How To Buy the Cheapest Super Bowl 53 Tickets | A 2019 Guide

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Overview Of Super Bowl Tickets

The distribution of Super Bowl tickets is controlled by the NFL, who distributes 75% of tickets to the teams while the remainder is given to media, partners, and sponsors as well as sold via packages that are mostly bought by ticket brokers since it’s so far in advance of the Super Bowl.

Here’s how the National Football League breaks down ticket distribution:

  1. Super Bowl teams share 35%  – 17.5% each, majority given to season ticket holders & players.
  2. Host team gets 6.2% – majority distributed to season ticket holders.
  3. Remaining 28 teams share 33.6% – 1.2% for each team distributed to players, media, partners etc.
  4. NFL retains 25.2% – tickets are typically sold to partners, media and sponsors.

However, the NFL changed the allocation of Super Bowl tickets in 2017 and that will carry over into 2019. In 2017 they announced that they are going to allocate 6,000 tickets away from the teams playing in the Super Bowl to the NFL On Location Experience company. NFL On Location is a fancy name for a concierge service which will be selling Super Bowl packages for above face value (and potentially above market value as well).

Super Bowl Tickets Face Value 2019

The face value of Super Bowl tickets varies year over year, usually increasing season after season. For Super Bowl 50, the face value of tickets ranged between $800-$2500, depending on the location of the seats. For Super Bowl 51, the face values climbed to $800 to $2,750. For Super Bowl 52 the face values ranged from $950 to $5,000. The $950 face value tickets are found in the upper level end zone sections, with the upper level corner sections a bit more at $1,250. The lower level seats start at a face value of $2,700, with second tier club seats at $3,500. The most expensive face values for the game are located in the Delta Sky360 Club seats at $5,000.

For Super Bowl 53, the face value is expected to hit an all time high in Atlanta.

How can you get Super Bowl tickets at face value?

If you’re an NFL season ticket holder, you’re automatically entered into a lottery for a chance to buy face value Super Bowl tickets. Preference is based on a number of criteria, including whether or not your team is in the big game, type of seats owned, number of seats owned, and number of seasons you’ve owned those seats. Now, if you happen to be one of the lucky winners of a Super Bowl seat, you’ll get to pick up your Super Bowl tickets on game day.

NFL on Location Super Bowl Tickets

(Updated: September 1, 2018) Super Bowl tickets are available for sale from the NFL’s on Location service, which is more or less a ticket brokerage extension of the NFL. Unfortunately, the NFL on Location is actually selling Super Bowl tickets for prices substantially higher than resale sites like TickPick. Why? First off, because they can (specifically because they have specific seat numbers already). Secondly, they try to package them and include accessories that don’t cost that much, but allow them to demand a premium price. The difference from our cheapest seats and theirs is $3,060.  Here are the most up to date Super Bowl ticket prices:

Tips for Buying Cheap Super Bowl Tickets

At this stage of the game, the only way to get Super Bowl tickets is by buying them on the resale market, otherwise known as the “secondary ticket industry.” Contrary to what the general public believes, buying Super Bowl tickets from reputable sellers is 100% safe. Super Bowl tickets have numerous safety features put in place so they cannot be duplicated, such as thermal ink and advanced hologram technology.

With that said, you’ll naturally want to price shop when looking to buy Super Bowl tickets. We encourage that you shop for the cheapest Super Bowl ticket prices across numerous sites, but at the end of the day, you want to deal with a company that communicates well and can answer the questions that you have.

When looking to buy Super Bowl tickets the three biggest things to consider are:

  • Which tickets to buy: zone seats vs. specific seats.
  • When to buy your tickets: now or later?
  • Where to buy your tickets: trust, communication and price.

Super Bowl Zone Seating

So you’ve researched tickets, found the best seats for the best price, whipped out your credit card, and are ready to buy them.  That’s when you realize that the ticket just gives you a ZONE, and not a section or row! Seems like a scam, doesn’t it?

Luckily for you, it isn’t!  Zone Seating is your best chance to get a great deal on Super Bowl tickets. You may ask, what is zone seating? Ticket brokers selling Super Bowl tickets are often not given a specific seat assignment, but rather just a zone. This is because ticket brokers are selling season ticket holders’ tickets, and seat assignments are not given until the week of. Because there are specific seats that you can buy today versus these general zones, these tickets often sell at a discount.

