Madison Square Garden Seating Chart, Seat Views for Concerts, Rangers

Madison Square Garden recently completed their three year renovation and we’ve got the most detailed MSG Seating Chart with seat views, row numbers, seat numbers and other helpful tips.

  • The Knicks seating chart above provides row & seat numbers for the 100 sections. Note seat numbers are the same whether you’re going to a concert, or Rangers game (Click here to zoom in).
  • When looking at the Madison Square Garden Seating Chart above, please note the 200s are no longer next to the 100s due to recent renovations. See the new MSG seating chart below.

NY Rangers Seating Chart

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  • The Rangers shoot twice on the side with section numbers 110 to 114.
  • The Rangers bench is in front of section 106-107, while the visitors bench is front of 107-108.
  • If you are looking for tickets in the 100s it’s not worth paying a premium for rows 3 to 10, instead save a few bucks and sit higher to avoid the glass and net, from blocking your sightlines.


Rangers Seating Chart with Row Numbers & Seat Views

Hover over any section to see row numbers as well as a seat views from that section


MSG Seating Chart – Maps, Tips & More

100s Sections: Seat #1 is always closer to the lower section number, for example, seat #1 in Section 107 is on the aisle next to section 106.

Note: the detailed seating chart (above) shows the 100s and 200s meshed together, this was only the case in 2011 and 2012. Most of the dark red area is gone and replace by suites as of 2013.

100s Seat numbers: Most rows have between 18 and 20 seats, however each row may be different (check the map for exact details).

Detailed MSG Seating Layout

Note: Section 105 to 109 and 115 to 119 only has 22 rows, while the rest of the 100s have 25 rows. In section 106, rows 6 to 20 have 20 seats per a row. The rest of the rows have between 16 and 19 seats, except row 22, which has 22 seats (and seat #22 is next to seat #1 of section 107).

200s Sections: Like the 100s, seat #1 is always closer to the lower section number, for example seat #1 in Section 224 is on the aisle next to section 223.

Note: The first row of evfery section in the 200s has a TV (which is an added benefit for people all the way into the 5th row).

200s Seat numbers: Most rows have between 18 and 22 seats, however each row is different and ranges from 10 to 24 seats.

Madison Square Garden Detailed Seating Chart with Seat Numbers

For example, there are 6 rows in section 206 and 16 seats in almost every row. Meanwhile section 205 only has 4 rows and 10 seats per a row. Section 204, has two rows; row 1 which is handicap / wheelchair accessible has 40 seats (it is up to the individual if they are comfortable buying ADA seats or not).
Note: In sections 210 to 212 and 223 to 225 almost every row as 22 seats in it.

400s Seat numbers: The seat numbers in the 400s are the opposite of the 100s & 200s, therefore the lower seat numbers are closer to the higher section numbers (seat #1 in section 415 is next to section 416).

MSG Bar Stool Seats: B stands for Barstool seats and they are what you would expect (a bar stool), but they do have a small back to support you a little. Almost all bar stool seats are the last row of the section. The perks of these seats are the ability to stand (with plenty of room and no one behind you), as well as a permanent counter to eat food and keep your drinks on.

West Balcony: See pictures and my personal opinion below (I love these seats!)

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Knicks Seating Chart

MSG Interactive Knicks Seating chart (hover over sections for seat voews row numbers)

  • Knicks Bench: In front of section 6, while the visitors are in front of section 4.
  • Knicks Club Seats: Platinum, gold and silver seats all have the same benefits (separate entrance & in seat service). The only difference is the view.
  • Club Seats: Section 116-118, 106-108 and the first 12 rows of 105, 109, 115 & 119.
  • The Madison Club: Suite 59-66 includes VIP amenities such as food & lounge access.
  • Delta Sky360 Club: The most expensive tickets, gives fans access to premier, all-inclusive dining and behind the scenes views of the MSG broadcast & player entries.
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MSG Concert Seating Chart

Thanks to the recent renovation at MSG the seat numbers for the floor sections (for a concert) follow the same logic as the 100s and 200s.

