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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be one of the hottest shows on Broadway in 2018. Finding the best tickets for you for Harry Potter isn’t always easy, which is why we’ve put together a detailed Lyric Theatre Seating Chart. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the seating at the Lyric Theater including row and seat numbers, best & worst seats, obstructed views and where you can find Cheap Harry Potter Tickets for sold out shows.

Lyric Theatre Seating Chart with Seat Numbers


One thing you’ll notice by looking at the map above is that there is an atypical setup for theatres, in that there aren’t three separate Orchestra sections (left, center, right) that exist in most theatres, but instead the orchestra is broken into two sections right down the middle.  As is the case with left and right Orchestras in most venues, there is even and odd-numbered seating depending on whether you’re on the left or right side of the break down the middle of the Orchestra.  Seats 1 and 2 will be closest to the middle aisle on either side, and the seat numbers will go further from the aisle and closer to the side of the venue as the numbers get higher.

If you’re looking at tickets in the Dress Circle Center or Balcony Center sections, the seat numbers are not nearly as important as if you are looking at the Side Orchestra sections. Unfortunately the box office doesn’t label their tickets with great detail. They either say “Dress Circle Center” or “Dress Circle.” This can sometimes be misleading, and if you buy tickets that say “Dress Circle,” that means they’ll be on the side. If you only want to be in the center, make sure you are only looking at tickets that are labelled Dress Circle Center!  This will also ring true for any Balcony sections, which are also broken up into left, center, and right.

Therefore, as a rule of thumb if you are buying tickets on the side sections, we only recommend buying tickets where the seller discloses the seat numbers. While tickets that don’t include notes or seat numbers will often be listed for less money, I suggest that you assume that those seats are the least favorable seats in the row (if you are fine with the price and location, buy them ASAP).

It’s also important to note that the Orchestra section at the Lyric Theatre is much deeper than other Broadway theatres, so the last few rows are further back from the stage than you might be used to. We would advise securing Dress Circle seats over the last few rows in the orchestra.

Dress Circle Seating at Lyric Theatre

Some avid  theater attendees will tell you that they prefer the first row in the Dress Circle to seats down in the Orchestra level. That may hold true for the Lyric Theatre since the venue is intimate and as noted above, the Dress Circle level overhangs at Orchestra row R-S. Our customers have not complained about the height of the railing in this level being too high, as it can be in other venues.

Balcony Seating at Lyric Theatre

The balcony seating at the Lyric theater is the least desirable, but will have the cheapest tickets. Some of the views in this area may be obstructed or partially obstructed, but that will be noted in the listing details so long as the tickets are marked as such by the venue. Other customers have noted that you need to lean forward a bit in your seats to see all the action on the stage, which can be uncomfortable (especially for a show that has two separate parts).

Lyric Theatre Reviews

via Yelp

“Very beautiful and bright theatre. Currently, it’s hosting Cirque du Soleil – Paramour and I’m glad to have won the lottery tickets to see the show here. Compared to other theaters I have been to, it looks newer, brighter and more spacious. It has multiple bars and food/snack options even including ice cream. The staircase is really beautiful and similar to that of Met Opera. Though it’s a broadway theatre, it does give a feeling of upscale European opera house with its chandelier and red curtains. I was sitting in second floor – dress circle and all the way in the back but the view was perfect and might be even better than orchestra as I was in a better position to see the whole stage. The show was good and I’m glad that I had the luck to win tickets to see a show at this wonderful theatre!”

via Trip Advisor

Great theater with lots of leg room in comparison to many other theaters I have been to! Prime location right on 42nd and the space is beautiful. I have seen two shows here (Spiderman and On the Town) and had a comfortable experience at each! At my latest visit, I sat in the mezzanine center, 2nd row and it was perfect! Nice stadium seating, great view of the stage and seats were super cheap! Even my husband commented on how much leg room there was and he is not a short man! Definitely one of the most comfortable Broadway Theaters and worth seeing a show even just to check out the beautiful architecture!”

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