Lana Del Rey Leaked Song and Release Date of ‘Ultraviolence’

A new Lana Del Rey song titled “Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight” has been recently leaked under the name Kaan Erdal (and we have no idea why).  The song’s random surfacing has fans wondering (in almost unbearable anticipation) as to what the new album is going to sound like. With an upbeat disco feel and funky guitar melodies, “Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight” is unlike anything we’ve ever heard the melancholy pop-star sing. But according to Lana, in a twitter response to a music mag reporting that the song would be on the b-side of her upcoming album, she says that “Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight” was written for someone 4 years ago, and that it’s not the single everyone has been waiting for. Even if it isn’t, the song has a lot going for it. We can’t say we’re not a little disappointed Lana hasn’t come out with a single yet, but this song is certainly something we can enjoy in the mean time.

So what do we know about Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album? Actually, we know a lot. This past December, Lana announced the title of her third album is Ultraviolence. And just this past week, Lana beat Interscope Records in revealing the release date of Ultraviolence to be May 1st. Even though we don’t have a single to give us a taste of what’s to come, we think you can expect the unexpected when it comes to Ultraviolence—namely due to the confirmed rumor of Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach being the producer of the new album. Auerbach is widley known as an accomplished producer, winning the 2013 Grammy for Producer of the Year. But will these two be a good team? Lana Del Rey’s retro glamour and melancholic lyricism has made her one of the most interesting artists of this generation. But Lana’s persona couldn’t be any more different from Auerbach’s brash rock roots. Even though it’s hard to imagine what this match has in store for us, we can believe that these two saw enough glaring potential in each other to embark on an entire album.

After Lana shut down the assumption that “Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight” was going to be on Ultraviolence, she announced the title of the single everyone has been waiting for to be “West Coast”. We don’t have the single yet, but if Lana is going to make the May 1st release date, we can bet that the single will drop soon (but not soon enough). Despite not dropping a single yet, Lana Del Rey has been busy on tour, performing sold out shows. Lana Del Rey tickets are still available on Tickpick for shows running until the end of May. Don’t miss your chance to see Lana this Spring, because who knows, the release of Ultraviolence may send her even further into superstardom. So keep checking back with us as we hang onto Lana’s every word and leaked song, wishing that Ultraviolence would descend upon us soon.


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