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Barclays Center Detailed Seating Chart | Rows, 3D Views, & More

Our Barclays Center Seating Chart includes 3d views, row numbers, seat numbers & tips for getting the best seats for concerts, Brooklyn Nets, New York Islanders or any other event at Barclays Center.

Brooklyn Nets Seating Chart

It’s important to remember that most sections between 1 to 31 have additional rows in front of row #1 (typically 4 additional rows: A-D). When using TickPick’s interactive seating charts you can hover over any section and see the row detail (i.e. the number & order of rows).

Brooklyn Nets Seating Chart

All Access Tickets: There are two types of premium tickets for the Brooklyn Nets, “All Access” tickets gives you access to a VIP area as well as the club and lounge. The other premium tickets (as well as All Access) gives you access to all you can eat and drink (non alcohol beverages). Most tickets in section 6 to 10 and 22 to 26 come with one of these two options. Sections 106 to 11 and 122-126 can also include all access.

Tickets in other sections between 1 to 31 occasionally come with VIP options, just check the “seller’s notes” on the checkout if you are unsure.

Obstructed / Partial Views: As part of TickPick’s policy every seller is required to disclose what it says on their tickets. So you will see there are few ticket listings in section 29 that are marked as limited view seats.


Brooklyn Nets All Access Tickets

Your All Access ticket includes complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages at the permanent concession stands on the concourse. All Access tickets do not include the selections on the portable carts.

  1. Please be prepared to show and have your All Access ticket scanned when acquiring items at the permanent concessions stands.
  2. Your All Access complimentary food offerings are available from 90 minutes before tip-off until 8 minutes remain in the 4th quarter.
  3. Please remember that food and drink offerings are intended for a single persons’ enjoyment during each Brooklyn Nets event. Therefore, with each visit and each ticket you bring to a permanent concession stand you are allowed to enjoy 1 entrée, 1 beverage, 1 snack and 1 sweet selection. At the Junior’s, Blue Marble & More concession stand your All Access ticket allows you to enjoy a maximum of 2 sweet selections per visit.
  4. All Access food orders are meant to be consumed during the event only.
  5. Please remember that All-Access program tickets have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash at any time.

Nets Seating Chart with Rows and Seat Views

Brooklyn Nets 100 Level Seating At Barclays Center

The Barclays Center 100 level seating for Brooklyn Nets games are in my opinion the best value for any seats in the arena. Sections 106-110 and 122-125 are All Access Sections, which allows for you to eat from the buffet, which typically includes a salad bar, carving station (turkey or steak), chicken wings, hot dogs, and chili. There is no limit to the amount of times you enter the buffet, and after halftime they bring out the dessert.

The locations of the seats are just above the the single digit sections and span rows 1-9, or 4-9 if you are in the corners, but they are significantly lower than the upper levels. It is certainly worth spending the extra money on the all access 100 sections, especially if you plan on having dinner at the game. If not, I’d recommend sitting the the corner 100 sections at Barclays Center because typically they are cheaper than seats behind the basket, but offer comparable and in some cases better views of the action.

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Brooklyn Nets 200 Level Seating At Barclays Center

When purchasing seats in the 200 sections at the Barclays Center, the row is much more important that it would be anywhere else in the arena. The difference between rows 1 and 2 between 3-22 is significant, and if you don’t mind spending the extra cash it is well worth it. Typically in the majority of the 200 levels, rows 1-2 (in sections 207,209, 223, and 225 its just row 1) are lower than row 3 and up, and are separated by a railing.

This is great if you are in the first one or two rows because there isn’t anyone directly behind you, and again your seats are significantly lower than rows 2 or 3 above you.

New York Islanders Seating Chart

Barclays Center Seating Chart - NY Islanders

New York Islanders Ice Passes: Similar to the Brooklyn Nets All Access tickets, the Islanders Ice Passes are loaded tickets with all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages. The Ice Passes are more limited than the Nets All Access Tickets, and are only available in sections 7-9, 23-25, 107-109, and 123-125.

