Will Eminem Drop A New Album This Summer?

Eminem rumors have been a fixture of the internet for years now. Almost every month, a new blog surfaces supporting the notion that Eminem is somewhere concocting a new record. But when it comes to his own music, Eminem has been nearly silent since the 2013 release of The Marshall Mathers LP2, the album which contained hit singles “Berzerk” and “Rap God”. All besides the release of “Campaign Speech“, a searing single directed at American voters and Donald Trump. When “Campaign Speech” arrived back in October, Eminem fans were hoping it would be the first of many hard-hitting singles. But hopes were deflated when month after month went by with no word of Eminem’s new album

Just a few days ago, Eminem’s longtime manager Paul Rosenberg posted a picture of the two of them on Instagram, the caption being “It’s been a long time… #7elevenseries.” When the photo went viral, fans began to speculate its meaning. Some ventured to say that when Eminem hits up a certain 7 Eleven that means he’s cooking up a new album because a studio he uses is near it. Though we think that clue is a bit of a stretch, we are wondering if another speculating fan was correct in saying that Eminem’s hand in the picture has “April 9th” scribbled on it. We’ll let you decide for yourself. Check out the cryptic post below.

It’s been a long time… #7elevenseries

A post shared by Paul Rosenberg (@rosenberg) on

Even if Eminem didn’t mean to spark upcoming album rumors, he must’ve known that the post is controversial in nature. What else are his thirsty fans supposed to believe? Though, Rosenberg’s post could just be a continuation of the #7ElevenSeries the two started back in 2014, of Eminem simply pouring Big Gulps or cheese over a plate of nachos.

But the evidence doesn’t conclude there. This August, Eminem will be returning to Scotland to headline the Glasgow Summer Sessions. He will be supported by Danny Brown and Run the Jewels. It will mark Eminem’s return to Glasgow since 2013, when he also served as headliner just months before he released The Marshall Mathers LP2. 

We can’t shake the coincidence. Not to mention that Eminem will also be returning as headliner to the legendary Reading and Leeds Festival, also his first since 2013. Could Eminem’s return to the summer music festival circuit mean that he is getting ready to release a new album? We hope so. It was confirmed back in October, when Eminem dropped the scathing “Campaign Speech“, that he is in fact working on a new album. We doubt that he could be releasing a new album anytime in the next month, as Interscope label mate Kendrick Lamar will be dropping his new album April 14th, and labels typically don’t roll out two big releases so close to each other.

Check back for more updates regarding Eminem’s upcoming album. And in the mean time, be on the lookout for new singles, which we hope he’ll drop soon.


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