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The NBA Finals are set, and stop us if you’ve heard this before, but the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are set to square off in the championship series.  This marks the fourth straight year in which these two franchises will be duking it out for NBA supremacy.

Tickets for this year’s NBA Finals are once again in major demand due to the presence of Lebron James – arguably the greatest player in the game’s history – and his Cavs, who are facing off with the Warriors dynasty that’s looking to capture its third championship in four years.  With Lebron, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and others, this is about as star-studded a matchup as it gets.

These teams represent major markets with huge fan bases who will drive prices and create huge demand for tickets to catch the games in person, which prompts the question: how can you get the cheapest NBA Finals tickets?

Cavs vs. Warriors, Pt. 4

Going into the season, every basketball fan knew that Lebron and the rest of the Cavs versus Curry, Durant and the juggernaut Warriors in the finals was the most likely outcome before the first tip-off.  With this potentially being Lebron’s last year in Cleveland, fans are enthralled by this run during which James has carried his team on his back in search of his fourth championship and the franchise’s second.

The Warriors are coming off of a championship in 2017 that was obviously a resounding answer of “yes” to those critics that questioned how Kevin Durant would fit into a core that had already won a title and finished with the best regular season in NBA history and fell just short of another in the previous two seasons. They’re the heavy favorites at this stage to take home their third championship in four years.

Are tickets still available for the NBA Finals?  If so, where can I get tickets?

Tickets are in extremely high demand and inventory is scarce compared to that demand, but there are still a few teams who may have tickets available through the primary vendor, aka you may still have the opportunity to secure NBA Finals tickets before they hit the resale market that will likely include prices well above face value.

Golden State Warriors tickets can be found here, but keep in mind that the platform is lumping all resale tickets with whatever might still be available at face value, which might be nothing at this point.

The Cavaliers use Flash Seats as their delivery and resale platforms, and as of now we’re not seeing any tickets available from the primary vendor.

Why should I buy tickets for the NBA Finals through TickPick?

Purchasing your tickets through TickPick is the cheapest option for major events like the NBA Finals, where prices are as high as they’ll be for an NBA game all year due to incredible demand. It’s cheaper-to-significantly cheaper to secure tickets through TickPick over competitors like StubHub simply because of TickPick’s no fee pricing structure that saves a buyer anywhere from 10-20% per ticket that other sites charge for service fees.

Take a look at the example below of a listing that’s for seats 1-4 in Row 13 of Section 222 for Home Game 1 in Oakland.

StubHub’s Listed Price (As of 5/29)

stubhub before fees

You’ll see that they’re initially showing at $499 per ticket.  A (relatively) good deal for a seat for this game, right?  You’d think so, until you get to the checkout page where they tack on their service fees, or if you simply click on the filter that allows a user to see the actual price a buyer would be paying per ticket when fees are included.  Notice what happens when the fees are applied below.

StubHub’s Price at Checkout (as of 5/29)


The price jumps from $499 per ticket all the way to $601.30, which amounts to an incredibly-high service fee of over 20% per ticket that serves to drastically increase their profit margin.

Now compare that with the checkout page below for the exact same tickets on TickPick that are displaying for $564 per ticket from start to finish.  While prices may initially appear higher on TickPick, they will ultimately be much cheaper and save the buyer money at checkout as there’s never any service fees tacked on.

TickPick’s Listed Price & Price at Checkout (as of 5/29)


Purchasing a pair of tickets here on TickPick at $1,128 total saves a buyer $74.60 over purchasing that same pair on StubHub for $1,202.60 total.  These are among the cheapest get-in tickets for the NBA finals, so that price (and savings) can be extrapolated many times over as the seats get better and it gets deeper into the series, when prices tend to get more expensive.

How to get the cheapest NBA Finals tickets

If you weren’t able to secure tickets through any presales or general sales for the NBA Finals, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Tickets can still be purchased from secondary marketplaces, although the prices will not be at face value. With the popularity of the these teams still vying for the title, market prices are anticipated to be on the higher side, but that doesn’t mean that good deals can’t be had – if you know where to look.

With high prices come high service fees with many marketplaces, but not TickPick. Here at TickPick we have no service fees, making us your source for the Cheapest NBA Finals tickets on the secondary market.  Given these high face values and extreme resale value of the Finals regardless of matchup, prices can get out of hand quickly when you factor in the fees that every other marketplace aside from TickPick will charge you on top of the listed price.

If you have not used TickPick before, you can sign up with the link below for $10 off your first purchase. If you have any questions regarding NBA Finals tickets, feel free to call us at 845-538-4567 or contact us by email at [email protected]

May 316:00 PMNBA Finals: Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers – Home Game 1Oracle Arena – Oakland, CAFrom $543
Jun 35:00 PMNBA Finals: Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers – Home Game 2Oracle Arena – Oakland, CAFrom $616
Jun 69:00 PMNBA Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors – Home Game 1Quicken Loans Arena – Cleveland, OHFrom $272
Jun 89:00 PMNBA Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors – Home Game 2Quicken Loans Arena – Cleveland, OHFrom $328
Jun 116:00 PMNBA Finals: Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers – Home Game 3 (If Necessary)Oracle Arena – Oakland, CAFrom $695
Jun 149:00 PMNBA Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors – Home Game 3 (If Necessary)Quicken Loans Arena – Cleveland, OHFrom $428
Jun 175:00 PMNBA Finals: Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers – Home Game 4 (If Necessary)Oracle Arena – Oakland, CAFrom $868


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