Recap and Results of WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT – Week of August 6

We’re less than two weeks away from SummerSlam, and the hits just keep coming. We got a few more confirmed matches in the books this week and, of course, a few more of the same storylines. Here are the highlights, results, and our recap of WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT for the week of August 6th.



Angle, Reigns, and Corbin talk about Brock Lesnar

We had to address what Lesnar did last week, of course! Gathering in the ring together, Kurt Angle, Constable Corbin, and Roman Reigns did that for us. The Raw GM said that Lesnar has no class, but he ensured Reigns that he won’t suspend Lesnar before SummerSlam. Reigns blamed Corbin for the attack, saying, “If you kick the big dog out, who’s gonna protect the yard?” (Okay, that’s a pretty good line.) Corbin responded with all of his excuses, talking trash to Reigns until Angle interjected and said that the two of them would just have a match right now. Well, all right then!

Reigns defeated Corbin

Corbin got in a cheap shot, but Reigns basically controlled the rest of this (entirely too long) match. When Corbin tried to escape, Finn Balor made sure he couldn’t leave and sent him right back into a Superman Punch and Spear from Reigns who got the pin easily. Balor then stuck around for a little revenge on Corbin in the form of a dropkick and a Coup de Grace.


An Interview with Paul Heyman. After an earlier chat with Reigns (who said he’d beat Lesnar and then be a way better champion by defending his title every night) we heard from Paul Heyman. Looking disheveled and puffy-eyed, Heyman explained that he doesn’t know where he stands with Lesnar, who has disconnected his number and cut Heyman off completely. Clearly upset about losing his client and even doing this interview, he still managed to say that Reigns doesn’t stand a chance against Lesnar. Great acting by Heyman, though!

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins.

What did we really expect to happen here? Reigns was heading down to accompany Rollins in this match, but Angle told The Big Dog he couldn’t wrestle twice in one night with SummerSlam so close. So, two on one, the heel duo took out Rollins, knocking him into a steel post and getting the pin off a Superkick from Ziggler.


Ronda Rousey defeated Alicia Fox. After some pre-match bragging and insults from Bliss, we had a rematch between Rousey and Fox. Despite attempts at interference and cheap shots by Bliss, Rousey continued to look excellent, applying the armbar to Fox for the tap out. In a post-match interview, Rousey easily countered a sneak attack by Bliss, knocking her quickly to the floor without a second thought. Rousey wrapped things up saying, “Alexa, it doesn’t matter how tight you hold onto that title because at SummerSlam, it’s mine!”

Lashley interrupts Elias (again). Elias attempted to film his WWE documentary in the ring by instructing the camera crew as he began to play a tune and insult the crowd. Lashley came out and called him a joke, and Elias got in a cheap shot and a couple of stomps before The Dominator turned things. After a Spinebuster, Lashley told the documentary crew to “film this” as he hit Elias with a vertical suplex.


Jinder Mahal defeated Braun Strowman (again). Kevin Owens interviewed Jinder Mahal in a weird little setup known as The Kevin Owens Show. He called out The Monster for a rematch against Mahal, and funnily enough, Strowman emerged from beneath the set, toppling everything. During the match, we had a little deja vu moment from last week, as Kevin Owens again ran out and grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase again. Strowman was disqualified (again) after using the briefcase on Mahal, and Owens quickly retreated. Aha, trickster! Do it again next week!

The B-Team vs. The Revival ends in a no contest. Just a few moments into the match, the lights went off and Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy appeared in the ring to attack. This resulted in a no-contest match and rumors of a multi-team match at SummerSlam. Hmmm…


The Riott Squad defeated Sasha Banks and Bayley. With the Riott Squad back in action, Sarah Logan beat up on Bayley until she finally managed to tag Banks in. A distraction by a hooded figure in black saved Liv Morgan from Bayley’s running splash outside the ring. The figure revealed herself as Ruby Riott and Banks lost concentration long enough for Logan to roll her up and get the pin.

Bobby Roode defeated Mojo Rawley. Despite a bad back, Roode powered through this match with lots of cheers from the crowd. After leaping from the ropes into a fireman’s carry, it looked like Roode was in trouble before he smartly countered with a DDT to get the 1-2-3.