Therefore, in sections A-F and 1-3, seat number 1 will always be closer to the lower section number. For example seat #1 in section Floor B will be on the aisle closer to section A. Depending on the concert there will be 14-18 seats per a floor section, so on average seat #16 in section B will be on the aisle next to section C.

So seat #1 in Floor A is the farthest from the center of the stage, thus the higher the seat number the better the seat. However, when looking at tickets in section Floor C the lower the seat number the closer you are to the center of the stage. Because most people don’t know this, the best MSG concert seats (at the best prices) are the side floor sections that are closer to section B.


Madison Square Garden Concert Seating ChartI don’t recommend sitting in section D, E or F on the floor (except the first couple rows). The floor has no elevation, so your view is often blocked by people’s heads. You’d be much better off with seats in the 100s. The best sections are 108 and 116. For concerts TickPick uses algorithms to help you figure out what’s the best seat for the best price.

I would say the 20th row in section 108 is equivalent to the 15th row in section 107, which would be equivalent to the 10th row in section 106. So a simple rule of thumb is that the difference in view, from one section to the next, is the same difference one would encounter by moving up or down 5 rows.

Note: the further you get from the stage the less important this is. For example, in the 200s, I would say it’s 3 rows per a section.

The Best Seats at MSG

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Madison Square Garden Seating - The West Balcony / 300s

P.S. The West Balcony seats are my favorite seats for Knicks games. Even if you’re not sitting there it’s a great place to meet. It has lots of space and the concessions are inside the main arena so you can grab a hot dog & beer while still watching the game.

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Madison Square Garden Seating – In Seat Pictures

  • A view of the Chase Bridge Seats

2016 Detailed MSG Seating Chart with Seat Numbers

MSG Detailed Seating Chart
Click to see enlarge.


New York Knicks & New York Rangers E-Ticket Delivery Delay

The New York Knicks and the New York Rangers do not release their E-Tickets until 72 hours prior to tip off. If you purchase seats for a 7 pm game on February 27th, you can expect to receive the tickets no earlier than 7 pm on February 24th.

Have a question? If it’s about a specific seat ask us on TwitterFacebook or Google+. General questions about the MSG Seating Chart that apply to everyone should be asked below.

  • Ronan

    Hey Nick,

    My girlfriend and I are visiting from Australia and have tickets to the drake and future show on the 4th August. We are on the chase bridge section 326 Seat 35 and 36 – are these decent enough seats to enjoy the show or should we take a loss and try get some closer? Not a massive concern to us if we can’t see it all well but sound is a big priority. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers

    • Nick Anapolis

      You shoudln’t have any problems pertaining to sound from those seats, but tough to say when it comes to how well you will be able to see

      • Ronan

        It was my understanding that the chase bridge hangs out over the top of other seats, is that the case? Is it more the angle that would be the issue from side on looking down on the stage? I think we’re just going to hold onto them and cross our fingers that they are good enough. Can’t get a definitive answer from the reviews or forums, thanks for your help though

        • Nick Anapolis

          Correct and your right, it really depends on the angle when it comes to those seats and the stage

          • Sean Avery

            As a rule thumb, if you are sitting further back than row 10 anywhere in the 200’s at a concert in the renovated Garden the sound quality is going to be noticably compromised. The acoustics at MSG are still above average, but the renovations, especially the addition of the Chase Bridges, has stripped The Garden of having the best acoustics of any large arena in North America. Fans attending concerts at MSG should determine if sight or sound quality is their main priority before purchasing tickets.

  • MOZ

    Hi Brett, I am looking at Chase Bridge seats (section 326 row 1 seats 1,2) and The Lounges 302 (row 1, seats 5,6) for the Radiohead concert. Which would you recommend? .. Also, why do some of these tickets in Chase Bridge and The Lounges have assigned seats and others have general admission? Thanks in advance!!!

