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CIBC Theater Seating Chart & Seat Views | Hamilton Chicago

Although the CIBC Theater (formerly Private Bank TheaterBank of America Theater ) is beautiful, the seating chart (i.e. the seat views) are so bad, it makes the CIBC Theater one of the least desired theaters to view a show. However, the funniest musical of all time, The Book of Mormon, has been playing there for the past couple yearsAnd starting in September perhaps the greatest musical of all time, Hamilton, will be begin playing there as well.

Before you buy tickets for the CIBC Theatre (to see The Book of Mormon or Hamilton) here’s what you need to know:

Detailed Bank of America Theater Seating Chart

Note: The darker the red the worse the seats. Red circles indicate columns which create obstructed views.

Orchestra Seats

Any seat in the center orchestra from row A to V will provide you with an excellent view of the stage. However, the best seats for the best views are in the center orchestra between row E and P.

Side Orchestra seats, obstructed & unobstructed views:

The majority of the seats in the side orchestra sections will provide you with a fabulous unobstructed view. However, you need to be cautious of two things:

  1. The higher the seat number the closer you are to the side, increasing the likelihood of obstructed views.
  2. POLES: On our Bank of America seating chart you’ll see red circles, these symbolize columns which will obstruct your view. 
    • Left Orchestra: there’s a pole in row U in between seats 4 and 8: thus anyone sitting in seats 2-6 from Row V to ZZZ will have an obstructed view. 
    • Right Orchestra: there’s a pole in row U in between seats 3 and 7: thus anyone sitting in seats 1-5 from Row V to ZZZ will have an obstructed view.   

Tip: I would prefer to sit one row further back in exchange for a seat that is one seat closer to the inside aisle (i.e. I would prefer seat 14 in Row M, verse seat 16 in row L).

Reviews from users that saw the Book of Mormon: (A) Sat in row S, seat #19 of the orchestra. (B) Sat in the last row (ZZZ) of the side orchestra:

“We sat on the outside aisle and unfortunately we couldn’t see the stage in its entirety and missed some of the action directly on the right. There is a slight overhang from the balcony, but I didn’t find that was obstructing my view, but rather the way the set is placed further. You really can’t see the side of the stage that you are sitting on unless you are close to the inside aisle.”

“I could see 85% of the play. The overhang of the above section prevented me from seeing the upper portion of the stage (only 5% of the play took place here).

There is a column roughly in the center of the aisle that made viewing a little more difficult. I was seated pretty far left in the left most row of the theater where a column partially obstructed a portion of the center of the stage. Had I been farther right (one or two seats closer to the aisle), the column wouldn’t be as much of an issue.” 


CIBC Theater Seating – Dress Circle

Quick summary, getting as close to the middle is very important, however the rows are even more important: seats between row A to C are good,  D-E are okay but somewhat obstructed, and F-H are typically obstructed.

With that said here’s two entirely different reviews from two different users sitting in similar seats:

“I sat in row F of the Dress Circle, the seats were great, we really enjoyed them.  The show was very well done and the cast was amazing”

“I sat in dress circle (Row G, seats 229 and 231) and I had terrible views.  There were things we couldn’t see at the top and bottom of the stage and the seats seemed to be staggered so everyone had someone else’s head directly in front of them.”

Dress Circle Conclusion:

The dress circle is entirely different depending on which dress circle section and row you are in. The center dress circle section hangs over the orchestra sections at row S, while the side dress circle hangs over the orchestra at row L. This means the side sections have a dramatic viewing angle and leads people hang over the railing and sit up as tall as possible. Seat quality and sight lines depend entirely on the people sitting in front of you.

If you are sitting in row C or closer you’ll avoid these problems. But you are most likely better off sitting in a low, row number in the center mezzanine or center balcony sections.


Mezzanine Seats

Most people that sit in the mezzanine seats in the CIBC theater say that even though the tickets weren’t marked obstructed, they really are. Here’s two other helpful reviews:

“I had to sit on the edge of my seat in order to see all of the show especially when the actors were using the front of the stage. The top part of the setting was also not visible.” 

