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Buying Tickets on TicketMaster – Tips & Tricks

If you are reading this, then you’re likely looking to buy tickets to a concert that will sell out. Well here are a few TicketMaster tips on how best to buy tickets on TicketMaster fast, and how to get the best seats possible, at the cheapest prices.

TicketMaster Tips

  1. Check TicketMaster for pre-sale opportunities, fan club pre-sales, special credit card pre-sales and Facebook TicketMaster presales.
  2. Get the App (avoid the security code, instructions below).
  3. Check frequently; pre-sales and special offers for different credit cards come and go.
  4. Save the direct link to the event page and have the general on-sale saved in your calendar.
  5. Have an account created on the website before trying to buy tickets.
  6. Shop around: compare ticket prices on TicketMaster vs other ticket sites (tips below).


TicketMaster Presale Codes

TicketMaster Presale Codes are easy to find when you are looking for the credit card presales, however these presale codes won’t work unless you have one of the actual credit cards.

For the TicketMaster American Express Presale you can enter the code: 8005253355. This will allow you to see the tickets, but when you get to the checkout you’ll have to use an Amex card.

The TicketMaster Presale code for Citi Card is: 542418

The Chase Presale code for TicketMaster is: 414720

Having these cards are the only chance to getting access to these specific presales, but Fan Club, Mobile, Facebook and other TicketMaster presales are fair game, and easy to find via a quick Google search. My friend Ryan at TicketCrusaders often blogs about the hottest concerts and the relevant presale codes.


When tickets go on sale don’t listen to TicketMaster, use multiple browsers!

Here’s why: let’s say you get tickets at 10:01am, and you have two seats in your cart. How do you know that those really are the best available seats?

By using multiple web browsers (I recommend Google Chrome because it’s the fastest; but Firefox, Safari and IE9 work as well) you will be able to maximize your options. If you only use one browser with multiple windows or tabs looking for tickets in TicketMaster, the last window or tab that loaded is the only one that can move forward through the checkout process.

Here’s the key: focus on one browser. Leading up to the on-sale, start refreshing the page often.


The Best Way To Buy TicketMaster Tickets – The App

If you have a smartphone, than downloading the TicketMaster app for the Iphone or Android will be your best bet for speed and maybe even ease (as long as you have an account already).

Two reasons why you should download the TicketMaster App:

  • As we mentioned before, both TicketMaster and LiveNation allocate tickets specifically to mobile sales: this makes sense, since Ticket Broker Software aka Bots, don’t work with mobile devices, so this is one way to reduce the resale of tickets.
  • Buying TicketMaster tickets on the app is the fastest way to buy tickets online. That’s because by following some simple steps (provided by TicketMaster) you can avoid having to enter the security code, which apparently checks if you are a human.  Unfortunately, this only works on the iOS app and not the Android app, as far as we can tell.

Step 1. Exit the TicketMaster app and go to your Iphone settings (then)—>Notification Center—>Then select Ticketmaster or Live Nation and make sure to change the “Alert Style” from None to Banners or Alerts (see picture below).

Step 2. Then go back into your Ticketmaster / Live Nation app, go to More – > Settings -> Notification Settings and then select push notifications to “On”. Once complete, restart your app: say goodbye to typing security codes (note on occasion you may need to enter the code, specially if you refresh too quickly).

TicketMaster Tips & Tricks 

Note: If you didn’t follow step 1, than the screenshot labelled Step 2, is what you would see, try it again. If you have problems let us know in the comments below.


General TicketMaster Tips

Don’t get greedy; it’s easier to get two tickets than four.

Once you get through the security checkpoint, start searching for tickets in your other browser(s).

Remember: the clock is ticking. The first page in the checkout process only gives you 2 to 3 minutes before you need to choose if you want to proceed or search again.

The whole point of the second browser is to keep the tickets that you got in the first browser while searching for new tickets, so if time is running out on the first pair of tickets (before a second pair of tickets becomes available in a different browser, or if the second pair of seats is worse than the first), move through the process on the first pair of tickets.

You’ll have roughly ten minutes of time to search for a second pair of tickets (in a different browser) while you hold on to the first pair in the other checkout. If within 10 minutes you don’t find anything better, we highly recommend that you buy the tickets you found in your first browser. You can spend an hour doing this, and ultimately you may not get anything better.

TicketMaster themselves recently published their own Insider Tips, to be honest, I didn’t find any information that was valuable. In addition, they do say one thing which I disagree with, which is to only use one browser. If I refresh a browser too quickly I have had my IP address blocked for a couple hours, but this never happened by using multiple browsers. TicketMaster suggests that you use multiple computers, unless you’re a ticket broker, there’s no reason to have to do this.