New York Islanders 100 level Seating at Barclays Center

The Barclays Center 100 level seating for New York Islanders games are in my opinion the best value for any seats in the arena. Sections 106-109 and 123-125 are All Access Sections, which allows for you to eat from the buffet (or food from any concession stand), which typically includes a salad bar, carving station (turkey or steak), chicken wings, hot dogs, and chili. There is no limit to the amount of times you enter the buffet, and in the later periods they will bring out dessert options.

The locations of the seats are just above the the single digit sections and span rows 1-9, or 4-9 if you are in the corners, but they are significantly lower than the upper levels. It is certainly worth spending the extra money on the all access 100 sections, especially if you plan on having dinner at the game. They are also at the ideal height for watching a hockey game, putting you at a similar height of the New York Rangers Gallery Seats at Madison Square Garden.

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New York Islanders 200 Level Seating at Barclays Center

Not all 200 levels are created equal for New York Islanders games at the Barclays Center. Because the rink is not centered, the 200 level seats where the Islanders defend twice are going to put you much closer to the action than you would be on the other side of the venue. You will only see the Islanders shoot once on the near goal, but it is worth being closer to the ice in my opinion.

What is important to keep in mind across the entire 200 level is that the row number is much more important than anywhere else at Barclays. The sections are steep, so the difference between 3 or 4 rows is much greater than it would be in the lower bowl.

Islanders Seating Chart with Rows

Barclays Center Concert Seating Chart

Barclays Center Seating Chart Concert

Barclays Center Seating Tips – Sections, Rows, Seat Numbers etc.

Seat numbers: When looking for Brooklyn Nets tickets or Barclays Center concert tickets it’s important to know that seat #1 is always closer to the adjacent section with a lower (section) number, for example seat #1 in Section 24 is on the aisle next to section 23 and seat #1 in section 223 is closer to section 222.

Expert Tip: At a recent concert my seats, section 226 row 1, had an obstructed view, and the sound quality was awful (even though the Barclays Box Office didn’t label them as such). When I complained to Barclays Guest Services, I was told to check out the Honda Center. The Honda Center (which is located behind section 15 & 16) is an open lounge area that is available for every ticket holder. There are a limited number of seats, but there’s plenty of standing room. So if you a limited view seat, or have a tight budget, I would buy the cheapest tickets and watch the concert from the Honda Center, it was much better than my first row seats in section 226.


Sections 6 – 26: For concerts, all sections start with row 1 and have 19 to 21 rows. However, the corners (section 13 & 19) start with row C, then row D, E, and then rows 1-18. Corner sections 12 and 20, start with row 3 and go to row 20.

Sections 1-4 & 28-31: Each section is slightly different and they change depending on the concert. For example section 3 (which is different than floor 3) started at row 10 and went to row 18 for the Jay-Z opening concert. When looking at tickets in these sections you need to be cautious; pay close attention to see if they are marked partial view (which is different than side view).

For the Jay-z concert I Sat in Section 3, Row 11, Seats 17 & 18. This was actually the 2nd row on the aisle towards section 4; these were some of the best seats for this concert. However, knowing where your seats are (within a section) is crucial. Seat number 1 in the same section and row was obstructed, unlike seats 12 through 18.

100s: The 100s sections are practically right above sections 1 to 31, so although they are higher up, the difference can be marginal (when comparing the higher seat numbers in section 1 to 31 to the 100s). However, the difference between the 100s and 200s is very significant. This is because the suites are in between the two tiers thus giving the 100s a huge advantage.

200s: The pitch of the 200s is steep but this arena was built with basketball and concerts in mind and even though you are in the 200s the design helps bring fans closer to the action. Most rows have 18 seats (but not all) and as stated above, seat #1 is closer to the lower section number and seat #18 is closer to the higher section number.