“I sat in row K, seats 305-311 which were under the balcony overhang. You can see the entire width of the stage, and just have to sit up REALLY TALL to see the things happening near the front of the stage.” 

Sitting in a lower row number is more important than sitting closer to the center of the venue when sitting in the Mezzanine section. If you can’t get a ticket in a row better than K, definitely look for seats in the Balcony.


Balcony Section

The CIBC Theatre has three levels and the balcony, is the highest section. The view from the Balcony sections (regardless if you are in the center or not) has extreme viewing angles. Like many other seats and sections you’ll miss a portion of the stage.

If things are taking place in front of the curtain line there’s a good chance the people in front of you will block your view, this is because even the people in the front row need to move to try and see the stage, which then makes the problem worse for everyone behind them, which than compounds the problem for everyone.

It’s also worth mentioning that the acoustics in the balcony are a little worse than the rest of the CIBC seating options, but only marginally.

Reviews from users that sat in the balcony section:

“Well, the pitch (of the seating) is fairly extreme & there were times when it was difficult to see the actors because they were partially blocked from the set above them.  Not horrible, but worth mentioning.”


Box Seats

The boxes are laid out like this:
DCRBX3 Row BX3 (seats 1,3 & 5,7 & 9,11) is the lowest box on the left hand (box 3). DCRBX4 is parallel on the right hand side (box 4).

DCRBX1 Row BX1 (seats 201 to 215) is the next box up on the left hand (box 1). DCRBX2 is parallel on the right hand side (box 2).

MZRBX5 BX5 (seats 1 to 11) is the highest box and is on the left hand side in line with the other mezzanine sections (box 5). MZRBX6 BX6 is the equivalent box but is on the right hand side (box 6).

CIBC Theater Box Seats Review

“I was in the box seats, and I really enjoyed being so close, and being able to see into the pit. My 6ft boyfriend also appreciated the extra leg room since the seats are kind of moveable. The big downside of the box seats in this theater is about 1/8 of the stage (the back corner) is entirely blocked from view.”


Complaints About The Bank of America Theatre

Bank of America Seating Chart
See the 1st seating chart (above) for more details.

  • Because the seats are generally bad throughout the building, people tend to lean forward over the railings and obscuring even more viewing lines.
  • There are many exit doors and because of this there’s a bad draft and it may get cold.
  • It can take up to 20 minutes to get out of the theatre.
  • Getting food & drinks takes a long time.


Suggestions and Recommendations

  • We recommend checking your coat, some seats have little leg room & it gets crowded.
  • Instead of beating the rush out, just wait for the crowds to dissipate.
  • Take pictures of the Book of Mormon theater seating chart & upload it below!



If you are debating about buying tickets for The Book of Mormon or Hamilton that have a “Limited” or “Obstructed” view, and you really can’t afford to spend a couple extra bucks it’s still worth going and buying the cheapest tickets.

What you’ll say when you leave: “The Book of Mormon was hysterical!” or “Hamilton was absolutely incredible!”
What you won’t say: “I can’t wait to go back to the Bank of America Theater”

It’s all about expectations… just saying.

CIBC Theatre (PrivateBank Theater & Bank of America Theater)
18 West Monroe
Chicago, IL 60603

View Larger Map

Have a question? If it’s about specific Bank of America seats, ask us on TwitterFacebook or Google+. Almost every general question that can be asked has been done so below in the comments so take a look there for some more info.

  • L G

    I just sat in row E in the center of the balcony for Book of Mormon and it was the worst seat in any theater I have ever sat in in my life. Every seat in that balcony should be sold as obstructed view (ours were not considered obstructed view). I am so so so very glad I haven’t gotten my tickets for Hamilton yet. That theater has NO business selling anything in that balcony unless they deem it obstructed. At one point, my husband just sat back (his neck tired and strained from craning it forward) and sighed, “I guess I’m just going to imagine it is a radio show.”
    Yes, our seat were that bad. Waste of time and money to sit in that balcony! Beware!

