Anderson .Paak Has Two Projects Coming in 2018

California native Anderson .Paak, who first woke the industry by appearing on nearly every track of Dr. Dre’s Compton, is getting ready for another incredible year of record releases. And this time, it won’t just be under his personal moniker. Anderson .Paak’s band The Free Nationals will be making their debut in 2018, and rumor has it they are working with some of the best musicians around.

In an interview with Triple J regarding their upcoming appearance at a Melbourne music festival, .Paak said we “can definitely expect it this year, sometime,” when asked about his upcoming LP, and revealed that it is currently at the mixing stage. The Free Nationals have revealed some of their impressive guest list, which includes Kali Uchis, Daniel Caesar, Mac Miller, and potentially T.I as well.

The Free Nationals

It’s been two years since .Paak dropped his dazzling debut album Malibu. In addition to being stoked over The Free Nationals debut, Anderson .Paak fans also have a new solo album to look forward to. In the same interview with Triple J, .Paak disclosed that his upcoming solo album is in the mixing stages. “(Dr. Dre) had a heavy role in this new album that’s almost done as well. Just going through the mixing phase,” .Paak told the publication, before stopping short of giving a release date.

It’s no surprise that Dre would have a heavy role in Anderson .Paak’s upcoming solo effort, but the young musician continues to be in awe of his own ascension in the music world. “It’s dope to be around like legends like that and you can feel the mutual respect,” .Paak told Triple J. “That’s what I always did it for, I wasn’t really thinking about money or fame, I just wanted the respect from the people I look up to musically. It’s amazing.” You can read the full interview here.

Anderson .Paak

Though fans will have to wait at least a few more months before receiving The Free Nationals or Anderson .Paak’s new albums, .Paak is one of many incredible artists featured on Black Panther: The Albumdue out this Friday, February 9th.

“We were in South Africa, we had literally just got off the plane and I got a text from Kendrick [Lamar], he was like, ‘I hear you on the song I don’t hear nobody else on it,'” .Paak said about recording his verse for the project. “I just go to South Africa, ‘I’ll try my best to get it done’. So we just booked a studio that night and I recorded it and sent it back – he loved it. Couple weeks later it was on the soundtrack.”

Check back for more news surrounding Anderson .Paak, The Free Nationals, and their highly anticipated projects.



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