Sideline 200s: Most rows in sections 222 to 225 and 206 to 210 have 26 seats per a row in Barclays Center. The exception is a couple rows between row 3 (and maybe row 2) through row 7, which have between 12 and 20 seats. Every other row in these sections has 26 seats in a row.

Corners of the 200s: The seating charts provided here are misleading, the corner sections look undesirable and awkward, however that is not the case and the angle and design make these seats equally as attractive as the rest of the 200s.

Expert Tip: For concerts look for great deals in sections 3-6 & 26-29, which appear to be obstructed (but are not, unless they are specifically marked partial or obstructed view). Also, check out sections 203-205 & 227-229: these are limited view seats or side view, but are not fully obstructed.

I use to suggest sitting in section 226 or 201. However, I just sat in the first row of section 226 (right next to section 225) and had an obstructed view due to the stage lighting and configuration. These tickets were not listed as partial view seats but they should have been. Because of this and the fact that the sound quality was noticeably worse, I would not recommend sitting closer than section 225 or 207.

Barclays Center Concert Seating Chart with Rows

Note: If you get to your seats and your view is blocked or the sound is disappointing, go stand at the Honda Center (right behind section 15 & 16), it will change your night.   


Barclays Center Concert Seating – Floor Seats

For concerts at Barclays Center, seat #1 in (section F3) Floor 3 is on the aisle closer to Floor 2 (which is closer to the center of the stage). Seat #1 in (section F1) Floor 1, is further to the right (or furthest from the stage). For most concerts each floor section has 14 seats per a row.

Unless you are sitting in F1, F2 or F3, I would strongly suggest you look for tickets in the sections right off the floor (sections 25 or 7). Like most venues, these sections are not elevated and most likely your view will be blocked.

The Barclays center hosts many concerts with GA, Floor, and pit seats. Although these tickets will get you on the floor, it’s typically extremely difficult to get close to the stage. In addition, if you are on the shorter side, you may be forced to stand in the far back (to avoid having someone’s head in your face). Thus, depending on prices you may want to look at other sections for cheaper tickets and a better experience.

This is rare, but for some concerts Barclays is selling GA tickets within a specific section, for example Section 125 row GA, this means there’s no assigned seats, but that you have to stay within that section (Swedish House Mafia is doing this).


Pictures of Barclays Center Seating

  • Center Stage Setup - Section 124 Row 4 (1st row)


The Best Seats for Concerts or Brooklyn Nets

There’s a lot of tickets to choose from, as long as you are willing to spend, you can’t go wrong.

But here’s a tip, when you make it to an event page on TickPick, click on “Seat Rating”, this will list all of the available tickets from the best seats to the worst seats.

  1. First, find the Brooklyn Nets game, New York Islanders game, or Concert you want to go to.
  2. Once on the event page click “Seat Rating”, and you’ll be able to view ticket listings from the best seats to the worst seat.
 If you need more advice on concerts read the Barclays Floor Seating section above.


Barclays Center 3d Seating View

For your convenience here are the links to the official 3d seating charts provided by Barclays Center:
3d Seating Chart for concerts
3d Seating Chart for Brooklyn Nets


More Information on Barclays Center

If you are interested in the history or any of the business aspects of Barclays Center you can find out more at Wikipedia. Or if you want more information on tickets, events, dates, or additional floorplans, check out our official Barclays Center page.

Barclays Center
620 Atlantic Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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  • Meredith S.

    How was the sound from your section or near section 4? Any muffledness or trouble hearing lyrics?

  • Jude

    Friends have bought me seats in section 3 row GA1 for Bruce Springsteen – but these don’t show on any chart in section 3! Are they some sort of special accessible tickets?

  • Anisah

    I bought section 20 row 7 , seats 1 & 2 (which are aisle seats).. do u think i will be fine here?

  • Liz

    Thanks for the concert tip about the Honda Center. I got tickets for Rihanna in March in section 222 row 20. I’ll def check out the center fo a better view !!

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