PSY Gangnam Style Jung Ho Kang Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates Jung-ho Kang Does PSY’s Gangnam Style

Any baseball fan will agree–rain delays are the worst. Whether you’re watching the big game from the comfort of your couch or in front-row seats along the third-base line at the stadium, play stoppages will literally rain on your parade. Unless, of course, you are Pittsburgh Pirates‘ infielder Jung-ho Kang.

During a 36-minute rain delay at PNC Park, PSY’s epic ballad (not so much?) Gangnam Style began to play in the ballpark’s speakers. As if it were his own, personal Bat Signal, Kang leapt into action with his own rendition of the Gangnam Style dance–

Although the Pirates rookie is posting a .259 batting average as of this writing, it appears as though he’s batting 1.000 on the dance floor. At the very least, the South Korean slugger is able to recreate some of his fellow countryman’s swagger.

Unfortunately, those dugout dance moves didn’t generate any extra mojo for the Pirates when their game against the St. Louis Cardinals resumed. The Cards ultimately claimed the 4-1 victory. Still, if Jung-ho Kang is ever looking for a second career, I’m sure PSY could use another backup dancer.

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