    • Nick Anapolis

      Hi, You would be more centered towards the stage in the lounges at section 302, as the chase bridge is off to the side of the stage. Some seating in those areas is general admission, so you wouldn’t have a seat and be standing

      • MOZ

        Hi Nick! Thanks for your prompt response! We are about to purchase Radiohead tickets through your website. However, the particular tickets we are looking at says that tickets will not be ready to ship until 7/25/2016. I am concerned that we will not receive this tickets in time before we fly to NYC. We depart from St. Louis on 7/26. Should we still have this tickets shipped to our home in Springfield, IL? Or do you have other suggestions? Please advise. Thanks!

        • Nick Anapolis

          No problem! We can always have tickets rerouted and sent to wherever you are staying for the show (hotel/friends/family/ect) if the tickets are not going to arrive before you leave. I would recommend having the tickets sent to your home for now, and check in with us a week or so before the concert is the tickets have not shipped yet and we can update your shipping info if need be!

  • Michele

    seeing Billy Joel tomorrow night at MSG. Seats are row 1 section 320 (behind the stage) I am going to be able to see anything? Are the screens visible from these seats? How high up are they? Maps make it look like 300 level is higher than 400 level…is this true?

  • Patty

    Where are standing room tickets for Radiohead at MSG

  • Ezinne

    I recently bought Drake tickets for Chase Bridge Section 312 BS3, could you tell me how those seats are. Will I still be able to see the concert?

  • Krista

    Looking to take my Mom to see Adele for her 70th. Is section 2 at msg elevated? What are the best seats for this concert?

  • Christanne Pulizzotto

    Do you have a detailed seating chart with all the sections, not just the 100’s?

  • Frank

    Hi, love your site, there’s nothing else like it out there. For Peal Jam at MSG, we have first row behind GA (Sec F, Row 1). Do you know if there is generally a gap between GA and Reserved Floor Seating? My wife is pretty short, hoping she’ll be able to see the stage. Thanks!

  • Adi

    Hi Brett / Jack,

    For the Pearl Jam MSG concert, how would you rank:
    – Sec 223, Row 7 ($310)
    – Sec 224, Row 3/5 ($310/335)
    – Sec 210, Row 2 ($275)
    – Sec 211, Row 5 ($320)

    Not necessarily looking for the best value for money, would rather go with the best seat.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • has

    Hi I need recommendation for a knicks game…is it better to sit row 6 on section 225 or 115 row 21?

  • anonymous

    Do you have any advice for seating at a 21 pilots concert? Its my first time going to an event like this, so I would like the best advice possible. Do you have a seating chart?

  • Fran

    Is row 4, Section 108 which seats are better for a WHO concert I’m going to next week at MSG, seats 7 & 8, or seats 17 & 18?

  • Stephanie Gatto

    Hi Brett, looking for Best tickets for pearl jam because the floor will be General admission & no seats? Thinking about 108? Your thoughts?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Stephanie – 108 or 116 are probably the best sections for this event.

  • Travis Lyons

    Can someone tell if section 206 is halfway decent? Is it a bleeder spot and are sections steep. I ended up there for Black Sabbath and i’m not so keen on heights depending. A few years ago I went to see Green Day at the Barclays Center and section 214 was terrible plus their sections are very steep. Is 206 at MSG as high up?

    • Travis Lyons

      I take that back its 205

      • Jack Slingland

        Only 4 rows in section 205 so you won’t need to worry about getting to high up.

  • Hank

    What is the view like for Billy Joel in a new section Bar Stool 6? Never heard of or scene since the renovation.

  • Belinda Day

    Acdc concert in april which one should i choose the F section row 3 or sec 120 row 11.

    • Jack Slingland

      That’s a tough one. I would go with the F seats just because you are a bit closer.

  • Meghan

    if im going to a concert, is section 221 row 2 seats good or bad??

  • Veronica

    Hi i wanted to buy my boyfriend knicks tickets for christmas i am torn between Baseline Rises 3 Row 17 seat 5-6 or 100 level corner section 115 row 12 seat 2-4. Is being close to the action worth giving up a full court view? Have help would be great!