  • Lindsey

    For the Hamilton show, there are several dates that still have either BX1 or BX2 seats available (depending on the day, it’s a mixture of seats within the eight on either side). Do you have any recommendations on those seats? Are there better ones in either section and is one side better than the other? We already saw Hamilton in New York with seats close to the center in the Mezzanine so it’s okay if we miss a little bit of the action on either side of the stage. I just don’t want a really obstructed view.

    • Connor Clark

      Hi Lindsey, I’m going to refer to what my colleague and company owner, Brett, had to say regarding the box seats below. In terms of obstruction, any listings for tickets that have either a limited or obstructed view would have to provide that information for buyers in their notes before a buyer buys those tickets.

      How do the box numbers work in the Bank of America?

      The boxes are laid out like this:

      DCRBX3 Row BX3 (seats 1,3 & 5,7 & 9,11) is the lowest box on the left hand (box 3). DCRBX4 is parallel on the right hand side (box 4).

      DCRBX1 Row BX1 (seats 201 to 215) is the next box up on the left hand (box 1). DCRBX2 is parallel on the right hand side (box 2).

      MZRBX5 BX5 (seats 1 to 11) is the highest box and is on the left hand side in line with the other mezzanine sections (box 5). MZRBX6 BX6 is the equivalent box but is on the right hand side (box 6).

  • carol fink

    there are dcrbx1 seats 201 & 203 for Hamilton on ticketmaster $177 would we be able to see?

  • Kim

    If you had a choice between Orchestra Center row S seats 109/110 or Mezzanine Left Center row G seats 305/307, same cost, which would you choose?

    • Nick Anapolis

      I would personally take the orchestra center tickets because here is less chance of an obstructed view than in the mezzanine. For the most part, any seat in the center orchestra from row A to V will provide you with an excellent view of the stage

  • Cheryl

    Hello everyone! This blog is so helpful! I purchased tickets MEZZ Row A seats 5 and 7, would it have been better to go with Orch-C Row S, or Row R Seats 113/114? I am really short, so it is usually hard for me to see over people in most theaters.

  • DougDoesStuff

    So I just bought Balcony Left tickets Row L for Book of Mormon, since they were on the 25 on 25 sale. I’ve seen the show before, but I’m bring someone that hasn’t. How terrible will our view be?

  • Mark

    Brett or Nick, I have 2 sets of tickets for Hamilton. Center orchestra row Z 112 and 113. And Dress circle right, row F 222 and 224. From other pics I’ve seen online me it seems like the dress circle seats will be frustrating with lots of heads in the way. Would it be better to keep the orchestra and be a little further back but have maybe a better experience?

    • Nick Anapolis

      Mark, personally I would stick with the orchestra cause they are center and that row for the dress circle can be a little obstructed, especially that it is on the right.

  • Ed Man

    Any thoughts on: Section ORCH-R, Row K, Seat 18-20 for face value ($177/ea)

    • Ed Man

      Hey Nick or Brett,

      What do you guys think?


  • Marty

    Hi! Sorry, I was wondering if anyone knew how obstructed the view for Row X Seat 107 might be?

  • Jason Lee Vasquez

    Hey Brett, I am new to this whole ticket buying thing for a show at a Theater and found your blog very helpful when scrambling to find tickets for Hamilton that wouldn’t break the bank and would give a decent view. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to buy tickets for a show in the center orchestra row z, seats 120 and 121. I know I am in the way back and will have the overhand as an obstruction with a couple poles, but from your perspective, are these seats worth keeping or should I re-sell?

    • Nick Anapolis

      Jason, it’s a tough call depending on how much you paid for the tickets and how obstructed the view will actually be. It really depends on where the poles are located with how limited the view will actually be. Wouldn’t hurt to give the venue a call to see if they have a better idea on this obstruction and go from there on whether or not to resell or keep the tickets you have

  • Shoxie

    Would L-Mezz, Row A, seats 15, 17 be better/worse than Orch-R, Row F, seats 14,16 if both are the same price? This is for Hamilton. Thanks so much for this blog – amazing!

    • Nick Anapolis

      You would likely be closer in the orchestra section, but some like being elevated for viewing purposes. Something to think about though, some reviews suggest that it can be difficult to see from some seats in the mezz depending where you are. Keep in mind too, the seats in the orchestra could be difficult to see the stage depending how far over you are from the center.