Rezar defeated Titus O’Neil. He got the win over Titus with a distraction by Akam that he followed smartly with a Spinebuster.


More anger from Randy Orton. This guy just doesn’t quit, but man is he believable! He came out to open the show by telling fans he’s going to erase every superstar they love and take the respect they’ve refused to give him. He left to a stadium filled with boos.

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch defeated the IIconics. These two friends were obviously gonna win, if only to add to the drama of their SummerSlam match with Carmella. While the Australians gave Flair a beating to begin with, she eventually put an end to the match with the Figure Eight, getting a tap-out from Peyton Royce. Post-match, Carmella taunted them with the championship belt.


Zelina Vega defeated Lana. Of course, Almas and Rusev had to get involved in this one. As the men got in a fight outside the ring, it caused action in the ring to stall. Vega kicked Rusev in the head but that distracted her long enough to receive a kick in the head of her own from Lana. Lana looked to be taking control as she climbed to the top of the ropes, but then Aiden English sped in and accidentally knocked her off. Vega took advantage and hit her with the double knees, got the quick pin, and left celebrating in the arms of Almas. English looked all sad about causing Lana’s loss, but yeah, it was basically his fault.

AJ Styles responded to Samoa Joe. A fired-up Styles was super pissed that Joe talked about his family last week. Styles talked about all the sacrifices he makes while he’s on the road – little league games, anniversaries, you name it. But he wrapped up his speech by telling Joe he’ll be lucky to walk at all after SummerSlam.


An Interview with The Miz. Byron Saxton appeared in the ring to interview Miz, who appeared on the big screen yet again (supposedly on the set of Miz and Mrs). When asked about Daniel Bryan, he finally agreed to that match at SummerSlam that we all knew would happen anyway. As Miz continued his rant, who should appear but a very angry Daniel Bryan in a fit of rage? He tackled the Miz onto the sofa and hit him with several punches before fending off security and getting himself smashed in the head with a vase of roses. Add that one to the list of confirmed SummerSlam duels!


The New Day defeated The Bar to become Number 1 Contenders for the Tag Team Title. This main event was full of action, but eventually ended when Big E and Kingston hit Cesaro with the Midnight Hour. So that match is set now too. Should be interesting to see how their size and speed works against the Bludgeon Brothers.

The Bludgeon Brothers defeated Julio Rivera, Pavel Kozlov, and Akila Lee in a three-on-two handicap match within a few short minutes. Just to show everybody how good the Tag Team Champions really are.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated R-Truth in a non-title match. This was basically an opportunity for Nakamura to showcase his skills. He did, and he finished his opponent with a Kinshasa. Yawn


Nikki Cross defeated Amber Nova. Finishing with a swinging neckbreaker, Cross hardly found competition in Nova. The crowd’s chat of “Nikki’s gonna kill you!” was a nice touch though.

Kassius Ohno defeated Adrian Jaoude. Like the match above, Ohno won against Jaoude, who is clearly not on his level despite his Capoeira skills. Ohno used the discus forearm to get the pin.

Keith Lee defeated Marcel Barthel. Although Marcel took control of things when Lee got caught up in the ropes, Lee came back to win his debut NXT match with a fireman’s carry turned jackhammer.


Taynara Conti defeated Vanessa Borne for a spot in the Mae Young Classic. Conti used her Brazilian jiu-jitsu to score the win, despite a few “I deserve it!” screams from Borne. Conti got really fired up after Borne slapped her and that’s when the tables turned. This is a weird end to the match considering how much we’ve heard from Borne in the previous weeks compared to the relatively non-existent Conti. Who knows what this means for the women’s tournament?

Johnny Gargano vs. Aleister Black ends in a no contest. This wasn’t really a match at all considering Tommaso Ciampa ran out and forced the no contest call. The three battled it out until refs could pull them apart. GM William Regal then announced a Triple Threat match for the NXT Title at Takeover: Brooklyn. (Shocker.)

Ready for SummerSlam yet?


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