Decoding 2015 Super Bowl Ticket Prices

average super bowl ticket prices 2015

No matter where you look, people are talking about what Super Bowl Tickets cost, however everyone references different prices. Our goal is to provide you with clear answers as to what Super Bowl ticket prices are, regardless if you are looking for the face value, resale value or the cost of travel packages.

Face Value SuperBowl Ticket Prices & Resale Ticket Prices

super bowl 2015 ticket prices


When it comes to Super Bowl ticket prices, there’s two categories to pay attention to:

  1. 1. The face value of Super Bowl tickets (which has a price range of $800 to $2,000).
  2. 2. And the market value or the cost to buy resale super bowl tickets ($1,950 to $10,000+).

Getting Face Value Tickets

Unless you are one of the extremely lucky season ticket holders who wins tickets through a lottery, or know an NFL player or senior management the chances of you getting face value tickets are extremely slim. However, the NFL does have a lottery system that you can enter.

In regards to the Face Value of Super Bowl tickets, we are now seeing drastic increases in prices, which comes at no surprise. Just two years ago the face value of the cheapest Super Bowl tickets were selling for $325 and the most expensive tickets were going for $1,250. Now the cheapest tickets are $800 and we are seeing tickets with a face value as high as $2,000.

The NFL is also selling ticket packages in what they call NFL on Location. However, even though these tickets are being bought more or less directly from the NFL, the prices of these Super Bowl packages range from $3,499 to $13,099, which is significantly more expensive than what you’d pay if you were to create your own Super Bowl package through resale tickets.


Resale Super Bowl Ticket Prices

When one is trying to understand what it really cost to buy Super Bowl tickets it’s not an easy task. This is because there are over 20+ ticket marketplaces where you can buy Super Bowl tickets, and each marketplace is advertising and providing data to media with their cheapest Super Bowl ticket prices as well as what their average Super Bowl ticket prices are. In a recent article in Time they quoted Stubhub saying that their average Super bowl ticket prices were $3,106.

“StubHub reports that over the past week, average Super Bowl ticket resale prices have risen from $3,017 to $3,106.”

This low of an average ticket price seemed extremely peculiar to us here at TickPick. That’s because we have very similar inventory, however our fee structure is significantly lower. We’ve been closely monitoring prices and our untouched average prices for Super Bowl tickets are much higher. Using the 804 ticket listings; a total of 3,396 Super Bowl 49 tickets, our average listing ticket price is $4,734 and the cheapest listing (as of today 1/15/15) is $2,143. These prices are what fans pay. You can see our data, ticket listings and basic calculations here via a google doc.

In regards to the average Super bowl ticket prices provided by Stubhub, it’s hard to say why they’d say $3,106. Lower prices are more appealing, and even though Stubhub shows all-in prices, maybe this was before their fees. When we tried to calculate the average cost of Super Bowl tickets on Stubhub, we came up with an average of $5,451, which was based on 1085 listings and 4636 tickets (this excluded tickets which were not mapping correctly, which indicates some form of error).

Understanding Changing Ticket Prices

Super Bowl ticket prices on the open market (also known as the secondary ticket industry) are set by the sellers. This means prices fluctuate daily and even hourly. Although not perfect economics, ticket prices change based on supply and demand. Below is how Super Bowl ticket prices have fluctuated for the 20 days leading up to Super Bowl day from 2010 to 2015.

average change in super bowl ticket prices 2015

You can see waiting till the week of the Super Bowl is typically best. We have an entire article dedicated to figuring out when the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets is, there’s a science to it, but there’s definitely no guarantees.

As you can see when it comes to the understanding the prices of Super Bowl tickets you need to trust your sources, and understand the data behind the numbers. For further transparency we believe these price charts further help fans understand the cost of Super Bowl tickets.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices By Seat Quality

Super Bowl prices by seat type

Minimum Price, Average Price & Number of Super Bowl Ticket Listings & Tickets Sold

Superbowl Ticket Prices and Ticket Sales Data

Number of Ticket Listings & Number of Sold Tickets & New Listings by Day

2015 Super Bowl Ticket Sales by Day
Average Price of Super Bowl Tickets Sold & Total Dollar Amount Per Day

Average Ticket Sales for Super Bowl by Day

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