evening out with family right. I will never ever use Vivid again and hope their company fails badly.

  • Dave

    Vivid was the worse experience i have ever had with buying tickets. I will never recommend them nor will I ever use them again! Horrible company!!!!

  • Unrealistic World

    I am so glad I did some research before purchasing tickets on Vividseats or Starhub. I am from Canada looking to buy Drake concert tickets and definitely don’t want to get ripped off $1000 USD for 4 tickets on my bday..There is no 100% Guaranteed on Vividseats especially if you read into their Sales Terms “Its states they’re not reliable for Buyers receiving the tickets etc, etc”

    • Artem Russakovskii

      Stubhub. Starhub is an ISP in Singapore.

  • Bostonstrong

    DO NOT USE THEM! They might not be a proper scam but certainly look like one. They would NOT refund the money on an event rescheduled for 9 months later, a truly unreasonable time change. They even admitted that the event could be rescheduled again! They offered to try to resell my tickets but theprice risk would be mine and they would take a commission from me for the second time . My money is hostage to these people possibly ad infinitum. By all means go elsewhere.

  • Jack

    Scam. They confirmed 4 seats in row 2 of a section and sent two pairs in two different sections, one pair in row 3 and the other pair in row 15. These guys are a joke. Won’t be using them in the future.

  • Mike

    I just brought 2 tickets to the Packers Lions game on Oct 6th. I ordered upper deck seats front row on Friday and the order went through ok. Then on the following Monday I got a call from customer service that the seats I thought was good were not! I was offered different seats in the deck below with the same price. Which I am now getting too! I discovered the original price on the tickets was almost 3 times less than what I paid. (I am too embarrassed to put the amounts) I understand all the selling and reselling of tickets, but when you end up paying three times an much as the face value. There should be a limit or a law to what people are doing. I am a Lion fan and my son is a Packer fan and his first time to Lambeau will be much joy for us. But I believe the next time I will find tickets further in advance and not through a reseller.

    Disappointed first and last time customer!!!

  • Nancy

    Bad experience. Pricing is deceptive and they will NOT refund money. I have now called my credit card company to dispute charges and have filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau. DO NOT buy your tickets from these folks. There are many other reputable companies offering good seats and superb customer service. Whenever someone doesn’t want to refund money, be suspect.

  • Nickeah Lane-Jenkins

    Went to Cowboys vs Giants game last night. First time using them.Had great seats, for a great price. Tickets were immediately emailed to me. Had no troubles at all. Will use Vivid again and I highly recommend them.


  • mickey g

    Used Vivid a couple of times for Islander hockey games, no complaints. The ticket price was less than half face value, so I really didn’t care about a few extra dollars for service fees. They (fees) seem pretty much the same for all the ticket sites I checked out anyway. I’m gonna check out tickpick this season.

  • Bart

    extremly unprofessional! Do not use vivid tickets, you have way better options

  • Bullitt

    Just got back from Seattle after buying 4 tickets from VividSeats for the July 8th Red Sox game. In the 2nd inning another group with identical tickets arrived and after a lengthy discussion with Safeco personnel it was deemed that our tickets were fraudulent and we were told to leave our seats immediately. VividSeats would only refund our admin chg and shipping costs and refused to accept that their seller had scammed us. They actually said it was the venue’s problem not theirs. Incredible, given that they enthusiastically advertise their company as providing 100% guarantees and customer satisfaction. Utter nonsense, will never use them again.

  • Dora

    I posted and sold a pair of tickets to Paul McCartney through The day that the customer was to receive the tickets through FedEx a Vividseats representative called to tell me that the FedEx number was not tracking and asked if I could send the tickets via an email attachment, which I did. Two days after the concert I get a call from Vividseats saying that I sold the same pair of tickets to two different customers, therefore denying one customer access to the show. I was told that this was my fault and that I would have to compensate the no access customers for the price of the tickets. Basically saying that I will receive no money whatsoever. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, what did you do about it? I was not the one to sell the same tickets twice, it was Vividseats. Please help.

  • Todd

    Its def a scam, but not in the way you think. If your tickets legit don’t work, they’re guarantee is not the same as stubhub. Even if they don’t work, its still up to the seller to issue a refund. VIvid seats will not investigate the claim nor will they work with the buyer. The people selling on vivid seats are doing it for a reason (usually high volume ticket movers) who don’t want to deal with the stubhub red tape (ie, if the tickets don’t work they give the $ back). Vivid seats is not something I will use again

  • cityslicker

    In my opinion, vivid seats is a scam company. I bought tickets from for a concert over the 4th of July weekend. I arrived at the venue only to find out my tickets were not valid. A representative at the box office told me the tickets had been scanned more than 15 times, which indicates the tickets were sold multiple times. The original seller(James Walsh) is also a professional ticket broker out of New York. I will not be purchasing any more tickets from vivid seats.

  • Mike

    We bought tickets several months ago from VividSeats for an upcoming concert in Chicago. They were supposed to be mailed to us by now. A week before the show, they are saying that the tickets were invalidated, and we must meet the ticket seller 2 hours before the concert at a tavern near the venue to obtain the valid tickets. He said the ticket seller cannot obtain the tickets until the day of the show and that is why he cannot mail them to us earlier. Apparently, leaving them at Will Call is not an option, either. The VividSeats phone rep said this is a common occurrence, and repeatedly reassured us that our purchase was guaranteed. I am very concerned. We are 6+ hours away. I see a multitude of potential problems. Any advice?

