Super Bowl Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Super Bowl Tickets 2018 FAQ

We understand that buying Super Bowl Tickets can be stressful and difficult. To make it easier we’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Where will my Super Bowl tickets be available for pickup?

All Super Bowl tickets bought from TickPick will be available for pickup in Downtown Minneapolis. For security purposes, the exact location will not be released until you purchase tickets.

Super Bowl Pick Up Area

When can I pick up my tickets?

Tickets will be available for pickup on Saturday from 12pm-5pm, as well as Sunday from 11am-3pm. If these times do not work you please contact TickPick Support to make other arrangements.

Where are Zone Seats i.e Lower Endzone, Corner, etc.?

Many sellers have access to Super Bowl tickets but are not told the exact location until much closer to the game. Instead, they are given a zone, which is an area of sections that the tickets will be in (Note the key below). See our Super Bowl Seating Chart Guide which includes details regarding all of the zone sections.

  • Upper Level Endzone: 301-302, 322-332, 350-352
  • Upper Level Corner: 303-307, 317-321, 333-337, 347-350
  • Upper Level Sideline: 308-309, 315-316, 338-339, 345-346
  • Upper Level Premium: 310-314, 340-344
  • 200 Level Endzone: 221-224
  • 200 Level Corner: 201-205, 217-220, 225-228, 240-242
  • 200 Level Sideline: 206-208, 214-216, 229-231, 237-239
  • Club Level Premium: C1-C5, C6-C10
  • Lower Level Endzone: 118-121, 140-143
  • Lower Level Corner: 101-103, 114-116, 122-124, 136-138
  • Lower Level Sideline: 105-106, 111-113, 126-130, 131-135
  • Lower Level Premium: V1-V5, V6-V10
  • Lower Field Premium: F1-F5

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Can Super Bowl tickets be shipped?

Unfortunately, no. With FedEx or any other shipping option, we would risk the loss of tickets which cannot be reissued. Over many years we've found that local pickup is the safest approach for both TickPick and for the fan.

What is the best way to get to the Super Bowl?

  The Minneapolis Skyway system allows you to stay out of the cold all the way to US Bank Stadium. You can find a detailed map of the Skyway System here.

Why do some seller notes say "ship by"?

In the sellers notes you may see someone say tickets will ship by 2/4/18, that is just standard terminology; the ship date is the date which your tickets will be available for pickup from TickPick.

When should I buy Super Bowl tickets?

That's a great question. If you are trying to figure out the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets, you should sign-up for our Super Bowl Ticket Update Newsletter.

Is TickPick a trustworthy site to buy Super Bowl tickets?

Of course, we wouldn't still be in business if we weren't. Last year we sold well over a thousand Super Bowl tickets. You can see the Founder of TickPick talk about the company on Bloomberg TV. You can also see all of our press mentions here, as well as some of our reviews here. TickPick Contact Information: 845-538-4567 [email protected]

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