Be Still My Heart, Eminem and Snoop Dogg Have Reunited in the Studio

Look, this may not result in a single collaboration between them, but we have to report: Eminem and Snoop Dogg were in the studio together. New photos from Em’s Detroit home studio have surfaced on Snoop’s Insta. One shows the two of them standing in front of the giant mixing board—for what? and whose album?—we have yet to know. The other has D12 rapper Denaun Porter pictured with them, the caption reading “Squad. 8 Mile.”

Considering the long history between Snoop and Em, it’s natural that these photos got the rumor mill going, even though Snoop was obligated to be in Detroit to catch the semi-autobiographical stage play, Redemption of a Dogg. But then what was Denaun Porter doing there? What does seeing “M to get the stamp” have to do with Redemption of a Dogg, if anything at all? We are restless with unanswered questions. But really, above all else, we want a collaboration.



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Detroit. Tommoro. 8 pm. Redemption of a Dogg had to c M. To get the stamp

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Squad. 8 mile

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Though much remains unclear, we are deciding to remain hopeful. Em and Snoop Dogg have been longtime friends and supporters of each other’s careers, but the only track they have together is “Bitch Please II” from 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP.

Since both rappers are beloved, relevant, and not incredibly busy, we think Em and Snoop are well situated to produce a passion project together. Stay locked in for an update to this inciting studio reunion.


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