If you are paying $2,000, it’s understandable that you want the tickets sent to you ASAP. However, because most seat assignments aren’t given until the week of, tickets listed by zone require a local pick-up the weekend of the Super Bowl. Although tickets sold by zone may sound non-traditional, roughly half of Super Bowl tickets available for sale are zone seats, and it’s the key to buying cheap Super Bowl tickets. And as long as you buy tickets from a legitimate vendor, you will know when and where you’ll be able to pick up Super Bowl tickets well in advance. Have more questions? Check out our Super Bowl Seating Chart Guide.

When to Buy Super Bowl Tickets

Traditionally, Super Bowl tickets become cheaper as the game approaches. Data from a New York Times article suggests that prices are at their highest right after the conference championships, when fan’s spirits and BAC’s (blood alcohol content levels) are still high. Prices usually continue to fall as the two week period comes to a close; however, this is not guaranteed, which is why we suggest you sign-up for our Super Bowl Update email.

Super Bowl 48 ticket prices started to decrease drastically 5 days before the game. The interesting part of that Super Bowl (aside from the fact it was played in the cold at MetLife Stadium) was that anytime tickets fell below $2,000 those tickets were bought immediately. From the Tuesday to the Thursday before the Super Bowl, ticket prices remained fairly consistent and for the more conservative fan this would have been a perfect time to buy cheap Super bowl tickets (or at least reasonably cheap).

But Super Bowl 49 ticket prices were nothing like what we’ve seen before or since. Ticket prices were the cheapest after the match up was set, and prices continued to climb to an average of over $7,000 per seat with the big game a week away. The market then came down a bit over the next two days to just over $6,000 per ticket, only to spike again to an unprecedented average price of just under $12,000 a ticket.

So what was so different about 2015 that made ticket prices skyrocket? For starters, the Seahawks were trying to repeat as Super Bowl Champions and Arizona is a much shorter flight from Seattle than New York was the previous year. This increased the number of potential Super Bowl buyers, and Seattle is the 4th richest city in America (according to Bloomberg).

Which city is the 5th richest in America? Boston. The New England Patriots were playing in their 6th Super Bowl since 2001, so you’d think the pool of potential buyers would be small. But with Tom Brady at the end of his career many fans figured it could be the last chance to see him in the big game. Two strong fan bases with disposable income is a pretty good recipe for an increase in ticket prices.

But fan bases alone did not create this market. If the fan bases were the matches that ignited the fire, then the amount of tickets sold two weeks before the game was the gasoline poured on top. The steep drop in inventory resulted in a huge spike in ticket prices. Purchasing never slowed down enough for the market to fully recover, and the end result was the most expensive Super Bowl in history.

So, when should I buy 2019 Super Bowl tickets?

So how much do Super Bowl Tickets cost?

It depends on what your budget is, where you want to sit and the type of person you are. Last year was one of the most volatile Super Bowl markets we’ve seen, mainly due to the Vikings reaching the NFC Championship. When they went up 7-0 early against the Eagles the get-in price climbed all the way to $5,700. By Monday morning (1/22/18) the get-in price was down to $3,850, a 32.5% decrease from the peak.

The Vikings loss lead to several Vikings fans re-posting tickets for sale, which lead to great deals over the first few days after the Championship games. Because of that, if you value your time, it may be best to lock up your tickets sooner rather than later and be done with it.

That being said, when the match up is set we expect prices to behave similarly to past years, with prices gradually declining as the game approaches. But as seen in past instances, wild cards still exist.

Average Super Bowl Purchase Price By Day

Super Bowl Orders: Before & After Vikings Loss (2018)

Using TickPick To Buy Super Bowl Tickets

TickPick offers the best tickets, prices, and features around. For one, you’re going to be paying a hefty premium for Super Bowl tickets guaranteed.  So why pay an extra 10, 15, or even 20 percent for tickets?!? That’s what happens when you buy tickets from our competitors such as Stubhub. Up to 20% added to tickets that cost an already-expensive $2000 means an extra $400!  Why pay that when you could be buying No Fee Super Bowl Tickets from TickPick? Not only that, but we have a ticket rating system to make sure you understand the quality of your seats, and a bidding system as well! Not convinced yet? Take a look for yourself: view Super Bowl LII Tickets.