  • Nem

    what is a good section to sit for concerts?

  • Lori

    Hi going to see billy Joel was wondering which section is better 115 row 15 or 7 or or section 112 a low row or section 109 row 15? Please help me to decide I was just told there r seats in section 118 and 106 What rows would be good in those sections? Out of all the above where would you sit for best view?

  • sandy b

    I am very new to this so I need someone with experience to let me know if I made the right choice. I purchased tickets in a hurry being afraid they would sell out for Justin Bieber. I needed 3 so picked 107, row 16, seats 11, 12 and 13. Was this a good choice. I should mention she is 10. Thanks for any advice.

  • Kerri Walsh Morse

    Hello, planning on attending the Black Sabbath concert. I have been reading the recommendations for most concerts. Does the sections 116-118 or 106-108 and 223-225 or 210-212 have good views for this concert? I saw you mention these for another concert.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Kerri – Those 100 level sections are 5 star sections, meaning they are some of the best sections for concerts.

  • Angel

    Anyway you can focus on thedetailed seating chart? I have section 6 row 7, but i have no clue what type of seating it is. It is for a concert but ticketmaster is stating it is wwe wrestling seating.

    • Jack Slingland

      Angel – Email us at support at with the show you are attending and we can look into that for you further.

  • ba ba boooey

    what is the gallery section for knicks games

  • Angela

    Hi I want to purchase jingle ball tix for Dec 11 but only seats available is behind stage row it worth the 125 per ticket?
    My kids are dying to go… thanks.😊

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Angela – The seats back there will allow you to listen to the concert, but you will be watching it on the TV screens they have set up back there. You won’t have any view of the stage, but if your kids are dying to go it may be worth it.

  • Sweet Jane

    I am worried I jumped to buy tickets too soon, I’m worried they are not as good as I had believed them to be… any idea just how good section 201 is from row 4 for rangers?? comments much appreciated!!!

    – Kate

  • Teresa Kelly

    Also for Rangers game how is view from section 221, row 5

  • Teresa Kelly

    Hello, how would seats in section 101 Row 9 be for a Rangers game?

  • Lilly

    hi Brett. I just bought tickets for the jingle ball in December. my seat is a barstool seat in sec 112. are these decent seats? and will I be able to see the stage? also I wasn’t given a specific seat number does that mean the earlier I go that I can pick me seat number?

  • Judith J

    section 101 seats 11 and 12 what end of row are these located on. Are they closed to 120 or 102?

  • CaptainOz

    Hi Brett – or anyone who can help really,

    Looking to go to a concert and am interested in seats towards the back of sections 2 and 3. However I am concerned about the elevation, especially since I’ve heard that a lot of people sitting on the Floor will end up standing.

    Should I go for the back of sections 2/3 or should I head to the 100s section with a bit more elevation?

  • Shaun Kenny

    Is there an age requirement for bar stool seating ??

  • Christina Mcknight

    Hi Brett, I’m taking my mom to see Andrea Brocelli in December. Her eye site isn’t the best so what would be a good section for us?

  • Jetta

    How are Back of Stage seats for Dead and Company or any concert Are some better than others? Can you see any big screens?

  • Vivian Swift

    Hello in sections 109 and 115 which seat numbers are closest to section 108 and 116.
    I can’t get tickets for section 108 and 116 so I am try to get as close as possible.


  • William Haehl

    Concerning Billy Joel concert. How are seats in sec 111 and 112 considering that his piano apparently rotates eventhough are “behind” the band??

  • René van Duijnhoven

    Hello ! Do you have any recommendation for Stromae concert ? Will the floor be seated or standing ?

    • Joe Cassitto

      Rene – I would recommend the first level of Floor seating, or the 100 levels between Sections 106-108 and 116-118. Floor seating will include a chair, but it’s possible that you’ll be forced to stand the entire concert if the people in front of you are not sitting down.

