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NCAA Final Four Seating Chart | Alamodome 2018

The 2018 NCAA Men’s Final Four will be played at Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas starting on Saturday, March 31st. If you plan on buying tickets to the Final Four you need to educate yourself on the NCAA Final Four Seating Chart so you aren’t disappointed in your seats.

Below you will find the most detailed NCAA Men’s Final Four Seating Chart information, including row and seat numbers, best and worst seats, as well as other helpful tips. You can also purchase Cheap Final Four tickets for both single session and all session games through TickPick, a No Fee Ticket Marketplace.

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Interactive Men’s Final Four Seating Chart 2018

2018 Final Four Tickets – Flash Seats

Many of the tickets purchased for the 2018 Final Four are subject to be issued through Flash Seats. Flash Seats a paperless ticket system that is used by several venues across the country. You can find more information on Flash Seats here.

Alamodome Basketball Seating Details

The Alamodome has hosted the final four in 1998 as well as in 2008, when Kansas beat Memphis. Here are some general tips when buying tickets to a basketball game inside of a football stadium.

  • The lack of video boards can make it challenging to watch the action from the 300 sections.
  • Plenty of good seats to be had with the temporary seating system in place around all four sides of the raised court
  • The lettered rows in the 100 level are Riser seats, aka the temporary seating put in specifically for the Final Four. They run rows A-Z followed by rows AA-ZZ, and are in front of the numbered rows.
  • Fans don’t want to be in the permanent seats in the corners or in the third and fourth tier of seating in the end zones, especially since there is not a video board above center court.


The Best Seats at the Final Four – Alamodome 2018

The Best Seats for the Final Four at the Alamodome are located in sections 11-113 and 133-135. These extended sections will have very little slope, so it is important to note that the higher number rows are MUCH farther back from the court than a traditional NBA Arena.

The Floor East and Floor West sections will provide you with closest seats to the court, along with sections 1-4, which are situated on the field level. These sections will also have very little slope.

As a general rule of thumb, when searching for tickets to the Final Four you want to be as close to midfield (center court) as possible. For example I would rather sit in the 300 level near mid court than sit in the 100 level behind one of the baskets.

The Worst Seats at the Final Four – Alamodome 2018

Football stadiums were not designed to host basketball games, so there are plenty of sections we recommend staying away from when searching for Final Four tickets.

  • Avoid the temporary (riser) 100 level corner sections (because of the lack of elevation), as well as the 300 level corner sections. Up that high it will look like you are viewing the court from outer space.
  • Try to avoid end-zone sections in the 100 and 300 sections. These seats will leave you watching the action on the big screen because of the distance from the court. 
For an idea on what the view from your seat will look like (although it is designed for football), check out Alamodome Seat Views.


*Remember, a basketball court is 94ft by 50ft or 31.3 by 16.6 yards. So essentially the court will be between the 35 yard lines, which is why the standard end-zone seats are not recommended.*


Final Four Seat Number Information – Alamodome 2018

The Alamodome seat numbers go from right to left when looking at the court from your seats. This means the right side of the section (when facing the court) will start with seat number 1 and work its way up to seat number 20 to 30 depending on the section and row. This also means that seat number 1 will always be on the aisle next to the adjacent section with the lower section number. The location of the team benches for the Final Four have not yet been announced.


Men’s Final Four Row Numbers – Alamodome 2018

The row breakdown for the riser sections at the 2018 Final Four have not yet been released. We will be sure to update this post once they are, so please check back!

Alamodome Seat Views – Final Four

Although the seat views are for the football, they give you an idea of the view for the Final Four. Scroll over each section for the final four seat view.

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  • mrmafaka

    how many does NGR seat for the NCAA Final Four Championship Monday night.

  • J Hawk

    Which views are better for final four basketball, section 137 row CC or section 636 row h?


    • Jack Slingland

      Hi J – That’s a tough call but I think I would go with the 636 row H

      • Chris Quinn

        I’ve got tix in 508 – dead center but pretty high up. I’ve also got some tickets that are anywhere from 108 to 115….Seems like unless I get 108, the 508 would be better? How about 109? Thanks so much for your help!

        • Jack Slingland

          Hi Chris – I think 110 would the farthest I’d go into the corner, anything past that I’d prefer the seats that are dead center.

          • Charlie

            I got seats in section 103 CC. How are these seats? And do you know which seat numbers are closer to the court?

          • Jack Slingland

            Hi Charlie – Those seats are towards the top of section 103, but they should be pretty good. The higher seat numbers will be closer to mid court.

  • Joe Bee

    This article states: “Fans don’t want to be in the permanent seats in the corners or in the third and fourth tier of seating in the end zones.”

    But then later says: “Avoid the temporary corner sections as mentioned above, as well as the 600 level corner section. Up that high it will look like you are viewing the court from outer space.”

    I was about to buy corner tickets, but this is a little confusing. Are you trying to say all corner seats are bad? or …..

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