      • Shoxie

        Yes, thank you! I’m not sure which set of seats would actually afford a better viewing angle. Initially, I thought the height would be preferable, especially b/c it’s the front row, but I am not sure…hmmm. Both sets are very far over to the sides of the theater…

        • Johnnie

          I’ve got Orch -R, Row F, Seats 14-16, so I’m trying to figure out just how obstructed the view is. I’m poking around the web to find out…
          If you find out more, please write back here !

  • acjgoblu

    First of all, thanks for the super informative post. This was really helpful through the ticketing process.

    Wanted to ask for some clarification about the obstruction on the far sides of the orchestra. Just scored some Hamilton tickets in Orch-R (seats F14-16, G16-18) for my wife and I and my parents. I can certainly understand that we might miss some things on far stage left, but is it bad enough that we should hold out for other tickets? From what I’ve heard, Hamilton is a fairly “front and center” type show – for the amount that we would likely miss sitting in these seats, is it worth looking elsewhere? I was kinda thinking we lucked out given that tickets just a few seats over are going for $500, but what are your thoughts?


    • Nick Anapolis

      Its tough to say how “obstructed” the seats will actually be. I would recommend contacting the venue directly as they could provide much more detail on how obstructed the seats may be. From there, it’s up to you if its worth spending more money on seats that have no obstruction or settle for cheaper seats that might have a limited view.

      • acjgoblu

        That sounds smart, I’ll give them a call.

        Again, I’m hoping that, since the seat right next to ours is a “premium” (ie, $500) ticket, it really can’t be that bad.

        • Shoxie

          If you wouldn’t mind posting what the theater says, I would appreciate the info.! I think we’re looking at the same sets of seats!

          • acjgoblu

            OK, talked with the box office. They were actually quite positive about those tickets, said that I should be quite happy with them, especially for the price. They said that, as limited view seats go in that theater, those are some of the best as the more truly obstructive elements are poles/overhangs that you would have to worry about further back in the crowd or up high. As expected, they said that you’ll miss a bit of the stuff far stage left (if you stick with the right side of the orchestra), but that most shows that book into a long, narrow theater like that are aware of that and ensure that they don’t put important action in those back corners.

            I also talked to the Richard Rodgers theater in NYC where it’s currently playing (as they have a better idea of the show blocking), and they confirmed that those tickets should be fine as it’s mostly a front-and-center type show. He did say, unfortunately, that the left side of the orchestra is a bit better than right side for a couple of scenes, but reiterated that the sides are just fine and that you won’t miss anything important.

            Overall, I feel much better. The Broadway in Chicago folks commented as well that it really is a steal considering that you’re VERY close to premium territory. I hope this helps alleviate the concerns of some others with similar tickets – I think we’re going to be fine. October can’t come soon enough!

          • Shoxie

            You are the best! Thanks so much for doing all the dirty work – with 3 little kiddos now at home for the summer, it’s really hard for me to do anything on the phone. Great news!

            We actually bought both sets of seats, the ORCH and the MEZZ, for different nights. Figured we could sell one set when we found out which would work best. I’m so excited – thanks again for the info. It’s really nice that you came back and filled us in on all you found out! Very much appreciated!!

  • Jamaal Ross

    We have orchestra center seats row x seats 107 and 117 for Hamilton (couldn’t get them them together). How obstructed are our views or what concerns should we be prepared for? Are these descent seats? Thank you in advanced for the help!

    • Marty

      I have these seats and was wondering the same thing as well, if someone could help us out?

      • Nick Anapolis

        Hi – Any seat in the center orchestra from row A to V will provide you with an excellent view of the stage. With row x just two rows behind, I can’t imagine the view to be that obstructed

        • Jamaal Ross

          Thank you so much for the information and they reply, Nick. I was only concerned about the pillars on row W of the map. Apparently, the pillars are directly in front of our seats. I wasn’t sure if they would be difficult to see around them. I guess we will keep our fingers crossed and enjoy the show. Thank you again for your support and quick responses to those less experienced at this venue!

