Wells Fargo Center Seating Chart – A Guide to Wells Fargo Seating

Wells Fargo Center Seating Chart

Finding detailed information on the Wells Fargo Center Seating Chart is no easy task. Search no more, our Wells Fargo seating charts include seat numbers, row numbers, seat views and tips on where to sit & not sit for the Philadelphia SixersFlyers & concerts at the Wells Fargo Center.

Wells Fargo Center Concert Seating Chart

Hover over any section to see row numbers of the Wells Fargo Center Concert Seating Chart

  • Floor Seats – When looking for floor concert tickets at Wells Fargo, I highly recommend tickets in sections 1, 2 or 3. However, if you can’t get tickets in any of these sections I would suggest that you look at other sections that are right off the floor (more on this later). Each section has roughly 16 rows and the truth of the matter is that if you are further back than the 5th row of section 4 thru 9 the likelihood is that your view will be blocked by the people in front of you.
  • Seat Numbers – The lower seat numbers are closer to the adjacent sections with a lower number, so seat number 1 of F1 or floor 1 is towards the side of the stage while seat number 18 is towards the center of the stage or F2. This rule of thumb holds true for all of the sections throughout all of Wells Fargo Center, PA.
  • Lower Level Sections - Sections 112 to 114 or 101, 102, and 124 are some of the best seats you can get. That’s because you are slightly elevated off the floor and will have perfect site lines of the stage. You also can’t go wrong with sections 103 to 111, but depending on the seating chart and performer I would probably rather sit in section 115 or 123. That’s because I care more about getting close to the stage and being able to see the performers verses having the right angle.
  • Mezzanine Level – When looking for tickets in the mezzanine sections I would first look for tickets between 201 and 205 or 209 to 213. The closer you are to the center of the venue (section 202 or 212) the better off you are in terms of proximity to the stage.
  • TV Monitors – Unfortunately for the majority of concerts there is no center console on the ceiling or additional screens except for the screens next to the stage. This makes it even more important to get decent seats for concerts.
  • Obstructed Tickets – When looking for tickets on TickPick it should be comforting to know that it’s our policy that seller’s disclose whatever information is printed on their tickets, including (but not limited to)  obstructed view, partial view, limited view, side-view or whatever else the tickets may say.

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Sixers Seating Chart

  • Seat Numbers – The higher seat numbers are always closer to the adjacent section with the higher section number. This means seats numbers 12 (or 13 for some rows) in section 123 will be on the aisle closer to section 124.
  • Center Court 100s – The center court sections in Wells Fargo Center (sections 111 to 115, 101 to 103 and 123-124) starts with row AA, then BB, CC, and then row #1 which is actually the 4th row. These center sections have 23 rows and have in between 10 to 20 seats per a row. You pay a huge premium per a row when looking to get closer to the floor, when looking at tickets within the first 10 rows of center court I question if the added cost is worth it.
  • Risers – The riser sections (106, 108, 118 and 120) are all folding chairs and a common complaint is limited space. With that said that is only for rows B-K, while rows 1- 26 are normal (permanent seats).
  • Benches – The 76ers bench is in front of section 102 & the visitors bench is in front of section 124.
  • NCAA Basketball – The NCAA basketball tournament seating chart is the same as the standard 76ers seating chart (and Villanova Wildcats).
Wells Fargo Center Tickets

The best seats at Wells Fargo are definitely the club and box seats. This includes sections such as the Club Boxes (CB), Cadillac Club, and the Suites 1 thru 82. The views are always good and the catering is great. They also have high-def screens throughout most of these premium seats.