No matter what combination of variables apply to you, here’s what we recommend for Superbowl 2019:

Some important factors to consider that are unique to Super Bowl 53:

  • This is the third Super Bowl hosted in Atlanta and it’s first since Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000.
  • There are over 5 Million residents in the metropolitan area surrounding the Super Bowl Host City.
  • The Falcons have not played in the Super Bowl since 1999.

Past Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Super Bowl Ticket Prices 2018

Below is what we were advising last year as of 1/30/18

  • It’s still our belief that prices will come down (from the current get-in of $4,300), but our level of confidence in our ability to forecast the direction of prices has decreased, as we’ve never seen prices behave like this with the exception of Super Bowl 49, which was an entirely different situation.
  • The cheapest tickets: This group is the largest group of buyers and the supply is fixed. Over the last 3 years, we’ve seen that it’s become somewhat normal for fans to spend $3,000-$4,000 to just get into the stadium. This has created tremendous upward pressure on prices, and the truth of the matter is that there’s just not that many tickets in the 300s section, creating higher demand than there is supply.
  • The silver lining has been tickets in the 100s end zone and corners. These prices have increased, but very modestly. The average sale price of these sections since January 1st is $4,632, and if you look at the average sale price from January 14th to the 21st, the average increased to $5,017. Currently, you can buy tickets in these sections for $4,817. Tickets in these sections will continue to change, but these are the most stably-priced tickets. If you’re sick of the games, you should seriously consider locking these tickets up for below $5,000 while you still can.  The next best option is the lower level sidelines – available for $5,700 – which is a relatively a good deal compared to the next listing for $6,216.
  • Unlike all other groups, the premium seats are now starting to decrease in price. The idea of people spending $10,000 a ticket is such a small subset of people. However, what’s working against larger decreases is a shortage in supply. There’s only roughly 100-200 tickets available for resale in these sections. With that said, great club seats are now available in the $8,000 range.
  • At this point, we don’t expect to see a massive decrease in prices tomorrow. If the market cracks, it likely wouldn’t be until Thursday night, but this is just speculation. If no additional inventory or very little inventory makes it to the market, it’s possible that prices stabilize or increase. I’d be surprised if this is the case, because it would make me wonder, where did the thousands of tickets that typically sell through marketplaces go?
  • In the end, it all goes back to the end user, which tickets you’re looking to buy, and how much risk you’re willing to take.

Below is what we were advising as of  1/26/18

We wanted to provide another update before we head into the weekend. As we expected, prices have steadily declined, with the get-in prices hovering in that $3,350 – $3,750 range. Today we saw more significant changes, with the get-in price hitting the $3,000 mark. Those listings never last long though, so if $3,000 is your magic number you might want to lock it up now.
So, where are prices headed as we move into the weekend and early next week? At this point, all signs point to a continued drop in prices. The question is how low will they go.
Last year, we saw the average listing price drop 16% from Friday to Monday. In 2016, the average listing price dropped 14.5%. We could see an even more significant drop this year,since prices are the highest we’ve ever seen nine days out from the game.
Having said that, we are seeing significant activity from Eagles fans. We have almost three times the amount of orders from Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey as we do from Massachusetts.
If Eagles fans continue to secure tickets at this rate, we might see the get-in price stay around the $3,000 range. If it slows, we could start seeing get-in prices in the $2,800-$2,900 range. As always, our advice is that if you see a deal that you think is great, hop on it as quickly as possible, as they typically don’t last long.

Below is what we were advising as of 1/15/18.

Since the Vikings win against the Saints in the divisional round, we have seen the average listing price jump from $3,200 to just over $4,200. The host city playing in the Super Bowl has never happened before, so if the Vikings win on Sunday we are in uncharted territory. To be honest, it’s hard to say exactly how the next few weeks will play out as far as prices are concerned.