      • René van Duijnhoven

        great !! As I fly in from Europe ! It would be nice to have a good seat ! Many thanks for your advice ! René

  • Theresa Nagle Canto

    Hello Brett…. I have just purchased & confirmed 2 tix for Dead & Company on 11/1/2015 for my husbands 50th birthday, aging Deadhead! Our tix are section 109 row 16 and no seat numbers yet but I know we are on an aisle…. good, bad, or best seats in the house??!!

    • Theresa Nagle Canto

      Anyone??? Concert only a few weeks away!! 😉

  • D Franco

    Good Morning,
    I have 4 tickets to the Daddy Yankee concert on September 19 at MSG. I am trying to figure out which pair to keep and which pair to sell. I have section 108, Row 11, Seats 12 and 11. The other pair of tickets I have is Section 107, Row 6, Seats 16 and 15. I would rather keep the better pair of seats (because my girl really wants to go see this concert) and sell the tickets that are slightly less good. Any opinions or suggestions (or facts) will be highly appreciated.

  • Anthony

    Hi there Brett! I see you’ve helped so many people here before I figured I’d give you a shout.
    I just purchased floor seats in section B, row 11, seats 15 & 16 for the Weeknd’s Madness tour & was wondering if those were actual seats? I always get confused in situations like this as to whether it’s a general standing area or actual assigned seats that I won’t have to worry about. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • [email protected]

    Hi, right now I have tickets on section 108 row 10 seats 5-6
    I was searching and found tickets on section C row 11 seats 1-2.
    Should I sell my tickets and get the ones on the floor or there is not really a huge difference?
    I want to enjoy the show and still be close for ricardo arjona.

  • Joe

    For the Dead and Company show on 10/31/15 different resellers are showing the GA tickets as “GA West” or “GA1” or even “GA East”. The official seating chart for that night only shows “West GA”. Is this one GA section with no barriers except from the seats behind it or is there a separation in the GA area somewhere? I have a GA West ticket and I want to find another one for my wife but I want to make sure we are not separated within the GA area for this show.

  • Eb

    I am attending the J Cole concert next Tueaday. My friend is late purchasing their ticket but if its purchased in the same section as me will we be able to move around to meet each other by our seats? Or do we have to stay at our seat the whole time?

    • Jack Slingland

      Eb – it all depends on how friendly the fans are that are around you – in some cases you can move a bit but you run the risk of the usher kicking you out of the seat.

  • BigRangerFan

    That is great! Thanks for the quick reply!

  • BigRangerFan

    Hello – I have tickets in row 19 section 223 for tonight’s U2 concert…..will my view of anything cool be blocked by the bridges? Thanks!

    • Joe Cassitto

      BigRangerFan – Those will be fantastic seats. No obstructions and a great view of the huge video board facing your direction.

  • D Franco

    Hello, I want to buy tickets to the Daddy Yankee concert on September 19. I’ve never been to any concert anywhere ever, but Iwould really like to go to this event. Can you please recommend 2 good seats for me? I don’t mind spending more, but based on what I read I don’t have to spend the highest price to get good seats. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.

    • Joe Cassitto

      D Franco – I would recommend seats in Sections 223-225 or 210-212, or if you are looking for nicer seats then Sections 116-118 or 106-108. These sections are a little off to the side, but they are much closer to the stage and are usually a great bang for your buck. Hope this helps!

      • D Franco

        I appreciate the prompt reply. I know that not every performer will have the same set-up, and the Daddy Yankee tickets are not on sale yet, so its difficult to tell exactly what may be the best seats. When you say that sections 116-118 and 106-108 are off to the side, does that mean that the view will be obstructed?

        Also, if I can get floor seats, should I spring for those, or will I be stuck having to stretch my neck and look up the whole show?

        I don’t have any other concert plans this year, so I want to make this one special since its a birthday present for my girl.

        • Joe Cassitto

          If you can spring for one of the front Floor sections, those will be great seats as well. Sections 116-118 and 106-108 are not obstructed, they’re more of a 45-degree angle to the stage, and nice and close.