Philadelphia Sixers seating chart & ticket prices

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Flyers Seating Chart

  • Lower Level -When you go to see the Philadelphia Flyers at Wells Fargo, of course row 1, right up against the glass is going to be considered the best seat. However, if you are not sitting in row 1 or 2, I would not pay a premium to sit in rows 3 to 9. Instead the higher rows will allow you to see the ice better. Also, sitting at or around center ice does have it’s perks, but it’s even more important to make sure you are able to see over the glass and the nets which can sometimes obstruct your view.
  • Mezzanine Level – When looking at tickets in the 200s I would narrow your search to sections 209A to 217 and 221-224 & 201 to 205. Each one of these sections has 15 rows. When looking for tickets within these sections I would put more focus on the row number than on the section. For each section away from the center of the ice I would be willing to sit in a section further away from the center in exchange for getting 4 rows closer for example, I rather sit in row 1 of section 215 verses row 5 of section 214.
  • Seat Numbers – Everyone always wants to know where their seats are within a section. The Lower seat numbers are on the aisle towards the adjacent section with the lower section number. For example seat #1 in section 102 is next to section 101 and Seat #11 in section 102 is next to section 103.
  • Benches – The Flyers bench is in front of section 101 and 124 and the visitors bench is in front of section 101 and 102.
  • Flyers shoot twice – The Flyers shoot twice on the side between section 103 to 111.
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Wells Fargo Center Seating Chart – Seat Views & 3d Views

We love to see what the view from our seats looks like, so we know you’ll enjoy these handy 3d seating charts of the Wells Fargo Center that show you what the view from your seats will look like!

Concert 3d seat viewer
Philadelphia 76ers 3d seating chart
Philadelphia Flyers 3d view from seats

A Guide to Wells Fargo Center Seating Chart

A Solution for Small Seats

Whether you are on the larger side or not, the reality of the situation is that most seats at PA, Wells Fargo are small and uncomfortable. There are five solutions to this problem:

  1. Sit in club seats or a suite
  2. Sit in an aisle seats
  3. Buy an extra seat (seriously, I know people that do this for flying, it’s genius!)
  4. Buy a lexus pass or a cadillac pass which gives you access to VIP lounges and clubs
  5. Don’t go and save some money for the 2013 / 2014 season


Aisle Seats

We talked about seat numbers for each specific seating configuration above, for your convenience here are just a couple more examples.

  • Section 207a seat number 22 is next to section 208
  • Section 203 seat number 20 is next to section 204
  • Seat #1 in section 102 is next to section 101
  • Seat #11 in section 102 is next to section 103
  • Club Box 11 row 6 seat 11 is on the aisle next to CB 12


The Best way to Exit Wells Fargo Center

If possible, when leaving head towards the exit area of section 114 or 115, (look for an area illuminated saying “insurance”). There are less people here and more cabs if you need one.


Pictures of Wells Fargo Center Seating Chart

  • Wells Fargo Concert Section 107A

Wells Fargo Tickets, Philadelphia

If you want more details on tickets, events, dates, or additional seating maps, go to our official Wells Fargo Center page.

Or if you have a specific question that you can’t find the answer to, ask away in our comments below, we’ll make sure to provide an answer (or at least make one up)!

Wells Fargo Center
3601 S Broad St,
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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  • nanny

    are they really strict on seating ? because my bf and i have tickets but are a few seats away would it matter if there was an empty spot ?

    • Jack Slingland

      Is this for a concert of 76ers game? Not too many people go to 76ers games these days so it shouldn’t be problem there, but a sold out concert is a different story.

  • Toni

    I just bought tickets for the NKOTB concert on June 19. Section 9 Row 7. The show is described as having an interactive center stage with bar seats, etc. however the tickets are for an end stage show. Can anyone explain this discrepancy?

  • Kristi

    I have tickets for New kids on the block at wells fargo center, I got section 109x row 22. What does the x mean?

  • Adel

    I have superbox seats for the Ringling brothers circus. Are these good seats? Will the glass be open so the kids can hear the music?

  • Richard Duff

    Do rows AA-BB in Sections 124, 101, 102 give access to Club 76 and/or Lexus Club on game night of tix?