If you are a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, and are comfortable paying the current prices, you might want to consider securing your tickets soon. If the Vikings end up reaching the big game, we could see another spike in prices and you run the risk of being priced out. If they lose to the Eagles, you will still be able to resell your tickets, though it will be at a lower price. Going this route is a risk, and you should be comfortable taking a loss on reselling the tickets before moving forward.

If you are a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, you can afford to be patient. Although an Eagles appearance would keep prices healthy, prices shouldn’t reach the same level as they would if the Vikings had made it.

If you are a fan of a team in the AFC, you’re in a precarious position. The NFC team will dictate pricing this year and unfortunately, the AFC plays their championship game before the NFC. You can wait to decide to purchase until your team wins, but many of your fellow fans will be doing the same and prices will remain high until the NFC Championship is decided, at which point they will trend up (Vikings) or down (Eagles). Ultimately, you need to make a decision that you are most comfortable with.

Super Bowl pricing in 2018

Super Bowl Ticket Prices 2017

Since the start of the season, we have seen the average price of Super Bowl tickets increase 22%, from $5,990 per ticket to $7,310. The ‘get-in’ price had also increased 24%, from $3,615 per ticket to $4,482 (on 1/8/17). Prices dropped a staggering $2,000 and were available for $2,250 (as of 1/30/17). But the volatility has been high, and prices have increased by $400 and the get-in price is now $2,650 (as of 2/2/17). So what were we to make of all this? This was a preview of what would have come if the Dallas Cowboys had reached Super Bowl 51. Sellers were increasing their prices so that if they did make it, they weren’t leaving any money on the table. 

Instead, the Cowboys were upset by the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round, which dropped the get-in price back down to earth to $3,696 on 1/16/17.

So, what do we recommend you do now? It really comes down to the type of person you are. If you value your time, it may be best to lock up your tickets sooner rather than later and be done with it. If you have the time to monitor prices on a daily basis, then we’d recommend waiting a bit longer to buy. We do expect prices to steadily decline as we’ve seen in past years.

Super Bowl 52 Ticket Prices


As you can see, the decline in prices in 2016 was gradual, mirroring previous years, with 2015 being the major outlier. We feel that the drop in prices for this year have only just begun, and we are already at a lower average listing price today than we were this time last season.

Having said that, the Atlanta Falcons have never won a Super Bowl, so they are the only real wildcard when it comes to projecting prices. Will Falcons fans jump at the chance to see their team bring home the Lombardi Trophy? If so we may see prices steady in the coming days.

Historically, we’ve found that prices are the lowest about five days prior to the Super Bowl. Check out our advice and charts for the 2016 Super Bowl prices below for last years pricing trends.

We will continue to update this section as more information becomes available. If you want to be updated as soon as there is a major change in pricing, subscribe to our Super Bowl Newsletter where this information originated from, or download the TickPick App, where you can set Super Bowl price alerts.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices 2016

As you can see in the charts above, the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets is typically as late as possible; however, even though the cheapest Super Bowl tickets may be available on the day of the event, ticket prices level off in the last couple of days and the number of tickets available is significantly higher three-to-five days in advance. Because of this, we believe the best time to buy tickets is within three-to-five days in advance of the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices 2017


The following bullets are advice that we provided two weeks before the 2016 Super Bowl. Some of the same principles will likely apply to Super Bowl 51.

  • If you’re looking at current Super Bowl tickets in the upper level and they’re a bit out of your price range, wait. Prices in the upper level are nearly double what they were at this time last year, as sellers are afraid to price their tickets too low. If you come across a set of tickets that are in your price range in the two weeks leading up to the game, pull the trigger.
  • If you’re interested in sitting in any of the lower level or club sections and tickets are within your budget, pull the trigger. Ticket prices in the lower levels (especially in the premium sections) are less elastic than the upper levels, so the risk of waiting for prices to drop won’t yield a high reward.
  • If you consider yourself a conservative person or someone who tries to avoid stressful situations, pull the trigger. The potential to save money on tickets won’t be worth the anxiety of not having them, especially if prices increase.
  • If you consider yourself a risk-taker or enjoy the process of tracking the ebb-and-flow of a market, wait. Be sure to monitor ticket prices and inventory levels multiple times a day and enjoy the ride.
  • UPDATED 1/28/16 Other important notes to consider:
    • The upper bowl at Levi’s Stadium is much smaller than the average NFL stadium, with roughly 60% less seats. This will keep the get-in price high, and make lower level tickets a better value.
    • The Denver Broncos have distributed Super Bowl tickets to their season ticket holders via a lottery, and the Carolina Panthers will be doing the same on 1/29.
    • Super Bowl tickets that are allocated to the players and staff will be distributed between Monday and Thursday of Super Bowl week, leading to more inventory.
    • Scalping tickets on the street comes with risks + no intermediary to guarantee ticket authenticity. We strongly advise against this.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices 2015