      • D Franco

        Another quick question if you don’t mind: Would you recommend buying the seats directly from MSG’s website, or from somewhere else? Do you guys sell tickets here?

        • Joe Cassitto

          You should check out the MSG website to see if tickets are still available, but I would always recommend comparing prices to our prices on TickPick. If the concert is sold out, TickPick will always have tickets available for resale. If the concert is not sold out, it’s possible that tickets are selling on TickPick below face value.

          • D Franco

            I will def. do that for my future ticket purchases. I ended up buying some tickets and I’m trying to figure out what seats are better for my girl and I. For the Daddy Yankee concert at MSG, I have Sec. 107, Row 6, Seats 15 and 16. I also have Sec. 108, Row 11, Seats 12 and 11. Which seats are better, and which should we actually see the concert from?

  • Mac

    Brett, Thanks for all the great info. I’ve got tix in Sec. 114, Row 19 for the U2 concert. The tickets are marked Side/Rear Stage. Any idea how the view is from 114? Debating whether I need to try to upgrade.

    • Joe Cassitto

      Mac – We have heard from some customers who have attended these U2 concerts that when the band sets up on that side of the stage, your view will be significantly obstructed. The band does move their set up through the concert, so it wouldn’t be obstructed the entire time, but still something to keep in mind. Also, the giant video boards face either side of the venue, so you’re a lot better off in Section 115 than you are in Section 114.

  • DKL

    Hi! I’m new here – we have a shot at Billy Joel from Section 112, 107, 108 or 116. We’re flexible with price – which of these seats would have the best all around view of Billy Joel and the performance overall? Which tickets would be your favourites and why?

    • Joe Cassitto

      DKL – Sections 116 and 108 would be the best, in my opinion. They are very close to the stage, and not a side or rear view, so you’ll have a great vantage point to watch the concert.

      • mommy_barbie

        Thanks! Could you please confirm – do you get a better view from the lower seat numbers in these sections, or the higher seat number? In 108, would you take 14, 15, 16 and 17 or 18, 19, 20, 21?

        • Joe Cassitto

          In Section 108, I’d take the lower seat numbers (a little less side angle). In section 116, I’d take the higher seat numbers (a little less side angle).

          • mommy_barbie

            Thanks! Looks like in 108 the best I can do is 15-18, or in 116 we can do 18 (there’s also section 17 – rows 15 or 16 etc.). Of the three options, which will afford the most awesome view?

          • mommy_barbie

            Just noticed – I have no control over seat numbers in sections 116 and 117 unfortunately so I can’t comment on those.

          • mommy_barbie

            Thanks Joe! So between the following, which would you say has the greatest view of the the BJ at MSG concert: 1) 116 rows 15, 16 or 22 (seat numbers unavailable), 2) 108 rows 15 to 18, or 3) 107 or 117 in rows 16, 18, or 22? Thank you again!

          • Joe Cassitto

            I would choose Section 116, Row 15 or 16.

          • mommy_barbie

            Thanks Joe – I’m sorry I made an error – the choices are:

            – Section 108 – row 9 (seats are 15-18)
            – Section 116 – row 13, 18, or 21 (seat numbers are unknown)

            In this case, which of these choices would give the best views?

            I’ve eliminated 117 as it sounds like you prefer to be closer to the stage in sections 108 and 116 for a better view – please confirm whether I’ve gotten this right or not. Thanks!

            I appreciate the replies and apologize for copying the seat numbers down incorrectly. I should also ask if you would be comfortable picking section 116 over section 108 if the seats in 116 are not indicated?

          • mommy_barbie

            Also Section 116, row 13 is very pricey ($400 more for four tickets than Section 108, row 9) – is there much difference between these?

          • Joe Cassitto

            At this point I think you’re overthinking it. They are all extremely similar options, I’d choose the cheapest. Please e-mail us or call us if you have any other questions. My wife is going to become jealous if we keep up this conversation in public.

          • mommy_barbie

            NP – Thank you for replying and helping out.