  • Carly

    what section is risers 106A? Is this good seating? worth the money? Its for disney on ice

  • Toni Carthon

    I have Super Box13 row 5 sets 11 and 12 what would someone pay for them? I have them as Ralf for my daughters 76ers v the Knicks.

  • Jen

    I just bought tickets for frozen at Wells Fargo. VIP floor section 107A row J. It says ‘riser’. How does that work? Are they seats? Or literally a riser bench type of thing? I can’t imagine a bleacher type since it would block lower level seats. Are we on the ice, and the skaters are just really close? And what does VIP mean? Thanks in advance. I’m very familiar with the center, just not these seats for an ice show.

  • Tom

    I want to take my boys (10 & 7) to the flyers game Sunday. I haven’t been to a game I’m years and I’m not at all familiar with the arena. Concidering the little guys, what’s the best section to look at

  • carolyn farren

    Does anyone know how many seats are in Row 12 of section 123 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia for a concert venue? Specifically Cher on April 28th

  • Name

    Want to see Timberlake at WFC on Feb 25 – re tix, I’m thinking lower level 124, 101 or opp side 113, 114 – what is best section/level given he has that moving stage section that goes from front to back of arena (and actually goes overtop of some of the rows)? I’ve heard row 18 in the side/lower sections is level with the moving stage. Trying to decide whether to get as low as possible in those sections or go for row 18 and above. If you are high up in 124 or 114 is it hard to see stage at that angle?

    • Kate

      I had section 115 row 10 and they were awesome. They were even with the moving stage section and he accessed it multiple times throughout the show at the November concert. For February we have section 123 row 5 so I am stoked

      • SEM

        thx Kate! I have never seen him live so can’t wait. I may go row 2 in Sec 124 so we’ll be groovin in the next Section over. I will be the one dancing. ;) Do you think we’ll miss anything re being that low under the moving stage? view of the front stage will be killer.

  • Gavin

    Section 102 row 5 seats 13 and 14 is this right behind the bench?

  • JLWells

    What is the end seat on lower level 106? Obviously seat 1 is an aisle- what is the aisle on the other side?

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      It depends on the row number. The lower the row number the less seats per a row at Wells Fargo Center (for the 100s sections). Seat number 12 is the most common aisle seat, but it can be seat number 8 to 13 depending on the row.

  • Joey Delphia

    Just won tix for Nitro Circus Live, section SB13, I guess that’s suite 13?

  • Jasmine

    Hi I just purchased 2 first row section 103 tickets for the Justin Timberlake concert. Are these ok even if they are a bit to the side? thanks for any help.

  • Anna

    I purchased tickets for my sister and myself for kings of Leon…. section 124, row 9, seats 3 and 4….. week this be an ok view? Is our first concert ever (we are mid 30s, shameful) and hoping to see the band easily. Any thoughts?

  • Mimi

    Taking 6 very young grandchildren to disney on ice. What are the best seats for this event?

  • Christopher Geist

    I have tickets for TSO on 12/21. FL sec 2 row 12 seats 7 and 8. How are these seats? Also on the ticket is B101. Any idea what this represents?

    • Jason

      B101 is a radio station in Philly (they’re probably sponsoring this event). No idea about the seats, though. Hope you enjoy the show!

  • confused

    I have tickets for the P!ink concert they are row 4 section b. This is my first time at a concert and I’m trying to get a gist of where I’ll be sitting any help?

  • Susan

    How many seats per row in 100 level?

  • Claire

    I have pit tix for Drake in Dec. I’ve never been in the pit before anywhere. How does it work and is it better than Section 114 area??? PLEASE HELP!

  • Schreibs

    I have tickets for a concert in section 212x. What does the x mean?

  • Gova Borrero

    Floor 2, row 6: good or mediocre?

  • Jimmy

    I have tickets for Disney on Ice – Sec 105
    Are these good seats? Thx!!!

