Halsey Set to Host and Perform ‘SNL’: Does This Mean New Music?

We see you Ashley. Increasing your media presence, booking one of the most beloved primetime television gigs around. Does this mean what we think it means? Are we about to get a new single, or album release date for the third Halsey album?

Ashley Frangipane—better known by her stage name Halsey—made an exciting announcement this week. Halsey will make her return to Saturday Night Live on Feb. 9th, as both host and musical guest. After NBC revealed the booking, Halsey took to social media to express her excitement, as well as teasing a frame from the SNL host photo shoot.


Frangipane released just one single last year, “Without Me“, the first song written under her real name instead of the persona she created for the stage. And the vulnerability has paid off, because “Without Me” continues to be neck and neck with Grande’s “7 Rings“, aside from it being—hands down—her biggest hit to date.

But we know that “Without Me” will not be on the third Halsey album. We also know that this album is her favorite to date, as indicated in a tweet from Frangipane just last week.


In an interview with Glamour, Frangipane spoke—albeit, pretty obliquely—about the upcoming Halsey record. “I’ve written a lot of inward music so far—it‘s been a reflection of me, my mental health, my experience. Then as my voice and my problems started to grow, it was like, OK, I can put this into my art. I think moving forward into this [next] record, it will be more outwardly existential, as opposed to introspective.”

In addition to “Without Me”, in 2018 fans saw Halsey join up on the Benny Blanco and Khalid single “Eastside“, which the trio went onto perform at the American Music Awards. Fans also saw Halsey return to the SNL stage alongside Lil’ Wayne in November to perform “Can’t Be Broken”.

Through music, her physical performances, and the limited press, Frangipane is a pillar for her fellow “inconvenient women”—though her music can be felt by anyone. Now that she is deviating from the classic “write what you know” perspective, we think she will generate something universally appreciated.

The self-proclaimed “anti-popstar” has a lot cut out for her when it comes to the making of this third album, to follow 2017’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom and 2015’s Badlands. But after a surge of energy and momentum from the release of “Without Me”, we think she has everything she needs. The expansive vocals, the synth sensibility, a progressive ear and a soul for collaboration. Her music is of the easily trappable quality. We are ready for Halsey’s third album, whenever it will be.

So, when will Halsey release her new album? She hasn’t disclosed exactly when, but we think it will definitely be in 2019. Though, because of her upcoming SNL performance, we think it’s likely that we get a new single from Halsey as early as next week.

Don’t miss out on Halsey host SNL Feb. 9th, where she will hopefully debut new music. Not to mention she is joining a very small club of artists who’ve also acted in the sketches—Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Drake, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.




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