  • Tara Styles

    I found this page after buying my “Hamilton” tickets. Mine are not in a shaded area, but behind a yellow shaded area. I couldn’t find the notation for what yellow meant. Mine are Orchestra Row H 14-16 (so far left on the map…not ideal). What do you think of these seats? I’m coming into town from Toronto and they weren’t cheap so I want to make sure they’ll be okay.

  • Brianne Knutzen

    I just bought tickets to Hamilton. Dress Circle Left Center Row E, Seats 231 & 233. It says obstructed view, I’m just wondering how much that means and if we’ll be able to see everything.

  • Abby

    I want tickets to Hamilton, but the only seats I can find are in Mezz Left row C seats 13, 15,17. Is this worth it, or should I just not bother?

  • Rob

    How limited are the views from The Private Bank Theater in Chiacgo for Mezzaine rows c and d seats 13 and 15?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Rob – It’s tough to say exactly how obstructed they are, but it is not a desirable seat. It may be difficult to see the action taking place in the front of the stage, as well as the top part of the stage set up.

  • sam

    Hi Brett,

    As I’m sure you’re aware, Hamilton tickets went on sale yesterday. Since I didn’t have much time for decision-making, I bought tickets for ORCH-L row Q seats 9-11. I’m sure I could re-sell them if they’re really that bad, but of course I’d prefer to see the show! Do you think I’ll have a good view? Additionally, is there enough of an incline in the seats for me to be able to see over someone in front of me?


    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Sam – If you noticed on the map at the top of the post, the dress circle overhang just cuts in front of seats 13-15 in row Q. That being said I think it is worth using those seats to go, the incline shouldn’t be a huge issue. If you had seats 17-21 I would probably advise relisting for sale.

  • DJ P

    What about Orch-R, Row L, seats 20 and 22? Different charts say different things about whether the overhang actually affects these seats. I realize that I might not see 100% of the opposite side of the stage, but other than that, are they decent seats?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi there – I would say those seats will provide a solid view of the stage.

  • Sam Ross

    Unfortunately, I could only get my hands on Dress Circle seats for Hamilton. I have Dress Circle row E (center) and Dress Circle Row D (left). I’m assuming the center seats will be better?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Sam – I agree, the center seats should be a better view.

  • Marilyn Showalter

    Hello. We are researching tickets to buy for “Hamilton” and will pay for the very best seats. My question: is there any row in orchestra center that begins a steeper rise from the rows in front of it? For example, in the Richard Rogers theatre, it is row L, I believe. Also, based on the diagram, it looks like row J begins the first staggered seats. So we are thinking about rows J, K, L, or M, seats 106, 107. What do you think? Also, if we are able to get orchestra (right or left) aisle seats in, say, Row L, Seats 2 and 4, do you think that’s just as good or even better? From the diagram it seems that the side seats aren’t quite as cramped, but maybe that’s just the diagram. Would appreciate a quick answer–anyone.

    • Connor Clark

      Hi Marilyn, there shouldn’t be any significant rise from one row to the next, but you could always contact the box office for any intricate details about seating such as that. Center orchestra would generally be preferred by most, but the first few seats in a orchestra side would certainly offer a great view, as well. In terms of the spacing of seats, that shouldn’t differ between side and center sections.

      • Marilyn Showalter

        Thanks for your very fast response!

        • Connor Clark

          You’re very welcome!

  • Sarah

    Hello! I was wondering which seats would be better: Mezzanine Left Center Row A Seat 301, or Orchestra Center Row N Seat 114. My two concerns are this. If I sit in the Orchestra, a tall person may sit in front of me and I can’t see. If I sit in the Mezzanine, that bar will obstruct some of my view. Should I just go for first row mezz so I don’t have anyone in front of me?

  • Jill

    Wondering about tickets in Orchestra R, row v 2 & 4 – this is very close to an obstructed view = worried as I haven’t been here before (used to attend PPAC RI) and am surprising my Mom who really needs a good evening out – would suck if these tickets are hard to see – especially for the price. This is for The Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder. Any feedback is great, thaks!

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