    • mickey g

      Pearl Jam, no doubt. The fan club tix are only available to members who must show photo id at the box office or designated pick up area right before the show. the dude could lose his tix privileges if somehow he got caught scalping them, which is the whole point of doing it this way…..Sorry it’s 2 months later, hope you made out alright.

  • ripoffjews

    Such bullshit that they “do not disclose seat numbers until order is processed.” Maybe I would like to know if I am paying for a center seat, or one on the side with an obstructed view BEFORE I buy the fucking thing.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Hi – to their defense there’s a reason why seat numbers are often not showed.

      1. Privacy purposes

      2. Some teams penalize and even kick season ticket holders out of future purchases if they are reselling tickets

      3. If a seller has 10 tickets, and they show seats 1-10, everyone is going to ask for the aisle seat, creating a lot of manual work and effort for a process that is mostly automated online.

      On TickPick if we have the seat numbers we show them, but we don’t require sellers to disclose them. When comparing Stubhub vs. Vividseats this is another small difference. Stubhub has a similar policy to TickPick, show the seat numbers when that information is available.

  • Monica Smith

    I get it, people are not happy with, but how about TickPick? Has anyone here used them? And if so, is it that much better?

  • Tulsachick

    Not a good experience. I certainly understand that there will be administrative fees. They have to stay in business! But, administrative fees that end up with a total bill of 3+ times the amount of the face value of the ticket and the fees are not apparent until after you hit the option to finalize your transaction? Also, I never received an itemized statement of the charges, couldn’t access their live chat site either one of the two times I tried to reach them. Had to get the credit card company involved.

  • pissed off

    Don’t use them. They sold us tickets they didn’t even have, then swapped them for much much worse seats but kept the difference.

  • Marcos


  • Jonathan

    I recently bought tickets to a concert from vivid seats but I am a little worried about them since they aren’t an actual “hard copy” ticket. They were printed off the computer I’m guessing. I’ve never been to a concert, but I’m wondering if those tickets will be acceptable or not.

    • Amanda

      they will work. i print most of my tickets from home to guarantee i get them on time. they have the same barcode on them to be scanned at the entrance. have fun!

    • tor

      ive been to quite a few events through vivid seats with 0 problems, but just in general when ever ive been to shows more people have the printouts opposed to the hard copy. Nowadays people buy tickets in bulk to later sell so its normal not to have the original. You shouldnt have any worries!

  • kies

    bought tickets thru vivid , when i purchased them I didn’t know the prices , just seemed ok and what i was willing to pay . Turns out they were 1/2 price ( plus the fed-ex fee ) . now I’m sceptical and worried the people i gifted them will be shut out. (Taylor Swift in WPG) guess we’ll see and how good their garantee is , especially with a “preferred seller .

    • Jo

      Do you think that the Taylor Swift tickets are legit. I am thinking about buying some cause ive been looking for a long time, and seeing these prices make me skeptical, but I really want to go.

      • Brett Goldberg

        Check out the Taylor Swift Tickets here on TickPick:

        I imagine prices are very similar. Don’t forget TickPick shows you all in ticket prices, while Vivid Seats has between 15% and 20% fees added on at checkout.

      • tor

        the main reason it seems too expensive is becausee youre buying tickets from someone looking to personally sell them. So not only are they trying to make a profit, vividseats also needs to get a cut. Thats what the “handling” for s&h is. Its like that for most sites after the initial sale of the tickets. It sucks, i know but its not too much of a “rip off,” more just how most ticket sites are run. Stub hub has been around longer so its more customer friendly and convenient at this point, but its the same concept.

  • PrimaD

    Good post

  • PrimaD

    I love Vivid Seats! They are a bit expensive, but I always pick the best seats. I’ve used other companies, but they do not have the premiums seats. Vivid offers a wide range of prices and seating availability. Of course they are a third party vendor! That is how season ticket holders sell the tickets they are not going to use! Without third party vendors, those seats would go to waste, DUH…

  • Caroline

    DO NOT BUY FROM VIVID SEATS! We had a very bad experience with them and are still fighting with them for a refund. Most people don’t realize that they are a 3rd party broker.
    Save yourself a headache and buy elsewhere!

    • PrimaD

      Of course they are a 3rd party broker. That is how season ticket holders sell the tickets they are not going to use. If 3rd party brokers didn’t exist, most of those tickets would go to waste?!


    Bad experience with Vivid tickets….won’t use them again

    • Louiza

      Well never use them again, worst experience ever! By the way they charge shipping on emailed tickets.

      • Artem Russakovskii

        It’s their fee, I wouldn’t call it a shipping charge.

  • Mia T.

    Vivid & StubHub seem to be the same company, two times when I’ve had to do local pickup from Vivid it was at a StubHub office, unless StubHub is being friendly with a competitor and processing pickups for them using their employees and office space which I highly doubt. Other than that I like vivid, fees always come out to be less than StubHub.

    • PrimaD

      Vivid has a much greater selection, but you bring up an interesting point. I have seen the exact same tickets on sale on three different sites – StubHub, Vivid and one other. Each company sold the exact same tickets for a different dollar amount….hmmmmm

  • jon

    you should learn some grammar if you are going to write a blog. “their’s” is not a word in english, buddy.

    • Brett Goldberg

      Touché. However, there is actually a good reason for this…

    • PrimaD

      I realize the homophones there, their and they’re are not interchangeable, but not all people are fortunate enough to receive the education which has, most assuredly, been bestowed upon you. The misuse of the English language is rampant. Teach an English class or undertake something constructive instead of being so condescending. Make a difference.

      • SweetfourGlambert

        Nice one! I am tired of seeing insults on the internet.