Expert Tips For Buying Tickets

Have you thought about what tickets may already be available for sale on other sites such as TickPick and Stubhub? We previously discussed how Ticket Brokers get their Tickets, and this may come to you as a surprise, but you can often benefit from ticket brokers.

If you’re a pro, than you’ll keep an eye on ticket prices on the secondary ticket industry, that’s because ticket prices often drop below face value, or available face value tickets may not be the best deal. For instance, for the upcoming Jay-z concert, you should check TickPick before committing to the assigned seats & tickets that TicketMaster limits you to.

TicketMaster Ticket Option – Section 124 row 7, total price $200 a ticket:

TicketMaster Tickets - Compare Tickets Prices

TickPick Ticket Option – Section 23 row 12, total price $216 a ticket

Should You Wait to Buy Concert Tickets?

If you were looking to spend around $200 a ticket, would you not spend $15 more to sit in a lower section and 10 rows closer?

This situation may be a toss up, but you should always price shop and yes of course we are biased, but thanks to our fee structure (10% to sellers and 0% to buyers) TickPick has the cheapest resale tickets 90% of the time.

For more great tips on how to get cheap concert tickets you should check out our latest guide, which provides tips and info that can save you tons of money. For example, did you know that 80% of concert ticket prices go down as it gets closer to the event?

With that said, we know you can’t always gamble and wait for ticket prices to go down (plus 20% of the time prices go up). So here’s our last tip: if tickets on TicketMaster sell out, there’s typically a small window where tickets are available at a small mark up. Once the concert is officially announced as a sell out ticket brokers know to raise their prices, but if you act fast you can get a good deal.

And now that you know how to purchase tickets on TicketMaster, you will become the TicketMaster master! If you have any questions, leave them below and we’ll answer them!

  • de

    I haven’t bought tickets in years. Is the App better than just going to a local Ticketmaster box office? I want tickets to two separate concerts that go on sale on the same day.

  • Cody Luck

    If I’m on the site with 15 mins ’til release, do I need to refresh the page once they go on sale, or will it refresh it for me?

    I was looking to buy playoff tickets and refreshed it right at the release time, but apparently never stood a chance. Pretty frustrating.

  • Colleen Healy

    When you are buying tickets on ticket master is there such thing as a que, for example if I go onto the ticket master page at 6 o clock and the tickets go on sale at 9 I have a better chance at getting tickets

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Colleen – There is not a que – you will not have access to a ticket sale until the time they are released. Once the sale begins you may be placed into a que.

  • The Truth Hurts

    Thank you because of your suggestion of downloading the ticketmater app I manage to get a pair of tickets to see Adele. I did turn on the notification and didn’t refresh but I guess I was one of those people as you said on occasion need to enter a code in the form of choosing the right picture

  • TXranger55

    Trying to buy Adele tickets….. security checkpoint software doesn’t work. I’ve NEvER had problems with it before on my computer.

  • Sarah DiGloria

    THANK YOU Caroline Liddick for your article “Buying Tickets on TicketMaster”! Because of your advice about downloading the app in addition to trying on computers, I just got two tickets to Adele when she comes to Atlanta in 2016. Even though all I could get was in the nosebleed section I don’t care, I’m so excited!!!

  • Angela

    I’m from the Cleveland area and how come for the Justin Bieber concert it says the Quicken Loans areana already has tickets for sale but they are outrageously priced.. will general tickets still go on sale on ticketmaster? because it keeps taking me to a different site.

    • Katie

      I think if it takes you to another site that is a resale site, so ticketmaster has already had their general tickets on sale and they have all been purchased and are now being sold on other sites.

    • Joe Cassitto

      Angela – Katie is right. The concert has been sold out, so now the only tickets available would be sold on the secondary market. I would suggest checking out the prices on TickPick, because we don not charge a service fee to our buyers. This results in prices that are 10-15% cheaper than our competitors.

  • MDFish1

    Is there a presale for Garth Brooks in south florida for January 2016?

    • Joe Cassitto

      It doesn’t look like there is going to be a presale, but tickets go on sale to the public on 11/6 at 10:00 AM EST. Good luck!

  • Ellie Mitchell

    Is it okay to refresh the page multiple times before tickets start selling? I guess that’s kind of a stupid question but I wanted to make sure

  • Ellie Mitchell

    Is it okay to refresh the page multiple times before tickets start selling? I guess that’s kind of a stupid question but I wanted to make sure

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