Syracuse Orange Seating Chart at the Carrier Dome

Welcome to TickPick’s Carrier Dome Seating Chart. The Carrier Dome is one of the most unique and iconic college venues in America, and because of this, understanding the seating arrangement can be tricky. Before purchasing tickets to a Syracuse Orange game, you need to familiarize yourself with the seating layout. Below you will find Carrier Dome row and seat numbers, where the best seats are, which seats you should avoid, and much more.

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Interactive Carrier Dome Seating Chart


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Carrier Dome Seat Numbers

The seat numbers at the Carrier Dome follow a very unique pattern. Seat 1 and 101 will always be on the aisle, as the stairs run through the middle of each section. Because of this, sections will overlap into each other. For example, seat 116 in Section 109 row AA will be in the center of the section, one seat to the left of seat 18 in section 108 row AA. The picture below will help make sense of it all.

Syracuse Orange Seat Numbers

The Best Seats at the Carrier Dome

The best seats for a basketball game at the Carrier Dome are located in sections 108-109 and 123-124, as the closer you are to center court, the better the view will be. It is important to note that sections 122-125 are temporary, meaning they are brought in specifically for basketball games. Sections 210-213 are probably the best value in terms of view and price, as you’re raised enough to get a great view of the game unfolding in front of you.

The best seats for a Syracuse Orange football game would be located between the 30 yard lines in Sections 101, 102, an 130 on the home sideline, or in Sections 115-117 on the visitor sideline. If you’re in the first level, you’ll want to be at least 10 rows or so up so as to have a clear view of the field without being blocked by the team bench and players on the sideline.

Team Bench Locations at The Carrier Dome

For basketball games, the Syracuse Orange team bench is located just in front of section 108, while the visitor’s bench is located in front of section 109.

For football games, the Syracuse Orange team bench is located in front of 101, 102, and 130. The visitor’s bench will be in front of Sections 115-117.

Where Are The Student Sections in The Carrier Dome?

For football games, Syracuse students will have sections 103-108 and 306 reserved for them on game days.

For basketball games, Syracuse Orange student sections will be located in 101-104, as well as 302-304.

While these seats don’t make it onto secondary markets, as the seats are non-transferable and for students only, if you want to sit near the rowdiest sections, you may want to get as close to these as possible. If you’re with your family or have children with you, you may want to avoid sitting near these sections.

What Seats Have Chairbacks at The Carrier Dome?

All seats in every 100 level section at the Carrier Dome have benchback, or chairback seating.

Seats to Avoid at the Carrier Dome

The Carrier Dome is a football arena, so the corner sections are farther back from the court then they would be at a traditional basketball arena. It would be wise to avoid the corners if possible, especially sections 101, 116, 301, 319-320, and 336. Those sections are located behind 122-125, which positions you as far from the court as possible.

The 300 sections behind the baskets should also be avoided, but they will be the cheapest tickets at the Carrier Dome. So if you are on a budget, that will be the best option. For reference, here’s a view from one of those corner sections I mentioned avoiding (section 101):

Worst Seats at Carrier Dome

How to Get the Cheapest Syracuse Orange Tickets

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