Rap Concerts | Best Upcoming Hip Hop Concerts in 2017

It continues to be an incredible decade to witness the advances and triumphs of rap and hip-hop music. From Chance the Rapper becoming the first streaming-only artists to win three Grammy awards, including one for Best Rap Album, to the increasing presence of Frank Ocean who too way too long to drop his sophomore album, to the continued reign of Kendrick Lamar, whose album DAMN. received the stamp of approval from Lebron James ahead of its official release. Rap artists are certainly rising to the occasion this decade. Not only to advance their own careers, but to discuss, fearlessly, what’s important to them, the genre, and the world. Here are the Best Upcoming Hip-Hop Concerts in 2017, for those rap fans out there who are committed to seeing these amazing musicians live.

Upcoming R&B/Hip-Hop Tours in 2017

Future, Migos, Tory Lanez

Travis Scott


J. Cole

Current R&B/Hip-Hop Tours in 2017

Chance the Rapper

Lil Wayne

Oddisee & Good Company

Big Sean and Fetty Wap

Snoop Dogg

Who We Want to Tour in 2017

Joey Bada$$


Kendrick Lamar


  • Heather Mandelkorn

    how can we contact you to tell you about our upcoming show w/ No Malice in DC? March 12?

  • Ed De Facto

    Almost all of these people fucking suck horrible ass and I wouldn’t even consider most of them hiphop. They are pussy pop rap. There are two or three listed that are good there rest can go fucking die.

    • Ed De Facto

      Action, Earl Sweatshirt, J5 are the only real good hiphop listed here. Tyler is alright I guess.

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