Buying Super Bowl Tickets 2018 FAQ

Super Bowl Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that buying Super Bowl Tickets can be stressful and difficult. To make it easier we’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Where will my Super Bowl tickets be available for pickup?

All Super Bowl tickets bought from TickPick will be available for pickup in Downtown Minneapolis. For security purposes, the exact location will not be released until after you purchase tickets, in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Pick Up Area

When can I pick up my tickets?

Tickets will be available for pickup on Saturday from 9am-6pm, as well as Sunday from 9am-3pm. If these times do not work you please contact TickPick Support to make other arrangements.


Minneapolis has been preparing for Super Bowl week for an entire year, and they have details about transportation options on the official Metro Transit Website (you may also download their mobile app) where you may pay ahead of time to secure passes for their transit systems before heading out there.  Keep in mind that some of these passes are non-transferable and in limited supply, so act now and get transportation options out of the way to make things easier once you’re actually in Minneapolis.

Where are Zone Seats i.e Lower Endzone, Corner, etc.?

Many sellers have access to Super Bowl tickets but are not told the exact location until much closer to the game. Instead, they are given a zone, which is an area of sections that the tickets will be in (Note the key below). See our Super Bowl Seating Chart Guide which includes details regarding all of the zone sections.

  • Upper Level Endzone: 301-302, 322-332, 350-352
  • Upper Level Corner: 303-307, 317-321, 333-337, 347-350
  • Upper Level Sideline: 308-309, 315-316, 338-339, 345-346
  • Upper Level Premium: 310-314, 340-344
  • 200 Level Endzone: 221-224
  • 200 Level Corner: 201-205, 217-220, 225-228, 240-242
  • 200 Level Sideline: 206-208, 214-216, 229-231, 237-239
  • Club Level Premium: C1-C5, C6-C10
  • Lower Level Endzone: 118-121, 140-143
  • Lower Level Corner: 101-103, 114-116, 122-124, 136-138
  • Lower Level Sideline: 105-106, 111-113, 126-130, 131-135
  • Lower Level Premium: V1-V5, V6-V10
  • Lower Field Premium: F1-F5

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Can Super Bowl tickets be shipped?

Unfortunately, no. With FedEx or any other shipping option, we would risk the loss of tickets which cannot be reissued. Over many years we've found that local pickup is the safest approach for both TickPick and for the fan.

What is the best way to get to the Super Bowl?

The Minneapolis Skyway system allows you to stay out of the cold all the way to US Bank Stadium. You can find a detailed map of the Skyway System here.

Why do some seller notes say "ship by"?

In the sellers notes you may see someone say tickets will ship by 2/4/18, that is just standard terminology; the ship date is the date which your tickets will be available for pickup from TickPick.

When should I buy Super Bowl tickets?

That's a great question. If you are trying to figure out the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets, you should sign-up for our Super Bowl Ticket Update Newsletter.

Is TickPick a trustworthy site to buy Super Bowl tickets?

Of course, we wouldn't still be in business if we weren't. Last year we sold well over a thousand Super Bowl tickets. You can see the Founder of TickPick talk about the company on Bloomberg TV. You can also see all of our press mentions here, as well as some of our reviews here. TickPick Contact Information:845-538-4567 [email protected]

What Items Can I Bring Into US Bank Stadium?

At the Super Bowl, security will be tight and fans will be required to pass through a metal detector before entering the stadium. According to the U.S. Bank Stadium website, fans may carry the following items into the stadium:
  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”. Official NFL team logo clear plastic bags are available through club merchandise outlets or at
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar).
  • Small clutch bags that are 5″ x 7″ with or without a handle or strap, may be carried into the stadium along with one of the clear bag options.
  • An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at a gate designated for this purpose.
  • Factory-sealed plastic bottle of water that is 12 ounces or less
  • Still-photography cameras with a lens that is 6” or less in length
  • Hand-carried jackets or blankets which will be searched upon entry
The following items are prohibited:
  • Any bag larger than 12” x 6” x 12”
  • Hard sided containers or coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags, luggage of any kind, computer bags, camera bags and large traditional seat cushions that have pockets*
  • Glass, cans, aluminum bottles or thermoses of any kind*
  • Laser pens/pointers
  • Video cameras or mono/tripods (no spectator cameras with lenses over six inches long will be permitted)
  • Laptop computers
  • Umbrellas
  • Firearms, knives or weapons of any kind
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Signs, banners, or flags on poles, staffs or selfie sticks
  • Televisions
  • Animals (except service animals to aid persons with disabilities)
  • Air horns, whistles, cowbells or other distracting noisemakers
  • Any devices that may interfere with and/or distract any sports or event participant, other guests, audio or audio/visual telecast or recording of the game or event, or any technology-related service provided in the stadium
  • Projectiles (ie.., Frisbees, beach balls, footballs, etc)
  • Aerosol cans (ie.., mace, pepper spray, hairspray, etc.)
  • Fireworks, Confetti or glitter
  • Obscene or indecent clothing
  • Balloons
  • Use of wheeled footwear, skateboards, hover boards and Segways*
  • Strollers
  • Outside food*
*Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs.

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