Arizona Cardinals Seating Chart & Seat Views

Here’s everything you’ll want to know about State Farm Stadium (formerly known as University of Phoenix Stadium) seating chart, home to the Arizona Cardinals. You will find seating information including 3d views, rows, seat numbers and tips on where to sit for any event at State Farm Stadium. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, find the cheapest Arizona Cardinals tickets here!

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State Farm Stadium Seating Chart with Rows

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The Best Seats for the Arizona Cardinals

In my opinion,whether you sit on the Home bench (section 104 to 112) or the Visitor’s bench (section 126 to 134) doesn’t matter all that much. Obviously some of the best seats are sections 128, 129, 130 & 107, 108 and 109. Putting aside the so-close-to-the-players-I-can-smell-them factor, the best seats would definitely be between rows 10 and 20. When sitting at or near the 50 yard line, elevation is important for viewing all the action.

When looking to buy tickets in any of the 100s sections the first row seats are only desired for the experience, not for the view. Being in the first row of a section in the endzone can be great for the occasional touchdown, but this perk will also have it’s cons when the ball is on the opposite side. This comes down to personal preference, but I think it’s safe to say for the 100s sections on the sidelines most of the time you want seats higher then the 10th row.

The Best Cheap Seats in the State Farm Stadium Seating

With 63,400, it’s a wonder that The top tier at State Farm still has great views of the field. The Upper Level Main (sections 411-414 and 442-445) are you’re best bet when purchasing upper level seats. The prime spot in the center ensures an equal view of all parts of the field.

University of Phoenix Stadium Seating Chart

Note: Sections 114, 424 and 432 are Family Sections; no alcohol is permitted in these sections. Another thing to remember for big events at the stadium (Bowl games, Super Bowl) is that they add seats to the upper decks on the end zones that aren’t usually there to accommodate larger audiences. These seats are obstructed view seats so be wary when purchasing any seat number greater than 23 in the Terrace Level of the UofP Stadium.

State Farm Stadium Seat Numbers and Row Numbers

State Farm Stadium seat numbers follow a common stadium pattern where seat number 1 is closest to the lower number section adjacent to it. For example, seat number 1 in section 127 will be closest to section 126, and seat 18 in section 127 will be closest to section 128.

  • The 100’s (Main Level) sections contain 41 rows, and generally have 18 seats per row.
  • The 200’s sections are club level seats
  • The 400’s (Terrace Level) sections contain 28 rows, the firs 5 of which are labeled A – F, followed by rows 1-23. The 400’s generally have 18 seats per row.
  • Club Level Seating – The State Farm Stadium’s almost 7,500 club level tickets are divided into Club Sideline (section 209-214, 235-240), Club Goalline (section 206-208, 215-217, 232-234, and 241-243), and Club Corner (section 201-205, 218-222, 227-231, and 244-2448) seats

State Farm Stadium 3d Seating Chart

The Arizona Cardinals have a 3d seating chart which can help you visualize a view from your seat at the State Farm Stadium. To see these 3d seat views visit here. However, do read the user review below discussing how these online seat views don’t always portray the view of the real thing (typically for the worse).

Best User Review of the Arizona Cardinals’ Stadium

The online seating charts and visuals suck.  The upper deck is much higher than the lower/ mid-level seats, and anywhere below the upper deck probably even offers a better view from a slanted angel.  Not knowing this, I incidentally purchased two different sets of tickets (one set for a slanted lower-deck view and another for a side, upper-deck view) for the sum of over $500 only to have to sell two for a $200 loss.

The stadium is also frigid-cold in the winter considering that State Farm Stadium is a dome. However, they probably open it to save money instead of heating it and the Western sun blinds (but warms… and even tans!) those in the upper Eastern side (Section 440 to 455).  So, if you are sitting on the Eastern side (especially in the upper portion), bring sunglasses and/ or a hat.  And if it’s getting close to winter, regardless where you are sitting don’t forget to bring warm clothes!

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Arizona Cardinals Home Schedule & Ticket Prices

Aug 87:00 PMNFL Preseason: Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles ChargersState Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZFrom $18
Aug 155:00 PMNFL Preseason: Arizona Cardinals vs. Oakland RaidersState Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZFrom $26
Sep 7TBD2019 Arizona Cardinals Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games)State Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZ
Sep 81:25 PMArizona Cardinals vs. Detroit LionsState Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZ
Sep 221:05 PMArizona Cardinals vs. Carolina PanthersState Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZ
Sep 291:05 PMArizona Cardinals vs. Seattle SeahawksState Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZ
Oct 131:05 PMArizona Cardinals vs. Atlanta FalconsState Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZ
Oct 315:20 PMArizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ersState Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZ
Dec 12:05 PMArizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles RamsState Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZ
Dec 82:25 PMArizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh SteelersState Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZ
Dec 152:05 PMArizona Cardinals vs. Cleveland BrownsState Farm Stadium – Glendale, AZ


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