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Hello Dolly! Seating Chart – Shubert Theater Seating Guide

The Seating Chart for Hello Dolly!, the Broadway Musical at Shubert Theater in New York, NY was recently updated, so before you buy Hello Dolly! tickets you first want to make sure you are referencing the most up to date seating map. Plus read our useful tips on which tickets to buy and how to save money.

Matilda Seating Chart - The Musical at Shubert Theater

The Shubert Theater Seating Chart in NYC is known for incredible architecture, fabulous sight lines and few partial or obstructed views (more on that later), so almost any seat will be great for this Broadway musical. But here at we pride ourselves on helping fans like you find the best deals and the best seats while paying no service fees.


When comparing the updated Shubert seating chart to older configurations the one major difference that can be seen is in the Orchestra section. For the Broadway Musical: Matilda (which ran prior to Hello Dolly!), having the ability for characters to run through the audience is an important feature, thus the change in the seating chart at Shubert Theater. Because of this there’s no longer a center Orchestra section between rows A to E, (note AA, is the first row, which is right in front of row A, making row A, the 2nd row). Now the sections are instead referred to as Right Center Orchestra or Left Center Orchestra, (which I would be cautious about sitting in). But these changes allow the Hello Dolly! New York seating chart to have a center aisle (in front of the stage), which allows for some cool acts to occur in that space.


  • Matilda Seating Chart Balcony Row B

Seat Numbers

The lower seat numbers for any side section will always be closer to the center of the stage. Also when facing the stage the right side will be numbered by even numbers, i.e. seats 2 and 4 are next to each other, while the left side will go seat 1 then 3. This is done so that (patrons and ushers) easily know which side of the venue one should be on.

Orchestra Seats

If the ticket listing says Orchestra, that means it’s the side Orchestra; only if it says Center Orchestra will it be the center.

The best seats for Hello Dolly! are Center Orchestra rows F to M. The ticket prices for Center Orchestra rows L to S will provide the best deals and most likely the best bang for your buck! You can also find great deals by finding tickets on the side orchestra with a low seat number which will keep you close to the center of the stage.

When looking to buy orchestra tickets to see Hello Dolly! (regardless the seat numbers) I would not sit in any orchestra seat within the first 3 rows (you’ll leave with a stiff neck and you won’t be able to appreciate the set).

The right orchestra section starts with row F and the aisle seat towards the center of the stage is seat 2, and the aisle seat furthest from the stage is seat 20.  The left orchestra section starts with row F and the aisle seat towards the center of the stage is seat 1, and the aisle seat furthest from the stage is seat 19. The seating chart makes these aisle seats far from the center of the stage unattractive, yet it’s not as extreme as it appears in 2d.

Some of the right and left orchestra seats all the way to the sides are marked as partial view for example, row D seats 28 & 30 or row L seats 28 & 30 are marked partial view.


What does Partial View or Obstructed view mean?

This is what the venue says about partial view seats: tickets that say obstructed or partial view; will have it’s disadvantages, however you will be able to see the action uninterrupted and only part of the stage/set/field will be blocked.

When you buy tickets on TickPick, seller’s are required to disclose if the seats are marked obstructed or partial view. This is hugely helpful since it alleviates the concern if your tickets will be bad or not.

What we have heard from other fans is that the price of the partial view tickets are not discounted enough compared to other ticket prices (but this is subjective).

We have also been told that there are a few thin poles in the balcony section, however they are very thin and don’t really block your view. These seats are not marked obstructed, but you may find it distracting (roughly 6 inches in diameter). These poles look to be in front of the first row of the center balcony (near seats 113 and 102). You can see a picture below of the balcony sections, when looking from the stage you can see these poles, but when looking at users pictures I was not able to see these poles.

Where not to Sit

Do not sit in the last row of the center balcony, on either side of the lighting booth. That is row J seats 113 & 114 or 101 & 102. The pole’s discussed in the above section will obstruct your view. The people sitting in front of you may also block your view, so if these tickets are cheap, there’s a good reason for that, don’t buy these seats.

Height Fears / Balance Issues

Like many venues and theaters the steps in the balcony are very steep. This area should be avoided by the elderly as well as children with a fear of heights and or balance issues.

Little Leg Room

If you go to a lot of shows then the lack of leg room will not surprise you. I am 6’1 and although leg room is scarce it’s manageable. If you are taller than me, than I have sympathy and in that event get a ticket in the orchestra sections on the aisle. Your best bet will be the right orchestra (on the right hand side).  The number of seats increases per a row, so if you get an aisle seat on the outer sides you will have plenty of room. If you buy tickets on TickPick, seller’s are required to disclose if the seats are obstructed, so you don’t need to worry about this.

Hello Dolly! Lottery Policy

Unfortunately, Hello Dolly! does not have a lottery giveaway. Tickets must be purchased outright.

Shubert Theatre Review

“The Shubert Theatre is one of the larger theatres on Broadway.  Lovely theatre with a historical presence.  I’ve seen many top-notch performances in this theatre.  Fantastic sound, lighting and production;  the sets are always breath-taking.  I was lucky enough to be seated in orchestra;  the seats were comfy and surprisingly had plenty of leg room!”

Shubert Theatre Information

If you bought tickets already and want to enter the row, seat number and section you can do that here and see exactly where your seats are within the venue.

You can also read more about the history and other details of Shubert Theater here.

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