Radio City Detailed Seating Chart

Radio City Music Hall Detailed Seating Chart

If you’ve never been to the Radio City Music Hall, you’re in for a treat. I’ve been to hundreds of venues, and the décor, sound and seating chart (i.e. configuration) for Radio City is top notch.

There are three seating charts: 1.) A standard Radio City Music Hall Seating Chart 2.) A detailed seating chart of Radio City including row & seat numbers 3.) Radio City Christmas Spectacular Interactive Seating Chart

Seat Numbers:Radio City seating chart
Throughout the entire venue, seats with a lower seat number are on the right side of a section (when facing the stage). This holds true for the Orchestra and Mezzanine sections.

All of the Orchestra sections are great; my only warning is that if you are looking at seats in the 100s or 700s (the most left & right sections) make sure your seats are closer to the inside aisle. In addition, row N-Z (in section 400 of the orchestra) are obstructed by the soundboard.

All of the mezzanine sections overhang the orchestra at row K. However, there is a difference between sitting in the 1st mezz to the 3rd mezzanine section, but most likely your budget will dictate where you’ll sit. With that said I would avoid the 100s & 700s sections; I would personally choose to sit in the 300s of the 2nd mezzanine vs the 100s of the 1st mezzanine.

Lastly, with the exception of a few obstructed seats, including the center section (400) of the 2nd mezzanine, I believe every seat in Radio City is a good one.

The Best Seats:
The best seats depends on which event you are going to see. If you are going to see the Christmas Spectacular (or a similar show), you don’t want the first 13 rows (AA-LL), instead row MM to ZZ would be better (allowing you to see the entire stage without that 1st row in the movie theater feeling). The center sections of the 1st mezzanine also provide a spectacular view.

For radio city music hall concerts I personally prefer to get as close as possible, however if you’re a sound junkie you may want seats close to, but in front of the soundboard. The detailed seating chart of Radio City Music Hall (below) should help you further determine where you would like to sit. Do note that some concerts at Radio City have a pit section (rows AAA to CCC), while some don’t. TicketMaster will frequently show the seating chart without the Pit Section, even though those tickets are available. So if you are looking for the best seats you’ll likely want Pit Seats.

Radio City Detailed Seating Chart

Note: For the Radio City Christmas Spectacular the sound board is not in the orchestra section. Instead for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular the sound board is in the 2nd mezzanine (rows A & B).

Radio City Christmas Spectacular Seating Chart

Click here for seat views for each section.

If you are looking to buy tickets (without any fees) or searching for more information about upcoming events visit here: Radio City Music Hall.

And of course, if you have any questions regarding Radio City please leave it in the comments below.

  • Hayley

    Hi there,
    I’m looking to purchase tickets to the RCMH Christmas Spectacular. I’m desperatly wanting to go but not spend a fortune, silly I know but the dollar is not great at the moment! I am looking at the 3 seats (401-403) on the 2nd mezzanine level. I notice on your detailed map it says that section is obstructed (highlighted in the red) however the three seats I’m looking at in the very front row aren’t highlighted red – it does say on the actual RCMH site they are obstructed also, I was just wondering how bad it is would it still be worth purchasing the tickets for the price or not?

    • Jack Slingland

      Hi Hayley – Those seats are obstructed by the sound board. Personally I do not think it is worth purchasing the tickets in this area. You are better off spending a bit more $$ to make sure you have a full view.

      • Hayley

        Thanks Jack! I appreciate the feedback, just wanting more of a clarification on how obstructed they will be? Is it a little of the view to the left missing or what? I’m struggling to see how they would be that obstructed I would miss a great deal of the show.

  • stodd

    can anyone please verify if the seats were obstructed or not?? so many are asking, no one has verified. thank you!

  • Lucy

    Hello, I’m travelling from London, England and hoping to see The Christmas Spectacular. Can anyone confirm the Second Mezz, row A, seats 403 402 and 401 next to the soundboard are actually not obstructed as stated above? First time visiting so don’t want to be disappointed.Thank you

  • Kara Hudson

    Planning to go to the Christmas Spectacular and it’s hard to visualize the view to decide on our best seat options based on our budget. Given a choice between Orchestra 2, Row QQ on the aisle closest to the center or Orchestra 3, Row H toward the middle of that row, which seats would be better? The seats in Orch 2 are much closer to the stage, but I’m worried it will be too much of a side view.

  • Karen Urquhart

    I’m looking at the front three seats of the 2nd mzn center next to the sound board. Will that be distracting or obstructed view too? Is it going to seem like we are miles away? Would further back in the orchestra be better?

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