Brooklyn Steel: Inside Brooklyn’s Best New Music Venue

In April 2017, LCD Soundsystem came to New York City for a five-show run. But fans wouldn’t be able to catch them at their main stage Madison Square Garden. Instead, fans trekked to East Williamsburg to witness LCD Soundsystem perform the grand opening of Brooklyn’s best new music venue, Brooklyn Steel.

Why is Brooklyn Steel the best new music venue in Brooklyn? From its aesthetic and acoustics–well suited to just about any type of performer–to its incredible lineup, the owners of Brooklyn Steel have been making their claim to fame from the very beginning. Here’s everything you ought to know about Brooklyn Steel, the spot for some of the best upcoming concerts.

The Space

Brooklyn Steel

While many Bowery Presents venues share a vibe, Brooklyn Steel is bolstered by its raw, found materials, all repurposed from the steel works factory the space used to be. The main room has a movable stage allowing for capacities of 1800, 1500 or 1200, depending on the show. Towards the back of the room there’s a raised platform (similar to Music Hall of Williamsburg), and the balcony railings spread out like a V as they go closer towards the stage, allowing for more natural sightlines. “Sound and sightlines are always our biggest priority,” said Bowery Presents organizer John Moore. “We wanted to have everyone be able to see well, but also to have some soul and character to it.”

Brooklyn Steel is outfitted with three bars, all decorated with pieces from the steel works factory. There’s also repurposed corrugated metal in the venue’s foyer entry space on Debevoise Ave. The entry space leading to the main bar and merch table is large enough to accommodate concert goers, so no one waits on the street before the show.

The official address of Brooklyn Steel is 319 Frost Street. Brooklyn Steel organizers John Moore and Jim Glancy weren’t concerned about the impending L Train shutdown in moving forward with the space, even though the closest train stop is the Graham Avenue L. “If it was happening in six weeks, that might be a different story. We also think a lot of our audience is already out here. People will walk, bike, drive, take Ubers. We should be established in two years when the actual shutdown hits. If we have a great show, people will find a way here.”

The Performers

Brooklyn Steel organizers chose from a “very” short list when it came to bands they wanted for the grand opening, LCD Soundsystem fitting the bill exactly. “We wanted a New York band. We wanted a band that Bowery had a relationship with,” Glancy said. In it’s first year, Brooklyn Steel has been a wonderful host to a wide reaching range of performers, including The Decemberists, PJ Harvey, Nas, Glen Hansard, and additional sets from LCD Soundsystem. You can check out our listings for Brooklyn Steel’s upcoming shows below.


Jan 258:00 PMMO – Karen Marie Orsted & Cashmere CatBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
Jan 268:00 PMMO – Karen Marie Orsted & Cashmere CatBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $98
Jan 278:00 PMDestroyer & Mega BogBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $87
Jan 298:00 PMKimbraBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $39
Feb 18:00 PMEmancipator EnsembleBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $53
Feb 29:00 PMBlack Rebel Motorcycle ClubBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $55
Feb 79:00 PMJ Roddy Walston And The BusinessBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $67
Feb 88:00 PMGirlpoolBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $55
Feb 108:30 PMHippo CampusBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $55
Feb 138:00 PMSleigh BellsBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $55
Feb 158:00 PMBornsBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $68
Feb 168:00 PMX AmbassadorsBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $56
Feb 178:00 PMGalacticBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $90
Feb 228:00 PMStrfkrBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $47
Feb 238:00 PMCity of The SunBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $54
Feb 248:00 PMLane 8Brooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $84
Feb 268:00 PMJawbreakerBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $109
Feb 278:00 PMJawbreakerBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $102
Feb 288:00 PMJawbreakerBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $109
Mar 18:30 PMLPBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $63
Mar 28:00 PMRhyeBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $80
Mar 39:00 PMHippie SabotageBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $45
Mar 89:00 PMNada SurfBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $48
Mar 99:00 PMTune-yardsBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $55
Mar 108:00 PMMike GordonBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $74
Mar 128:00 PMGodspeed You! Black EmperorBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $64
Mar 138:00 PMGodspeed You! Black EmperorBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $63
Mar 148:00 PMBeth DittoBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
Mar 228:00 PMSon LuxBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $35
Mar 238:00 PMKeys N KratesBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $50
Mar 249:00 PMMiguelBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $122
Mar 258:00 PMMgmtBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $88
Mar 278:00 PMDan AuerbachBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $63
Mar 298:00 PMDashboard ConfessionalBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $63
Mar 319:00 PMTokiMonstaBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
Apr 68:00 PMYo La TengoBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $58
Apr 79:00 PMCigarettes After SexBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $43
Apr 118:00 PMRainbow Kitten Surprise Brooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $56
Apr 139:00 PMTy SegallBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $54
Apr 158:00 PMFranz FerdinandBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $55
Apr 168:00 PMFranz FerdinandBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $73
Apr 178:00 PMClean BanditBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $41
Apr 188:00 PMBuilt To Spill & Afghan WhigsBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $70
Apr 208:00 PMThe DarknessBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $50
Apr 278:00 PMPeter Hook and The LightBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $90
Apr 288:00 PMMatt and KimBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $66
Apr 308:00 PMThe BreedersBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $70
May 28:00 PMBrian FallonBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $44
May 39:00 PMTom MischBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $99
May 4TBDWhat So NotBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
May 58:00 PMPanda BearBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $83
May 128:00 PMJorja SmithBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $56
May 168:00 PMThe FratellisBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $56
May 177:00 PMShakey GravesBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
May 227:00 PMBishop BriggsBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $40
May 238:00 PMThe KooksBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $52
May 288:30 PMRoyal BloodBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $64
Jun 98:00 PMEelsBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
Jun 138:00 PMJimmy Eat WorldBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $55
Jun 148:00 PMJimmy Eat WorldBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $70
Jun 158:00 PMKing Gizzard and The Lizard WizardBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NYFrom $54
Jun 168:00 PMKing Gizzard and The Lizard WizardBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
Jun 198:00 PMDr. Dog & (Sandy) Alex GBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
Jun 208:00 PMDr. Dog & (Sandy) Alex GBrooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY


East Williamsburg

East Williamsburg

If you haven’t ventured past the Bedford or Lorimer stop into East Williamsburg, now’s the time to get your feet wet, before the rest of the five boroughs wakens to its obvious appeal. Not only are there plenty of amazing restaurants and bars near Brooklyn Steel, but most (if not all) come at a cheaper price than what you’re used to paying when attending shows in Manhattan.

Right around Brooklyn Steel, you have One Stop Beer Shop and FourFiveSix Bar, both of which are perfect to accommodate a pre and post show drink. If you want to make a full night of it, head to East Williamsburg early to grab a meal at any of the local jaunts. At Mesa Coyoacan, you can enjoy Mexican food favorites such as enchiladas, mole, and mezcal cocktails. At corner bistro Humboldt & Jackson, you can choose from a list of American small plates and cheeses while sipping on locally sourced microbrews. For something more eclectic, hike towards the BQE for Indonesian food at Selamat Pagi, or Korean food at Little Dokebi.



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