  • Kate

    So I have tickets for an End Stage setup concert and I am in section 222A will I be able to see anything? Also does Well Fargo Center have a pit at concerts? Like could I move to the floor to get a closer view without getting into trouble?

  • Cuddlymommabear

    Hi What are the best seats for Josh Groban he is doing a round stage? thanks

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi – The best seats will be on the floor sections 1-3 in the first few rows, but if you are on the shorter side you will want to be in sections 112-115, 101-102, or 123-124. That way it will give you elevation to see over the floor seating.

  • Joe

    Hi, I have Justin Timberlake tickets in November in Section 222A. I realize since this is side view it will not be a perfect view, but exactly how bad are these seats?

    • Jack Slingland

      Joe – Those seats won’t give you a good view of the light show and video graphics of the performance. However you will be close to JT which will make up for it. I had similar seats to a Jay Z concert at the Bryce Jordan Center at Penn State and loved how close I was to him. So they aren’t great seats, but you’ll enjoy how close you are to the stage.

  • steve

    what does it mean when it says section 103x

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Tickets that say 103x at the Wells Fargo Center are the same as section 103.

  • Melinda

    I am looking to get tickets to the George Strait show in Feb.. From what I have seen his previous concerts are all center stage. Was wondering what would be the best sections to look for. I was going to look at floor seats then I read this article which is great! Any advice. Thanks so much

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Melinda – Did you buy tickets for George Strait yet? If not, email us at support@tickpick.com and we’ll help you out.

      • Melinda

        Hey Brett! Yes I did get tickets during the fan club presale. Within the first 5 minutes .. Thank God! Section 111 Row 5 … Is that good for his center stage concert

  • melissa

    I have pit tickets to a concert next month, I was told by the seller they are the closest you can get to the stage. is that true?

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      That is correct.

  • julie

    Morning! I have CB4 tickets for the Sabbath concert Saturday. How are the club boxes at WFC?

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Notes from above: The best seats at Wells Fargo are definitely the club and box seats. This includes sections such as the Club Boxes (CB), Cadillac Club, and the Suites 1 thru 82. The views are always good and the catering is great. They also have high-def screens throughout most of these premium seats.

  • iamloco724

    for pearl jam in october i got 116 row 17 seats 1 and 2 how will these be for view and sound

  • BK

    I realize that section 116, row 23, and seats 16 and 17 are not the most ideal for Pearl Jam’s setup; but how bad are these seats? How many seats per row? I was looking for a detailed seating chart (i.e., by seat) without any luck.

  • Chrissy

    Hi! I have Wells Fargo tix for pink in December. Section 5 how bad are these seats?

  • Marc

    How is Section CB11 Row 2?

    • Brett Goldberg

      Marc – What event is this for at the Wells Fargo Center? Generally speaking CB11 row 2 is a great seat.

  • Anne Bechtel

    I am interested in going to the Pink concert on 12/6 at the Wells Fargo Center. The seats I’m looking at are section 101 row 7. Do you know what seat numbers these are for and if they would be good seats?

  • betton54@comcast.net

    The Black Sabbath concert at Wells Fargo, how are seats in section 115 row 13 seats 7-10? When you look at the virtual seat viewer the view is obscured by columns and speakers but that doesn’t mean the black sabbath will have a set-up like that does it? When I look at online pictures of the concert, it looks like their set-up is pretty open. Will we be able to see the screen in the back of the set-up? Also, how many seat are in that row, is 10 on the end near 116? Do you think seat 7 is better because it would be closer to section 114? Sorry for all the questions but your above info is great and very informative!
    Thanks, JoJo

    • http://www.facebook.com/brettiangoldberg Brett Ian Goldberg

      HI JoJo – I don’t think those seats at the Wells Fargo Center will be very good. It will definitely be a side view and you most likely will not be able to see the screens. Seat number 1 is always closer to the adjacent section with a lower seat number. So seat 1 in section 115 will be next to section 114.

