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Five Video Friday | Best Justin Timberlake Performances

Justin Timberlake 20/20 ExperienceIn light of the ongoing 20/20 Experience Sweepstakes hosted by TickPick I thought I would find the best Justin Timberlake performances the web has to offer. From his incredible dance moves, to his stunning vocals, and even hilarious collaborations, Justin Timberlake is definitely one of the greatest performers currently on tour. It’s Friday, and maybe you can’t see Justin Timberlake live, but you can sit back, turn the sound up, and brush up on why JT is currently the king.

1. “My Love/ Sexy Back”- MTV Music Awards

The video starts out with JT under a spotlight performing a dance solo. JT, with a dance style that resembles the late Michael Jackson, has his audience completely captivated. Eventually, Timbaland comes out to join him in performing “Sexy Back”. From this performance, people started believing that JT could not only make it as a solo artist, but he could kick ass at it too.

2. “Sittin on the Dock of the Bay”- In Performance at the White House

One thing (of many things) we can love about JT is that he is fantastic at covering old R&B/Jazz hits from way before his time. Here, he does a cover of Otis Redding’s “Sittin on the dock of the bay” for a performance at the White House. Sure, JT is a heart breaker when he sings songs like “Senorita” and “My Love”, but there’s something completely charming about this performance that not only makes my heart melt, but makes me truly respect him as an artist.

3. “Ain’t Nothin Like the Real Thing” Feat. Beyonce

Even though it’s another cover (original by Marvin Gaye), I couldn’t help but choose this video. The on stage chemistry between Beyonce and JT is amazing, but with these two, who could expect anything else?

4. “What Goes Around… Comes Around” Live at MSG

Though we love to see JT’s dance moves up on stage, his intimate piano solo performances are equally amazing. This performance at Madison Square Garden was incredible from start to finish, but this moment in the show is truly one to revisit.

5. “History of Rap”- Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon

Need I say more? Happy Friday everyone!

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