Here you can see daily Super Bowl ticket trends, including what the cheapest Super Bowl ticket prices are, as well as the average Super Bowl ticket prices for 2015. Something a little bit different, which you don’t typically see  is the number of Super Bowl tickets and the amount of tickets which sold per day. As expected, immediately following the Championship games we saw a massive influx of Super Bowl purchases.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices by Seat Quality

Average Listing Price vs Average Sold Price for Super Bowl

Super Bowl Ticket Prices History – Over the Years (2010-2016)

Super Bowl Ticket Price History Over the years from 2010 to 2016

Cost of Super Bowl Tickets 2003-2010

Here’s a summary of historical Super Bowl ticket prices from 2003 to 2010, in addition to the breakdown of the ticket allocation of Super Bowl tickets to the NFL League Office, AFC champs, NFC champs, host and the other teams.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices & Ticket Allocations


Super Bowl Sweepstakes

PepsiCo., Snickers, GMC, ShopRite, McDonalds and even the NFL give a few of the golden tickets out for free.  If you’re not lucky enough to snag one of those few free tickets, then you can just write a letter. It’s that easy. Your chances are still very slim, but you can qualify for a face value ticket for the Super Bowl by writing a letter to the NFL between February and June of the preceding year. The NFL uses this system, rather than offering them up to the general public, because of the enormous demand.

Super Bowl Lottery Tickets

In years past, the NFL offered a lottery system to give a lucky few Super Bowl tickets at face value. This system changed for Super Bowl 52, and the details were released on 10/19/17. For your reference, below are the details straight from the NFL. This information can also be found on the NFL FAQ.

Thank you for your interest in Super Bowl LII.

The NFL has made some exciting changes around Super Bowl LII in Minnesota to give some of our greatest and most loyal fans the opportunity to attend the big game. 

This year, instead of conducting a lottery, the NFL has allocated those tickets to a new program that will directly touch fans of all 32 teams. Throughout the rest of the season, our teams are going to surprise fans with free tickets to the big game. In total, we’re going to give away 500 tickets to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.    

Some of these tickets will be given to fans identified by our clubs as exemplifying the heart of their team spirit. Some will go to outstanding youth football coaches and community heroes. And others will recognize our most creative fans—at tailgates, in our stadiums and watching at home—who put on their face paint and jerseys, their Cheeseheads and Viking helmets, and support our teams through thick and thin.

We kicked off this new initiative during week 6 of the NFL season in Minneapolis, where some very special volunteer youth football coaches and their hardworking players found out they will all be coming to the big game.

We know we can’t give everyone Super Bowl tickets, but this is one of many ways we want to say thank you to our fans for everything you do to support the game.

We will continue to hold the ADA lottery, unchanged from years past. Entries for the ADA lottery are accepted between Feb. 1 and June 1 of the year preceding the Super Bowl. ADA requests should be sent to:

Super Bowl ADA Random Drawing

345 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10154

-Those selected in the random drawing will have the opportunity to purchase one wheelchair and one companion seat. Please be advised that only individuals who have a disability which requires them to sit in designated wheelchair and companion seats will be allowed to use these two tickets. Please also be advised that the NFL reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against individuals who fraudulently obtain any wheelchair and companion seats.”

Parking for Super Bowl LIII

Since most fans at the Super Bowl will be traveling to see their favorite team play and may not be familiar with the parking situation outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the surrounding area, we have included a graphic below on parking outside of the stadium from the official Mercedes-Benz Stadium website that provides ample parking options in the surrounding area.

For an extensive list of the lots that are available for parking outside of the stadium, click here.


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