T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart, Mayweather vs McGregor

Mayweather vs McGregor Seating Chart | T-Mobile Arena

T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas will host the most anticipated fight of the year between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor, taking place on Saturday, August 26th. Mayweather is heavily favored over the UFC trained McGregor, but that isn’t tampering the expectations of the fight. That is why we have put together an in-depth Mayweather vs McGregor Seating Chart at T-Mobile Arena, so you know exactly where to and not to sit. This posts includes detailed and row and seat numbers, seat views, zone seating guide, delivery methods and much more including (relatively) Cheap Mayweather McGregor Tickets.

Mayweather McGregor Zone Seating Chart | T-Mobile Arena

You will notice that this map does not provide a section by section breakdown, but rather breaks up the seating via zone. This is similar to how seating works for the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, some sellers do not receive there exact seat locations until they pick up there tickets from the venue, but they do know the general area that the tickets are in. Below is a breakdown of what sections make up each zone.

  • Floor: Sections A-H
  • Lower Side: Sections 5-6 & 15-16
  • Lower Corner: Sections 2-4, 7-9, 12-14, 17-19
  • Lower End: Sections 1, 10, 11 & 20
  • Upper Side: Sections 204-206 & 222-224
  • Upper Corner: Sections 201-203, 207-211, 217-221, 225-227
  • Middle End: Sections 101-105 & 117-120
  • Upper End: Sections 212-216

Mayweather McGregor Detailed Seating Chart

Scroll over each section for the row breakdown

T-Mobile Arena Seat Numbers | Floor Breakdown

T-Mobile Arena Seat Numbers Floor Seating

The floor seat numbers for the Mayweather McGregor fight are confusing. I’ve outlined above certain seat numbers to help explain a bit, but it still needs elaborating. If you are having trouble reading the numbers on the image, zoom in on the page.

Generally speaking, seat number 1 at T-Mobile Arena will almost always be on your left when you are facing the ring. This holds true for every section except for Floor H, where seat 1 is actually on the right side when facing the ring. I’m not sure why they have marked the seats this way, but that is what is displayed on the official seating chart.

Here’s another wrinkle that doesn’t necessary follow standard logic. In Floor C, Seat 1 is always the first seat closest to section B. Because of this, the inside aisle seats change as you move towards the back of the section. It stars with seats 12 & 16 and ends with seats 18 & 22.

The opposite is true in Floor section G. The inside aisle is always seats 14 & 15, with seat 1 starting in row E, which is marked in the image above. Remember we don’t make the official seating chart, just report on what has been noted.

For all floor sections, it is important to keep in mind that there is no elevation. If you have any questions on this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 845-538-4567. Our live event specialists are happy to help.

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart | Upper & Middle Level

The 200 level at T-Mobile Arena is going to be the cheapest option for Mayweather vs McGregor, with the 100 level being a bit more expensive. The 100 level isn’t drastically closer to the lower bowl than the 200 level.  I’d still prefer the upper side sections to the middle end ones. Keep in mind that T-Mobile Arena is larger than the MGM Grand Garden, so the upper seats are a bit farther away in comparison. Below is an example of a Mayweather vs McGregor seat view from the upper level, but keep in mind the floor seating isn’t an exact match to what it will be for this fight.

T-Mobile Arena Seating Chart | Lower Level

Just like the Upper Level, the best seats in the lower are going to be the sides. The ring is raised to be about eye level in the first few rows of the lower bowl sections, which can lead to those tickets being more expensive than some of the floor seats that are positioned farther back (on the floor).

If you are looking at tickets in the lower level ends in the last few rows, you might be better off sitting in the first few rows of the upper sides. The lower ends are a considerable distance from the ring, so if you are purchasing tickets on TickPick keep in mind the grade assigned to the listings to help get the best value.

Mayweather vs McGregor Ticket Delivery

T-Mobile Arena has restricted the delivery for this event, making it so that the majority of the original owners of the tickets need to be present in Las Vegas to claim their tickets. What exactly does this mean? All tickets for this event are subject to picked up in Las Vegas the weekend of the fight. Only professional resellers are permitted to list tickets in this manner, and because of this the inventory available on the secondary market will be more limited than other events where tickets can be transferred for freely.

How to Get Cheap Mayweather vs McGregor Tickets?

Well, cheap is a relative term when dealing with one of the biggest boxing matches of the century. Tickets are going to cost over a thousand dollars just to sit in the upper level. The easiest way to save money on Mayweather vs McGregor tickets is securing tickets through TickPick for the simple reason that we only charge a 10% commission to sellers and nothing extra for buyers.

Our competition on the other hand makes their commission and then charges anywhere from 10-20% in additional fees. And when you are dealing with ticket prices in the thousands, those fees add up pretty quickly.

So why don’t you take a look for yourself, and browse our No Fee Mayweather vs McGregor Tickets.

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