2018 NHL Stanley Cup Finals Tickets | How to Get the Cheapest Stanley Cup Finals Tickets

The 2018 Stanley Cup Finals matchup features the Eastern Conference champion Washington Capitals and the champs from the West in the Vegas Golden Knights

Fans can expect tickets for this year’s Stanley Cup to be in huge demand given Vegas’ massive appeal to not only newly-diehard fans of the expansion franchise, but also high rollers who simply have the money to spend on expensive tickets for a major and unprecedented event for Sin City.

The Caps are making their second-ever Cup appearance (the first came back in 1998) and are still in pursuit of their first title, and for a city and huge market starving for its first title since the Redskins’ Super Bowl victory back in 1992, this would be a massive championship to bring home to the nation’s capital. They’ve had so many seasons in recent memory in which they’ve come painfully close to another berth during the Alex Ovechkin era only to fall short.

These teams represent two major markets with diehard fan bases for which their will be huge demand and high prices for tickets to catch the games in person, which prompts the question: how can you get the cheapest Stanley Cup Finals tickets?

Are tickets still available for the Stanley Cup Finals?  If so, where can I get tickets?

There’s still some time to try and secure your Stanley Cup Finals tickets before they all end up on the secondary market that will likely include prices well above face value.

Washington Capitals tickets can be found here, but keep in mind that the platform is lumping all resale tickets with whatever might still be available at face value, which might be nothing at this point.

The Golden Knights use Flash Seats as their delivery and resale platforms, and as of now we’re not seeing any tickets available from the primary vendor.

Why should I buy tickets for the Stanley Cup Finals through TickPick?

Purchasing your tickets through TickPick is the cheapest option for major events like the Stanley Cup Finals, where prices are as high as they’ll be for an NHL game all year due to incredible demand. It’s cheaper-to-significantly cheaper to secure tickets through TickPick over competitors like StubHub simply because of TickPick’s no fee pricing structure that saves a buyer anywhere from 10-20% per ticket that other sites charge for service fees.

Take a look at the example below of a listing that’s for seats 3-4 in Row E of Section 107 for Home Game 2 in D.C.

SH pre checkout

You’ll see that they’re initially showing at $2,395 per ticket.  A (relatively) good deal for a seat for this game, right?  You’d think so, until you get to the checkout page where they tack on their service fees, or if you simply click on the filter that allows a user to see the actual price a buyer would be paying per ticket when fees are included.  Notice what happens when the filter is applied that allows users to see what the price they’d really pay would look like.

StubHub’s Price at Checkout (as of 5/29)

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The price jumps from $2,395 per ticket all the way to $2,876.50, which amounts to an incredibly-high service fee that would cost a buyer an extra $481.50 PER TICKET just in fees alone.

Now compare that with the checkout page below for the exact same tickets on TickPick that are displaying for $2,568 per ticket from start to finish.  While prices may initially appear higher on TickPick, they will ultimately be much cheaper and save the buyer money at checkout as there’s never any service fees tacked on.

TickPick’s Listed Price & Price at Checkout (as of 5/29)


Purchasing a pair of tickets here on TickPick at $5,136 total saves a buyer a whopping $617 over purchasing that same pair on StubHub for $5,753 total.  These are some of the best seats in the house for these games, so if you’re looking to sit down low near the glass, why pay over $600 for the exact same seats when you can spend that money on lodging and airfare to see the teams play?

Golden Knights Clinch First Stanley Cup Birth in First-Ever Season

The Golden Knights have done what many hockey fans just this time last year (or event at the onset of this season when the team hadn’t yet played its first game as a franchise) thought was impossible – they not only clinched a playoff berth, won the Pacific Division and finished with the third-best record in the Western Conference after starting off strong and being among the top contenders for the Presidents’ Trophy, but they’ve just secured a berth in the Stanley Cup Finals as an expansion team.

Vegas tickets have been among the most difficult to get due to the market, with not only an instantly-intense local fanbase driving prices, but a massive draw for those visiting the city looking to catch a pro hockey game.  They have a decided home ice advantage (perhaps due to visiting teams having plenty of distractions heaped onto them when they’re in town to play), and this helped them make quick work of the Kings in a four game sweep in the quarterfinals, defeat the Sharks in six games, and another laugher of a series vs. the Jets that they won in a mere five games.

With all of this hype that surround Vegas qualifying for the Stanley Cup Finals, it was nearly impossible to secure tickets at face value unless you were a season ticket holder for the team.  If you’re forced to turn to the secondary market, don’t pay hundreds or thousands of dollars above the listed ticket prices for Stanley Cup Finals tickets in fees alone, be sure to always consult TickPick for the cheapest Golden Knights tickets of any ticket site out there that NEVER include service fees!

Capitals finally breakthrough with Cup appearance during Ovechkin Era

Caps fans may ask you to pinch them to awake them from this dream, but at long last and after so many painful early exits in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, they’re finally playing in the season’s final series.

Hockey fans may have considered the Capitals’ Cup run almost as improbable as the expansion Knights thus far given their playoff struggles in recent memory, but with key contributors like winger Tom Wilson and goalie Braden Holtby providing plenty of support to the efforts of Ovie, this team wasn’t going to be stopped on its way to the finals.  Tickets to this series may be in the highest demand that we’ve seen in years due to the wealth in the two markets that should prop up prices and the fact that each franchise is vying for its first Stanley Cup title.

How To Get Cheap Stanley Cup Finals Tickets

If you weren’t able to secure tickets through any presales or general sales for the Stanley Cup, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Tickets can still be purchased from secondary marketplaces, although the prices will not be at face value. With the popularity of the these teams still vying for The Cup, market prices are anticipated to be on the higher side, but that doesn’t mean that good deals can’t be had – if you know where to look.

With high prices come high service fees with many marketplaces, but not TickPick. Here at TickPick we have no service fees, making us your source for the Cheapest Stanley Cup Finals tickets on the secondary market.  Given these high face values and extreme resale value of this annual event, prices can get out of hand quickly when you factor in the fees that every other marketplace aside from TickPick will charge you on top of the listed price.

If you have not used TickPick before, you can sign up with the link below for $10 off your first purchase. If you have any questions regarding Stanley Cup tickets, feel free to call us at 845-538-4567 or contact us by email at [email protected]

Jun 75:00 PMNHL Stanley Cup Finals: Vegas Golden Knights vs. Washington Capitals – Home Game 3, Series Game 5T-Mobile Arena – Las Vegas, NVFrom $614
Jun 108:00 PMNHL Stanley Cup Finals: Washington Capitals vs. Vegas Golden Knights – Home Game 3, Series Game 6 (If Necessary)Capital One Arena – Washington, DCFrom $1988
Jun 135:00 PMNHL Stanley Cup Finals: Vegas Golden Knights vs. Washington Capitals – Home Game 4, Series Game 7 (If Necessary)T-Mobile Arena – Las Vegas, NVFrom $999


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