          • mommy_barbie

            Still – I posted the wrong seats when you replied last time. Now that the right seats are posted, which would you chose (then I won’t post again : ) – 108 row 9 (15 to 18 are the seat numbers) or 116 row 13 (expensive) or row 18 (seat numbers are not available for section 116). Thanks!

          • mommy_barbie

            Thanks Joe – I’m sorry I made an error – the choices are:

            – Section 108 – row 9 (seats are 15-18)

            – Section 116 – row 13, 18, or 21 (seat numbers are unknown)

            In this case, which of these choices would give the best views?

            I’ve eliminated 117 as it sounds like you prefer to be closer to the stage in sections 108 and 116 for a better view – please confirm whether I’ve gotten this right or not. Thanks!

            I appreciate the replies and apologize for copying the seat numbers down incorrectly. I should also ask if you would be comfortable picking section 116 over section 108 if the seats in 116 are not indicated?

      • mommy_barbie

        Should also ask – what is the 1st row in 108 and 116? How will the view be from rows 6 up to row 14? Are there any rows or seat numbers we should avoid in these sections? Thanks!

  • Larry C. Fullam

    Really love all the great info you provide! Keep it coming!
    My wife & I have seats in Section 110 for U2 on July 19 at MSG. Not sure if we have good seats near the main stage or stage B. What do you think?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hey Larry – Those are going to be closer to the main stage and will provide a side view from there.

  • JB

    Hello! I’ve got 4 seats to one of the upcoming U2 shows at MSG. We’ll be sitting up in section 419. Do you have any sense of how our view will be from there? I realize we are behind the stage but I’m hoping we have an OK view of the screen. Thanks in advance for letting me know!

  • Chris

    Hi, looking to make my first ever trip to MSG for the Billy Joel Concert on June 20th. I was wondering, I’m looking at 2 different pairs of tickets for myself and my wife: Sec 113 Row 19, or Sec 218 Row 5.

    The 113 tix are about 35-40 bucks more expensive per ticket, but are near the back of the section. Would the tix in 113 be that much lower to be worth the extra 70-80 bucks versus simply getting the seats in 218?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Chris – Since these seats are behind the stage, I would say that it is worth sitting the lower level for the difference in price. Billy Joel’s stage rotates so the back of the stage seating still has a good view, but sitting in the 200 level behind the stage would be a significant drop off to sitting in the 100 level.

  • Ep

    I can’t figure out where the front of the stage is for U2. Which way the band will be performing towards?

    • Joe Cassitto

      Ep – The U2 stage is configured in the shape of a catwalk which is supposed to resemble an “I” (for innocence). From what we’ve heard, the band could be set up on either side of the catwalk during the concert. There hasn’t been any reliable information provided about this.

  • Felice

    Hi Brett, We are going to the Bette Middler concert. Are the seats in Floor section 2 flat on the floor or is the section raised?

    • Joe Cassitto

      Felice – Section 2 is flat on the floor, on the same level as the seats in Floor A-F.

      • Felice

        thanks. Is it the same for every concert? can you see if people are sitting?

      • Felice

        thanks. Is it the same for every concert? can you see if people are sitting?

    • Joe Cassitto

      Felice – Section 2 is flat on the floor, on the same level as the seats in Floor A-F.

  • Felice

    Hi Brett, We are going to the Bette Middler concert. Are the seats in Floor section 2 flat on the floor or is the section raised?

  • [email protected]

    Hi for billy Joel is 119 or 120 better or 101

  • [email protected]

    Hi for billy Joel is 119 or 120 better or 101

    • Jack Slingland

      The closer you are to the stage the better, so 119 is better than 120 and 120 is better than 101.

    • Jack Slingland

      The closer you are to the stage the better, so 119 is better than 120 and 120 is better than 101.

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What is TickPick?

What is TickPick?

We are a no-fee ticket marketplace that is changing the industry. We're growing rapidly thanks to cheaper prices, an amazing buyer experience, and a novel approach to the secondary ticket market.

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