      I would choose to sit in section 111 or 112 before 115. Have you looked at the available tickets on TickPick? When you do don’t forget that our ticket prices are all-in, with no added fees: http://www.tickpick.com/buy-black-sabbath-tickets-wells-fargo-center-8-10-13-7pm/2077009/

  • andy

    BTW, I am a teacher in Virginia looking for tics to the rolling stones on June 21

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      For the rolling Stones concert at Wells Fargo, there are a couple pairs of tickets that are cheaper in section 115 verse the section 107x:


      • andy

        Thank you for your help! I want to buy 2 tics in section 115, row 21 that are for sale on your site. I need a low seat number in that row. With no way to know its a tough decision.

    • Rachel

      Are you still looking for tickets fro the Rolling Stones on Friday? I am selling 2, Floor section 1, row 15.

      • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

        Rachel – You should list your Rolling Stones tickets on TickPick.

  • andy

    The lowest price lower level tics are all in 107x. What is the catch? I see section 107 but can’t figure out what the x means anywhere. Thanks! Andy

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      So I tried doing some research and can’t find anything either regarding why certain Wells Fargo Sections are labelled “X”. There are a lot of listings and sections with this label, 107x, 108x, 204x, 205x etc.

      My best guess is that the seats are some how slightly different, but since in none of the situations do the sellers disclose additional / specific information, I know they are not marked obstructed or partial views.

      You can see an interactive detailed seating chart here (with event lists as well)

      • http://www.facebook.com/brettiangoldberg Brett Ian Goldberg

        Note – After additional research on the Wells Fargo Center seating chart I do not think there’s a difference in the regular section and the sections with “X”. Instead it looks like it’s more of an inventory management tool for TicketMaster.

  • Ray

    Coming from Honolulu to see stones on 6/21. Is there a map of how many rows in each section of the mezzanine? Thanks Ray

  • Pat SP

    For the Stones concert in June I have to choose between tickets on the floor: Section 5 Row 8 (believe this may actually be section 8 on this map though because looks like they’re calling 1-2-3 the Tongue Pit?) or tickets in section 108 row 23. Was told that it’s more fun on the floor but will be disappointed if I can’t see the stage at all.

  • Christa

    Would seat number 16, section 123 be closer to the end or the arena or center? How many seats are in a row? For a concert I’m trying to determine what seat in the row is closer to the stage.

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Seat number 16 will be closer to section 124, so it will be closer to the center of the Wells Fargo Center, which I would say is a good thing. Each row has a different amount of seats, the lower the row the less amount of seats. The least amount of seats per a row is 10 and the most is 20. Where are you looking for tickets? Have you checked ticket listings on TickPick yet? http://www.tickpick.com/wells-fargo-tickets/

  • Steff.

    I will be in section 204 row 8 seats 10-14. How bad is it? hahaha.

    • steff.

      For a concert.

  • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

    I know a lot of people have been asking what the cadillac club seats for the flyers include. Here’s the official website for all of the information you are looking for: http://www.wellsfargocenterphilly.com/cadillac-grille.aspx

  • julie

    if i’m in section 112 row 2 for a concert, will i be higher than the people on the floor? I was just on the floor in section 6 for the Pink concert and couldn’t see the stage due to tall people in front of me. I’m hoping I didn’t purchase tickets too low.

    • http://www.tickpick.com/ Brett Goldberg

      Julie – I believe row 2 will give you just enough elevation to avoid having your view blocked for concerts at Wells Fargo. After the concert please share some pictures with us via the comments photo sharer.

  • Sage

    This was helpful, I have floor seats in section 3 and wanted to know exactly where I’d be. I just couldn’t find how many seats were in my row, I’m seat 12, row 1

    • http://www.facebook.com/brettiangoldberg Brett Ian Goldberg

      Hi Sage – For most concerts at the Wells Fargo Center, the floor sections have 18 seats per a row. That would mean your seats would be slightly more to the side, but nonetheless those are some of the best seats in the venue!