Is TickPick’s Affiliate Program better than Vivid Seats, Seatgeek, Stubhub, and Ticket City?

Send People to TickPick. When They Buy Tickets, You Get paid. Simple as That.

Let us explain.

TickPick Afilliates

TickPick’s Affiliate Program

TickPick is launching a new affiliate program and you can get in on the action as a partner by connecting with our no-fee ticket marketplace that’s changing the industry. It’s THE way to increase your earnings, partner with an innovative brand, and refer an excellent service to your own readers and customers. We wouldn’t lead them astray.

You get to choose what you think is best for your own brand by using the tools we provide to post eye catching ads, banners, and links on your site. By marketing TickPick on your website, you’ll earn money for purchases made when a user clicks through your site to reach us. And best of all, you’ll feel confident that you’re sending them to a reputable company with an honest approach to the secondary ticket market.

Here’s a little bit more about earning extra funds with TickPick’s new affiliate marketing program and why we’re the best.

Why Partner With Us?

TickPick Affiliate ProgramThere are plenty of ticket marketplaces out there, but TickPick is truly changing the game. As a no-fee ticket marketplace with transparent prices for buyers, we’re one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

We provide a great user experience to our customers so they can easily find tickets to all sorts of live events, including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, concerts, theater shows, and music festivals. Whether they use our website or app, we provide our customers with interactive seating maps, a ranking algorithm (A+ to F) so they can find the best views for their money, and a “name your price” bidding feature.

We’ve also got a dedicated, in-house support team if our customers ever need help or have any questions!

You’ll feel comfortable promoting TickPick too. We guarantee that all our tickets purchases are legit, safe, protected, and guaranteed to come in on time. You can trust that you’re not recommending some spammy, overpriced marketplace with a bunch of hidden fees. We’re a smart company of good people who provide exactly what our users want at the lowest price. Our customers actually save an average of 10-15% on every purchase!

We’ve got the best reviews of any ticket marketplace, so why would you send your readers anywhere else?
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So That’s Why We’re Great. What’s In It For You?

Yeah, we’re an awesome, straightforward company, but what does that matter to you? Well, aside from feeling good about directing your loyal readers to us, you’ll be interested to know that TickPick has industry-high conversion rates. And that could be because users shop around and find that we have the cheapest tickets! But we wouldn’t want to assume…

We offer a 4% commission on every new ticket purchased – including first sales and repeat purchases.

And we offer you a 45-day tracking cookie, so you’ll earn a commission if any of your users purchase within that window. That means you’ll capture sales even if they don’t purchase on their first couple of visits. Meaning, of course, they can shop around and think about it. And if they return to us to buy later on – even over a month later – you’ll still earn money!

The average order value is $275, and don’t worry, we make sure everybody purchases their tickets online, so you won’t miss a sale even if they call us for support.

But Is It Easy?

Yes. We make affiliate marketing with us a breeze to implement because we’ve partnered with CJ Affiliate by Conversant. If you’re already a member, you can easily add us to your list of Advertisers once we’ve approved you as a partner. If you’re not a member, CJ is super easy to join, and then you can apply to partner with us. We’ll vet your application and get back to you ASAP.

CJ affiliate Program

Once approved, you’ll have your pick of awesome creatives to post on your site and promotional offers to boost sales and commissions.

Our support staff is also happy to communicate regularly with our partners about the status of your account or send you reports on sales and commissions that break down your performance. Just like we’re there for our customers, we’re always there for our affiliate partners. We wouldn’t leave you hanging!affiliate marketing program

What About All Those Other Ticket Marketplaces?

There are plenty of other ticket sellers out there who’d be happy to have you send them new customers. We know. So how does TickPick’s affiliate marketing program match up to all those other marketplaces out there? And why is it the best for you?

First, most ticket marketplaces – including StubHub, VividSeats, and TicketCity – only offer their affiliates a 30-day tracking cookie, but we throw in that extra 15 days. That gives your readers (and our potential customers) a whole 45 total days to shop around and think about their purchases after clicking through your site. Ya know, they’ve gotta think about those Super Bowl Tickets or expensive Hamilton seats for at least a week, right? So whether they’re using that time to budget, call their friends, or ask their wife’s permission, we’ll be waiting. TickPick gives your click-through customers a longer timeframe to do all those things, which means a longer time for you to make a potential sale.

But don’t many of the other programs have higher commission rates and higher average sales? Doesn’t that mean more money for me as an affiliate? We hear you. The commission rates and average sales of other ticket marketplaces are higher because they frequently jack up their prices with lots of hidden fees. At TickPick we don’t do that. Our customers save money by buying cheaper tickets. The average customer is shopping around for the best deal… and that’s us. So when you refer one of your loyal readers to TickPick, they’re more likely to actually buy something. That translates into more conversions for you as an affiliate.

The probability that your referrals will repeat a purchase within that 45-day cookie window goes up considerably too. And we don’t discriminate between first orders or repeat orders by customers either! Some affiliate programs pay you less after the first order, but you’ll receive the same percentage commission with us no matter how many orders someone has placed.

At the end of the day, you’ll make more money with us, period.

With TickPick, your audience will also be getting the best value ticket, honest information about their seats, top customer service, and a pleasant user experience. And you’ll get paid if they buy something. It’s a win-win.

You Help Us Market. We’ll Get You Paid. Sign Up Now!

For more information on how to sign up to become a TickPick affiliate partner, head to TickPick’s Affiliate Partner Page or join directly on CJ using the button below.


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